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be wrong perhaps to compare Wath: he knew, on the other, their profound ington with the most celebrated war- idolatry for their ancient government riors: but he is the model of a repub. and their monarchy, the inviolability · lican; displaying all the qualities, of which appeared to him ridicuall the virtue of onc.

lous. He [poke to me of Mr la Fa. After having fpent about three yette with tenderness. He conlider days in the house of that celebrated ed him as his son ; and saw with joy, man, who loaded me with civilities, mixed with anxiety, the part he was and gave me much information, reabout to play in the revolution prepa- speeting both the late war and the sing in France. Of the issue of that present situation of the United States, revolution he had his doubts : if he I returned with regret to Alexankoew, on the one hand, the ardour of dria. the French in rushing into extremes,

Anecdotes of Count Cagliostro

SINCE the death of Joseph Francis sceptre of Trebisond! To infuse into

Borri; the celebrated chemist, hc- this story a greater portion of the marrefrarch, physician, and prophet, who vellous, it was added, that a revolution di tinguithed himself about the begin- taking place, in confequence of which, ning of the seventeenth century, by the reigning fovereign was facrificed his uncommon capacity and numerous to the fury of his feditious subjects, impostures, Europe has not, perhaps, his infant fon was convered by a produced such an extraordinary cha- trusty friend to Medina, where the facter as Joseph Ballamo, commonly Muffulman Sherif had the generofly known by the name of Count Cagliol to educate him in the faith of his tro.

Christian parents, He himself afa In a memoir published by himself ferted, that at an age, when he firit while in England, being desirous to became conscious of his existence, he conceal the secret of his origin beneath found himself in the city of Medina, an impenetrable veil of mystery, he was called Acharat, had a perfon of pretended that he could not speak po- the name of Altaras for his governor, sitively as to the place of his nativity, was 'attended by two eunuchs, who nor in regard to the parents from tre ted him with the utmost deference whom he derived his birth. This cir- and respect, and resided in the house cumftance gave an ample scope to the of the Mufti Salaahym. imagination of his followers, fome of This account, which, it must be ac. whoin pretended that he was the off knowledged, has all the air of a rospring of tlie grand matter of Malta, mance, could neither satisfy nor imby a Turkish lady, taken captive by a posc upon the inquisition. The holy galley belonging to that illand; while fathers accordingly made the ftrictelt pihers, with equal probability, affert fearch after the origin of Cagliottro, ed that he was the only furviving and at lalt discovered, that this preson of that Prince, who about thirtye tended prince and heir apparent to five years ago swayed the precarious the kingdom of Trebifond, was the fon


. Trom his life, lately published,


of Peter Balsamo and Felicia Braco- nativity, on account of baving dope nieri, both of them persons of mean a goldsmith of the name of Morato, extraction, and that he was born at out of about sixty pieces of gold, by Palermo on the 8th of June, 1743. taking advantage of his avarice. The His father happening to die during exasperated jeweller not only applied his infancy, his maternal uncles took to a magiftrate for juftice, but also him under their protection, endea- threuened to revenge his wrongs by voured to inftru& him in the princi., means of his Stiletto, and to avoid ples of religion, and gave him an edu- these impending calamities, Cagliostro caion suitable to his years and their thought proper to withdraw himsef own situation ; but from his earliest trom his vengeance. infancy he is faid to have shewa him We shall not follow this celebrated self so averle to a virtuous course of adventurer through the several capilife, that he would not remain at the fe- tals of Europe, nor recapitulate the minary of St Roch at Palermo, where various deceptions by which he prohe had been placed for his instruc- cured immense fums of money. His tion.

connexion with Cardinal de Ruhan, At thirteen years of age he was and with Madame de la Morte, in the seot to a

ar Caltagirone, memorable affair of the diamond. where he assumed the habit of a po- necklace purchased in the name of vice, and being placed under the tui. the Queen of France, his two jour. tion of the apothecary, he learned nies to England, and his tricking 3 from him the firft princ ples of chemis. quaker, during bis refidence is Loquy and medicine. He did not con, don,out of a sum of money by the ages. tinue long in this afylum ; during his cy of his wife, are all detailed at ful ftay, however, if we are to put impli. length. The secrets too of his Egypcit confidence in his right reverend. tian masonry, and his successful impo biographers, he exhibited so many fitions by means of a pretended interne w symptoms of a vicious character, course with the world of spirits, are that the religious were often under the related and commented upon. pecifsity of chaftiling him. It is re After committing a multitude of corded, among other things, that frauds in various kingdoms, and efbeing employed to read during meals, caping from the band of justice in elas is cuftomary in all holy communi most every capital of Europe, Cagliries, he could never be prevailed upon oftro at length, by uncommon fatality, to recite what aappared in the book was arrested in his career, and conbefore him, but, on the contrary, he demoed to death is the onlý metropo. would repeat whatever occurred to his lis, perhaps, in which he could not own imagination : nay, he has even have been convicted of a breach confessed, that in reading the martyro. of the moral obligations that co logy, he ufed to substitute the names nect with fociety. Hering of the moft famous courtezans of the repaired to Rome in 1989, be endeaRime, instead of those of the female youred to procure disciples, and even Kaints!'

infiituted a lodge of Egyptiao malonHaving foon after abandoned his con- ry. The papal government, jealous of cent on account of the rigour of its its authority, and terrified, left this discipline, and the severe mortifica- association should plot agamit the safetions he was exposed to, the friar-elect ty of the ecclefiaftical state, ordered returned to Palermo. There he was him to be seized on the evening of the frequently seized and imprisoned on 27th of December in the same year, account of his conduct, and at length and, after an exact inveatory of his was forced to fly from the place of his moveables bad been taken and scaled



of in his presence, he was secretly favour or form focieties and conventiconveyed to the castle of St Angelo. cles of free masons, as by the edict of We shall not enter into the particulars the council of state, against those who of his trial, but content ourselves with are guilty of this crime at Rome, or observing, that it is asserted with un- any other place under the dominion of common acrimony, that his religion the pope. • tended towards deism ;' that during Notwithstanding this, by way of twenty-seven years of his life he was special grace and favour, this crime, never perceived to make the sign of the expiation of which demands the the cross; and that, he was not a delivery of the culprit over to the se. diligent observer of the precepts of the cular arm, to be by it punished with church which enjoin the hearing of death, is hereby changed, and commafs op festivals, and fasting and ab- muted into perpetual imprisonment, Ataining from fleth meat cer- in a fortiess, where the culprit is to be tain occafions.' The only crime fair. strictly guarded, without any hope of ly proved againt him was that of be- pardon whatever. And after he thalt ing a free mason; this however is a have made abjuration of his offences, capital felony within the ecclefiaftical as a formal heretic, in the place of ftate, by an edict of Clement xij.of his imprisonment, he shall be absolved glorious memory,' confirmed by a bull from ecclesiastical censures; and cer. of the immortal Benedia xiv. Ac- tain falutary "penance is to be preferibcordingly Cagliostro being convicted ed to him, to which he is hereby ore of this deadly fin,' notwithstanding dered to submit. the knowledge and abilities of Signor The manufcript book entitled, Gaëtano Bernardini, and Signor • Egyptian Masonry,' is hereby for Charles Louis Constantini, the coun- lemly condemned, as containing rites; fel afligned him, he was condemned propofitions, a doctrine and a Tyftem, to death. The process was then car which open a road to fedition, as tendo ried before the general affembly of the ing to destroy the Chriftian religion, holy office on the 21st of March, and as being superstitious, impious, 1791, and, according to custom, was heretical, and abounding in blasphereferred to the Pope on the 7th of my: this book shall therefore be burnt April following.

by the hand of the executioner ; and We shall conclude this curious ar. also the other books, symbols, &c. &c. ticle by a copy of the definitive fen- appertaining and belonging to that tence, which will convey a fasting re. sect. proach on the reign of Pius vi. who, • By a new apostolic law, we fall under fuch slight pretences, detained, confirm and renew not only the laws tried, and condemned Caglustro to per- of the preceding pontiffs, but also ptual imprisonment.

the edi&t of the council of ftate, which Joseph Balsamo, attained and con- prohibits the societies and convenvi&ed of many crimes, and of having ticles of free masons, making particula incurred the censures and penalties lar mention of the Egyptian feet, and pronounced against formal heretics, of another vulgarly called the Illumindogmatists, herefiarchs, and propaga. ated; and we shall enact the most sors of magic and fuperftition, has grievus corporal punishments, and been found guilty and condemned to principally those provided for heretics, the censures and penalies denounced, against whosoever shall associare, hold as well by the apoftolic laws of Cle- communication with, or protect thole ment xii. and of Benedict xiv. againft focieries.' whose who ia, any manner whatever




Now proceed to speak of the most the Elysian fields, they fhail enjoy ă

important article of the Athenian pure light, and shall live in the bolom religion, of those mysteries, the origin of the Divinity; while those who bare of which is loft in the obfcurity of not participated in the mysteries, shall time, of which the ceremonies inspire dwell after death in places of darkno less dread than veneration, and the ness and horror. secret of which has never been reveal. To Thun fo fearful an alternativer ed but by some persons immediately the Greeks repair from all parts to focondemned to death and the public licit at Eleusis the pledge of happiness execration ; for the law is not satis there offered them. From the most fied with depriving them of life and tender age the Açhenians are admitconfifcating their goods, the remem ted to the ceremonies of initimion, and brance of their crime and punishment those who have never participated in must be preserved on a column expof- them request to be admitted to them ed to every eye:

before they die; for the menaces and Among all the mysteries instituted representations of the punishments of in honour of different divinities, there another life, which they had before reare none so celebrated as those of the garded as a subject of derifion, thea goddess Ceres; she herself, it is said, make the strongest impression on their appointed the ceremonies. While the minds, and fill them with fears, which traversed the earth in search of Proser are sometimes of the moft abje& kind. pine, who had been carried off by Pluto, Yet some enlightened perfons do The arrived in the plain of Eleufis, not believe that to be virtuous there and, pleased at the reception she met is any necessity for such an affociavith from the inhabitants, bestowed tion. Socrates would never be inition them two figoal benefits ; the art ated, and his refusal gave birth to fome of agriculture, and the knowledge of doubts concerning his religion. Diothe sacred doctrine. The lesser my genes was once advised, io my preferies, which serve as a preparation fence, to contract this facred engage to the greater, were instituted in fa- ment; but he answered : “ Paracion your of Hercules.

« the notorious robber obtained initia. But let us leave fach idle traditions “Lion; Epaminondas and Ageflaus to the vulgar, since it is of less import- " never solicited it; is it possible I ance to be acquainted with the au “ should believe that the former will thors of this religious system, than to “ enjoy the bliss of the Elyfian Fields, discover its object. It is affested that, “ while the latter Shall be dragged wherever it has been introduced by " through the mire of the internal the Athepians, it has diffused a spirit “ shades?” of union and humanity ; that it puri All the Greeks may claim to be fies the soul from its ignorance and admitted to initiation into the myfte. pollution; that it procures to the ini- ries, but the people of every other na. tiaced the peculiar aid of the gods, the tion are excluded by an ancient law. means of arriving at the perfection of I had been promifed that this law virtue, the serene happiness of a holy should be dispensed with is my be life, and the hope of a peaceful death half. I had in my favour the title of and endless felicity. The initiated citizen of Athens, and the powerful hall occupy a distinguished place in authority of examples. Bar' as it

world From “ Travels of Anacharfis the Younger, is Cre'.co."


would have been necessary that I should confecratd, the one to Ceres, and the have confined myself to observe cer- other to Prolerpine. I mention them, tain practices, and abstain from differ- ' because the priests of the temple only ent kinds of eatables, which might are permitted to fish in them, and behave laid me under a vilagreeable re cauic their water is falt, and made use straint, I contented myself with makof in the ceremonies of initiation. ing tone relearches concerning this Farther on, upon the bridge over inítitution, anu obtaining information a river wilich bears the nane vi leof various particulars relative to it, philus, like that which flows near Alwhich I may make known without thens, we were attacked with gris fear of incuring the gai't of perjury. jokes and pleasantries by great numI thail annex then to the account of bers of the populace, who wie al. the last journey that I made to Eieuis, sembled there, and who, during the on occasion of the picaier mylteries, fett:val, there take their (lation, is in which are an ilaily celebrated there a kind of ambuscade, to diveri the.]} -on the sea of the month Boedremi- felves at the expence of hole who

The festival of the letter myste- pass by, and efpecially the perfons of ries is lik-wite annual, and is oblery- mot eminence in the republic. Such ed six months before.

was the reception, as tradition relats, During the celebration of the for- which Ceres, on her arrival at Eleusis, mer, all judicial prosscutins are ric liere met with from an old goroully forbidien, nor iniw any tj. named Lanbe. zure be made on any deb'or artady At a Ima'l ditance from the fer, a condemned by the laws. In the dry large hill extends into the plan, from after the fcitival, the fenate makes a the north-weit to the south-east, on ftri&i inquiry into the conduct of these the brow-and eattern extremity of who are accused of having by acts of which Itands the famous tempie of riolence, or in any other manner, dis- Ccres and Proserpine. Under it is turbed the regularity of the cureno. the full town of Eleufi:. In the enpies; and it ibey are cuand guiliy virons, and on the billife'l, are seves they are cond-moed to death, or to ral lacied monuments, flich as chavels pay heavy fines. This severi'y is pers and aliars; and ricta individuais ot' haps neceffary to maintain order among Athens have here pleasant and beaufuch an immense multitude as is af uful vil,as. fembled at El ufis. Ia time of war,


tem;le, built under the admi. the Athen.ans lend deputies to all parts niftration of Pericles, of marble of of Greece, to off-s pallparts to those Peutesicus, on the rock itself, which who desire to attend at the festivals, Wis liveiled, fronts the e ft. It is ewhether they bave received initiation, qually vast and magnificent. It length, or only come as fpectators.

from north tu fuist', is about 384 icer, I departed for Eleutis, in company and its bruidih about 325. The iroit with fume friends, on the işth ot Bus ceiebrated artists were employed in its edronion, in the 2d year or ibu 109th cuoitruction and decoration, Olympiad. The gate by which we Among the matters of this temple leave Athens to go to Eleulis is aa'n there are fur principle ones.

The ed the Sacred gate, and the road which firit is the Hierophant: his nime fig. leads thither, the Sacred way. The niesie wbo reveals the farr. d things; distance is about ten ftadia. Aficr and his principal function is to in'iihaving crossed a rather high hill, which are into the nysteries. He appears is covered with laurel roles, we enter- in a distinguished robe, his head doined the territory of Eleusis, and arrive ed with a diadem, and his hair Howing ad on the banks of two small streams, on his shoulders. His age must be Vol. XIV. No, 83.


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