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1910. K 15334, 36

(Handbooks of practical gardening). -Orchids for everyone. 1910. K 17143 Cuthbertson, W. Pansies, violas & violets. 1910. K 16912 Darlington, H. R. Roses. 1911. K 16914 Dick, J. H. Sweet peas for profit, cultivation-under glass and outdoors; a practical guide to modern methods of growing the sweet pea for market purposes. 1914. K 17012 Drennan, G. T. Everblooming roses for the out-door garden of the amateur; their culture, habits, description, care, nativity, parentage, with authentic guides to the selection of everblooming varieties of roses. 1912.

Durand, L. The book of roses.

(Handbooks of practical gardening).

Dykes, W. R. Irises. 1912. (Garden-flowers in color).

K 16936 1911.

K 15334, 38

Egan, W. C. Making a garden of nials. 1912.

(House and garden making books).

Ely, H. R. The practical flower


Farrer, R. The rock garden. 1912. (Garden flowers in color).

K 16931

perenK 16940

garden. K 16904 K 16970

Farthing, F. H. Saturday in my garden; a practical guide to the cultivation of small gardens. 1911. K 16947

French, A. The beginner's garden book; a textbook for the upper grammar grades. 1914. K 17008

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K 17032

Rexford, E. E. A-B-C of gardening. 1915.

(Harper's A-B-C series).

-Amateur gardencraft; a book for the home-maker and garden lover. 1912.

-Indoor gardening. 1910.

K 16909 K 16908


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(House and garden making books). -Making a garden to bloom this year. K 16938


(House and garden making books).

-and Teall, G. The garden primer; a practical handbook on the elements of gardening for beginners. 1910. K 16903 Thomas, G. C. The practical book of outdoor rose growing for the home garden. 1914. K 17034 Thomas, H. H. The complete gardener. 2d ed. 1912. K 16972

-Garden flowers as they grow; photographed in colour direct from nature. 1913. K 16971 1910. K 16902

--Garden planning and planting.

-Garden work for every day.

1913. K 16967 -Indoor gardening in room and greenhouse. 1912. K 16961 The rose book; a complete guide for amateur rose growers. 1913. K 16976 Tricker, W. Making a water garden. 1913.

K 16973

K 16959

(House and garden making books). Ver Beck, Mrs. H. R. Let's make a flower garden. 1912. Waterfield, M. H. Flower grouping in English, Scotch & Irish gardens. 1907.

*K 16915

Watson, R. B. M. (Mrs. H. B. M. Watson). The heart of a garden.


K 16958

Watson, W. Rhododendrons & azaleas. 1911. K 16934 Weathers, J. The bulb book; or, Bulbous and tuberous plants for the open air, stove, and greenhouse. 1911. K 16918 White, E. A. The principles of floriculture. 1915. K 27300 (The rural text-book series, ed. by L. H. Bailey). Williams, D. Gardens and their meaning. 1911. K 16920 Wright, H. J. Sweet peas. 1910. K 16911 Wright, W. P. The new gardening; a guide to the most recent developments in the culture of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. 1913. K 16965 -Popular garden flowers; anemones: asters: begonias: carnations: chrysanthemums: crocuses: daffodils: dahlias: geraniums: gladioli: hollyhocks: hyacinths: irises: lilies: pansies: phloxes: primulas: sweet peas: stocks: tulips: roses, etc. 1911. K 16917

-Roses and rose gardens. 1911. K 16960 Trees, Shrubs, Vines Apgar, A. C. Ornamental shrubs of the United States (hardy, cultivated). 1910. K 15555 Kirkegaard, J. A practical handbook of trees, shrubs, Vines and herbaceous perennials. 1912. K 16953 McCollom, W. C. Vines and how to grow them; a manual of climbing plants for flower, foliage and fruit effects, both ornamental and useful, including those shrubs and similar forms that may be used as vines. 1911. K 15168, 12

(The garden library). Solotaroff, W. Shade-trees in towns and cities; their selection, planting, and care as applied to the art of street decoration; their diseases and remedies; their municipal control and supervision. 1911.

K 15556 Tabor, G. Making the grounds attractive with shrubbery. 1912. K 16939 Webster, A. D. Town planting and the trees, shrubs, herbaceous and other plants that are best adapted for resisting smoke. 1910. K 16919

Vegetable Gardening Aquatias, P. Intensive culture of vegetables on the French system; with a concise monthly calendar of operations. 1913. K 15627 Beattie, W. R. Frames as a factor in truck *Doc. growing. 1911. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Farmers' bulletin Biggle, J. Biggle garden book; vegetables, small fruits and flowers. 1908. K 15646, 10


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(Country life education series). Davis, J. R. Up-to-date truck growing in the South. 1910.

Groth, B. H. A. The sweet potato.

K 15433

1911. K 15435 Contributions from the Botanical Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania, vol. iv, no. 1. Grubb, E. H. and Guilford, W. S. The potate; a compilation of information from 1912. K 15664 every available source. Kennerly, C. H. Facts and figures; or, The A B C of Florida trucking. 1911. K 15427 Kruhm, A. The home vegetable garden. 1914. K 6888 Lloyd, J. W. Productive vegetable growK 24171 ing. 1914.

(Lippincott's farm manuals). Lowther, G., ed. The encyclopedia of practical horticulture; a reference system of commercial horticulture, covering the practical and scientific phases of horticulture, with special reference to fruits and vegetables. 1914. 3v. *R 2929 Rockwell, F. F. Home vegetable gardening; a complete and practical guide to the planting and care of all vegetables, fruits and berries worth growing for home use. 1911. K 15312

Seibels, W. T. Produce markets and marketing. 1911. K 16875 Selden, C. A. Everyman's garden, every week. 1914. K 17625 Sevey, G. C. Peas and pea culture; with special chapters on the canned pea industry, pease as forage and soiling crops, garden peas, sweet peas, seed breeding, etc. 1911. K 15428 Seymour, E. L. D. Garden profits, big money in small plots. 1911. K 15309 Slocum, G. How to market farm products for profit. 1912. K 17615 K 15383 A description of the French system of market gardening.

Smith, T. French gardening. 1909.

-The profitable culture of vegetables for market gardeners, small holders, and others. 1911. K 15379

Waldin, W. Truck farming in the Ever-
glades. 1912.
K 15339
Watts, R. L. Vegetable gardening. 1912.
K 15434

Yates, L. H. The gardener and the cook.
K 18360


Bardswell, Mrs. F. A. The herb-garden. K 15308 1911. Kains, M. G. Culinary herbs; their cultivation, harvesting, curing and uses. 1912. K 15390


Bureau of Mushroom Industry, Chicago. 1913. The cultivated mushroom. K 15639 Lathrop, E. S. L. The mushroom hand book; how to know wild mushrooms and K 15363 how to cook them. 1911. Crops Adams, R. L. Field manual for sugar beet growers; a practical handbook for agriculturists, field men and growers. 1913. K 16928 Agee, A. Crops and methods for soil imK 15399 provement. 1912.

K 1200

Borman, T. A. Sorghums, sure money crops. 1914. Burkett, C. W. Farm crops; a practical treatise on the growing of American field crops; containing brief and popular advice on the seeding, cultivating, handling and marketing of farm crops, and on the management of lands for the largest returns. 1910.

K 16845 Carter, H. A. Ramie (rhea) China grass. All about it. A The new textile fibre. book for planters, manufacturers, and K 16850 merchants. 1910. Coburn, F. D. Alfalfa: Lucerne, Spanish trefoil, Chilian clover, Brazilian clover. French clover, medic, purple medic, medi cago sativa. Practical information on its production, qualities, worth and uses, especially in the United States and Canada. K 16862


(House and garden making books). Crosby, D. J. and Howe, F. W. School les

sons on corn. 1910.


U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Farmers' bulletin 409. Davis, E. D. Grain value tables (rev.) for merly published under the title of Tables for wheat and other grain. 1913. K17627 Duggar, J. F. Southern field crops (exclu sive of forage plants). 1911. Hall, A. D. The feeding of crops and stock: an introduction to the science of the nu trition of plants and animals. 1911.

K 16856

K 16852

Hitchcock, A. S. A text-book of grasses with especial reference to the economic species of the United States. 1914. K 24050

"List of government publications referring to (The rural text-book series, ed. by L. H. Bailey). forage crops and special uses of grasses": p. 88-91.


Jodidi, S. L. The sugar beet and beet

K 16857

sugar. 1911. Livingston, G. Field crop production; a text-book for elementary courses in schools and brief courses in colleges. 1914.

K 16839

(The rural text-book series). McCall, A. G. Broom-corn culture. 1912 K 15391

=Montgomery, E. G. The corn crops, a discussion of maize, kafirs, and sorghums as grown in the United States and Canada. 1913. K 17613 (The rural textbook series). -Crop production under humid and dry conditions. 1908. *Doc.

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bureau of Plant Industry. Bulletin 130, p. 43-49. New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Co.-Farm Bureau. Improving crop yields by the use of dynamite. 1911.

K 16867
Bound with: Du Pont de Nemours Powder Co.
E. I. (Wilmington, Del.).
Pont dynamite.
Tree planting with Du
Parker, E. C. Field management and crop
rotation; planning and organizing farms;
crop rotation systems; soil amendment
with fertilizers; relation of animal hus-
bandry to soil productivity; and other im-
portant features of farm management.
K 23890

Piper, C. V. Forage plants and their cul-
ture. 1914.
K 16926
(The rural text-book series, ed. by L. H. Bailey).
Rutter, W. P. Wheat-growing in Canada,
the United States and the Argentine in-
cluding comparisons with other areas.
K 16877



Shantz, H. L. Natural vegetation as indicator of the capabilities of land for crop production in the Great Plains area. 1911. *Doc. Bureau of Plant

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Industry. Bulletin 201. Ten Eyck, A. M. Wheat; a practical discussion of the raising, marketing, handling and use of the wheat crop, relating largely to the great plains region of the United States and Canada. 1914.

K 15419

(Scientific soil culture series). Weed, C. M. and Riley, W. E. duction; an agricultural text for schools.


Crop pro

K 1241 K 15392

Wing, J. E. Alfalfa farming in America.



Balls, W. L. The cotton plant in Egypt, studies in physiology and genetics. 1912. K 17159

(Macmillan's science monographs).

Brooks, E. C. The story of cotton and the development of the cotton states.

1911. K 16923

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Burkett, C. W. First principles of feeding farm animals; a practical treatise on the feeding of farm animals: discussing the fundamental principles and reviewing the best practices of feeding for largest returns. 1912. K 17576 Chicago. International Live Stock Exposition. A review of the International Live Stock Exposition; a great movement for improvement of the domestic animals of the United States; 1900-1913. 1913. K 17594 Davenport, E. Domesticated animals and plants; a brief treatise upon the origin and development of domesticated races with special reference to the methods of improvement. 1910. K 16848

Gay, C. W. The principles and practice of judging live-stock. 1914. K 24196 (The rural text-book series).

Hale, P. H., comp. The book of live stock
champions; being an artistic souvenir sup-
plement of the monthly National farmer
and stock grower. 1912.
K 17572
Halligan, J. E. Elementary treatise on
stock feeds and feeding. 1911. K 17573
Harper, M. W. Animal husbandry for
schools. 1913.
K 17578

(The rural text-book series).
-Breeding of farm animals. 1914.

K 24199

-Manual of farm animals; a practical guide to the choosing, breeding and keep of horses, cattle, sheep, and swine. 1911. K 17567

Hunt, T. F. and Burkett, C. W. Farm animals, covering the general field of animal industry. 1914. K 17593

(Hunt and Burkett's agriculture). Ingersoll, E. Animal competitors; profit and loss from the wild four-footed tenants of the farm. 1911. K 17434


Kellner, O. J. The scientific feeding of animals. Authorized translation, by WilK 17565 liam Goodwin. 1910. Moncrieff, A. R. H. Ascott R. Hope. Beasts K 17521 of business. 1909. Contents: The horse; The ass and the mule; The ox; The dog; The elephant; The camel; The reindeer; Beasts of all sorts.

Nida, W. L. Farm animals and farm crops. 1914. K 17626 Plumb, C. S. Beginnings in animal husK 17588 bandry. 1912.

(Farm science series). Shamel, C. A. Profitable stock raising; a careful discussion of the problems involved in the development of profitable live stock and the maintenance of soil fertility. 1911. K 17568

Wilson, J. The principles of stock-breedK 17595 ing. 1912.

"Stock-breeding in the light of the Mendelian discovery."

Woll, F. W.

animals. 1915.

Productive feeding of farm K 24218 (Lippincott's farm manuals).

[blocks in formation]

-The training and breaking of horses. 1912. K 15608 Johnstone, J. S. S. The horse book; a practical treatise on the American horse breeding industry as allied to the farm. 1912. K 15613 Contains supplement to: The horse book. 53p. Lydekker, R. The horse and its relatives. 1912. K 15614 Shaw, V. K. The encyclopedia of the stable; a complete manual of the horse, its breeds, anatomy, physiology, diseases, breeding, breaking, training and management, with articles on harness, farriery, carriages, etc. 1909. K 15596 Thompson, R. F. M. The horse; its origin and development combined with stable practice. 1911. K 15598


Mumford, H. W.

Beef production. 1908.

K 17579 Contents: pt. I. Fattening cattle for the market; pt. II. Breeding beef cattle for the market; pt. III. Elementary principles of stock breeding. Sanders, A. H. Short-horn cattle; a series of historical sketches, memoirs and records of the breed and its development the United States and Canada. 1900. K 17571 Biggle, J. Biggle sheep book; something K 15646,8 practical about sheep. 1902. Craig, J. A. Sheep-farming in North AmerK 17577 ica. 1913. Sheep feeding and farm manK 17575 1912.


(The rural science series). Doane, D. H.

agement. Kleinheinz, F. Sheep management; a handbook for the shepherd and student. 1911. K 17574 Swine Biggle, J. Biggle swine book; much old and more new hog knowledge. 1906.

K 15646, 5 Dawson, H. C. The hog book; embodying the experience of fifty years in the prac tical handling of swine in the American K 17581 cornbelt. 1911. Day, G. E. Productive swine husbandry. K 17582 1913.

(Lippincott's farm manuals).

[blocks in formation]

Dietrich, W. Swine; breeding, feeding and K 17564 Lovejoy, A. J. Forty years' experience of a practical hog man; a practical book for the pure bred swine breeder and K 17583 farmer. 1914.


K 17546

American Poultry Association. The Ameri can standard of perfection. 1888, 1904. K 7046 1909-1910. 3v. 1890-1910. American poultry journal year book for 1913, being a comprehensive and authentic review of the poultry industry for the year 1912. 1913. Banks, E. E. Twentieth century poultry buildings and how to build them. 1910 K 17531 Western poultry book: Basley, Mrs. A. tells you what to do and how to do it: the chicken business from first to last. with questions and answers relative to up-to-date poultry culture. 1912. K17539 Biggle, J. Biggle poultry book; a concise and practical treatise on the management K 15646,3 of farm poultry. 1909. Boyer, M. K. The Curtiss poultry book: $100,000 a year from poultry; being a com

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