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A A-Halls.
B-Chapel, or Hall for general exercises.
CCCC-Primary Rooms.

DD_Clothes Rooms.
Scale 40 ft. to 1 inch.

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PLANS OF UNION SCHOOL-HOUSE IN ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN. The grounds of the Public High Sehool or Union School in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, occupy an entire square-in the center of wbich (Figure 2) the building stands. That portion which is in front is planted with trees and shrubbery, so dispersed with intervals of green sward and parterres of flowers, by an experienced gardener, as to produce the finest effect. The portion in the rear is divided into two yards, appropriately fitted up for the recreations of either sex.

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Fig. 2. GROUNDS. The building is three stories luigh, as is shown in Figure 1, besides a basement I feet high. The first and second stories are each 12 feet, and the third story, which is finished in one hall, used for chapel and other general exercises of the school, is 16 feet in the clear.

The two wings on the first and second floors are occupied by class-rooms, (A.) each 36 by 37 feet—those on one side for girls and those on the other for boyseach class-room having a large recitation room (B) On the lower floor one of these rooms is occupied by the library, and the other by apparatus. There are appropriate rooms (D. E. C.) for depositing outer garments. The furniture is of the latest and best style for strength and convenience. Ventilation is secured by separate flues, (V.) and the entire building is heated by air, warmed by lurnaces in the basement, and introduced at different points (h.)

The grounds, the school-house, and the school constitute one of the attractions of Ann Arbor.

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