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Crace, J. D. The art of colour decoration; being an explanation of the purposes to be kept in view and the means of attaining them. 1912. *P 1468 Davison, T. R., ed. The arts connected with building: lectures on craftsmanship and K 11200 design. 1903.

Contents: Introductory note: by the editor. I, II, III. Reason in building; by R. Weir Schultz. IV. Woodwork; by E. Guy Dawber. V. Influence of material on design in woodwork; by F. W. Troup. VI. The influence of tools on design; by A. Romney Green. VII, VIII, Ideas in things; by C. F. A. Voysey. IX. Ideals in building, false and true; by M. H. Baillie Scott. X. House and church furniture; by Charles Spooner. XI. Decorative plasterwork; by Laurance A. Turner. XII. External leadwork; by F. W. Troup. XIII. Decorative ironwork; by J. Starkie Gardner. Ffoulkes, C. Decorative ironwork from the XIth to the XVIIIth century. 1913. *P 1461 Ward, J. Colour decoration of architecture. 1913. *P 3494

Architectural Details

Eberlein, H. D. Making walls and ceilings. 1915. K 11360

(House and garden making books). Godfrey, W. H. The English staircase; an historical account of its characteristic types to the end of the XVIIIth century. 1911. *P 3500 International Casement Co. English casement windows and leaded glass. 1913. *P 2129 Macartney, M. E. The practical exemplar of architecture; being measured drawings & photographs of examples of architectural details. 1st-3d.ser. 3v. 1911.

*P 2130 McClure, A. Making floors. 1915. K 27450 (House and garden making books). Rothery, G. C. Chimneypieces and ingle nooks, their design and ornamentation. 1911. K 11391

-Staircases and garden steps. 1912.
K 11392

(The house decoration series). Saylor, H. H. Making a fireplace.

1913. K 13471

(House and garden making books). Shuffrey, L. A. The English fireplace; a history of the development of the chimney, chimney-piece and firegrate with their accessories, from the earliest times to the beginning of the XIXth century. 1912.

*P 3490

Topical architecture; a library of classified architectural motives and details, edited by William Rotch Ware. 1901. *P 2114 Architectural Drawing

Blomfield, R. T. Architectural drawing and draughtsmen. 1912. K 11024

Dana, W. S. B. A primer of architectural drawing for young students; being a progressive series of drawing board prob lems, the embodiment of the author's teachings in the Mechanics' Institute of K 11159 New York city. 1910. Goodhue, B. G. A book of architectural and decorative drawings. 1914. *P 2788 Greenberg, A. B. and Howe, C. B. ArchiK 11037 tectural drafting. 1913. (Wiley technical series).

Hays, F. A., ed. Architectural rendering in pen and ink. 1915. Another copy.

*V 2396

*P 4040

Teale, O. S. How to do architectural drawing; a text book and practical guide for students in architectural draftsmanK 11039 ship. 1914.


General Works

Theoretical, critical and historical only. Scores, both vocal and instrumental, are shelved in the Music Room, for which see special catalog. Augener's edition catalogue, 1911. *0 2663 Boston (Mass.). Public Library. Catalogue of the Allan A. Brown collection of music. 1910.

*0 1063 Somerville (Mass.). Public Library. Music scores and literature in the Public Library, city of Somerville. 1911. *O 2020 Springfield (Mass.). City Library Associa tion. Catalogue of music in the Grace Kumrill department of music, endowed by *0 2018 James A. Kumrill. 1914. United States. Library of Congress. Cata log Division. Catalogue of early books *0 2157 on music (before 1800). 1913. Catalogue of opera librettos printed before 1800, prepared by O. G. T. Sonneck. chief of the Division of Music. 1914. 2v. *0 2154

The entries, approximating 6.000 in number, are arranged alphabetically under title, and are accom panied by historical, descriptive and bibliographical


The collection of Albert Schatz, purchased by the Library of Congress in 1908, forms the main part of

this collection.

Contents: I. Title catalogue; II. Author list, com poser list and aria index.

-Division of Music. Orchestral music (class M 1000-1268) catalogue. Scores.



Britan, H. H. The philosophy of music; a

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Gehrkens, K. W. Music notation and terminology. 1914. K 11795 Gilman, L. Nature in music and other studies in the tone-poetry of today. 1914. K 11800 Contents: Nature in music; Death and the musicians; Strauss and the Greeks; The question of opera in English; A note on Montemezzi; The place of Grieg; A musical cosmopolite (Loeffler). Klauser, J. The nature of music; original

harmony in one voice. 1909. K 29590 MacDowell, E. A. Critical and historical essays; lectures delivered at Columbia University. 1912. K 12127 Maitland, J. A. F. The consort of music, a study of interpretation and ensemble. 1915. K 12154 Newton, R. H. The mysticism of music. 1915. K 12155 Parry, Sir C. H. H. Style in musical art. 1911. K 12142 Rimington, A. W. Colour-music; the art of mobile colour. 1912. K 11948

"Explanation of a new form of art in which the throwing of colors on a screen is utilized to produce pleasing effects, somewhat analogous to the effect of sound in music. The art is known as mobile color." Schauffler, R. H. The musical amateur; a book on the human side of music. 1911. K 12030

Statham, H. H. What is music? a brief analysis for the general reader. 1914. K 12133

Contains musical illustrations.

Wallace, W. The musical faculty; its origins and processes. 1914. K 12067 Young, A. B. F. More mastersingers; studies in the art of music. 1911. K 11979 Sequel to his: Mastersingers. 1906. K 11978. Contents: Memories of a cathedral; The place of music in modern life; The musician as composer; The musician as interpreter; The musician hearer; The art of the conductor; The music of the salon; The old age of Richard Wagner; The two Westminsters: with some thoughts on music and religion; Debussy.

History of Music


Allen, A. M. Germany's famous composers. 1913. K 12132

Antcliffe, H. Living music; a popular introduction to the methods of modern music. 1912. K 12130

(The Joseph Williams series of handbooks on music).

Aubry, P. Trouvères and troubadours, a popular treatise. 1914. K 11799 Baltzell, W. J. A complete history of music for schools, clubs, and private reading. 1910. K 12122 Colles, H. C. The growth of music; a study in musical history for schools. 1912-1913. 2v. K 11796 Contents: Pt. 1. From the troubadours to J. S. Bach; pt. 2. The age of the sonata, from C. P. E. Bach to Beethoven.

Cooke, J. F. Standard history of music; a first history for students at all ages; forty illustrated story lessons in the development of musical art, adapted for beginners, musical clubs, private teaching, classwork and general reading, including an appendix upon club organization and management, together with a map of musical Europe. 1910. K 11962 Davison, J. W. Music during the Victorian era; from Mendelssohn to Wagner; being the memoirs of J. W. Davison, forty years music critic of "The Times"; compiled by his son, Henry Davison, from memoranda and documents, with important letters (previously unpublished) of Mendelssohn, Berlioz, Gounod, Jullien, Macfarren, Sterndale, Bennett, etc. 1912. C 21526

Densmore, F. Chippewa music. 1910-1913. 2v. *Doc. (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology).

Dickinson, E. The study of the history of music, with an annotated guide to music literature. 1911. K 11866c Military music and its story; development of military muK 12177

Farmer, H. G. the rise and sic. 1912. Farnsworth, E. C. Three great epoch-makers in music. 1912.

K 12123

Contents: Johann Sebastian Bach; Frederic Chopin; Richard Strauss and the art of sound. Ford, E. A. C. A short history of English music. 1912. K 12125 Galloway, W. J. Musical England. 1910, K 11933

Galpin, F. W. Old English instruments of music, their history and character. 1910. K 12204

Gantvoort, A. J. Familiar talks history of music. 1913.

on the

K 11793

Graves, C. L. Post-Victorian music, with other studies and sketches. 1911. K 12124 Hadden, J. C. Master musicians; a book for players, singers and listeners. 1911. K 12026 Henderson, W. J. The story of music. 1912. K 3985d

Hullah, A. A little history of music. 1911. K 12031


Johnstone, J. A.

Modern tendencies and old standards in musical art.


K 12082

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Mee, J. H. The oldest music room in Europe; a record of eighteenth-century en1911. K 12139 terprise at Oxford. Montagu-Nathan, M. A history of Russian music; being an account of the rise and progress of the Russian school of composers with a survey of their lives, and a description of their works. 1914.

K 12134 O'Neill, E. Irish minstrels and musicians, with numerous dissertations on related K 12066 subjects. 1913. Pougin, F. A. A. A short history of RusK 29610 sian music. 1915. Rolland, R. Musicians of today. 1915.

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Theory of Music

Cambarieu, J. Music, its laws and evoluK 11949 tion. 1910. Cornell, J. H. The theory and practice of musical form, on the basis of Ludwig Bussler's Musikalische Formenlehre, for instruction in composition both in private K 12128 and in classes. 1909. Gaynor, J. L. The elements of musical expression; the major mode. 1907. K 12129 Contains music.

Glyn, M. H. The rhythmic conception of K 11791 music. 1907. Goodrich, A. J. Theory of interpretation applied to artistic musical performance. 1899.

K 11788

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Hughey, Mrs. F. E. M.

Streatfeild, R. A. Handel. 1909.
Tapper, T. First studies in music biography.
K 12013
Contents: Bach; Handel; Haydn; Mozart;
Beethoven: Schubert; Mendelssohn; Schumann,
Chopin; Wagner.

-and Goetschius, P. Essentials in music K 12141 history. 1914. 329-352.

"The essentials of a music library," p. Upton, G. P. Woman in music.

1899. K 3896

Study and Teaching of Music Books on teaching piano, violin etc., will be found under their subjects. Bender, G. C. Business manual for music teachers; a handbook on profitable business management, successful advertising, and all that pertains to the most practical methods of securing and retaining pupils. 1910. K 12029 Dickinson, E. Music and the higher education. 1915. K 29570

Contents: Prelude: In a college music room; pt. I. The college and the fine arts; pt. II. Music in the college; pt. III. Teacher and critic: his preparation and his method.

Elson, L. C. Mistakes and disputed points in music and music teaching. 1910.

K 12019

K 12094 Color music for children; a guide for mothers and teachK 11946 ers of young children. 1912. Kling, H. Transposition; a practical and authoritative guide for all instruments. with special reference to the clarinet, cornet, trumpet, French horn and pianoK 12081 forte. 1910. McEwen, J. B. The thought in music; an enquiry into the principles of musical rhythm, phrasing and expression. 1912

K 11947

Matthay, T. A. Musical interpretation, its laws and principles, and their application in teaching and performing. 1913. K11794 Richter, E. F. E. A treatise on canon and fugue, including the study of imitation.


K 12143

Sidgwick, A. H. The promenade ticket; a lay record of concert-going. 1914. K 12146

In the form of letters to the donor of a season ticket to the London symphony concerts, written by two young people who used the ticket and embodying much bright and pertinent lay-criticism. Stanford, C. V. Musical composition: a short treatise for students. 1911. K 12126 Trotter, T. H. Y. The making of musicians; the rhythmic method of teaching

music. 1915.

K 12153

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Goetschius, P. The material used in musical composition; a system of harmony designed originally for use in the English harmony classes of the conservatory of music at Stuttgart. 1913. K 11792 Hull, A. E. Modern harmony, its explanation and application. 1915. K 12136 (Augener's ed. no. 10118). Loewengard, M. J. Harmony modernized; a course equally adapted for self-instruction or for a teacher's manual. 1910. K 12088 Mokrejs, J. Lessons in harmony. 1913. K 11789 Shepard, F. H. Graded lessons in harmony. 1914. K 12135 Sibley, C. Steps in harmony, with copious. explanatory examples and graded test exercises; a handbook for students. 1914. K 11797

-First year harmony. 1908.

Second year harmony. 1912.

K 29735 K 29736

A sequel to his: "First year harmony." 1908. Call no. K 29735.

White, W. A. Harmony and ear-training. 1911.


History and Criticism

K 12092

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a critical K 12188

Dent, E. J. Mozart s operas, study. 1913. Forsyth, C. Music and nationalism; a study of English opera. 1911. K 12185 Goddard, J. The rise and development of opera, embracing a comparative view of the art in Italy, Germany, France and England-showing the cause of the falling back of the English school in the modern period and the compensation which that falling back involved. 1912.

K 12186 Hackett, K. S. The beginning of grand opera in Chicago (1850-1859). 1913. K 12192 Henderson, W. J. Some forerunners of Italian opera. 1911. K 12180 Isaacs, L. M. and Rahkon, K. J. Hänsel and Gretel; a guide to Englebert Humperdinck's opera. 1913. Jackson, F. H. Monograph of the Boston opera house. MDCCCCIX. 1909. Krauss, W. Guide to grand operas.

K 12191

K 11382

1912. K 12197

Lahee, H. C. The grand opera singers of today; an account of the leading operatic stars who have sung during recent years, together with a sketch of the chief operatic enterprises. 1912. K 12187

"Some account of the leading singers who have been heard in America during the present century. Those whose careers have been touched upon in 'Famous singers of yesterday and today' and in 'Grand opera in America' are not mentioned, except perhaps casually, in this book. The plan adopted has been to follow the histories of the various opera houses, taking each singer as he appeared in opera in America.

Layton, K. A. W. The Nibelungen of Wagner. 1909. L 10702, 3 (University of Illinois. The University studies). Newmarch, Mrs. R. The Russian opera. 1914. K 12194 Sonneck, O. G. T. Early opera in America. 1915. K 12198 Contents: pt. I. Pre-revolutionary opera; pt. II. Post-revolutionary opera. Towers, J. Dictionary-catalogue of operas and operettas which have been performed on the public stage. 1910. *R 2906

Contents: pt. 1. Dictionary of operas and operettas; pt. 2. Composers and their operas in alphabetical order; pt. 3. Libretti with the number of times they have been set to music for the public lyric stage.

Wagner, W. R. Opera and drama (Oper und Drama). 1. Opera and the essence of music. 2. The stage-play and dramatical poetic art in the abstract. 3. Poetry and music in the drama of the future. By Richard Wagner. 2v. 1913. K 12190 -The story of Bayreuth as told in the Bayreuth letters of Richard Wagner; tr. and ed. by Caroline V. Kerr. 1912.

K 12196

Church Music

Duncan, E. The story of the carol. 1911. K 11989 Lloyd's church musicians' directory, 1910. v.1, the blue book of church musicians in America, comp. by Rev. Frederic E. J. Lloyd. 1910. *R 1917 Lutkin, P. C. Music in the church. 1910. M 4730, 1908-09 (The Hale lectures, Western Theological Seminary, Chicago). Pratt, W. S. Musical ministries in the church; studies in the history, theory and administration of sacred music. 1914.

K 11798 "Books on church music in general" and "Books on hymns and hymn-writers," p. 201-209. Richardson, A. M. The choir trainer's art. 1914. K 12037

Weinmann, K. History of church music. 1910.

"Literature": p. 205-210.

Vocal Music

K 12064

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Barlow, J. S. The balance of act in singing.


Botume, J. F.

K 12439

K 12442 Modern singing methods, their use and abuse. 1896. K 12440 -Respiration for advanced singers. 1897. With musical illustrations. Brouillet, G. A. Science of tone production. 1913. K 12480 Chicago Mendelssohn Club. Program, 16th18th season, 1909-10-1911-12. 9v. K 12033 Coward, H. Choral technique and interpretation. 1914. K 12436

(Handbooks for musicians). Fillebrown, T. Resonance in singing and speaking. 1911. K 12112

Garcia, G. A guide to solo singing; containing full instructions on singing, with a detailed analysis of some well-known works and songs. 1910. K 12437 (Novello's music primers and educational series). Greene, H. P. Interpretation in song. 1912. K 12469

(The musicians' library). Haslam, W. E. Style in singing. 1911.

K 12462

Heinrich, M. Correct principles of classical singing; containing essays on choosing a teacher; the art of singing, etc., together with an interpretative key to Handel's "Messiah," and Schubert's "Die schöne Müllerin." 1910. K 12461

Herman, R. L. An open door for singers; hints to vocalists. 1912. K 12466

Hyde, F. C. F. The singing-class teacher: his principles and methods. 1914. K 12434 (The Joseph Williams series of handbooks on music).

"Written primarily from the standpoint of the teaching of children's classes."

Jones, D. D. Lyric diction for singers, actors and public speakers. 1913. K 12474 Kidson, F. and Neal, M. C. S. English folkK 29837 song and dance. 1915. Mackinlay, M. S. The singing voice and K 12452 its training., 1910. Mason, R. The song lore of Ireland; Erin's story in music and verse. 1910. K 12061 Mills, W. Voice production in singing and speaking based on scientific principles. 4th ed., rev. and enl. 1913. J 336c Moure, J. G. E. and Bouyer, A. The abuse of the singing and speaking voice; causes, K 12464 effects, and treatment. 1910. O'Neill, F. Irish folk music, a fascinating hobby; with some account of allied subjects, including O'Farrell's treatise on the Irish or union pipes and Touhey's Hints K 12062 to amateur pipers. 1910. Panseron, A. M. Panseron's A B C of music; a primer of vocalization containing the elements of music and solfeggi. 1908. K 12115

(The music student's library). Parisotti, L. A treatise on speaking and singing according to the principles of the K 12468 old Italian school. 1911. Rix, F. R. Voice training for school chilK 12475 dren. 1910.

Robinson, W. F. Four lectures on English

song. 1914.

K 12341

[blocks in formation]

Rogers, Mrs. C. K. (Clara Doria). and I, or, The relation of the the song. 1910. Shakespeare, W. The art of singing, based on the principles of the old Italian singing-masters, and dealing with breath-control and production of the voice, together with exercises, entirely re-written. 1910.

K 12478 Shaw, W. W. The lost vocal art and its restoration, with practical exercises for the use of singers and teachers. 1914. K 12438

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Sonneck, O. G. T., comp. Report on "The "Hail Columbia," star-spangled banner,' "America," "Yankee Doodle." 1909. K 12347 Taylor, D. C. Self help for singers; a manual for self instruction in voice culture based on the old Italian method-a sequel to "The psychology of singing." 1914.

With musical illustrations.

K 12435

Tree, C. How to acquire ease of voice pro

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