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Fiction, 1911-1915



HE following is a compilation of the lists of Novels and Stories which have appeared from month to month in the Book Bulletins during the past five years. They have been re-arranged in one alphabetical sequence, and title entries have been added. This list, therefore, comprises a complete catalog by authors and titles of the Fiction added to this Library for general circulation from 1911 to 1915, inclusive, and forms a supplement to the large Finding List of English Prose Fiction published in 1911. Similar lists have been compiled of the Young People's Books and the books in all classes of Non-Fiction. Together these form a complete record of the books added during the period covered.

Names of authors have been printed, in most cases, as they appeared in the books catalogued even when they were known to be pen-names or literary disguises. In a few cases the correct name of the author has been substituted because it was thought to be more familiar to the public. In all cases proper references to the form of name used have been made from all other forms.

English Prose Fiction, 1911-1915

Five-Year Cumulated List, compiled from the Book Bulletin

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The apple of discord. Rowland, H. C.
April Panhasard. Hine, M.
April's lady. Chantepleure, G., pseud.

F 17527

F 12196

Contents: v. 1. Boyhood; v. 2. Apprenticeship. v. 3. The great struggle. Anderson, A. W. The rim of the desert. 1915. F 10543 Anderson, F. I. Adventures of the infallible Godahl. 1914. F 10545 Contents: The infallible Godahl; Blind man's buff; The night of a thousand thieves; Counterpoint; The fifth tube; An all-star cast. Anderson, G. When neighbors were neighbors; a story of love and life in olden days. 1911. F 10547 Andreev, L. N. Silence, and other stories. 1910. F 10556

Contents: The little angel; At the roadside station; Snapper; The lie; An original; Silence; Laughter; The wall; The friend; In the basement; The city; The Marseillaise; Pyet'ka at the bungalow; The tocsin; Bargamot and Garas'ka; Stepping


Andrew the Glad. Daviess, M. T. F 12311
Andrews, Mrs. M. R. S. The counsel as-
signed. 1912.
F 10566
-The courage of the commonplace. 1911.
F 10565
-The eternal masculine; stories of men
and boys. 1913.
F 10568

Contents: The scarlet ibis; The campaign trout;
The reward of virtue; The Sabine maiden; The
whistling of Zoetique; The young man with wings;
Amici; The captains; Little Marcus.

-The marshal.


-and Murray, R. I. August first.

Angel Island. Gillmore, Mrs. I. H.
Angela's business. Harrison, H. S.
Angela's quest. Bell, L. L.

F 10567

F 10560

F 13266
F 13532

F 14682

F 15078

F 18792
The arbiter of your fate. Walter, W. W.
F 18933
Arcadian adventures with the idle rich.
Leacock, S. B.
Are you my wife? Marcin, M.
The Argyle case. Hornblow, A. F 14083
Ariadne of Allan Water. McCall, S., pseud.
F 12923
F 11395

Arizona. Brady, C. T.
Arkwright, W. Knowledge and life. 1913.
F 10653

Contents: The tree of knowledge; The thief; The ant's first story; The bambino; An impression of Westminster; The ant's second story; The cock chaffinch; Unawares; Agni; The ant's last story; A Ligurian paradise; Bona mors; Treasure trove; An appreciation; Loneliness; From an old diary; Kairwan; The tree of life.

The arm-chair at the inn. Smith, F. H.
F 18236
Armfield, A. C. S. (Mrs. Maxwell Armfield).
The larger growth (mothers and fathers).
F 10655

-On the fighting line. 1915. F 10656
Arnim, M. A. B., Gräfin v. The pastor's
wife, by the author of "Elizabeth and her
German garden." 1914.
F 10662
Around old Chester. Deland, Mrs. M. W. C.
F 12467

F 11292 Arundel. Benson, E. F.

F 11048

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