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N. B. In Bankruptcies in and about London, the Attorneys are to be understood to reside in London, and in Country Bankruptcies at the Residence of the Bankrupt, except otherwise expressed.

The Solicitors' Names are between parentheses.

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ship-street Road

Atkinson, T Bradford, worsted-spinner. (Moulden
Bailey, J. Liverpool, merchant. (Orred, Lowe, and Co.
Baines, B. Canterbury, bookseller, &c. (Smith and Weir,
Austin Friars

Baylis, E. Painswick, cloth-manufacturer.

(Gardner, Gloucester Beuggenkte, G. A. T. and Payne, T. H. Fenchurch-buildings, merchants. (Gatty and Co. Angel-court Bidder, T. Ilfracombe, tallow-chandler. (Pigsley, Barnstaple Bosker, J. St. Stephens, cattle dealer. (Tanner, Fore


Bromige, Hartlebury, tailor. (Pochin and Smith, Wor(Filson and


Caudlin, J. J. Fenchurch-street, merchant.

Preston, Coleman-street
Champtaloup. J. Counter-street, orange-merchant. (Blunt
and Roy, Old Bond-street
Chambers, J. Gracechurch street, tobacconist. (Jones,

Cook, J. Rochdale, ironmonger. (Branson, Sheffield
Cordingley, W. Russell-place, brewer. Townsend, Crook-

Cox, J. Wells, miller. (Reeves, Glastonbury
Croushey, S. King-street, cheese-merchant. (Watson aud
Soa, Bouverie-street

Cross, R. Manchester, leather-factor. (Edgerley, Shrews-

Catmore, J. Birchin-lane, jeweller. (Pownal, Old Jewry
Damms, G. Chesterfield, draper. (Huchiuson
Davidson, J. Chorlton-row, stonemason. (Heslop, Man-

Davies, J. Hereford, victualler. (Hall
Dixon, G. Chiswell-street, isonmonger.

(Hewett, Token

Dowling, W. King-street, grocer. (Badeley, Leman-street
Ella, J. Lower Thames-street, wine-merchant. (Pain
Lyon's Inn

Ellaby, T. Emberton, lace-merchant. (Garrard, Olney
Farrar, W. Friday-street, victualler. (Spence and Desbro,

Fasana, D. fancy-stationer, Bath. (Courteen, Size-lane
Gough, J. Little Tower street, vintner. (Wilkinson, New

Grace, R. Fenchurch-street, hat-maker. (Wilks, Finsbury
Grant, M. Clifton, lodging-house-keeper. (Grindon,
Hamilton, R. Stoke upon Trent, earthenware-maker.
(Ward, Burslem

Harris, J. Addle Hill, stable-keeper. (Clayton, New Inn
Heavy, J. Worship-street, cabinet-maker. (Webb, Bart-

Hill, T. West Smithfield, grocer. (Whitton, Bedford-row
Hodge, H. Duval's-lane, Islington, brick-maker. (Wat-
liams, Bond-court

Hodges, J. Aldgate, blanket maker. (Filson and Preston,

Hodgson, T. Newgate-street, linen-draper (Butler, Wat-

Holbrook, J. Derby, grocer. (Greaves
Holland, T. Nottingham, lace-maker. (Payne
Hooper, F. Mitre-court. (Dickens, Bow lane
Hutchinson, J. Little St. Thomas Apostle, ham-factor,
(Steel, Queen-street

Isaacks, J. Haverfordwert, draper. (Daniel, Bristol
Jones, W. Dog-row, Mile-end, wheelwright. (Macduff,

Castle street

ADAM, W. Narrow Wall, Dec. 20
Andrew, P. P. Brighton, Dec. 30
Apedaile, G. North Shields, Jan. 2
Armstrong, G. J. Rateliffe, coal-mer.

chant, Jan. 3

Atkins, S. Great Portland-street, Dec.


Atkins, W. Chipping Norton, Dec. 16
Austin, T. Gregory, J. and Husson, J.
Bath, Jan. 10

Avison, J. Eastburn, Jan. 10

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Powell, J. G. Egham, dealer. (Thwaites, South Lambeth
Preddy, R. Bristol, baker. (Russell

Price, J. Islington, coach-maker. (Pallen, Barbers Hall
ansom, T. Stoke Newington, coach-master. (Osbaldiston
and Murray
Rediern, W. Stevenson, T. and Blathewick, W. Nottingham,
hosiers (Hurst

Reeves, R. Stockport, shopkeeper. (Newton and Winter-

Roberts, E. Oxford-street, linen-draper. (Parton, Bow

Robinson, J. Burslem, earthenware-maker. (Ward
Rogers, J. S. and J. Portsmouth, coach-makers. (Low,
Rowe, G. Great Smith-street, Chelsea, surgeon. (Harvey
and Wilson, Lincoln's Inn

Sarjeant, J. Whitechapel, chymist. (Richardson, Wall-

Seeley, B. and Nash, E. Red Lion-yard, horse-dealers.
(Stevens and Wood, St. Thomas Apostle
Simes, W. Canonbury-tower, Islington, dealer. (Combe,
Staple Inn

Smith, G. Newcastle on Tyne, draper. (Wilson
Smith, W. Worcester, brewer. (Parker and Smith
Spencer, J. Norwich, bombasin-mauafacturer.
and Roscoe, Temple

Symes, G. B. Camberwell. (Jones, Brunswick-square
Tomes, C. Lincoln's Inn Fields, scrivener.


Upton, J. Tadcaster, money-scrivener.

Vincent, C. Tarrant Ruston, dealer. (Crabb, Blandford
Wagstaff, J. Worcester, saddler. (Gillam

Watkins, W. L. proprietor of New Surry Theatre (Nib-
lett, Cushion-court

Weedon, G. Bath, brass-founder (Scrace

Weller, T. Croydon, watchmaker (Blake, Palsgraveplace, Temple

Whalley, T. Chorley, manufacturer




(Powell, Knares

Whalley, C. Rivington, manufacturer
Wilson, R. Birmingham, tea-dealer


Wood, S. Poswick, dealer (Dangerfield, Bromyard

(Kershaw, Man

(Kershaw, Man(Hindmarsh, Cres

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Courthope, F. W. Langbourn Chambers, Jan. 13

Cuff, J. Regent-street, Dec. 27 Cutbush, II, and W. Maidstone, Dec. 13

Day, R. H. Tovil, Dec 6
Deane, J. Lamb's Conduit - street,
Dec. 20

Dixon, W. Portsmouth, Dec. 16
Douthat, S. Liverpool, Dee. 20
Fisher, S. Winchcombe, Jan 7
Forster, C. F. Margate, Jan. 15
Fraser, J. New-court, Jan. 10
Garrs, W. Grassington, Dec. 17
Gelsthorp, J. Molineux-street, Jan. 17
Gliddon, A. King's-street, Dec. 9
Goodair, J. Chorley, Jan. 5
Gooden, J. Chiswell-street, Dec. 23
Greaves, J. jun. Liverpool, Dec. 10
Hafner, M. Cannon-street, Dec. 13
Hague, G. Hull, Jan. 3
flarrison, R. tanner, Jan. 6
Hedges, T. Bristol, Dec. 10, 30
Hellyer, J. Lloyd's Coffee house,
Jan. 3

Hellicar, J. Andover, Jan. 20
Higgs, D. Chipping Sodbury, Dec. 18
Holmden, W. Milton, Dec. 20
Howarth, E. Leeds, Dec. 17
Hudson, J. Birchiu-lane, Jan. 6
Hughs, R. Bangor, Dec. 20
Humphreys, S. Charlotte - street,
Jan 6

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Larbellastair, J. Angel court, Dec. 16
Lowe, S. Newmau-street, Dec. 9
Lowe. J. Warrington, Dec. 12
Mackie, J. Watling-street, Jan. 3
Marks, M. Romford, Dec. 16
Marshall, P. Scarborough, Dec. 10
Mather, E. Oxford, Dec. 20
May, W. Newgate-street, Dec. 13
Meliss, G. Fenchurch-street, Feb. 7
Middlehurst, 1 Blackburn, Jan. 9
Milnes, J. Halifax, Dec. 9
Minebin, T. A. Portsmouth, Dec. 16
Molyneux, T. Holborn, Dec. 9
Moorhouse, J. Sloane-street. Jan. 17
Moorhouse, J. Stockport, Dec. 31
Palmer, T. Gutter-lane, Cheapside,

Jan. 10

[blocks in formation]

Pothorier, F. Corporation-row, Dee 6
Pots, W. Sheerness, Dec. 16
Pratt, J. Brook's place, Jan. 3
Purdie, Size lane. Dec. 13
Ramcock, G. Harlow, Dec 16
Red tell, J. B. King's Norto", Dee. 17
Richards, W, Shoreditch, Dee_16
Rigg, R. and R. Whitehaven, Dec 12
Ritchie, J. and J. Watling-street,
Dec. 20

[blocks in formation]

Monument to Lord Erskine.-A meeting of the members of the profession of the law was held in Lincoln's Inn-hall, last month, for the purpose of paying a mark of respect to the memory of Lord Erskine. Messrs. Scarlett, Brougham, Abercrombie, Rainc, Denman, Jervis, and Bell, were among the persons present. Mr. Scarlett was called to the chair, and a subscription was opened for erecting a statue to his memory, not on account of his political conduct, but for the great integrity, the general urbanity, and the unrivalled eloquence which he had displayed whilst at the bar. It is not yet settled where the statue is to be


The New Post-Office.-The erection of a new post-office, which had been delayed so long as to remove all hope of its appearance, has at length been determined upon by Government. Lord Liverpool has given his assurance that one of the most splendid buildings of the modern day shall be speedily raised in St. Martin's-le-Grand, where the City of London has already expended the 100,0001. demanded by Parliament, upon the part of its inhabitants, towards the completion of the plan. The whole area of St. Paul's Church-yard, opposite to the north-gates, which gives by far the most

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Underwood, C. Cheltenbam, Dec. 30 Wagstaff, S. & Bayliss, T. Kiddermioster, Dec. 20

Walker, J. jun. Axbridge, Dec. 27
Ward, J. Birmingham, Dec. 29
Whyte, D. Lewes, Jan. 3
Wilkinson, J. Sculeontes, Dec. 20
Willington, J. and E. Birmingham,
Dec 16

Wills, R Broad-street, Jan 17
Wills, T Portsmouth, Jan 8
Willson, R Birmingham, Dec 31
Wood, W Moneythuslyne, Dec 18
Woods, T Trowbridge, Dec 31
Wood, J Bishopsgate-street, Dec 27
Woolcock, Truro, Dec 20

magnificent entrance to the Cathedral, is to be thrown open: of course the greater part of Paternoster-row will fall under the extensive proscription which it will be necessary to make in order to meet the liberal arrangements of the Minister. It will be finished and quite ready for occupation in three years from the present time. Mr. Robert Smirke, jun. is the architect, under the inspection of the Board of Works. The City pays onethird of the expense. The offices and all the interior departments of the new building will be arranged under the direction of that excellent servant of the public, Mr. Freeling.

London Mechanics' Institution.-An establishment of this title having been formed in London, a number of gentlemen met last month to give a local habitation to a Society which had already a given name: and, at the same time, to receive the Report of the Sub-Committee, with the draft of certain laws, which, after many arduous sittings, they were prepared to submit for consideration and adoption. It was recommended that the Institution should receive donations of Money, Books, Specimens, Implements, Models, and Apparatus; that, in the next place, there should forthwith be established a Library of Reference, a Circulating

Library, and a Reading-Room; that a Museum should be provided of Machines, Models, Minerals, and Natural History; that Lectures should be given on Natural and Experimental Philosophy, Practical Mechanics, Astronomy, Literature, and the Arts; also that Elementary Schools should be provided for the teaching of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry, and their applications to Perspective, Architecture, Mensuration, and Navigation; and lastly, that there should also be established an Experimental Workshop and Laboratory, for the better instruction of mechanics by the results of experience. After due consideration, the following gentlemen were announced as Trustees for the year 1824 :-Dr. Birbeck; H. Brougham, Esq. M.P.; J. Walker, Esq. M.P.; and Mr. Alderman Key.

State of Newgate, Dec. 2, 1823.-Prisoners against whom judgment of death is recorded 3; respited during pleasure 5; under sentence of transportation for life 25; ditto for fourteen years 10; ditto for seven years 30; under sentence of imprisonment for felony and misdemeanors 14; for trial at the present Sessions 216; committed under the Bankrupt Laws 2; insane 2; for trial at the Admiralty Sessions 6; detained 4; whose judgment is respited 6; remanded from last Sessions 1; committed by the Court of King's Bench 1-Total 325; of which number 69 are females.

A meeting of merchants, bankers, and others, was held at the City of London Tavern, to receive the report of a Committee appointed at a former meeting, to investigate into the state of the law respecting merchants and factors, and to adopt such farther measures as might be deemed expedient, with a view to the more complete revision of the laws affecting those interests. Mr. J. Smith took the chair; and previously to the reading of the report, alluded to the circumstances which attended the passing the Bill of last Session, and concluded by pointing out the advantages which would arise from the establishment of some permanent Board, such as other companies in large places had, to whom commercial difficulties and grievances might be intrusted. The report stated that the wishes of the Committee had been but imperfectly met; but still that the provisions of the Bill, enabling the consignee to have the same lien on goods intrusted to his care as if they were the property of the consignor, and empowering the consignec, to whom the goods were remitted for sale, to pledge those goods as an indemnification, whether belonging to the consignor or any other person, gave pro

tection to persons exposed to frauds. Various resolutions were carried; and amongst them, one recommending the committee to consider the propriety of appointing a Chamber of Commerce for the City of London.

Education. The General Committee of the National Society for the education of the poor in the principles of the Established Church, held their meeting at St. Martin's Vestry Room :-Present, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishops of London and Llandaff, Lord Kenyon, Archdeacons Pott and Watson, Dr. Bell, and other Members of the Committee. Seven fresh schools were united to the Society, and several grants of money were made from 207. to 2001, each, towards the erecting, enlarging, and fitting up of School-rooms; a communication was made from the Northamptonshire Society of the munificent donation of 500l. three per cent. consols, by Sir James Langham, Bart. the interest of which to be distributed in four prizes, of unequal amount, to two such masters and two such mistresses of Schools (other than the Central School at Northampton), without regard to the size of such Schools or number of children, in which the principles of the Madras System shall be best understood, and most successfully practised.

The Penitentiary.-The whole of the prisoners who have been confined in the Penitentiary have been removed :-One hundred females have been sent on board the Narcissus, at Woolwich, and two hundred males have been removed to the Ethalion, also stationed at Woolwich; the remaining three hundred male prisoners on board the convict ship Dromedary, lying off Woolwich. The Penitentiary will be thoroughly cleansed and fumigated during the winter, so as to be ready for the reception of prisoners the ensuing spring.


The Rev. H. Wheatley, to the Vicarage of Bramley, Hants-The Rev. R. L. Cotton, to the Vicarage of Denchworth, Berks

The Rev. G. I. Fisher, to the Subchantership of the Cathedral Church, Bath, vacant by the death of the Rev. J. SelwynThe Rev. S. Downes, to the Living of Kilham, Yorkshire-The Rev. H. E. Steward, M. A. is appointed Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Warwick-The Rev. J. T. Casberd, LL.D. to the Living of Lanover, and to hold it with the Vicarage of Penmark, Glamorganshire-The Rev. R. Casberd, to the Rectory of Porthkerry, on the resignation of the Rev. J, T. Casberd→→→ The Rev. Charles Austin, to the Rectory of Tallard Royal, Wilts.-The Rev. F. Calvert, M.A. to the Rectory of Whatfield,

Suffolk, vacant by the death of the Rev. J. Plampin.-The Rev. John Warren, to be Chancellor of the Diocese of Bangor. -The Rev. Benjamin Lefroy, A.B. to the Rectory of Ashe, Hants.-The Rev. T. W. Champnes, Vicar of Upton, Bucks, and Rector of Cottisford, Oxon, presented by the Dean and Canons of Windsor to the Rectory of Fulmer, Bucks. By taking it he vacates the Vicarage of Wyrardisbury and Langley-The Rev. Wm. Verelst, Rector of Grayingham, has been presented, by Sir J. H. Thorold, Bart. to the Vicarage of Rauceby.

the Rev. W. F. Cobb, A.M. to Mary, second daughter of Peter Blackburn, Esq. At St. George's Bloomsbury, Mr. Hovell, to Mrs. Higgins.-At St. Giles's Cripplegate, J. W.Borradaile, Esq. of Fenchurch-street, to Anne, eldest daughter of Joseph Pullen, Esq.-At St. George's Bloomsbury, J. Johnston, Esq. to Helen, eldest daughter of W. Learmouth, Esq.At Islington Church, Mr. W. Newsom, to Eleanor, fourth daughter of Mr. Lear.— At St. Mary-le-bone New Church, the Rev. John Deake, to Susan, widow of Capt. W. T. Taylor.-At Edmonton, J. Milner, Esq. to Elizabeth, second daughter of Colin Rowlee, Esq.

Died.]-Mr. John Haydon, of Colebrooke-row, Islington.-In Brook-street, Sir Eyre Coote, of West Park, Hants.— James Richardson, Esq. of New Inn.-At Sutton, T. Creser, Esq.-At Peckham, Mary, relict of Wm. Codner, Esq.-Sophia, eldest daughter of Joseph Gwilt, Esq. of Abingdon-street.-J. M. Molineux, Esq. of Loseley Park, Surrey.—C. Allatt, Esq. at his house in Spring-gardens.-At his house, near London-bridge, R. Till, Esq-At Crosby-row, Walworth, Anne, wife of Mr. J. Horwood.-In Great Prescot-street, M. L. Newton, Esq.-At her house at Kentish Town, Mrs. Greenwood, relict of the late Thomas Greenwood, Esq.-At his house in the New Kent-road, H. H. Deacon, Esq.-At Guildford, Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. Stedman.-At her house in Brook-street, Holborn, Mrs. A. Ducroz. - Mrs. E. Green, widow of the late Mr. T. Green, of Upper Thames-street.-At Brixton, J. Green, Esq. of St. Paul's Church-yard.— Elizabeth, wife of Randolph Payne, of Southampton - street, Covent garden.— Mr. Robert Conyers, late of Kingslandplace, Kingsland-road.-Mr. Wm. Long, of Fenchurch-st.-Elizabeth Anne, only daughter of Mr. Edw. Gedge, of Lower Thames-street.-At Warren House, Stanmore, Mrs. King.-Lieut. Edward Reding, R. N.--In Devonshire-street, Portland-place, Catherine Spencer, wife of Mr. O. Green. Mr. Robert Towers, of Islington-green. - The Right Hon. T. Steele, aged 70-Mr. B. Smith, of Walworth, Surrey.-Eliza, only daughter of Mr. Wm. Freme.-At his house in Gowerstreet, Bedford-square, George Jourdan, Esq.-Emma Frances, second daughter of Mr. Lennet, Secretary of Lloyd's.-In Ludgate-street, Eliza, widow of General Keith Macalister.-John Marsh, Esq. late Chairman of the Victualling Board.-At Upper Tooting, Susanna, the wife of Mr. T.Adlington.-At her house in Brunswicksquare, Mrs. Bish.-Anne, the wife of W. Prater, Esq. of Arlington-street.-At his


Capt. C. Bullen, C.B. is appointed to the command of the squadron employed on the African station, in the room of the late Commodore Sir R. Mends.-RearAdmiral W. T. Lake, C.B. is appointed Commander-in-chief on the North American station, in the room of Rear-Admiral Fahie, whose period of command has expired. Capt. David Dunn to be Flagcaptain.-Sir R. Gifford is appointed to be Chief-Justice of the Common Pleas, on the resignation of Sir R. Dallas; and Sir J. Copley to be Attorney-General, in the room of Sir R. Gifford.-Hon. F. R. Forbes to be Secretary of Legation at Lisbon; and P. Brown, Esq. to be Secretary of Legation at Copenhagen.-John Lord Carbery to be an Irish representative Peer, vice Lord Farnham, deceased. Viscount Granville to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the King of the Netherlands.

Married.]-At St. George's Hanoversquare, P. Longmore, Esq. to Sabine, second daughter of Jacob Elton, Esq.-Mr. Hauxwell, to Elizabeth, fourth daughter of Mr. Wm. Barber.-At St. Mary's Islington, J. Arden, Esq. of Red Lion-sq. to Miss. Munro.-At Poplar, Mr. R. E. Gibbs, of St. George's-in-the-East, to Jane, younger daughter of the late Mr. B. Granger-At Lambeth Church, Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. Reece, Esq. of South Lambeth, to Henry Kelsall, Esq.At St. Mary's Lambeth, Mr. C. Burrows, of Clapham-road, to Sarah Maria, eldest daughter of the late James Brewer, Esq.At St. James's Westminster, Mr. A. Newley, of Bishopsgate-street, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Bartram-At St. George's Bloomsbury, Mr. C. Folkard, of Hattongarden, to Caroline, youngest daughter of the late James Aldous, Esq.-At St. James's Clerkenwell, Mr. V. Knight, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. Wm. Watson, of Red Lion-street.-At Stoke next Guildford, Mr. T. Charrott, to Mrs. Gumbrell.-R. F. Campbell, Esq. to Miss Caroline Winter.-At Clapham, Surrey,


house in Aldermanbury, Mr. W. Payne. T. Trundle, Esq. of Brunswick-square.Mrs. T. Gibson, relict of Mr. George, Gibson, of Ratcliffe-highway.-Agnes Jane, daughter of J. W. Warren, Esq. of Powis place.-G. Tatlock, Esq. of Bloomsburyplace. In Old Palace-yard, after a short illness, Frances the wife of Henry Bankes, Esq. M.P. At Morden Park, Surrey, Sarah, second daughter of the late J. B. Adams, Esq.-Emily, eldest daughter of C. Kingley, Esq. of Dulwich.-At her house, Upper Wimpole-street, Mrs. P. H. Bridges.-J. T. Vaughan, Esq. of Graftonstreet.-Isabella, the wife of Major Polhill. At his residence in Surrey-square, Mary, the wife of A. De Horne, Esq.-At his house in Trinity-square, John Koebuck, Esq.-Mr. R. Whitaker, of Hampstead, son of the late Rev. E. W. Whitaker.-At Long's Hotel, Mr. W. Hall. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. T. Barber, of Lamb's

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On the 17th ult. at Almondale, six or seven miles from Edinburgh, of an inflammation of the chest, Thomas Lord Erskine. He had been twice before ill of the complaint which proved fatal to him -(in 1807 and 1819.) His recovery at the latter of these periods was deemed impossible, but his extraordinary stamina bore him out against the expectation of the physicians. Lord Erskine was 75 years of age. He was the third son of the late, and youngest brother to the present Earl of Buchan. He was born in Scotland in 1750; and the contracted means of his family rendering it necessary that he should choose some active profession, he was educated for the naval service, and went to sea at a very early age with Sir John Lindsay, nephew of the great Earl of Mansfield. He is said to have attained only the rank of a Lieutenant. On quitting the sea-service, he entered into the army as an Ensign in the Royals. This was in the year 1768, and arose less from inclination, than that his father's small and strictly entailed estate did not admit of his assisting his son with the means requisite for enabling him to pursue one of the learned professions. Mr. Erskine accompanied his regiment to Minorca, where he spent three of the six years during which he continued in the service. On his return to England in 1772, he appears to have acquired considerable reputation for the acuteness and versatility of his conversational talents. Boswell, who

Conduit-street.-Caroline, third daughter of Matthew Burchell, Esq. of Fulham.At Poplar, Mary, daughter of John Garford, Esq.-Charlotte, eldest daughter of Mr. George Spawforth.-At Stoke Newington, Mr. J. Bentley, late of Basinghallstreet. In Keppel-street, Russell square, Mrs. Day.-At his house in Southamptonstreet, Bloomsbury-square, James Ogle, Esq. In Hunter-street, Brunswicksquare, Mrs. Adams.-At his house in Spring-gardens, C. Allatt, Esq. army-agt. At Finchley, Mrs. Gardner.-At her house at Ham-Common, Elizabeth Mary, wife of Capt. Booth.-At Chertsey, Mrs. Hodges.-In Beaumont-street, the Right Hon. the Earl of Portmore.-Ellen, eldest daughter of T. Millward, Esq. of Revensbury House.-At Wandsworth, R. Sawyer, Esq. third son of the late Anthony Sawyer, Esq. of Heywood Lodge.



met with him about this time, in his Life of Johnson mentions that he was accustomed to talk with a vivacity, fluency, and precision so uncommon, that he attracted particular attention." Mr. Erskine had married in early life a young lady named Moore, who accompanied him to Minorca, and who was a woman of exemplary virtue. The pay of a subaltern officer affording but few enjoyments beyond those which were consistent with the most rigid economy, Mr. Erskine at length, encouraged by the approbation of his mother, the Countess of Buchan, entered upon the study of the law in 1777, and registered his name as a Fellow Commoner of Trinity College, Cambridge, and a student of Lincoln's Inn. One of his college declamations is still extant, as delivered in Trinity College Chapel. The thesis was the Revolution of 1688. It gained the first prize; which our young lawyer refused to accept, not considering himself a student, but merely as declaiming in conformity to the rules of the College. Indeed his classical education was already complete, and it was simply with the view to obtain a degree (by which he saved two years and a half in his passage to the bar) that he became a member of the University. It was about this time that an ode, a parody of Gray's celebrated Bard, from the pen of Mr. Erskine, excited some attention as an uncommonly sportive and humorous production of his fancy. In order to acquire a knowledge of the more mechanical part of his profession, Mr. Erskine

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