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Calthrop, D. C. The charm of gardens. 1911.

K 16945

"The illustrations in this volume have been selected from volumes in Black's Series of beautiful books."

Doogue, L. J. Making a lawn. 1912.

K 17003 Friends of Our Native Landscape, 1st year book for the year 1914. K 16992 Godfrey, W. H. Gardens in the making. 1914. K 17009

Holme, C., ed. The gardens of England in the northern counties. 1911. Special spring number of "The Studio" 1911.


Hyatt, A. H., comp. A book of gardens, illustrated in color by M. H. Waterfield. K 16949


Contents: The charm of the garden, E. V. B.; The poetry of gardening, James; Sundials, Meynell; My own garden, Smith.

Jekyll, G. and Weaver, L. Gardens for small country houses. 1913. K 17017 Lounsberry, A. Gardens near the sea; the making and care of gardens on or near the coast with reference also to lawns and grounds and to trees and shrubbery. 1910. K 16907 Main, Mrs. E. F. W. B. The old gardens of Italy, how to visit them. 1912. K 17024 Maxwell, Sir H. E. Scottish gardens; being a representative selection of different types, old and new. 1911. K 16905

Miller, C. H. Making paths and driveways.


(House and garden making books).

K 13353

Miller, W. The "Illinois way" of beautify

ing the farm. 1914.

K 17025

What England can teach us about gardening. 1911. K 16952

Parsons, S. Landscape gardening studies.


K 17029

Rogers, W. S. Garden planning. 1911.

(The garden library).

K 15168, 11

Root, R. R. and Kelley, C. F. Design in landscape gardening. 1914.

K 17031

Parks, Playgrounds

Nolen, J. General plan of a park and playground system for New London, Conn. 1913. K 16995

Parsons, S. The art of landscape architecture, its development and its application to modern landscape gardening. 1915. K 17030 Garden Architecture, Sun-dials Henslow, T. G. W. Ye sundial booke. 1914. K 6168 Humphreys, Mrs. P. W. The practical book of garden architecture. 1914. K 17015 Memorial Art

Cemeteries, Monuments Bliss, H. A. Memorial art, ancient and · modern; illustrations and descriptions of the world's most notable examples of cemetery memorials. 1912. *P 3138 Weaver, L. Memorials and monuments, old and new; two hundred subjects chosen from seven centuries. 1915.

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American Institute of Architects, The. Annuary of the American Institute of Architects for 1909-10. 2v. 1909-10. K 11187 -Souvenir of the twenty-ninth annual convention of the American Institute of Architects, to be held at the St. Nicholas Hotel, October 15th, 16th, and 17th, St. Louis. Mo. 1895. K 11186 Architectural year book. v. 1-3. 1911-1913. K 11384

Architects', contractors' and material dealers' directory, containing names of architects in middle, southern and western states, and a complete list of constructional industries of Chicago, 1894, 1908. 2v.

*R 1773

Architectural League of New York. Catalogue of the 23d, 25th annual exhibition of the Architectural League of New York in the galleries of the American Fine Arts Society. 2v. 1908-'10. K 11188

Programs, American student competitions, school year 1912-13. 1914. *K 27390

History and Theory of Architecture Barstow, C. L. Famous buildings; a primer of architecture. 1915. K 27406 Belcher, J. Essentials in architecture; an analysis of the principles & qualities to be looked for in buildings. 1907. K 11184 Brooks, A. M. Architecture and the allied arts, Greek, Ronan, Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic. 1914. K 11359 Godfrey, W. H. A history of architecture in London, arranged to illustrate the course of architecture in England until 1800, with a sketch of the preceding European styles. K 11286 Hodgson, F. T., ed. A treatise on the five orders of architecture, comp. from the works of Sir W. Chambers, Palladio, Vignola, Gwilt and others. 1910. K 11181 Lethaby, W. R. Architecture; an introduction to the history and theory of the art of building. 1912. K 11335 Scott, G. The architecture of humanism; a study in the history of taste.


1914. K 11311

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Elderkin, G. W. Problems in Periclean buildings. 1912. K 10440, 2 (Princeton monographs in art and archaeology). Goodyear, W. H. Greek refinements: studies in temperamental architecture. 1912.

*P 3465 Uhde, C. The architectural forms of the classic ages, comprising the principal examples of the orders of columns and their entablatures. 2d ed. 1909. *P 2518b Van Deman, E. B. Atrium Vestæ. 1909. K 15961, 108 (Carnegie Institution of Washington. Publications).

"A valuable contribution to the history of the architecture of the Romans."

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Garner, T. and Stratton, A. The domestic architecture of England during the Tudor period, illustrated in a series of photographs & measured drawings of county mansions, manor houses, and smaller buildings. 2v. 1911. *P 2748

McKim, Mead & White. A monograph of the work of McKim, Mead & White. 1879-1915. 1914. 3v. *P 2787

Platt, C. A. Monograph of the work of Charles A. Platt. 1913. *P 2192 Polley, G. H. The architecture, interiors and furniture of the American colonies. during the eighteenth century. 1914.

*P 2786

Richardson, A. E. Monumental classic architecture in Great Britain and Ireland during the eighteenth & nineteenth cen

*P 2193 turies. 1914. —and Gill, C. L. London houses from 1660 to 1820; a consideration of their K 11284 architecture and detail. 1911. Tipping, H. A. English homes of the early renaissance. Elizabethan and Jacobean *P 1929 houses and gardens. 1912. Ward, W. H. The architecture of the renaissance in France; a history of the evo lution of the arts of building, decoration and garden design under classical influence from 1495 to 1830. 2v. 1911. *P 3470

Wise, H. C. and Beidleman, H. F. Colonial architecture for those about to build: being the best examples, domestic, munic

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Wright, Frank Lloyd. Ausgeführte Bauten und Entwürfe. 1910.

*P 2756

Studies and executed buildings, German and English text.

Domestic Architecture
House Plans

Allen, J. G. The cheap cottage and small
house; a manual of economical building.
Civics Dept.
American architect, The. Detached dwell-
ings. 1909-1911. 2v.
*P 1470

Examples reprinted from the American architect in plate form. American country houses of today; with a preface by F. M. Day. 1912. *P 1474 Consists of plates with introductory text. Atlas Portland Cement Company, New York. Concrete houses & cottages. 2 v. 1909. K 11306 Barlow, W. F., jr. Ideal homes. 1913.

K 11309

The book of little houses; with eleven plates. 1914. K 11357

The countryside manuals). Articles reprinted from The Countryside magazine and Suburban life.

Brown, H. C., comp. Book of home building and decoration. Prepared in co-operation with and under the direction of the leading manufacturers of the country. 1912. K 11197

Building Brick Association of America. One hundred bungalows. 1912. K 11296

Burgess, F. W. Chats on household curios. 1914. K 10333

Butterfield, W. H. and Tuttle, H. W. A book of house plans; floor plans and cost data of original designs of various architectural types, of which full working drawings and specifications are available. 1912.

K 11345 Commonwealth Home Builders. Distinctive bungalows and houses; plans of the Commonwealth Home Builders. 1913. K 11337 Davison, T. R. Modern homes; selected examples of dwelling houses, described and illustrated. 1909. K 11206 Dewsnap, W. Country and suburban houses; a collection of exterior and interior sketches, with floor plans for houses in the colonial, artistic, half timber, stucco, cement and other styles of architecture, also interior suggestions, general specifications, information to rospective builders and estimates of cost. 1915. K 11314

Dustman, U. M. Construction of dwelling houses and bungalows, a book that shows you how to construct in fullest detail, modern priced homes and bungalows. 1911. K 11228

-Dustman's book of plans and building construction for general contractors and home builders. 1910. K 11219

"Barn plans, garages and farm buildings, p. 210224."

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-The Dutch colonial house; its origin, design, modern plan and construction; illustrated with photographs of old examples and American adaptations of the style. 1913: K 11302

(The country house library; a series of architectural books for the layman). Garden suburbs, town planning and modern architecture; with contributions by M. H. B. Scott, S. D. Adshead, P. W. Wilson, E. G. Culpin and Alderman Thompson. 1910. K 11230 1st ed. published in 1909 under the title: Town planning and modern architecture in the Hampstead Garden Suburb.

Goodnow, R. R. The honest house, presenting examples of the usual problems which face the home-builder, together with an exposition of the simple architectural principals which underlie them: arranged especially in reference to small house design. 1914. K 11329 Hering, O. C. Concrete and stucco houses. 1912. K 11305 Hodgson, F. T. Hodgson's low cost American homes; perspective views and floor plans of one hundred and fifty low priced houses. 1913.

K 11333 Holst, H. V. V. Modern American homes. 1913. K 11343 Hooper, C. E. Reclaiming the old house; its modern problems and their solution as governed by the methods of its builders. 1913. K 11330 Inexpensive homes of individuality; being a collection of photographs and floor plans illustrating certain of America's best country and suburban homes of moderate size. 1912. K 11225c

Jackson, A. W. The half-timber house; its origin, design, modern plan, and construction. 1912. K 11279 Jones, S. R. The village homes of England. 1912.


Special spring number of The Studio, 1912. Miller, B. F. Bungalows and other things. 1912. K 11331

Newson, J. H. Homes of character. 1913. K 11346

Northend, M. H. Colonial homes and their furnishings. 1912.

-Historic homes of New England.

K 18377

1914. K 11316 Osborne, C. F. The family house. 1910. K 11235

Radford Architectural Company. Radford's artistic bungalows; unique collection of 208 designs, best modern ideas in bungalow architecture. 1908. K 11239 -Radford's modern homes, 200 house plans. 1909. K 11237 Recent English domestic architecture; being a special issue of the Architectural review; v. 1-4. 1908-1911. *Ser. Text of v. 1 in English, French and German. 1908-1911.

Saxton, G. L. The plan book of American dwellings; being a compilation of original home designs showing actual photographic exteriors and floor plans of moderately priced bungalows, cottages, residences. 1914. K 11317

Saylor, H. H., ed. Architectural styles for country houses; the characteristics and merits of various types of architecture. 1912. K 11240 (The country house library, a series of architectural books for the layman).

-Bungalows; their design, construction and furnishing, with suggestions also for camps, summer homes and cottages of similar character. 1911. K 11238

-Distinctive homes of moderate cost; being a collection of country and suburban homes in good taste, with some value in suggestion for the home-builder. 1910. K 11217

Sears, Roebuck and Co. Chicago. Book of modern homes. 1900. K 11173 Shackelton, R. and Shackelton, Mrs. E. F. Adventures in home-making. 1910. K 11208 how to K 11236 book for K 11308

Sparrow, W. S. Our homes and make the best of them. 1909. Stickley, G. Craftsman houses; a home-makers. 1913.

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Collins, A. H. Symbolism of animals and birds represented in English church arch

tecture. 1913.


Deane, A. C. A short account of Great Malvern Priory Church; a history of monastery, and description of the fabr with a chapter on the ancient glass &

tiles. 1914.

(Bell's cathedral series).

I 102

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Castles, Chateaux, Palaces Douglas-Irvine, H. Royal palaces of Scot

land. 1911.

I 10288 Geddie, J. The royal palaces, historic castles and stately homes of Great Britain. 1913. K 11338 (The Edinburgh series of monographs on art). Harvey, A. The castles and walled towns of England. 1911. K 11299

(The antiquary's books) Appendix: List of castles in England and Wales existing or known to have existed, p. 253-268.

Newhall, L. C. The minor chateaux and
manor houses of France of the XV and
XVI century. 1914.
Tristram, W. O. Moated houses. 1910.

*P 3510

K 11289 |

Public Buildings

Minneapolis. Board of Court House and City Hall Commissioners. A history of the Municipal building of the city of Minneapolis & the county of Hennepin, MinneK 11383 sota. 1910.

New York (city). Court House Board. Competition for the New York Court House, MCMXIII. 1913. *P 2785

School Architecture

Bruce, W. C., comp. Grade school buildings. 1914. K 11324 Dillaway, T. M. Decoration of the school and home. 1914. K 18368 Modern school houses; being a series of authoritative articles on planning, sanitation, heating and ventilation, by A. D. F. Hamlin, C. B. J. Snyder, and others; to which is added more than 145 pages of illustrations of recently constructed school houses. 1910. *P 1473 Wisconsin. State Superintendent of Schools. The school beautiful, 1907, by M. Barnett. 1907. L 10670 The decoration and sanitation of school buildings and grounds.


Medart Manufacturing Co. (St. Louis). The planning of a gymnasium. 1915. *V 2679 Stores, Apartment Buildings

Hesselgren, The G. C., Publishing Co., New York. Apartment houses of the metropolis. 1908. *P 1475 Perks, S. Residential flats of all classes, including artisans' dwellings; a practical treatise on their planning and arrangement, together with chapters on their history, financial matters, etc. 1905. K 11280 Radford's brick houses and how to build them; a standard collection of new, original, and artistic designs for brick houses, apartments, stores and flats, garages, etc.; together with complete instruction in the manufacture of brick and its practical uses as a building material. 1912. K 11351

Radford, W. A., comp.

-Radford's stores and flat buildings, illustrating the latest and most approved ideas in small bank buildings, store buildings, double or twin houses, two, four, six and nine flat buildings. 1913. K 11352 Garages Cement houses and private garages, with constructive details, by numerous architects. 1912. K 11341

(Building age series, no. 5). Comstock, W. P., comp. Garages and motor boat houses, comprising a large number of designs for both private and com

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