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Contents: v. 1-2. American. v. 3. English. v. 4. French. v. 5. German. v. 6. Greek. v. 7. Japan and China. v. 8-10. King Arthur. v. 11. Our island empire [Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Philippine Is.]. v. 12. Roman. v. 13. Russian. v. 14. Spanish. v. 15. Reading courses and helps.

-Historical tales; the romance of reality. Vol. 3, Spanish American. 1908. F 15506 -Historical tales; the romance of reality. Vol. 7, Spanish. 1908.

F 15507 Historical tales; the romance of reality. Vol. 9, Scandinavian. 1908. F 15508 Morris, G. The incandescent lily, and other stories. 1914. F 15516 Contents: The incandescent lily.-The custody of the child. The championship.-Tango taught in ten teachings.-You can't get away with it.-A perfect gentleman of Pelham Bay Park.-Legay Pelham's headache.-The Bostonian.-Legay ham's protégée.-The back seat.


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Mulford, C. E. Bar-20 days. 1911. F 15560 Sequel to Bar-20 F 15561, and Hopalong Cassidy F 15563.

-The coming of Cassidy-and the others. 1913. F 15565 Sequel to the author's: Bar-20.-Bar-20 days.Hopalong Cassidy.-Buck Peters, ranchman. -and Clay, J. W. Buck Peters, ranchF 15564 man, 1912. Muller, J. W. Rulers of the surf, a story of the mysteries and perils of the sea. 1910. F 15569

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Sequel to the author's: Uncle Terry. F 5645. Munro, N. The new road. 1914. F 15578 Murder in any degree. Johnson, O. M.

Mushroom Town. Onions, O. The mutiny of the Elsinore.

F 14378 F 15805 London, J. F 14777 F 14304

My brother's keeper. Jackson, C. T.

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Mothers and fathers. Tompkins, J. W.

F. A.

F 15181

F 18708

Mother's son.

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Dix, B. M.

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Robins, E. Brown, A.

F 17389

F 11387

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Mothers to men. Gale, Z.
The motor maid. Williamson,
Williamson, Mrs. A. M. L.
The motto of Mrs. McLane.

C. N. and F 19558 Carson, S.

F 11625

F 18320

F 12761

The mountain divide. Spearman, F. H.
The mountain girl. Erskine, Mrs. P.
The moving finger. Oppenheim, E. P.
Moving the mountain. Gilman, Mrs. C. P.
F 13269
Mulder, A.
Bram of the Five Corners.
F 15557

F 15814

My ragpicker. Myriam and the mystic brotherhood. Howard, M. L.

The mystery of Edwin Drood; continuation entitled: A great mystery solved, by G. Vase.

The mystery of Lucien Delorme. mond, E. G.

F 18795

TeraF 18568

The mystery of Mary. Lutz, Mrs. G. L. H. F 14894 The mystery of number 47. Clouston, J. S. F 12045 The mystery of the barranca. Whitaker, H. F 19323

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Neihardt, J. G. The dawn-builder.

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F 17225 1911. F 15632

The New Clarion. Harben, W. N. F 13511
The new dawn. Laut, A. C.
New Leaf Mills. Howells, W. D.
The new Machiavelli. Wells, H.

New men for old. O'Brien, H. V. The new Mr. Howerson. Read, O.

The new road. Munro, N. Newlin, K. Penelope intrudes.

Newlin, Mrs. R. C. See Warwick, Anne. News from the duchy. Couch, Sir A. T. Q. F 12178

F 15693

Norris, Mrs. K. T. Mother. 1911. F15695 -Poor, dear Margaret Kirby, and other stories. 1913. F 15715 Contents: Poor, dear Margaret Kirby.-Bridging the years. The tide-marsh. What happened to Alanna. The friendship of Alanna.- is for shiftless Susanna." The last Carolan.-Making al lowances for mamma. The measure of Margaret Coppered.-Miss Mix, kidnapper.-Shandon Waters. -Gayley the troubadour.Dr. Bates and Miss Sally. The gay deceiver.-The rainbow's end.Rosemary's stepmother. - Austin's girl. Rising


-The rich Mrs. Burgoyne. 1912. -Saturday's child. 1914.

-The right honourable gentleman. 1913.

The Golightlys: father & son. F 15703

F 14666 F 14159 G.

F 15606

F 19139

F 15699

F 15730 P.

-The story of Julia Page. -The treasure. 1914.


F 15717 F 15716

F 16966 F 15578 1912. F 15654

Norris, W. E. Not guilty. 1910.

F 15697

F 15698

North, L. 1912.

North of fifty-three. Sinclair, B. W.

F 18131

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Newte, H. W. C. The Ealing miracle; a

realistic story.


Newton, W. D. War. 1914.

Next Christmas. Veatch, B. E.

Nicholson, M. A Hoosier chronicle.

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-The siege of the seven suitors. 1910.

F 15675 Nicky-Nan, reservist. Couch, Sir A. T. Q. F 12176 The nigger of the Narcissus. Conrad, J. F 8299

-The garden of fate. 1910.
-The mediator. 1913.

—The plunderer. 1912.

November Joe, detective of the woods. Prichard, H. V. H.

No. 13 Washington square.

The nurse's story. Blenau, Adele. pseud.

F 17768 Nyburg, S. L. The final verdict; six stories of men and women. 1915. F 15720

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The old order changeth. Marshall, A.

In accordance with the evidence. 1913. F 15808

F 15121

F 12431

F 13599

Old Reliable. Dickson, H. Old valentines. Havens, M. Ole-Luk-Oie, pseud. See Swinton, Col. E. D. Oliver's kind women. Gibbs, P. H. F13254 Ollivant, A. The royal road; being the story of the life, death, and resurrection of Edward Hankey of London. 1912. F 15793 -The taming of John Blunt. 1911. F 15792 The Ollivant orphans. Gillmore, Mrs. I. H. F 13272 1915. F 15796 F 15836

Olmstead, F. A cloistered romance.

The Olympian. Oppenheim, J.
On board the Beatic.
Ray, A. C.

F 16887

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Overland Red; a romance of the Moon

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-The high adventure. 1911. -Maid of the mist. 1914. -A princess of Vascovy. 1899. -Queen of the guarded mounts.

-Red wrath.


Packard, F. L. On the iron at Big Cloud.


F 15884

Contents: Rafferty's rule; The little super; "If a man die"; Spitzer; Shanley's luck; The builder; The guardian of the Devil's Slide; The blood of kings; Marley; The man who didn't count; "Where's Haggerty?" McQueen's hobby; The re bate; Speckles; Munford.

Page, T. N. The land of the spirit. 1913. F 15892

Contents: The stranger's pew.-The old plant. ers. The stable of the inn. The shepherd who watched by night.-The bigot.-The trick-doctor.—

The outcast.

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F 10883



F 10931

-The noble rogue; a cavalier's romance. 1912. F 10932

Published in Great Britain under title: Fire in stubble.

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F 15917

F 15587

Orlóff and his wife. Gorky, Maxim.

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F 15916

Orphans. Brown, H. D.

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-The judgments of the sea, and other stories. 1912.

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Paradise farm. Tynan, K.

F 13909

F 18348

The parasite. Martin, Mrs. H. R.

F 12924

F 15142

Parker, Sir G. The going of_the_white swan. 1912.

M. S. B.

F 13393

F 16008

F 13089

F 16012


F 13337

F 12228

F 18332

-The judgment house. 1914.

The money master; being the curious history of Jean Jacques Barbille, his labours, his loves and his ladies. 1915.

F 15996

-You never know your luck; being the story of a matrimonial deserter. 1914. F 16007

Parker, L. N. Pomander walk. 1911.

F 16036 Parr, O. K. The little cardinal. 1912. F 16040 Parrish, R. The air pilot; a modern love story. 1913. F 16030 -Beyond the frontier; a romance of early days in the middle West. 1915. F 16034 -Don MacGrath, a tale of the river. 1910. F 16025 -Gordon Craig, soldier of fortune. 1912. F 16029 -Keith of the border, a tale of the plains. 1910. F 16024 F 16026

-Love under fire. 1911. -The maid of the forest; a romance of St. Clair's defeat. 1913. F 16031 --Molly McDonald; a tale of the old frontier. 1912.

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Patricia. Fowler, E. H.

Patricia plays a part. Grundy, Mrs.

The patrician. Galsworthy, J.
The patrol of the Sun Dance trail.
R., pseud.

Patsy. Crockett, S. R.

Patsy. Stacpoole, H. De V.

Patten, W., ed. International short stories; a new collection of famous examples from the literatures of England, France and America. 1910. F 16055 Contents: v. 1. American.-v. 2. English.-v. 3. French. Love like the sea. 1911.

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Pattullo, G. The sheriff of Badger; a tale of the southwest borderland. 1912. F 16062

-The untamed; range life in the Southwest. 1911. F 16061

Contents: Ol' Sam, a mule; The marauder, a coyote; Corazón, a roping horse; The outlaw, a steer; Shiela, a wolfhound; Molly, a range cow; The baby and the puma, mountain lion; The mankiller, a jack; Neutria, a mountain cowhorse. Paul Rundel. Harben, W. N. Paul the minstrel. Benson, A. C. Pawlowska, Y. A child went forth.

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