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F 11570 -The irresistible intruder. 1914. F 11571 -The revolt at Roskelly's. 1911. F11569 Caldwell, F. Wolf the storm leader. 1910. F 11572 Calhoun, F. B. Miss Minerva and William Green Hill. 1912. F 11574 The call of the Cumberlands. Buck, C. N.

-Hillsboro people. 1915.

A butterfly on the wheel. Gull, C. A. E. R.

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F 13388

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By the blue river. Clarke, I. C.

F 11993

Bye-ways. Hichens, R. S.

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Canfield, D. (Mrs. D. F. C. Fisher). The bent twig.

F 12904

Bypaths in Dixie. Cocke, Mrs. S. J. F 12081

F 12903

C. O. D. Lincoln, N. S.

F 14812

F 11591

"C. Q." Train, A. C.

F 18698

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F 11527 Gideon's band; a tale of the Mississippi. 1914. F 11539

Cady, J. The stake; a story of the New England coast. 1912.

The cage. Begbie, H.

Caine, W. R. H. Hoffman's chance.


-The squirrel-cage. 1912. Canfield, W. W. The sign above the door. 1912. F 11595 Cannan, G. Old Mole; being the surprising adventures in England of Herbert Jocelyn Beenham. 1914. F 11599

-Round the corner; being the life and death of Francis Christopher Folyat, bachelor of divinity, and father of a large family. 1913. F 11598 The canon in residence. Whitechurch, V. L. F 19356 Capes, B. Gilead Balm, knight errant; his adventures in search of the truth. 1911. F 11609 El capitan Veneno. Alarcón, P. A. de.

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