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Kelly, Mrs. F. F. Emerson's

other western stories. 1911.

wife, and

F 14493

Contents: Emerson's wife; Colonel Kate's pro-

tégee; The kid of Apache Teju; A blaze on Pard

Huff; How Colonel Kate won her spurs; Holly-

hocks; The rise, fall, and redemption of Johnson

Sides; A piece of wreckage; The story of a Chinee

kid; Out of sympathy; An old Roman of Mariposa;

Out of the mouth of babes; Posey; A case of the

inner imperative.

Kelly, M. Her little young ladyship. 1911.

F 14505

Kendall, O. Captain Protheroe's fortune;

a story of the sea as told to the author by

George Henry Grummet, mate of the

schooner Effie Dean. 1913.

F 14486

Kennan, G. A Russian comedy of errors,

with other stories and sketches of Rus-

sian life. 1915.

F 14485

Contents: A Russian comedy of errors.-A

singing bird of prey.-Russian "mouse traps."-

A body, a soul, and a passport.-The escape of

Prince Krapotkin.-"A heart for every fate."-

"The world of a single cell": I. The checker-

board square.

II. The girl in no. 59.-A sacri-

legious fox hunt.-Napoleonder.-The Zheltuga re


Kennedy, S. R. White ashes. 1912. F 14506

Kennedy Square. Smith, F. H. F 18235

Kent Knowles; quahaug. Lincoln, J. C.

F 14800

Keren of Lowbole. Silberrad, U. L. F 18113

Kester, V. The fortunes of the Landrays.


F 14511

-The hand of the mighty, and other

stories. 1913.

F 14487

Contents: The hand of the mighty.-The bad

man of Las Vegas.-Mollie darling.-The blood

of his ancestors.--When

we have waited.-The

deserter.-What Rearton

saw.-How Mr. Rath-

burn was brought in.-Miss Caxton's father.-

The half-breed.-Willie.-Mr. Feeney's social

perience. All that a man hath.

-John o'Jamestown. 1913.

-The just and the unjust. 1912.

The prodigal judge. 1911.

Kildare, O. F. and Kildare, Mrs. L.

woman. 1911.

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Lahoma. Ellis, J. B.

-The frontier. 1912.

F 14689

F 12714

Lalage's lovers. Birmingham, G. A., pseud.

Lancaster, H. The one and the other.

F 11177 1912.

F 14629

Lanchester of Brazenose. McDonald, R.

[blocks in formation]

-The teeth of the tiger. 1914. Lee, A. L. Cap'n Joe's sister. 1912. F 14697 Lee, C. J. Dorinda's birthday; a Cornish idyll. 1912.

F 14699 -Our little town, and other Cornish tales and fancies. 1911.

F 14698 Contents: Our little town; Mr. Sampson; The white bonnet; A strong man; The lucubrations of Thyrza Theophila; Langarrock great tree; Wisht wood; St. Lidgy and the giant; Tram Trist. Lee, Jennette (Mrs. G. S. Lee.) Aunt Jane.


-Mr. Achilles. 1912.

F 14693

F 14707

F 14708

F 12262

[blocks in formation]

The larger growth. Armfield, A. C. S.

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Laut, A. C. The freebooters of the wilder-
F 14661
ness. 1910.
F 14665

Leila. Fogazzaro, A. Leonora. Bennett, A.

Leroux, G. The bride of the sun. 1915.
F 14729

F 13015 F 11024

Lee, Vernon, pseud. of Violet Paget. Louis Norbert; a two-fold romance.

1914. F 15895

The lee shore. Macaulay, R.

F 14964

[blocks in formation]

F 14538

HeyF 13774

The letter of the contract. King, B.
The letters which never reached him.
king, E.
Lever, C. J. Harry Lorrequer. 1910.

F 14735 The lever. Orcutt, W. D. F 15842 Lewis, A. H. The Apaches of New York. 1912. F 14737 -Faro Nell and her friends; Wolfville stories. 1913. F 14742 Lewis, S. Our Mr. Wrenn; the romantic adventures of a gentle man. 1914. F 14746 -The trail of the hawk; a comedy of the seriousness of life. 1915. F 14747

Liddell, Mrs. C. C. F. T. Jonathan; a novel 1876.

(Leisure hour series).

Life everlasting. Corelli, M.

A life illumined. De Waters, L. S. Life in a German crack regiment. Baron von, pseud.

F 12414 Schlicht,

-Cap'n Warren's wards.
Kent Knowles: quahaug.
Mr. Pratt's patients. 1913.
-The postmaster. 1912.
-The rise of Roscoe. Paine.

F 14802

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F 14756

F 15462

F 12142

[blocks in formation]

F 10835 author of F 18630 Moir, D. M. F 5229b

Sequel to the author's: Martha by-the-day. -Martha and Cupid. 1914.

F 14772

[blocks in formation]

F 14818


F 14774

F 12236

F 11228

F 18626

The life mask; a novel, by the "To M. L. G." 1913.

The life of Mansie Wauch.

[blocks in formation]

Short stories with "Martha by-the-day" as their heroine.

-Martha by-the-day. 1912.

Lipsett, E. R. The house of a thousand welcomes ("Cead mille failthe").

Lismoyle. Crocker, Mrs. B. M. S.
The listener. Blackwood, A.
Litchfield, G. D. The burning question.

1913. F 14817

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-Adventure. 1911.

-Burning Daylight. 1910.

-The house of pride, and other

Hawaii. 1912.

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