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Supplementary volume entitled: tunes. 1900. K 12342

Morris dance

Wilkinson, Professor. Dancing without an K 16159 instructor. 1904.

--Morris dance tunes; collected from traditional sources and arranged for K 12342 pianoforte solo. 1900. "These tunes are issued in connection with 'The Morris book,' part 1."

and others. The Morris book, with a description of dances as performed by the Morris men of England. 1909-1913. 5v. *V 2714

This book is issued in connection with his "Country dance tunes." Music Room. Svenska Folkdansens Vänner. Stockholm. Swedish folk dances, by Nils W. BergK 16157 quist. 1910.

With music.

First edition published in 1906, has title: Swedish "The folk dances as adopted by the Society friends of Swedish folk dances" in Stockholm. Tr. by Nils W. Bergquist.

Urlin, E. L. Dancing, ancient and mod-
ern. 1912.
K 16158
Wardell, Mrs. E. A. T. The Russian ballet.
K 18001
Whitworth, G. The art of Nijinsky. 1914.
K 18003

Social Dancing

Anderson, J. M. Social dancing of today, demonstrated by Mr. J. M. Anderson; with text by Troy and Margaret West Kinney. 1914. K 18010 Castle, V. Modern dancing, by Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle; with many illustrations from photographs and moving pictures of the newest dances for which the authors posed. 1914. K 18005 Crozier, G. B. The tango and how to dance it. 1913. K 18004

With musical illustrations. Hopkins, J. S. The tango and other up-to

date dances. 1914. K 18007 Mouvet, M. O. L. Maurice's art of dancing; an autobiographical sketch with complete descriptions of modern dances and full illustrations showing the various steps and positions. 1915. K 30294

Contains music. Newman, A. W. Dances of today, an expert's full directions, with illustrations and diagrams, for learning or teaching the tango, hesitation, one-step. Boston, maxixe and all other modern dances. 1914. K 18009 Scott, E. The new dancing as it should be, for the ballroom, the class-room and the stage. 1910. K 15045 Walker, C. The modern dances, how to dance them. 1914. K 18002

Contents: The tango; The Castle walk; The walking Boston; The hesitation waltz; The dream waltz.

Watkins, J. H. Cotillion figures. 1911.
K 16160

Conjuring, Ventriloquism

Day, Prof. and Levani, Prof. Conjuring apparatus up-to-date; photographs and line K 18247 drawings. 1912.

("Work" handbooks).

"In this handbook Prof. Day and Levani have given away a large number of tricks and illusions." Devant, D. Tricks for everyone; clever conjuring with common objects. 1910.

K 15769 Frikell, W. The magician's own book; recreations in chemistry, acoustics, legerdemain, electricity with and without apparatus, performances with cups and balls, eggs, hats, bottles, handkerchiefs, dice, K 16129 knives, etc. 1900. Ganthony, R. Practical ventriloquism; being a thoroughly reliable guide to the art of voice throwing and vocal mimicry, by an entirely novel system of graded exer. cises. 1904.

K 16130 Hatton, H. and Plate, A. Magicians' tricks: how they are done; with contributions by F. Trewey, K. Germain, W. Goldston, K 16131 and others. 1910. Houdini, H., pseud. The unmasking of Robert-Houdin; together with a treatise K 16133 on handcuff secrets. 1909. Lewis, A. J. Prof. Hoffman, pseud. Conjur ing tricks with dominoes, dice, balls, hats, etc., also stage tricks, from "Modern K 17982 magic." 1914. Maskelyne, N. and Devant, D. Our magic; the art in magic, the theory of magic, the K 16136 practice of magic. 1911. Noakes, E. E. Magical originalities: a chat K 17983 on practical magic. 1914. "Selbit," pseud. The magician's handbook; a complete encyclopædia of the magic art for professional and amateur entertainers. 1904.

K 17922

Wehman, H. J. Wehman's new book of tricks and ventriloquist's guide. 1889. K 16150

Card Games Bergholt, E. A new book of patience games. 1915.

K 30422

A second new book of patience_games.

K 30423

1915. Companion volume to the author's: New book of patience games.

K 18257

Dalton, W. Coon-can. 1913. Foster, R. F. Cooncan (conquián), a game of cards also called "rum." 1913. K18258 George, A. P. The game of auction pinnochle; its rules, and some suggestions for correct play. 1913. Hoffman, W. Draw-poker, a practical guide to advanced poker. 1913.

K 18256

K 18259

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Whist, Bridge Whist

Advanced auction bridge, with many illustrations of hands from actual play, by the expert of the New York "Sun"; including the official laws of auction bridge as adopted 1910 by the Whist Club of New York and revised to October, 1911. K 15812 1911. Browning, H. S. The auction bridge book; a complete treatise, with the rules of the game, and a chapter on the new scoring K 18260 ("Lilly-bridge"). 1913. Camp, W. C. Condensed auction for the 1912. busy man. Clark, H. P. Auction bridge, synopsis of bridge. 1912. -Royal auction bridge up to date. 1913. K 16031

K 16025 including a K 15815

Dalton, WV. "Saturday" bridge, reproduced with revisions from the "Saturday review." 1910. K 15033 (With extra chapters on auction bridge). Dunn, A. Royal spade auction bridge. 1913. K 18261 Elwell, J. B. The principles, rules and laws of auction bridge stated, explained and illustrated. 1910.

-Nullo auction, together with The laws of auction as adopted by the Whist club, Nov., 1913 and differences between these and the English laws as adopted by the Portland club, May, 1914. 1914. K 18251 Lilies, W. G. Lilies' auction bridge, simplified and condensed. 1913. K 18254 Lister, A. L. The principles of auction. bridge; with the latest developments and the laws of the game. 1910. K 15805 Metcalfe, A. R. Complete auction bridge, covering fully-nullos, bidding, correct use of high spade bids, opening leads, doubling, etc. 1914. K 18253 Montgomery, Mrs. G. G. C. Auction bridge in ten lessons as played since the adoption of the new count. 1912. K 18262 Oliver, E. The A B C of auction bridge and other bridge variations. 1912. K 15813 Pole, W. The philosophy of whist; an eson the scientific and intellectual aspects of the modern game. 1900. K 1914 Robertson, E. J. Royal auction bridge; a complete guide to the conventions of the game for the beginner and the advanced player, with full instructions for declaring and playing nullos. 1914. K 18025


Shelby, A. B. Auction bridge; a clear, concise, and up-to-date statement of the tenets, rules, and principles governing the game of auction bridge, also, the laws of auction bridge, as in use by the leading clubs. 1911. K 15809 Shepard, E. V. Scientific auction bridge; a clear exposition of the game to aid both the beginner and the experienced player, with explicit and easy rules for bidding and playing. 1913. K 18263 Street, C. S. Bridge up to date. 1906.

Whitehead, W. C. K 15806

[blocks in formation]

K 15811 Whitehead's conventions of auction bridge, the latest developments of the principles of bidding and play. 1914. K 18252 Work, M. C. Auction developments. 1913. K 18275

-Auction of to-day. 1913.

Anderson, A.

K 16029

Checkers; containing complete instructions and rules for playing checkers or draughts. Illustrated with diagrams including all the standard games and their variations and numerous problems with their solutions. 1889. K 15762 Dunne, F. Draughts praxis; or, Modern match games; a practical guide to scientific checkers. 1911. K 30385 Gould, J. Draughts; Gould's problems, critical positions and games, by all the great

[blocks in formation]

—and Ginsberg, L. C. The third American tourney at Chicago, January 11th to 15th, 1915, for the checker championship of America. 1915. K 30391 Richmond, J. L. The game of draughts; over 150 games and variations on the "single corner" and "Alma" openings. 1908. K 30394 Spayth, H. Draughts or checkers for beginners. 1866. K 30395

Stearns, L. M. Checkers; Stearns' book of portraits of prominent players, together with short biographical sketches of the originals, also games, problems, poems and other contributions from their pens. 1911. 2v. K 30398 Vol. 1 includes "the match games between A. L. Oliver and W. G. Hill, played April, 1894." -The draughts marvel and twentieth century checker compendium; a practical guide to scientific checker playing. 1909. K 30396

-The world's problem book; containing two hundred very neat. critical and interesting positions. 1908. K 30397

[blocks in formation]

Griffith, R. C. and White, J. H. Modern K 16033 chess openings. 1913.

Morphy, P. C. Morphy's games of chess. being the best games played by the distinguished champion in Europe and America, with analytical and critical notes, by J. Löwenthal, 1910. I 3878a Murray, H. J. R. A history of chess. 1913. K 16035

Turnbull, W. P. Chessmen in action. 1914.
K 17993
(British chess handbooks).
Young, F. K. Chess generalship. v.1. 1910.
K 15018

-Chess strategetics illustrated; military
art and science adapted to the chessboard.
K 17994

Billiards Daly, M. Daly's billiard book, illustrated with more than 400 diagrams. 30 technical photographs and 3 3 strategy" maps. K 17990 White and Bohn. The billiard player's K 30410 hand book.


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K 15080

Spalding's official bowling guide, 1909.
K 16048,8
Outdoor and Athletic Sports
A winter-sport book. 1911.
K 16090
The book of the ball. 1913.
K 17926

Cleaver, T. R.
Crawley, A. E.
Curtis, H. S. Play and recreation for the

K 17929 1914. open country. Dier, J. C., ed. A book of winter sports: an attempt to catch the spirit of the keen joys of the winter season. 1912. K 14868 Encyclopædia of sport & games. Edited by the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire. A new *R 2928 and enl. ed. 4v. 1911. Edited in collaboration with Hedley Peek and

F. G. Aflalo.

Outdoor sports; a complete guide to field and lawn games, swimming, rowing, minor outdoor sports, etc., giving the lat est official regulations. 1912. Seton, E. T. The book of woodcraft and

Indian lore. 1912.

K 15074

K 15077

"This book is really the eleventh edition of the 'Birch-bark roll,' which I have published yearly and


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All-around athletics; training for the allaround, by Dr. E. C. White; training and competing for the all-around championship, by E. H. Clark. 1908. K 16052, 182 (Spalding's athletic library).

Athlete's guide; containing full directions for learning how to sprint, jump, hurdle and throw weights, with general hints on training for each. 1910. K 16052, 156

(Spalding's athletic library).

Athletic League of the Young Men's Christian Associations of North America. ficial handbook. 1907. (Spalding's athletic library).

[blocks in formation]

Thomas, C. E., comp. Athletic training for girls. 1911.

Dumb Bells, Indian Clubs

K 16039


K 16052, 302

[blocks in formation]

K 17924

K 16055, 287

Calvert, A. The truth about weight lifting.

1911. Clark, E. H. Reminiscences of an athlete; twenty years on track and field. 1911.

K 15068 Crampton, C. W. and others. School tactics and maze running. 1905. K 16056, 234 (Spalding's athletic library).

Duffey, A. F., ed. How to sprint. 1909.

(Spalding's athletic library).

Hanmer, L. F. Athletics schools. 1910?

K 16052, 252

in the public

Civics Dept.

(Russell Sage Foundation). Hjertberg, E. W. Athletics in theory and practice. 1914. K 17937 Jones, A. S. Track athletics. 10v. 1912.

[blocks in formation]

Cromie, W. J. Fancy dumb bell and marching drills. 1907.

(Spalding's athletic library).

Dougherty, J. H. Indian clubs and dumb bells. 1901.

(Spalding's athletic library). Irish, M. The best drill book.

K 16054, 143

1898. K 14679

-The surprise drill book. 1903. K 14680 McKenzie, R. T. The Barnjum barbell drill. 1906. K 16055, 254

(Spalding's athletic library). Warman, E. B. Indian club exercises. 1910.

K 16054, 166 calisthenics and K 16055, 214

(Spalding's athletic library). Wegener, A. B. Graded dumb bell drills. 1904. (Spalding's athletic library). Wilbur, H. The modern drill and exercise book; a collection of entirely new and original drills, pantomimes and exercises. 1905. K 14675

The complete jujitsuan. K 30548

Wrestling, Tumbling Garrud, W. H. 1915. Gwathmey, J. T. Tumbling for amateurs. 1907. K 16054, 289

(Spalding's athletic library).

Worth, H. W. Ground tumbling. 1910.

(Spalding's athletic library).


K 16054, 102

Boxing; a guide book to the manly art of self-defense, giving rules of boxing. 1902. K 16054, 162

(Spalding's athletic library).

Hitchcock, E. and Nelligan, R. F. Wrestling, catch-as-catch-can style. 1901.

Hutchison, D. C.

(Outing handbooks, Lynch, J. G. B. boxer. 1913.

K 16054, 140 Boxing. 1913. K 17970 no. 44).

The complete amateur K 17964

[blocks in formation]

Cobb, T. R. Busting 'em, and other big league stories. 1914. K 17944 Contents: Busting 'em; The effect of crowds on big leaguers; Sizing up the pitchers; Inside stuff about the "umps"; Big league bosses and their methods; Facing tough breaks in the big leagues; The brainiest men in baseball; Big league base running; Making a big league hitter; Tragedies of the diamond; Is baseball a good profession? Off the field with the big league players. Evers, J. J. and Fullerton, H. S. Baseball in the big leagues. 1910. K 15717d Originally published as "Touching Second." How to play baseball, by the greatest baseball players. 1913. K 14895

Contents: The catcher, by O. Stanage; The pitcher, by J. W. Coombs; The batter, by F. M. Schulte; The first baseman, by F. L. Chance; The second baseman, by E. Collins; The third baseman, by H. Lord; The shortstop, by O. Bush; The outfield, by T. Speaker; The base-runner, by T. Cobb; The umpire, by "Billy" Evans.

McGraw, J. J. How to play baseball; a
manual for boys. 1914.
K 17947
Mathewson, C. Pitching in a pinch; or,
Baseball from the inside. 1912. K 15719
Matteson, J. F., ed. How to play the out-
field. 1907.
K 16041, 224

(Spalding's athletic library).
National Association of Professional Base
Ball Leagues. Official guide, 1912.
K 16041, 355

(Spalding's athletic library). Patten, W. and McSpadden, J. W., ed. & comp. The book of baseball, the national game from the earliest days to the present season. 1911. K 15718 Spalding, A. G. America's national game: historic facts concerning the beginning, evolution, development and popularity of base ball. 1911. K 16038

Spalding's official base ball guide. 1915. K 16041, 1 Spalding's official Chicago base ball guide, 1910. 1910. K 16040 Spink, A. H. The national game; a history of baseball, America's leading out-door sport, from the time it was first played up to the present day. 1910. K 15716 Sullivan, J. E. How to catch. 1910. K 16041, 229 first base.

Wray, J. E., ed. How to play 1905.

K 16041, 225

-How to play second base. 1909.
K 16041, 226

Official basket ball rules as adopted by the
Amateur Athletic Union and the Young
Men's Christian Association Athletic
League of North America. 1909-10.
K 16047,7

(Spalding's athletic library). Spalding's official collegiate basket ball guide, 1912, 1913. Basket ball rules as revised and recommended by the Rules Committee of the Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association of the United States. 1913. K 16047, 353


Camp, W. C. The book of foot-ball. 1910. K 14901 K 14902

-Football for the spectator. 1911.

-Spalding's how to play foot ball; a primer on the modern college game, with tactics brought down to date. 1909. K 16042, 324 Davis, P. H. Football, the American interK 14903 collegiate game. 1911. McWeeney, J. A., ed. How to play "soccer," by S. Bloomer, J. T. Robertson, J. Kir wan, J. Ashcroft, W. Bull, A. Common, A. McCombie, J. Cameron, and "McW." 1909. K 16042, 286

(Spalding's athletic library).

"Old International," pseud. rugby. 1910.

(Spalding's athletic library).

How to play

K 16042, 335

Reed, H. Football for public and player.

K 17945

1913. Spalding's official association "soccer" foot ball guide. 1912. K 16042, 211 Spalding's official foot-ball guide. 1913. K 16042, 2 Spalding's official Rugby foot ball guide, 1911. 1911. K 16042, 351 Warner, G. S. A course in football for players and coaches. 1912.


K 17946

Braid, J. and Vardon, H. How to play golf. K 16045, 276


(Spalding's athletic library). Clarke, C. and Gilbert, M. Common-sense

golf. 1914.

Duncan, G. Golf for women. 1914.

Fox, G. D.


K 17949

K 30596 The golfer's pocket tip book. K 15071

Haultain, T. A. The mystery of golf. 1910.


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