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classes facilitates the perpetual erosion of their territory, and the successive metamorphosis of their provinces into satellite republics, until they are ripe for absorption into the body of the Gallic planet. :

Art. XXXVII. Nonviou Tebkau Speculatif de l'Europe, &c. i.e.

A New Speculative Picture of Europe. Dy General DUMOU, Riez. 8vo. IP: 380. bis. serred. Imported by De Buffe. of this Ex-General's Speculative Picture of Lurope we spoke

V at length in our xxvth vol. p. 546. This professes to be a new edition of that work, modernized down to the month of September 1793, by incans of an additional preface. A new but insignificant sheet, intitled An Advertisement, has in fact been prefixed, but we have discovered no alteration in the body of the work itself.

Art. XXXVIII. Ioyage à la Guiane et à Cayenne, &c. i. c. A

Voyage to Guiana and Cayenne, performed in 1789, and the following Years, &c. &c. By L..... M.... B... Merchant.

8vo. Pp. 400. Paris. 1798. INSTEAD of being an account of an actual voyage, we find

this work to be a superficial and inaccurate compilation from other writers, (some of them the least worthy of selection,) without even the appearance of that kind of order, and succes- sion of incidents, which must necessarily attend the obscrvations of any single traveller or observer. Though the writer pretends to give an account of the natural productions of the different parts of Guiana, he does not appear to know any thing more than their yulgar names; and even these are employed with so little attention, that loose descriptions or pretended descriptions of the samne animal or vegetable, compiled from various writers, are given more than once in different parts of the volume. Sometimes a vulgar English name is literally translated into French, from some ignorant writer; and the cbject, which had before been described under its proper French name, is pretended to be again described under a name wholly unknown in the French language.-- Two instances of this occur at page 235--where, ist, an account is given of « Le Plantin espécie de Platane," &c. The plant here meant is the díase Puridisiaca, the common bread of the negroes, throughout the West Indies, called the Plantain by the English, and Banane by the French ; under which name it had been already repeatedly mentioned and described by this compiler, without knowing it. 2dly, In the same page,“ Le Pomme de Pin," &c. a name made out from the English pine-apple, which the French know only by the name " Ananas;" and under which this Mr. L. M. B. has frequently mentioned it.






To the REM A R K ABLE PASSAGes in this Volume.

N. B. To find any particular Book, or Pamphlet, see the

Table of Contents, prefixed to the Volume.

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Barbosa, M. his astronomical obs.

made at Rio Janeiro, 554. ABBOT, Mr. his valuable col. Barrington, George, his creditable 41 lection of, and observations situacion at Botany Bay, 255.

on, the Lepidopterous insccts Barthélemy, Abbé, his journey to of Georgia, published in French Italy, 524. His worthy chaand English, by Dr. Smith, sacrer,ib. His foresight of 437• 439. .

the literary declension of his Aberneily, Mr. his observations on country, in consequence of the

the l'uranina Thebesiï of the revolution, ib. Contents of his heart, 73.

posthumous works, ib. ExAdvertisement, curious one, rc!. to

tracts from his “ Fragments a Burglary and Robbery, with of Literary Travels in Italy,'

a letter from the thieves, 23;. 526. His “ Dissertations on Anderson, Dr. James, his account Mexican Paintings,ib.

of his sucessful method of bog. Beckford v. Hood : case reported : drainin", 47.

his action for damages. See Arts, Commerce, &c unfavourable ; Keryon.

to aristocracy, 529. I. , Brewster, Dr. his translation of · Ashburit, Judge, his opinions in Persius coninended, 91.

support of liiorary property, 31. Boyce, Samuel, his character as a Astronomy, a Science over which poet, and as a man, 12.

genius has no control, 121. Di. Boyd, Hugh, said but not proved videdinto plane and p?sical, the to have been the author of lu. latter properly datingitself froin nius, and of the satirical poems the time of Sir Isaac Newton, published under the name of 126 129. Encomium on New- Malcolm Magregor, 342. ton, ib. Mr. Vince's astrono- Bradley, the lace Dr. his astrono. my commended, 131. de

mical observations from the year 1750 to 1762, now print

ing at Oxford, 167. The first Banks, chartered, in what respect vol. published, ibi. .

to be disapproved, 492. Bridge, famous wooden one across




the Rhine near Schaffhausen. Churches, of Paris, new names 488.

given to, since the revolution, Bruce, Michael, his very promis, instead of those of the saints to ing genius, 16.

whom they had been dedicated, Buonaparte, celebrated for extreme

valor, presence of mind, skill Ciera, M. his astronomical obs. in maneuvre, resource, stra made at the Royal Printing oftagem, &c. 498. His letter fice, Lisbon, from 1778 to to the Directory, dated from 1787, 554. Verona, 499.

Clairon, Mad. account of her Burke, Edmund, his conduct in memoirs of her own life, 557.

Parliament, 24. His commence. Her extraordinary merit as an ment of the famous prosecution actress, 559. of Hastings, 27. His re. Coinage, a new one, of silver, markable violence against the thoughts on, as relative to an French revolution, 29. His alteration in the division of the celebrated writings on that pound troy, 463. subject, 31. His death, 36. Collins, the poet, monument of, Beautiesof his writings, 388, 11. Inscription on, by Mr. Account of his rise to eminence Hayley, ib. in the political line, 389. His Columba, account of that celeconnection with single-speech brated dorthern saint, 470. Hamilton, ib.

Commerce, theoretic and practical Butler, Mr, his Hore Biblicæ com. observations and delineations mended, 211,

respecting, 489. Bills of exchange considered, 490.

Money, ib. Circulation, inCaduceus, of Mercury, its origin, ternaland external, 491. Banks,

492. Assurances, 493. StrandCaiaract, of the Rhine at Schaff right, ib. hausen described, 133.

Concretions, urinary. See Pearson, Cattle, improved method of ac. CORRESPONDENCE with the

commodatingand preserving on Reviewers, viz. answer to an

board of transport ships, 251. inquiry " which are the best Ceruti, M. his obs, on the Solar authors in English, on Music,”.

Eclipse, Oct. 17, 1781, made 120. From Mr. Hornsey, on

at Carthagena in Spain, 554. the common pronunciation of Chaptal, M. on the formation of the word Chorister, &c. ib.

Saltpetre,andofartificial Nitre. · From the translator of Euier's beds, 564..

Algebra, 239. Mad. Le Noir, Chesterfield, Earlof, his character, on the account given of her

53. List of his writings, 55. Institutrice et son Eleve, &c. Christ, the true time of his birth ib. From Mr. Wagstaffe, on

a matter of controversy, 258. washing seed corn, 240. Mr. The scripture Chronology not Wood on the best means of yet reduced to a certain series, maintaining and employing the 259.

poor, 356. Dr. Vincent, on Chronology, uncertain state of, certain oriental etymologies,

whether deduced from sacred or 358. Mr. Eton, on the critique profanè records, 257.

on his Survey of the Turkish



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Empire, 359. Mr. Fawcett, gical observations, made at Rio informing us that Mr. Abraham Janeiro, 553. His astronomie Sharpe was not a clergyman, cal observations, made at the 360. Y. Z. Inquiring concern. same place, 554. ing English translations of the Draining of bogs, curious account

New Testament, &c. 479. of, 47. Cottage architecture, remarks on,

Eagle, a remarkable species of, Cows, extraordinary and curious in Africa, described, under the

inanagement of, among the name of Griffard, 533. See peasants in the mountainous also Oricou.

parts of Switzerland, 481. Education, uncommon plan of, ac Cow pox, a disease discovered a seminary established by the

ainong the cows in Gloucester- Rev. Mr. Catlow, 327. shire, its nature and effects, Evelyn. See Shuckburgh, with regard to the human spe. cies, 447. Possible happy consequences of suggested, with Fevers, general doctrine of, as respect to its diffusion in society, laid down by Dr. Reil, an in

instead of the small-pox, 451, genious German physician,536. Croft, Mr. his literary enterprises, Three distinctgenera of fever,s

494. His projected English nocha, typhus, and paralysis, 539. dictionary, ib.

· Discussion of the subject, ib.

Finance, politically discussed, 100, D

101. 459, 460. 464. Dallabella, M. (of the Lisbon R. Fistula Lachrymalis, how treated,

Acad.) his memoirs on the successfully] by Mr. Ware, magnetic force, 552. See also . 432. Remarkable case of, 433. Loadstone.

France, history of her republican Darwin, Dr. poetic address to, revolution, 498. Buonaparte's

from the Goddess of the Gla exploits, ib. Four distinct ciers in Switzerland, 139.

great parties still subsisting in Des Fontaines, M. his Flora stlan. France, ib. History of the re.

tica detailed and commended, volution, by two friends, to li. 530.

berty, 508. Fayette slightly Dessault, M. an eminent French regarded, ib. Durnouriez not

surgeon, biographical account a sincere friend to the republic, of, 436.

ib. Warfare of the Girondist Dodsley, Robert, the bookseller,

and Parisian parties, 509. his worthy character, 14. His

poetry appreciated, 15. Dog, a curious anecdote of one Germany, hincs relative to the old who, from his delight in music, and the new constitution of, 542. attached bimself in a most ex- Gerrald, Jos. (banished to Botany traordinary manner, frequented Bay for sedition) candid account the opera and play houses at of his behaviour there, and of his Paris, and also regularly at death, in consequence of a contached himself to a band of sumption which accompanied music, 554

him from England, 253. . Dorta, M. Sanches, (of the R. Godwin, Mrs. her extraordinary Acad. Lisbo.1,) his meteorolo. genius and uncommon charac

ter, ter, 323. Her death, and epi. Hornsły, Dr.publishes the first vol. taph, 224. Extract of a cu. of Bradley's astronom. obs. 167. rious letter from her to her Human Species, philosophical dislover; containing an assigna quisition concerning, 527. tion, 327.

Phenomena respecting the Goethe's " Wilhelm Mristers civilization of, 528. Six prina

Lehrjahre" recommended to pal periods of progressive civilthe admirers of, and critics on, ization, ib. The several periods Shakspeare, 543. • Extracts discussed, ib.-530.

from, translated, 543. Goldsmith, Dr. writes the life of Lord Bolingbroke, 13.

Jacobinism, memoirs and observ. Governmenis, aristocratic forms ations respecting, 509-521. of. See Arts.

Iceland, ancient inhabitants of, Græme, James, his poetic turn and their heroes,' divini ics, &c.

genius commemorated, 17. 382. Their poetry, with transGrieks, modern, their inclination lared specimens, 383.

to free themselves from the Illuminés, that sect discussed, pro Turkish yoke, 138. Danger, and con, 509-521. to this country, if they effect it INDIES, East. Reign of Shah by the aid of France, ib.

Aulum, 86. Observations on Grubenmann, Ulrich, a Swiss, Captain Francklia's history of

famous for his mechanical in that Potentate, 89. Boyd's Inventions, particularly his cele. dian Observer, 341. Mr. For

brated bridge across the Rhine, ster's journey from Bengal, 361. · 488.

Patoa described, 362; also Be

nares, 363. Lucnow; 364. RamHamilton, of Bangour, his poetical fûr, ib. Nûrpûr, 36;. Casmir, works characterized, 11.

366. Peshawur, 309. Cabul, ib. Hamlet, (Shakspeare's) his cha Afganistan, ib. Gasna, 370.

racter esaimated with nice and Candahar, 371. Herat, ib. uncommon discrimination and Sharût, 372. Sari, ib. Mus. taste, 545.

gidsir, ib. Hammond, the poet, Dr. Johnson's Johnson, Dr. Sam. His character

erroneous siatement, relative to attacked by Lord Orford and

the birth of, corrected, 10. defended by the Reviewers, 55, Hoppiness, human, vanily of, re 56. 194. His “ Table Talk,"

flections on, 290. Useful in. 233. His opinion that the Ha., ference from those reflections, beas Corpus is the single advan292.

tage of the British government Hatchet, Mr. his analysis of the over that of other countries, Terra Australis, 76.

234. More severity on JohnHeart. See Abernethy.

son's character, 278. Hoche, General his great merit in Ireland, causes of the late rebel

quelling the rebellion in La lion in that country disclosed, Vendée, 509. His principal 94. Reports of the Irish Parliaendowments of body and mind, ment concerning, 205. Grand

578. His correspondence, 580. conspiracy of the Catholics, Horne Troke, Mr. publishes a new &c. 208. Nature and spirit

edition of his Diversions of of the rebellion, 2:9. Method Purley, 423.

recommended for a radical'se


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