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TITLEs, AUTHoRs’ NAMEs, &c. of the Pub-
lications reviewed in this Volume.

N. B. For ReMARKABLE PAssAGEs in the Criticisms and
Extracts, see the INDEX, at the End of the Volume.

G” For the Names, also, of those Writers who are the Authors
of new Dissertations, or other curious Papers, published in the
Me Moi Rs and TRAN's Act 1o Ns of the Scientific Academies
at Home or on the Continent, and also for the Titles of those
Dissertations, &c. which they include, and of which Accounts are
given in the Review, see our Index, printed at the End of each


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Inafficiency of the Lightef Nature, to

jobnion's Table talk, 233-234

joints, Diseases of, observations on, 38
jones's journal of the British Cam.

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Landaff, Bishop of. See Watson,
Land-Tax. See Observations. See Pope,
See Sinclair. --

Languages, English and German. See


Lavater's Remonstrance with the Di-
rectory, 35r
Lee's (Miss S.) Canterbury Tales, Vol.
II. 416
Leeches, Treatise of, 93
Letter to Marquis Cornwallis, 221-zzz
— to the Court of Lieutenancy, 344
– to Dumouriez, 53;
Le Vaillant's Natural History of the Birds
of Africa,

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Georgia, insects of, 437

Germany. See Hints.

Gilbert's Hurricane, an Eclogue, #29

Gilpin's Moral Contrasts, lio

Glasse's Sermen, 477

Godwin's Memoirs of Mrs.Godwin, 341

—, Mrs. Posthumous works, $25

Garbe's William Meister's Apprentice-

ship, 543

Golden Mean, a Satire, 226

Good's Dissertation on the Poor, 77

Gathar, Kingdom of, Sketch of, Too

Guiana, Voyage to, 584


Helloran's Thanksgiving Sermon, 237

Hanway, Mr. Life of, 474
Hausiner—Phraseologie Anglo-Germanira,

iseat in Fluids, Essay on, by Count Rum-
ford, 168

Henry Willoughby, a Novel, 233

Merbarium Mauritianum, 584

Herder on the Son of God, 565

-— on the Spirit of Christianity, 567

— on Religion, Doctrines, and Rites,


Heywood, Rev. Oliver, Life of,236—237

Hints concerning the Constitution of

Germany, 542

History of the Revolution in Frante,

Wols. XI. and XII. 508

Herbe, General, Life of, 573

Homage of a Swiss, 583

Hopkinson's Sermon, 478

Here Biblice, 21 o

Hern's Treatise on Leeches, 93

Horne Tocke. See Tooke.

Hornsby's Edition of Bradley's Astrono-

mical Observations, 167

Houghton's Two Sermons,

Hughes's Retribution, and other Poems,


Human Species. See Walckenaer,

Hurricane, an Eclogue, 229

Hutton's Appeal, 117


I and J

Jacobinism. See Barruel.

Jenner on the Variolae Vaccinae, 447

Icelandic Poetry, 381

Indian Observer, 341

Inquiry, New, into Taxation, 460

infuisitor, a Tragedy, 347

Inacts, Lepidopterous, Natural History

of, 437

Instruction, Sco Catlow,

paigns, 34+
Ireland. See Report, See Considerations.
—, Tracts relative to, 94, zoș,

freland's Views on the Wye, 264
Irish Boy, a Ballad, 458
Irwin on Buonaparte's Expedition, re?

ture, 3C5


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Moral Amusements, • 33o
- Contrasts, II 2.
Munkhouse's Sermon, 477
Murphy's Arminius, 394
Musical Art, Essay on, 189
My last Journey to Paris, 57o

Napleton's Sermon, 479
Narrative of the Loss of the Hercules,


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Pity's Gift, 329
Plan for raising the Supplies, Ion
for redeeming 230 Millions, 460
Plays, Series of, 66
Poem on the Escape of Sir Sidney Smith,

Poems. See Lloyd, Daye, Budworth, Pol-
wbele, Pindar, Gilbert, Hughes, Mau-
rice, Chantrell, Cottle, Meady, White,
Woss, Booker.

Melson. See Irwin, See Ode.
New South Wales. See Collins.
— Testament. See Wilson,
Narwich, Bp. of. See Xi'ite.
Nosology. See Pinel.

O'Beirne, Bp. his Sermon, 476
Observations on the Act for the Redemp-
tion of the Land-Tax, 345
-— on the Taxation of Property,
Ode to Lord Nelson, 348

au Roi de la Grande Bretagne, 456
Olivari's Tranlation of Three Dramas
of Metastasio, 457
Order, Social. See Duvoisin.
Orfard, Earl of, his Works, 51. 171. 271
Ossory, Bp. of, his Sermon, 476
Our good old Castle on the Rock, 462


Paris. See Peltier.
Mw last Iournew to o
—, My last Journey to, .57
Parsons, Mrs, Anecdotes of TwoFamilies,

Poetr. See Anderson.

Polwhele's Influence of Local Attach-

ment, a Poem, 2d Edition, 248
Poor. See Good.
Pope's Suggestions, 345
Population, Essay on, I
Present for a little Boy, 467
Priestley, Dr. Letters to, 35o
Prisons. See Bowen.
Proby on Modern Philosophy, 224.
Pugh's Life of Hanway, 3d Edition, 474
Pye's Inquisitor, 347
Rapid View of the Overthrow of Swit-
zerland, 352
Real Calumniator detected, 475
Redemption, Essay on, 333
Reflections on the Augmentation of the
English Peerage, - 348
Reil on Fevers, Part I. 536

Religion. See Herder.
Report from the Committees of Secrecy in
Ireland, 205
Relarrection of our Saviour, 117

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