American Journal of Archaeology: The Journal of the Archaeological Institute of America, Volumen 2;Volumen 7

Macmillan Company, 1903

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Página 103 - members of the Institute, may, by vote of the Council, be affiliated with the Institute, and shall then have the right to elect one member to the Council. When the members of such society shall exceed fifty, they shall have the right to elect a second member to the Council, and similarly another member for each additional fifty.
Página 105 - have no other jurisdiction over the regulations or actions of the Affiliated Societies than that these Societies shall not undertake any formal publication without its consent; and any moneys contributed for any object promoted by an Affiliated Society, approved by the Council, shall be strictly appropriated to that object.
Página 103 - $10, and the latter such as shall contribute at one time not less than $100 to its funds. Classes of Honorary and Corresponding Members may be formed at the discretion of the government of the Institute, and under such regulations as it may impose.
Página 104 - The accounts of the Institute shall be submitted annually by the Treasurer to two Auditors, to be appointed by the President, who shall attest by their signatures the correctness of said accounts, and report the same at the annual meeting.
Página 27 - EIGHTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE MANAGING COMMITTEE OF THE AMERICAN SCHOOL OF CLASSICAL STUDIES IN ROME To the Council of the Archaeological Institute of America : GENTLEMEN, — I have the honor to
Página 123 - Treasurer of the Managing Committee, the President of the Archaeological Institute of America, and the Chairman of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies
Página 114 - meeting of the Society shall be held at such time and place as may be determined by the Executive Committee,
Página 104 - The Treasurer shall collect, receive, and keep account of all assessments, subscriptions, and gifts of money to the Institute, shall pay its dues, and shall present to the Council at its annual meeting a written statement of accounts.
Página 107 - shall have no power to involve the Society in any expense not covered by its share of the funds of the Institute, and may not levy any tax upon the members in addition to their annual subscription. 4. The annual meeting of the Society shall be held in Boston on the first Saturday of

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