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of five years.

more favourable than has yet been publicly expressed ; but we regret that he should spend his strength in beating the air from Lisbon to Moscow, and from Moscow to Amsterdam, instead of displaying his admirable powers to the highest adlvantage in a narrower compass. When we see a poem, equally long and excursive, accomplishing all that has been unreason ably expected of Mr. Southey, we will judge him by that as a standard. Filicaja's two Odes, on the siege of Vienna, and that addressed to Sobiesky, King of Poland, rank among the noblest lyrics of any age or country; but there is an undistracted interest, a perfect unity in the subject of the former two, while the latter is a crown of glory to both. Had Filicaja himself attempted to sketch in rhyme the history of Europe for only twelve months, he would not have succeeded better than our countryman has done in his poetical retrospect

Of all the forms of verse which Mr. Southey has attempted, we think he shines least in the Ode. His measures are frequently slow, interrupted, or inharmonious. In the work be.' fore us, abounding with vigorous, manly, and patriotic sentiments, the diction, the pauses, the turns, and the whole strain of argument, are rather those of eloquence than of poetry. The following lines will illustrate our meaning, and also discover the politics of the piece: the latter, however, we shall not presume to criticise.

• O virtue, which above all former fame;

Exalts her venerable name!
O joy of joys for every British breast !

That with that mighty peril ful in view,
The Queen of Ocean to herself was true!
That no weak heart, no abject mind possess'd

Her counsels, to abase her lofty crest,
Then had she sunk in everlasting shame,-

But ready still to succour the oppress'd,
Her Red-Cross floated on the waves unfurld,

Offering redemption to the groaning world.
First from his trance the heroic Spaniard woke ;

His chains he broke,
• And casting off his neck the treacherous yoke,
He callid on Eng!and, on his generous foe:

For well he knew that wheresoe'er
Wise policy prevailed, or brave despair,
Thither would Britain's succours flow,

Her arm be present there.
Then too regenerate Portugal display'd
Her ancient virtue, dormant all-too-long.
Rising against intolerable wrong,

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On England, on her old ally for aid
The faithful nation call'd in her distress :

And well that old ally the call obey'd,

Well was her faithful friendship then repaid.' pp. 7, 8. The following is incomparably the grandest stanza in the poem.

From Spain the living spark went forth ;
The flame hath caught, the Aame is spread!

It warms,-it fires the farthest North.
Behold! the awaken'd Moscovite

Meets the Tyrant in his might;
The Brandenberg, at Freedom's call,

Rises more glorious from his fall;
And Frederic, best and greatest of the name,

Treads in the path of duty and of fame.

See Austria from her painful trance awake!
The breath of God goes forth,—the dry bones shake!

Up Germany - with all thy nations risc !

Land of the virtuous and the wise,
No longer let that free, that mighty mind,
Endure its shame! She rose as from the dead,
She broke her

chains upon the oppressor's head

Glory to God! Deliverance for Mankind !' pp. 16, 17. Though the march of the numbers in this magnificent stanza is at first heavy, there is a rising gradation of thought, language, harmony, interest, and emotion, amidst the changes of scene, subject, and imagery, to the very last line, when

Glory to God! Deliverance for Mankind ! is sounded forth with a voice of music and of power, that might “ create a soul under the ribs of death.” Three such stanzas would have constituted a finer New Year's Ode than we have ever met with from a Poet Laureat's

Further criticism and quotation are equally unnecessary, the Poem itself having been made universally public by the periodical press.



Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the ECLECTIC Review, by sending Information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.


Dr.'Henry Herbert Southey has nearly with coloured prints, will be ready for ready for publication, Observations on publication on th: 2d of April. Pulmonary Consumption. In 1 vol. 8vo. Matthew Montagu, esq. is preparing

Mr. Saurey is preparing for publica- a third portion, or volumes V. and vi. tion, the Morbid Anatomy of the Brain of Letters of Mrs. Elizabeth Montazu, iu Mania and Hydrophobia; with the and some of her correspondents. Pathology of the two Diseases, and ex- Lord Thurlow is preparing for pubperiments to ascertain the presence of lication, the Doge's Daughter, a poem, water in the Ventricles and Pericardium; with several translations from Apaereon collected from the papers of the late and Horace. Dr. Andrew Marshall, Lecturer on Apa- Dr. Adams bas put to the press, bis tomy in London; with a Biographical long projected work on the erroneous Sketch of bis Life.,

opinions and consequent terrors usually In the course of April will be pub. entertained concerning Hereditary Dis. lished, Part I. of Archaicu. Containing a Reprint of scarce old' English Tracts, Mr. John Craig will soon publish, with Prefaces and Notes, Critical and Elements of Political Science, in three Biographical. The Archaica will be octavo volumes. handsomely printed in quarto.

Viscount Dillop has in the press, in Also in tne press, and speedily will a quarto volume, Tactica ; being the be published, Part 1. of Heliconia. System of War of the Grecians, accord Containing a Reprint of the most scarce ing to Ælian, with the notes of comand curious Collections of our old Eng- mentators, explanatory plates, and a lish Poetry, first published in the reign preliminary discourse. of Queen Elizabeth ; with Notes, Bio- Mr. Nichols's Continuation of the graphical and Illustratiye. By Thomas Literary Anecdotes to the year 1800, Park, F.S.A. and other Gentlemen most from the numerous additions with which conversant in that branch of Literature. he has been favoured, will extend to The Heliconia will be handsomely printed two volumes, one of which may be exin quarto. These two collections of the pected early in May. Archaica and Heliconia will mutually Dr. Benjamin Heyne, who has been illustrate each othen; and according to for several years in the confidential serthe plan proposed for editing them, will vice of the East-India Company, is form a singularly interesting boily of preparing to publish, Tracts, Statistical Old English Literature. As the im- and Historical, on India. pression of the Archaica and Heliconia The Rev. Henry Kett has in the press, will be limited to two hundred copies; in two small volumes, the Flowers of gentlemen who wish to possess these Wit, or a select collection of Bon Mots, works, are requested to lose po time in with biographical and critical remarks; communicating their names to the pub- to wbich are added, some gasconades, lishers, otherwise it will be impossible

puns, and bulls, to insure them copies.

Dr. Burnett, late physician to the Lord Lauderdale is preparing a pam- Mediterranean fleet, has in the press, phlet on the Corn Laws

a practical Account of the MediterraThe Tbird number of Daniell's Voy. nean Fever; also the History of Fever age round Great Britain, illustrater!

during 1810 to 1813, and of the Gibraltar and Carthageua Fevers.

Dr. Badham, physician to the Duke of Sussex, has in the press, an Essay on those Diseases of the Chest which have their seat in the Mucus Meinbrane, Larynx, or Bronchæ.

A selection of Old Plays, in fifteen octavo volumes, with biographical Qulices, and critical and explanatory notes, by Mr. Octavius Gilchrist, found. ed on Dodsley's Old Plays, and edited by Mr. Isaac Reed, is preparing for publication.

Dr. Lloyd is engaged on a complete translation of Valerius Maximus, which be purposes to print in a quarto volume.

Mr. Charles Pope has nearly ready for publication, an entirely new edition, greatly improved, of his Practical Abridgement of the Custom and Excise Laws.

A new edition of Fitzosborne's Letters on several Subjects, written by Wm. Melmoth,_esq. is printing in an octavo volume.

A second edition of Mr. Baker's Translation of Livy, in six volumes octavc, is in the press.

The Rev. Robert Stevens, of the Asylum and Magdalen, has nearly ready for the press, a volume of Sermons, cal. calated for general reading.

Mr. Jobn Pinkerton has nearly completed his General Collection of Voyages and Travels; forming a complete His



An Historial and Critical account of the Lives and Writings of James 1, Charles I, and of the Lives of Oliver Cromwell and Charles II, after the manner of Bayle, from original writers and state papers. By William Harris, D.D. To which is now added, (to complete the collection of Dr. Harris's works) the Life of Hugh Peters, 5 vols. 8vo. 31. bes.

General Biography, by Dr. Aikin and Mr. Johnston, Vol. 9. 4to. 21. 2s.

Chalmers's Biographical Dictionary, Vol. 14. 8vo. 128.

tory of the Origin and Progress of Discovery, by Sea and Land, from the earliest Ages to the present Time. Embel. lished with 200 Engravings, in 17 Vols. 4to.

On the 2d of April will appear, His. torical Sketches of Politics and Public Men, for the Year 1813-14. (To be continued Annually.) In Oue Volume, Svo.

Mr. John Dunlop has completed the History of Fiction ; being a Critical Account of the most celebrated Prose Works of Fiction, from the earliest Greek Romances to the Novels of the present Age, in Three Volumes, post 8vo.

Mr. Arthur Clifford, Editor of the Sadler's State Papers, and of the Tixall Poetry, has in the Press a New Work, entitled Tixall Letters, or the Correspondence of the Aston family and their Friends during the Seventcenth Century, This Work, which will consist of 2 Vols. 12mo. will appear early in June.

In the press, The Rape of Proserpine, and other Poems, translated from the Latin of Claudian : with a Prefatory Discourse and Occasional Notes. By Jacob George Strutt, Esq. Elegantly printed in 8vo.

The 4th Volume of Wilson's History of Dissepting Churches may be expected in the course of the present Month.

A Rural Poem, entitled “ A Sketch from Nature,” is in the press, and will shortly appear.


Sermons, adapted to the use and perusal of Schools, for every Sunday in the year, by the Rev. S. Barrow, 12mo. 7s.

The Arithmetical Preceptor, in 5 parts, by Joseph Youle, 12mo, 5s. bds.


A Narrative respecting the various Bills which have been framed for regulating the Law of Bankruptcy in Scot. land, 8vo, 2s, 6d.

Law of Auctions, or the Auctioneer's Practical Guide; by T. Williams, Esq. 12mo. 4s, 6d.

The Pocket Companion to the Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, checks, drafts, &c. &c. To which are added, Tables of the Stamp Duties, &c. By the editor of the Legal and Lite. rary Journal, 28. 6d.

EDUCATION P. Virgilii Maronis Opera, in fidem optimorum Exemplarium castigata. 18mo. 4s.



Am Abstract of the Annual Reports A Treatise on Hydrencephalus, or

and Correspondence of the Society for Dropsy of the Brain. By James Car.

Promoting Christian Knowledge, from michael Smith, M.D. &c. 8vo. 63.

the Commenceinent of its Connection Lectures on Comparative Anatoiny ;

with the East India Missions, A.D. 1709, in wbich are explained the Preparations

to the present day; together with the in the Hanterian Collection. By Sir

Charges delivered to the Missionaries, Everard Home, Bart. F.R.S. Serjeunt

at different periods, on their departure Surgeon to the King, Senior Surgeon to

for their several Missions. 8vo. 138. St. George's Hospital, and Honorary

boards. Professor to the Royal College of Sur

POETRY. geons. Illustrated by 132 Engravings by Basire, after Drawings by Mr. Clift,

Orlando in Roncesvalles, A Poem in 2 vol. 4to. 71. 7s. bds.

5 Cantos. By I. H. Merrivale, Esq. crown 8vo. 8s. 6d.

The Legend of lona, with other Pocr.s. A Treatise on the Defence of Fortified

By Walter Paterson. 8vo. 12s. Places; by Mr. Carnot. Translated

Sortes Horatianæ, a Poetical Review from the French, by Lient. Col. Baron

of Poetical Talent, &c. with notes, 12mo.

6s. 6d. de Montalembert, 8vo. 8s.

Pleasures of Pity, and other Poems. MISCELLANEOUS.

By Perdinand Fullerton Western, Esq.

410. 11. 11s. 6d. An Abridgement of Brady's Clavis Calendaria; on a complete analysis of

POLITICAL the Calendar, Illustrated by Ecclesiastical, Historical, and Classical Anecdotes.

Napoleon's Conduct towards Prussia 12mo. 10s. 6d, bds.

since the Peace of Tilsit, from the oriThe First Nine Reports of the British

giual Documents published by Order of

the Prussian Government. Translated and foreign Bible Society, 1805 to 1813 inclusive; uniformly printed in two

from the German, with an Appendix thick volumes, 8vo. Price of Vol. I. 38.

aud Anecdotes by the Editor. od. Vol. II. 43. 6d. extra boards.

Russia or the Crisis of Europe ; with Select Extracts of Correspondence

au Accouct of the Russian Campaign, 6s. since the Publication of the Ninth An

Greenfeli's Observations on the Expe. pual Report Price 8d.

diency and Facility of a Copper Chinage An Address, explanatory of the of Uniform Weight and a Standard VaPrinciples, Views, and Exertions of lue, ls. the British and Foreign Bible Society.

A Letter to Matthew Gregson, Esq. Extracted from the First Report of the

treasurer of the Blue Coat School, Liver. Auxiliary Bible Society of Stirlingshire pool; by the Rev. R. Blacow, B. A. Is. aud its vicinity. Price 8d.

THEOLOGY AND SÀCRED LITERATURE. A New Dutch Grammar, with Pracsical Exercises; containing also a Vo- Part I. of a Hebrew, Latin and Eng. cabulary, Dialogues, Idioms, Letters, lish Dictionary: containing all the &e. By J. B. D'Hassendonck, M.A. Hebrew and Cualdee words used in the Price 6s,

Old Testament, arranged under one Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra; a Nar- alphabet, &c. By Joseph Samuel rative founded on History. By the Au- C. F. Frey. Royal 8vo. 12s. thor of Patriarchal Times. 2 Volumes The Prophecy of Ezekiel concerning duodecimo. Price 12s. in bds.

Gogue, the last Tyrant of the Church, A New Analysis of Chronology, in his Invasion of Ros, bis discomfiture, which an attempt is made to explain the and final fall; examined, and in part History and Antiquities of the Primitive illustrated. By Granville Penn, Esq. Nations of the World, and the Pro- fep. 8vo. 6s. phecies relating to them, on Principles Lawrence's Remarks upon the Sys tending to remove the Imperfection and tematical Classification of Manuscripts, Discordance of preceding Systems. By adopted by Griesbach, in his Edition the Rev. William Hales, D. D, Rector of the Greek Testament, 8vo. Price of Killesaudra, in Irelans. 4 vols. 4to, 5s. IL 8s. bds.

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