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Duke of Clarence rerumed into the house, Her countenance is made to win tender el and fupped with the Duke and Duchess of esteem, and affection. York.

Her complexion is erquiltely fair, and A party of the grenadiers of the Cold. the bloom with which it is enlivened is räPream regiment lined the portico, from the ther a tint appearing through the skin than eoach to the door of the house, where a that sort of colour which seems to crift in carpet was laid for the Royal Visitors to it. Her hair is light, and her eye-lashes are

long and pearly white, resembliog thofe of

our Royal Family, to whom, indeed, the is Romarriage of the Duke and Duchess of York, not unlike in features. Her eyes are blue,

and of uncommon brilliancy. Nov. 23. Their Royal Highneles the Prince of Wales and Duke of Clarence went

THE DRAWING-Room. to York-House, where they dined with the

The Drawing - room, Nov. 34. at St. Duke and Duchefs of York. At eight James's was completely croquded with all the o'clock the royal couple, aerompanied by Nobility, elegance, beauty, and fashion in Hieir Royal Highnefies the Prince of Wales and Duke of Clarence, went from thence most brilliant assemblage ever witnessed

town, and appeared not at all inferior in the in the Prince's coach to Buckingham-House, there. where their Majesties and the Princetles

The Ladies decked themselves out otr food in the Great Hal to receive ther. this bridal occasion, in all that could tend The Duchefs was landed fiom the coach by to captivate the furroumling circle, and gain The Prince, and being introduced to their the attention of a new made illustrious fetMajellies and the Princeftes, they proceed- low fabjec, el up the Great Stairs to the Crand Saloon, which was not magnificently illuminated By arts of elegance and polish'd shew." on the occasion; after being there some time in private with the rest of the Royal Fami- Her Highness looked round with a tonish.

Nor did this intention pass unhecded." ly, the Archbishop of Canterbury, attendcol by the Bishop of London, aud the Lord mene, but not with envy, at a fele Gion of i lich Chance!tor, were introduced to their female beauty not to be paralleled in any

other Court of Europe. Majelies in the ufaal form.

Unaccustomed to the manners of EngSoon after nine o'clock the Bishop of Londoa read prayers, and at ten o'clock the land, it was rather a trying scene in to con Archbishop performed the ceremony of mar

fpicuous a situation. Every eye was on her rying their Royal Highnesses the Duke and mining, and, perhaps, comparing the pro

at one and the same time, inquisitively era. Dudess of York; the Duchess was given duttive charms of Pruilia with the native to her Royal Consort by the Prince of

growth of Britain. V*alcs.

After the ceremony, the Royal Family, the Archbishop, the Lord Chancellor, and

SCOTLAND. the Bishop of London, partook of a refreshHent; and at half past ten o'clock, the

LANARKSHIRE IMPROVEMENTS. Prince, the Duke and Duchess of York, and The approaching expiry of the India Con the Duke of Clarenee, returned to York- pany's charter, the prospect of Britain enHouse to supper.

joying a lasting peace, the valt influx of The Duchess was dressed in white fattin, money, the recent discovery of fo many iron with tassels avd fringe of gold, and a num mines, (two of which are perhaps the richber of diamonds.

eft in Ilurope), and the great advance upon Frederica Charlotta Ulrica, now Duchess foreign iron, have all tended to advance the of York, was born May 7. 1767. She opulence and the manufaciures of this coune aims her Rayał parentage from Frederick try, with a rapidity far exceeding the proWilliam the second, the present King of gress of any former period. By tắe failure l'ruflia, and his Majesty's first Royal con of the tobacco crade, the industry and the fort, Elizabeth Christian Ulrica, Princess of capitals of Glasgow, and the other opulent. Prunswick Wolfenbuttle, and is the only and populous towns on the banks of the Royal offspring of that union.

Clyde, have been wholly applied to advanThis amiable and illustrious Princess Hadi cing manufactures, which now spread thro' not arriver to her 18th year before she had, every part of the county with astonishing by her affable difpofition and engaging rapidity. The new streets and squares built, nanners, rendered herself the admiration of building, and feued for building in the city all the Pruffian Nobility.

and suburbs of Glasgow within the latt Her ftature is somewhat below the com- three years, amount to near fifty in mumber. mon height, and her figure elegantly form- The cotton and iron manufadures bave el in proportionate delisacy and fighthefs been lately introduced on a large scale in


different parts of the county with the great gow are Hamilton Palace and Bothwell ett fuccels. To the patriotism, public fpi- Castle, the princely seats of the Duke of rit, and noble exertions of Colonel Dalrym- Hamihon and Lord Douglas. The magni ple and 'Mr Dale, the upper part of the ficence, high rank, and grcat political imcoanty is in a great measure indebted for its portance of the noble owners are displayed present flourishing situation. We are affu- in the grandeur of their palaces and parks, red that at prefent cotton goods are annual (which are encircled with lofty walls) las ly manufactured in the county to the extent well as in the elegance and beauty of their of two millions Sterling. A vast number grounds. For many centuries, the county of new roads are now opening in every di- has been fuccessively under the influence of rcdion. Those of the beau monde who wish one or other of these ancient and noble fa to make a pleasant excursion, direct their milies. At present his Grace of Hamilton, course to the fo much admired falls of the (who is the firat Peer of the Scottilh realm, Clyde near Lanark, and the no less celebra. as well as a Duke in three kingdoms) is supa ted cottoa miils of Mr Dale, inost magnifi- posed to have gained a decided superiority.cent piles of building, fatuated between the Since the termination of the late ruinous falls. The falls and mills now attract uni- war, the landed property of Clydesdale has verlal attention. From Lanark to Hamil- improved in value from 18 or 20 years purton, twelve miles distant, by the banks of chafe of the ther rent to 28 years purchase. the river, there is a line of road highly beau- of the present advanced rent. And in beautiful and picturesque, comnunding a moft tiful Giuations in many instances much highextensive and delightful prospect of the ma er prices have been paid; by which means ny fine feats upon the river in a rich and many estates in LanarkMire have more than well wooded vale. At present, however, doubled in value since 1783, independent of this road takes by much too elevated a die the numerous mines lately discovered. Great region, and is is such bad order, that tra- quantities of haugh-land have been already vellers frequently prefer the road across the sold at Hamilton,

&c. at 1ool. per acre for muir, which is at present the best approach agricultural uses merely. And io rapid has to the county town from Hamilton and been the advance in the value of landed. Glasgow, although it has some very severe property in consequence of the prodigious pulls, takes a circuit of three miles, and extension of the manufactures, and opulence certainly has not the most pleasant of profe of the county, that Rosehall, one of the peas. In order to improve their valuable greatest estates in Clydesdale has been fold and extensive estates on the banks of the three times within four years, its different Clyde, by encouraging the rearing of cot owners being induced by high prices to part ton mills, blast furnaces, bleaching-fields, with their purchases - Twelve acres very and every manufacture requiring a great poor land near Lanark purchased a few body of water, and a plentiful supply of coal years ago at gol. are now resold at gool. and limestone at very low prices--the Noble Another property which was purchased in family of Hamilton, and the landed Gen- 1712 at 2701. is now let in lease at 200l. per tlemen of Clydesdale have determined up- ann.-Smellom is fold at 1,150l. being 40 on carrying on this line of road by the ri- years purchase of the free rent -Mr Glassver banks. And a draft af a' bill for that ford's property in Glasgow, which was porpurpose is prepared, and under confidera- chased thirty years ago for 1,680l. was latene tion.

ly resold at 9,850l.-Six years ago, the Nothing is wanting to complete the ge- Monkland Canal was actually sold for 1.5col. neral utility of the road but a bridge over it is now, however, worth at leaft 30,000l. the Clyde about half way between Hamiltou and Lanark ;--the expence of which

Nov. 2. would be moderate, as there are several Agreeable to advertisements in the pubgood fituations where the river is narrowed lic papers, a lease for one year, of the Theaby rocks. It is expected the lands lying be- tres of Edinburgh and Glasgow took place. tween Hamilton and Lanark will be trebled in the Royal Exchange Coffce-House by: in value by the establishment of manufac- , public auction. The upset price was gooi. tures upon the Clyde. The river may be. There appeared, as offerers, Stephen Kenrendered navigable, or a canal cut from La- ble, Esq. for himfelf, and Mrs Étten by her. nark to Glasgow through a great coal cous- man of business. The former was declared try, at an incoosiderable expence. And in the successful candidate, having offered the course of years, from its containing coal, 12001. The gentleman who appeared for lime, iron, and free-stone, in such prodigi- Mrs Esten went the length of 11901. Beotrs abundance, it is probable it may vie in fides the above fum, the lefice is also bound opulence and manufa&ures with the wealthi- to pay 1301. in the naine of feu-duty, and est counties of South Britain.

other incumbrances with which the ThcaIo the direct route from Lanark to Glaf- tres are burdened.



STATEMENT of the Regulations at present in Sixteenth Ditriat above described. force respeeling the Exportation and Imports Oats-importable at the first (or higherty tion of Corn.

low duty.

Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oatmeal, bear, By the average prices of corn, published Peafe, Beansliable to the highest due by ihe Receiver of Corn Returns in the ties. London Gazetts, from 15th to 19th November inftant; the exportation and im

portation of Corn is regulated in Scotland
as follows:

Fourteenth Diftri& above deferibed.

Peale-importable at the lowest duty.

Onts, Beans importable at the fire (or

higher) low duties. Thirteenth Distrili, comprebending Fife and the

Wheat, Bariey, Oatmeal, Bear-liable to following Counties,

the highef duties. Kinross, Clackmannan, Stirling, Linlithgow, Edinburgh, Haddington, Berwick, Roxburgh, Selkirk, Peebles;

Fifteenth Difrict above described. Wheat,j Barley, Bear_exportable with Oats, Oatmeal-importable at the lowet bounty.

duties. Beans-exportable no bounty.

Barley-importable at the first (or higher) Oats, Oatmeal, Pease--not exportable.

low duty.

Wheat, Bear, Pease, Beans-liable to the Sixteenth Diftria, comprehending the following

highest duties.

The aforegoing regulation respecting im. Counties,

portation continues in force till new average Orkney and Shetland, Caithness, Suther- prices to regulate the importation of Corn be land, Ross, and Cromarty, Inverness, Naiin, received at each port from the Receiver of Elgin, Banff, Aberbeen, Kincardine, Forsar, Corn Returns at London, who is obliged Perth;

by law to transmit them within ten days Wheat, Rye, Barley, Pease~exportable after the 15th day of February next. with bounty.

Pease, Beans-exportable—no bounty.
Oats, Oatmeal-not exportable.

GLASGOW, Nov. 26.
Last night, about a quarter before eight
o'clock, a man went into Mr Nichole's

stocking-shop in the Trongate, and delired Fourteenth Difria, comprebending Air, Dum- to be shown some filk-stockings

After exfries, Wigton, and Kirkcudbright.

amining several pairs, he found fault with Bear-exportable with bounty.

the patterns; at this moment, another man Wheal-exportable with bounty. came in, and defired to be shown fomc coi

Barley, Oats, Oatmeal, Peale, Beans ton-stockings, which was accordingly done. not exportable.

The conduct of these two mes creating fuf

picion in the boy who kept the top, he reFifteenth District, comprehending the Counties of moved the filk-ilockings from the counter; Argyle, Dumbarton, Lanark, Renfrew, the man who came firit into the shop then and Bute;

went out, upon which the other delired to

be shown the filk-stockings which the former Wheat, Bear-exportable with bounty. Barley, Oats, Oatmeal, Peale, Beans- ly shown him; but he pretended not to be

had been looking at, which were according. not exportable.

The aforegoing regulation continues in pleased with them, because they had not force until new average prices to regulate show him fiik-foekings with clocks, the

clocks; he therefore ordered the boy to the export rtion of corn be received at each boy then removed the first parcel, and

showport from the Receiver of Corn Returns at London, who is obliged by law to transmit defired again to be thown those which he

ed hiin a parcel with clocks; the man then shem within ten days after the 15th day of had first leen, and, upon the boy's ftepping Dext inonth.

backwards, to bring him chefe, the Icllow IMPORTATION.

snatched up the second parcel, and ran off. The boy immediately gave the alarm, lock

ed the shop-door, and pursued him. The Thirteenth Diftriet aberse described. thicf had got near to the entry to St An Oats-importable at the lowest

drew's Square, Saltmarket, when he tell, Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oatmeal, Bear, was overtaken, secured, and carried back to Peale, Beans--- liable to the higher due the shop in Trongate. During his fight, ties.

he had thrown away the lockings, all of




which were picked up on different parts of able in itself, has been attended with a dethe itreet. One of the Magistrates, who gree of corruption in the manners of the yvas fortunately at hand, feat for fom: cown people, to which, I am sorry to add, the too officers, and ordered a party from the guard, general use of spirits among the lower clafto carry him to prilon. On the arrival of fes of both sexes has, in this country, greatly the town officers, he was immediately re contributed. I truil, therefore, that every cognised to be

good citizen will molt cordially join with JAMES PLUNKET,

me in giving due praise to the zeal of those

honourable and respectable Magistrates, a native of Ireland, under sentence of death, through whose exertions the sanction of the who, along with George Davidson, by the Legifiature has been obtained for the infti, allistance of one Rull, mile his clcape tution of this house of pubiic discipline, from the prison of this city on the 11th day which we are now preparing to crca. May of Odober laft. Quem Deus vult perdere, prius it prove, under the guidance of Magistrates dementat. While he was in the shop, in curto- upright and vigilant as those to whom we dy of the officers, before the guard arrived, owe its existence, a terror to the idle and he was observed to search for something profligate, and a pledge of security to the about his waistband, which being examined, induitrious and well-disposed inhabitants of there was found a pair of very handsome this city and country. May those who shall pistols loaded with cartridge and ball; and

ence feel the severity of its discipline, leave in his pocket were found a quantity of Inuif

, it so amended in their behaviour, and inur. a lady's red Turkey-leather pocket-book, in ed to habits of industry, as never to require which were several cartridges and balls, and

a repetition of its chattisements; and may an ivory call and horse-whip.

the accomplishment of the purposes for

which it is founded be marked by the reEDINBURGH, November 30.

gular diminution of the number of its inThis day being the fefival of St. An. habitants.". drew, the following were elected Crand To this speech the Lord Provost made a Officers for the ensuing year :

very clegant and suitable return. The Right Hon. GEORGE EARL Or Two crystal bottles, caít on purpose at MORTON, Grand Master.

the Glass house of Leith, were deposited The Most Noble George MARQUIS OF

in the foundation-stone. In one of these HUNTLEY, Grand Mufter Eleut.

were put ditferent cuius of the present reign, The Right Hon. GEORGE EARL or Er- each of which buing previously enveloped in ROL, Depute Grand Master.

crystal, in such an ingenious manner, that Thomas Hay, Esq. Substitute Grand Mac the legend on the coins could be dilindly

read without breaking the cryftal. In the William Campbell, of Fairfield, Esg. See other bottle were deposited two rolls of velnior Grand Warden.

luni, containing the names of the present William Douglas Clephan, of Carllogie, Oficers of the Grand Lodge, and the pots Efq. Jumor Grand Warden:

fent Magiftrates of the city, together with John Hay, Efg. Grand Treasurer. an Edinburgh Almanack, and a copy of The Rev. Dr John Tough, Craud Chap- each of the newspapers publihed in this city, Jaio.

viz. the Edinburgh Evining Courant, Calca Mr William Mafon, Grand Secretary. donian Mercury, Edinburgh Advertifer, and Mr Robert Meike, Grand Clerk. Edinburgh ideiald. The botties being cart-,

Afterwards the Grand Matter, attended fully sealed up, were covered sith a pi ce by the brethren, the Magiftrates, and She- of copper wrapt in block-tin, and upon the şiff of the county, proceeded :o the Calton under lice of the copper wicie wyraved the Hill, to lay the foundatioa-Itone of the Now arms of the city of Edinburgh, tie arms of Bridewell. After the usual formalities, the the Right Hon. the builos Morton Grand Grand Master addreiled the Lord Provoit Master Malen of Scotland the arms of Maand Magistrates as follows:

Irnry, and the arms of the Righi Fi ni. “I have the honour of mecting your James Stirling, Lord Prevoiloi bwoberto Lordship and the Magiftrates of Edinburgh ipon :):e upper line of the plate was a lathis day, for the purpose of carrying into un infcription, of which the following is a execution an undertaking, which there is copy; every reason to believe will be attended

Regrante Georgio III. with great public benefit.

Ad Nequitam 1 “ While we contemplate with pleasure Intra Urbem et Comitatum Edinburgenfum the flourishing state of Scotland, we cannot Salutari Libore cuerlenda Accommodati help lamenting, that from the imperfection Printa hujus Lipufuli La dini of human affairs, in this, as in every other

Pluit country, the increase of arts, manuiaclures, Vir Nobililimus, Georgius Conese niston, commerce, and population, however de finca Domisiu. Dovydas de Lechlesen,


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Sodaliti Architectonici apud Scotos Curio 29. Mrs Hunter, spouse to John Huntet, maximus

Esq; his Britannic Majesty's Conful for Szy Anno poft CHRISTUM natum m,dcc.xci.

Lucar and Seville. ERE autem ARCHITECTONICÆ 1531533x5V. Mr John Reid of Dumfrics, late merchant Die ipfo Divi Andrez :

in Norfolk Virginia. Urbis Consule amplillimo Jacobo Stirling; 30. Alexander Duff; Esa; of Harton. Comitatus Vicecomite Vicario Joanne Pringle. 31. Mrs Christian Ballantyne of Kelly, Architecto Roberto Adam.

widow of the Rev. Mr Lundie of Erskine.

At Hexam, Mrs Dundas, wife of Lieute-

nant-Colonel William Dundas.
oa. 29. John Sligo, Esq; to Miss Chris Nov. 2. Mrs Hclen Lawrie, relia of
bian Knox of Craigleith.

the Rev. Mr Bisset of Caputh.
31. Johp Hunter Spreul Crawford, Esq. 4. John Stewart of Lallintallich, Elg
to mils Marion Buchanan of Leny.

Sheriff-Substitute of the county of Edin-
Mr Robert Bruce merchant at Bristol, to burgh.
Miss Eşde.

Mrs Katharine Bruce, daughter of Mr
Nov. 3. Captain James Campbell of Glen- Bruce of Newton, and widow of Henry
kechan, to Miss Margaret Campbell of Bruce of Ciackmannan, Erg at the Castle

of Clackmannan, in the 95th year of her 4. Buchan, Esq; to Miss Sydferf age. Long as this lady's hfe was, alas! it of Ruchlaw,

was too thort for those

who had the happi7. Day Hort Macdowal of Walkinshaw, nels to know her. Poffeffed of every virtue, Esq; to Miss Wilhelmina Graham of Airth. and of every amiable quality that adora

16. Capt Cunninghame of the 53d re her fex, the was a paccern worthy to be giment, to Miss Christian Taubman of the imitated by all. Her condu& through life, Lile of Man.

her hofpitality, and dignity of character, re18. Thomas Carter, Esq; of the Middle ficeted a new lustre on the ancient and noTemple, to Miss Glencairn Campbell of ble family of Brace. Shawfield.

William Dalrymple, Est; second son of
23. Re-married, his Royal Highness Fre- the late Lord Welthall.
derick Duke of York, to the Princcis Fre Mr Hedor Macdonald, merchant in Mull.
derica Charlotta Ulrica, eldest daughter of 7. Mr. Cleghorn, wife of Dr Cleghord,
the present King of Pruflia.

24. Alexander Fotheringham, Esq; to Mrs Elisabeth Hamilton, relia of Ad-
Miss Juliet Garden, daughter of the late drew Gray, Esq; of Newlands.
Dr Garden of Sou: h Carolina.

Captain Francis Lindsay, late of the Scoo
23. Mr Willian M'Korie merchant in Greys.
Glasgow, to Miss Jellie Noble of Edinburgh. 8. Mr John Haig late merchant in Alloa.

27. A marriage was celebrated ar Sun The Rev. Allan M Aulay of Greenock. derland agreeable to the rites and ceremo 12. Miss Elisabeth Dewar of Vogrie. mies of the Jewish Church, between Mr Mr Thomas Dalrymple, surgeon at Gate1.yon Hermon, dentist of Edinburgh, and kouse. Mrs H. Pollock, widow of the late Mr 16. Mr John Campbell writer in Stirling. Pollock merchant in London.

17. John Ferguffon, Esq; of Dunholm.

18. Donald M.Kcazie, Esq; late Plaster BirTus.

in Jamaica. Nov. 3. Mrs Wemyss of Cuttlchill, deli 20. Mrs Barbara Yeats, wife of Mr Gibscred of a íon.

bon, Aberdeen. 6. The Lady of Sir John Sinclair of Ulb Miss Annabella Murifon of Dunbrae, ter, of a daughter,

21. James Dalrymple, Efq; late Licat10. Lady Helen Hall, of a daughter. enant Colonel of the Royals. II. Mrs Marjoribanks, of a son.

Mrs Anne Abernethy, wife of Mt Ro13. Viscountess Stopford, of a son and binfon, furgeon in London. фесіг.

23. Walter Buchaned of the cotton ma 27. Lady Balgony, of a fon.

Rufactory at Balfron.

26. Sir H. G. Liddel of RavenfworthDEATHS.

Castle, Durham. O&. 2. At Niagara, Sir William Erkine 27. Miss Seton Graham, daughter of the of Cambo.

deceafed William Graham of Airth. 21. Mrs Mackenzie of Ardross.

27. At Dublin, Mr Ryder, comedian. 24. Francis Fraser, Esq; of Findrach. 29. The Rev. David Forbes Minister of

25. Mrs Jean Thomson, relid of Mr Forgue. Andrew Syme.

Mr Thomas Graham writer in Glasgow. 28. Mr. Agnes Muir, daughter of the 30. Dr Robert Walker of ihe Royal Cola late Mr Muir, Efq; of Caffcacarie. lege of Surgeons.

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