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"It is difficult, even for - a capital gating the Laws of Transition; thre " painter, to preserve in a copy of he has in mort init:nces fucceled very " pi&ture all tlie case and spirit of the happilv, we believe mol of bis read.

original; yet the painter einploys , ers will allow; and erery lover of po“ precisely the same colours, and has lite lite are:re must own their poliga“ no other care than faithfully to imi- tions to him for his successful delinca"state the touch and mander of the tion of the principles of an agrecabl: “ piure that is before him: if the o and useful, though too much despised, "riginal is easy and gracefal, the copy art. « will have the same qualities, in pro. " portion as the iinitation is, juit and “perfect. The translator's talk is

2. Perrs, by . Aikin, M. D. creve « tery different : he uses not the ame. o 6:0. Pi'. 136. 35.6. tcards " colours with the original, but is ?C

Juauloi 1791. quired to : ve his pi&ture ibe failie e force and effcct. He is not allowed Ixicse el. gaat poems we have an " to copy the touches of the original, example of the tappa efet of the u

yet is required, by touches of his nion of sound jument, corriet tate,

owa, to produce a perfect refemb. and extensive knowledge, with peisa "lance. The more he ftudies a scrue cal talents. While the author disco. "pulous imitation, the less bis copy vers, through the wyle, that viçout 6 will reflect the ease and spirit of the of imagination, and delicacy of frel. « original. How the ball a traniti- ing, which are te foul of poetry, his “tor accompli.hthis ditlicul union of good sene ani nice perception of pro: sease with Gdelity? To use a bold, priety exclude frunt's productions " expresion, he must adopt the very every th ng pustile, extravagant, ut "fuul of his author, which rufreak incingruous; his diligent obfervation through his own organs.”

of nature adorns his poems with new Illustrations in a limilar manner with and b autiful inages ; and his colargthe foregoing are given of this rule, ed vi ws and literal firit corich there and a number of very jult remarks with just and nobie femimens. „The are made on the translation of idioma- volume contains pieces in many dintre tic phrases. Subscquent to those we

ent clafles of poetical compofiion, in have an agreeable differtation on the each of which the auctior his acquire belt tranflations of Don Quixote, and red him. If lucectfully; every where a comparison of Snoller's with thut by writing chical : urry of longaage Mortaus, in which proper justice is with barmoiry of vir Glication, done to the Jatier.

In the laft chapter of the flav, we neer with some excellent remarks on 3. Debates in the General i fenolf Voltaire ; particularly his tranflations the Ciarch -fS: stland, on tuking int's fru.m Shakefpeare and Hindibras, and confideration an Overture from 41 the p:culiar character of his wife A

burgh epeling the mind Freoch traoflation of Hudibras is men. 27, 179€.

T. qu'ich is aduce 4 tioned, and specimens of it are giver, Speech of Lird Landaun on scafrom wbich it appears indeed to be exe fioral Conformity, 1791. 8vo. Pp.81. cated in a very masterly manner, pre

.-Pridden. 1791: serving the spirit and manner, as well as the fenfe, of a very difficult original. In these debates, the several que

Such is the plan pursued by the in- tions relative w the Telt AA are genious author of the olay, in iavelli ably and candidly discuif.d. Wolc


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the supporters of the overture are so. ration of the Test Ad, they are parii. licitous for exempting the members of cularly cautious not to blend their the Cijurch of Scotland from the ope. Cause with the Dilsenters in England.

Artful Villainy brought to Light: a Chinese Tale. The female city thang

manis or THERE was in the dynasty of Ming, in fell into a great passion at these words,

“ You rascal you,” said he to him, “ how of Ouentcheou, in the province of Tchiekia dare you talk to me in this manner ?” Upon ang, a scholar whose name was Quang, and this, without confidering he was a man in Grname Kie, and whose title of honour was years, he gave him a hearty push, and Ouenhoa. He had married a lady called threw him down : the fall was violent, inLieou, who alone poffefTed his whole affec- fomuch that the poor wretch lay without ţion; he had no other child but one daugh- fenfe or motion, To say thę truth, one ter: thus the whole family confiited of ought never to be in a paslion, especially three perfons, besides faves arid domestics. with people who get their livelihood by Though he was noç rich, yet he lived in a dealing in trifles : a mite or two can never hantfome manner, and study was his whole be worth hagling about ; and yet it is very eraployment'; he had not yet taken a de common to see servants heltering them. gres, but he was in quest of that honour; felves under their matters, who are often end in order to attain it hç lived in retire- brought into trouble by that means ; ! but mant, constantly taking up his time with prudent persons give such ftrict orders, that books, and not fufpending his labour on any all inconvenienciesof this kind are prevented. account, unleis now and then to visit two It is very, certain, Ouang should have of three friends, who niutually communi- been more moderate ; for want of this, he çated their productions to each other. As committed a great fault, and he was severefar the lady Licou, she was a model of vir- ly punished for it, as will appear hereafter. tue; ihc was witty, diligent, frugal, and As soon as ever he saw the stranger fall at industrious; and these two persons of fo a- his feet without notion, and almost with priable a character lived together in a per, out life, he was feized with extreme dread, fect union.

which foon difiipated the fumes of wire: he One afternoon, about the latter end of went his allikance, and cried out for the spring, in' charming weather, a friend help; they carried the man half dead into or two came to draw him from his books, the hall : as he yet discovered no sign of with a design to take a walk in the fields. life, they poured into him a little hot tea, Quang, invited by the sweetness of the sea- which recovered him from the swoon. fon, was willing to take a little diversion, Ther Ouang asked his pardon, and treated and he and his company went and regaled him with excellent wine, giving him fomethemselves, dránk feveral bumpers, and so thing to eat, to renew his strength; after parted..

which he made him a present of a piece Quang coming near his own house, found of stuff to make money of. two fervants at the door, who were in a treatment foon turned his resentment into great passion with a man in the street: this joy, which he testified by a thousand thanks; Latter lived at Hou-tchcou, and was called after which he took his leave, and he made Liu; he had a basket in his hand full of the best of his way to the side of a river, ginger, which he fold: the servants pre- which it was necesary to pass before it was tended he had made them pay too dear for dark. If Ouang could possibly have forethe quantity he had given then': the deal- seen what would happen, he would have er, on the other hand, said they would urged the stranger to a longer ftay, and wrong him, if they with-held a single mite. maintained him for the two following Quang hating learned the cause of the difc months = this bofpitality would have preference, turned towards the dealer, and fait, vented the crolles which he afterwards met

You are very weli paid; go about your with : his conduct may afford a good leffor, bafiness, and don't make such a noise at my which is expressed in this proverb, We door.” The dealer, who was a plain honest throw a gülden niet with both bands, and catch a min, replied with his usual freedom, “It is bundred misfortunes. Ouang no fuoner saw not possible for us finall traders to bear the that he was gone, but he entered into the kuaf lofs; and it is very ill done in you, inner part of his house, and rejoiced with who ought to have a great and generous his wife that he was só foon got rid of fo foul, to be so hard with us poor people." tronblesome an affair : as it was night, the Duang, who was a little heated with wine, Lady Licou called her Naves, and ordered Hh VOL. XIV. No. 81.


This good

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them to serve in fupper: Me began with the body in some place or other while it giving her husband a draught of hot wine to continues dark. Upon this he takes a purse recover him from his fright; he had al- of filver, amounting to about twenty taels, ready regained his fpirits, and his heart was and returning intily to the waterman, at rest, when he heard a suddeu knocking Mafter, said he, I hope you will keep the leat the door. He was seized with a new cret, and I will ittruit you with thewhole afr'read, and taking a lamp, went hasily to fair : I must own I had a hand in this unforfea what was the matter; he found a inan tanate balmess, but more thro' imprudence called Tcheou-se, nraster of the ferry-boat than malice ; we are both satives of Ouenby which they crofled the river ; hc hud in cheou, and I fitter myself that you will his han, a piece of stuff, and the merchant's ale me like a fellow citizeri : would your basket. As soon as he perceived Quang, họ ruin me for the love of a franger; whit said with a wild look, What a dreadiul affair advantage can you gain by it? is not it betyou have fallen into! you are absolutely ter to huih up this afair? if you wil, my joit. What! a icholar like you to kill a poor achomwledginint Mall be proportionable to trader! This was like a clap of thunder re the benefit received froin years; take thea the unfortunate Ouang: what is it that you the comple, and throw it into one hy-place ; say, replied he trembling? Don't you know the darknets of the night favours our design what I mean, an'wered I'chcou-fe? I fire without its coining to the knowledge of any rose you know this stutt and this baiket. porfor whatever. Wha: place can I chufe, Yes, I do, faid he; a dealer in ginger belvag- replied the winter-nlain? if by chance any ing to Hou-tcheou, came to my housú, and frould discover the mystery to-morrow, and hat this piece of stuff of me tomily, and there mould be a search for the criminal, this baiket in which he carried his ginger. they will look upon me as an accomplice in How did they fall into your hands? It was the murder, and by doing you fervie I almost night, said 'Tcheou-le, wiien a nan fhall equaliy involve myself in this trouble. of Hou-echeo, called Liu, wanted a pufare fone-asfair. You know very weii, faid in my hoat ; he was hardly got in beiore lic Ovarig, the fepulchre of my father is very complained of a violent pain in his brealt, near; and is a place not at all frequented; v:hich reduced him to the lat extrenuty; besides, the night is very dark, and there is then telling me it was the effect of blows no fear of meeting one foul by the way; which you gave him, he put the basket and te then so kind as to fetch the carcase from ftur into my hands : there will be a proof your boat. This is a likely method, replic! when you prosecute this afair, which I the waterman, but what will you pay me conjure you to do: for this reason, go to for the service? Then Ouang touk' the Houtcheou as soon as you can to acquaint purse and gave it to the waterman, who, my relations, and pray them to revenge my finding by the weight that it was not very

cause with the life of rim who doprived confideratie, Iowv? faid ke, with a scornme of mine : when those words were end- ful air, bere is a murder in the case ; and ed he cxpired; his body is still in the boat, you think to get out of the fcape fer fo which I llave brought into your port at the fuxii a ium : It was my good fortune that crtrartce of the river: you may examine conencted this man to my boar; Baven into the afair yourself, and so take proper has given me an oppottanity of changing measures for your fufcty. At this relation my condition for a better, and you would Cuang was só full of terror he could not pule me off with fo littk; this business is freak one word, his heart was agitaied like worth at least a hundred tauls. Ouar, that of a fawn who is hemmed in on all who was very eager to gitril of the dailfides

, and fecks on all Iides a pafluge toeger as foon as pouille, durit rot contradict frape hy. At kngth coming to himleif, he him; he fignified by a mol shat be accep endeavoured to discmble the confufiun ke ted the condition, and immediady went was in : what you relate, fail he boldiy, into the house, where he hallily topk ile cannot possibly be : however he ordered a remainder of his fitver, together with hafervant to go privately to the bark, and ex- bits, his wife's jewe, and such like thin amine if what he had said was true : the and returned Speerlily to ofier all to Tchouw fervant returned very fpeedily, and allured 1, telling him that what he hroughe . him that the dead body was certainly there, 'mounted to about fixty caels, which is Quang was a man of an irrcfolute niind, all thai his circunstances wouli permit hira and could not fee very far into tranf- to give, and he befunght him to be conartions; he goes back into the house, tented therewith in effect Tcheon-fe a noit out of his wits, and told his wife freined to be mollified; I will no!, said he, what he had just heard : It is quite over over-rate the inisfortune, but as you are a with me, cried he, I am a los man, the man of letters, I hope hereafter you will frorm is ready to burit over my head, nor have a regard for me, Quang beg.w to be do I know any remedy for my inisfortune, revived from this nioment, and becarne a palvis I can bribe the waterman to coin cul little cady: hu get a collation for the watci

dear for your


man, and while it was preparing fent two difficulty, greatly bruised with the strokes Haves for foveis and mattocks; the name he had received, and crawled to his room as of one of the two was Hou; he was a well as he could. There, full of rage, and brutal fellow, for which reason he had the debating with hin:self like a madman; Cruel Surname of Hou the Tiger. The company maker, said he, you


pay fet out foon aster; and when they were brutality. I'd be revenged for this. Then, come over against the sepulchre, they cbore after he had confidered a moment, I need à place that was soft and easy to dig, where go far, fays he, to seck for an opportunithey made a grave and buried the carcase; £y, it is near at hand, and I will not let it after which they returned to the house. llip; as foon as my wounds are healed, you However, this labour took up the greatest shall know what I can do, I hall teach you, part of the night, and the day begun t-according to the old proverb, Whether it is break before they came home : after break the buckit hung by the rope that goes down fafting, the waterman took luis, leave. Ovang into the well, or whether it is the water (ent away his servants, an I went into his out of the well falls into the bucket. wife's apartment to bewail their misfortune. As Quang was, walking in his gallery, Is it posible, cried he, that a man of my one day, he obierved a company of officers profeftion, and of fo aicient a family, enter. who put a cord about his neck, and thbuld be reduced to submit to a wretch to carried him away to the Mandarin. in vain whom, upon any other occafion, I should did he plead he was one of the learned, and not condescend to fpeak? At these words deferved better treatment. When he came he shed a flood of tears. His wife cndea- to the tribunal, he perceived his llave was voured to mitigate his forrosv, faying, Instead become his accuser, and immediately conof murmuring as you do, praise heaven that jectured it proceeded from revenge. The has protected you in this misfortune ; com- Mandarin accosted lin thus, You are a. pofe yourfell for rest as well as you can, for cused of having killed a merchant of Houyou have need of it alter the troubles and tchcou; what do you say to the accusation? fatigues of the night. Ouang followed her Sif, replied Ovang, yon are the reprefentaadvice, and went to bed. As for the water- tive of right:ous heave!), do not liten in the man, he fold his boat, and with the money 'caluninies of this wretch. My accuser is the scholar had given him opened a fhop, one of n.y Naves viliom I catched in a fault, and applied himself to trade.

and for which I feverviy corrected him, and The common saying is true, that mise in revenge he has formed a design to ruin fortunes ride post, and succeed one another : Hou the tiger, thaihing his forehead aThe daughter oi 02ng whom I mentioned gainst the ground, Sir, as you act in heaven's before, entered on her third year, when Itead, I conjure you not to regard what this fhe was attacked with the small pox of a learned perion has said, who has an excellent malignant fort; they praved heartily for talent at counterfeiting. It is easy to clear their only daughter, and procured the best up this matter; search, and you will find the physicians to come to her alliance: the bones of the murdered perton in his fupalparca:s spent days together, weeping byhur c?re. bedfire at length they learnt that there The Mandarin gave orders to search the was a phylcian in the city called Siu, great- fepuichre, and the bones were found. The ly experienced in these distempers, and who crime is plain, says the Mandarin, and was had faved a great muinber of children tut going to put Onang to the torture, when he were given over. Quang wrote a very prof. made this defence : “ It is plain thete are fing letter, and gave it to Hou the Tiger, " the bones of a perfon murdercul long ago, his lave, charging him to nake all pollibe “ why did not my accufer appear again ne hafl.; but Ilu did not return home till « sooner? I le bas procured this skeivion to Dxt day at noon. The Dave Ropt at a “ fix the calumny upon me." But Houru. panlic honte, where he got drunk, and re- plied, " It is true, this perton was killed long turning home told his master the physician ago, and I have connived at it too longtras not at home, and that he waited for "I hoped my maiter would have correcs him all day to no purpose; which greatly “ his passionate teniper, but lie is growing ang nemet the father's grief. Some day's every dey more brutal, and I was afraid I t' creafter the father discovered the trick by fhould bave at lait kared the fame fate : means of some of the domestics. At this “-But let his fervants and neighbours be now, Ouang being transported with anger, “ fent for, and they will títify concernin called the rest of his slaves : Be quick, laid « this afair." They were accordingly via he, take this rascal, and lay him outie dered to appear, and they declared, that 3ground, and give him fifty hearry blaus bout a year ago, Ourg bear a dealer in ginwith a bartoon, and be sure to ky them ger till he fainted away, brt he came to banulonrely on. When the correction was funnfelí again, and we know not what hapover he withdrew, full of grief, into his a- perelaterwards. This truck Ouarg 10, sertment. The lave got up with great that he contradicted himfelt is his exuinina

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tion, and he was ordered to be bastinadoed. “ The waterman Tchcou-se brought a drad Immediately two lusty fellows belonging to body to our door, and produced the barkes the Tribunal leized the scholar, threw him " and the piece of stuff that we gave you, down, and laid on him twenty ftrokes of laying, that you had delivered it to him the battoon. This had such an impresion " as a proci you was killed by my husband. upon Quang, whose conftitution was tender “ We prevailed on him by money to conceal and delicate, that he made no feruple of con " it, and he affitted in burying the dead bofelling whatever they pleased. The Man dy. But about a year thereafter, Hou indarin said, It is no longer a doubt that you “ formed against his master at the tribunal, deserve to dię, yet as no friends of the mur “ and by torture ny husband was obliged dered person appear to demand justice, your “to confess all, in confequence of which he execution thall be delayed for foine time “ was cait into a dungeon where he itill Quang was conducted into a dungeon, and “ lies." the slaves, returning home, acquainted their At the Lady Lieou's relation, Liu vioLady with all the traníactions. She fainted lently beat his breaft. " Ah, madam," faid away for some time, and when she came to he, “ is it pollible there thould be a man herself, she made the neighbourhood echo

“ under heaven capable of fo black an acwith her cries. Her grief being somewhat « tion. When I left you last year, I went abated, she dressed herself in another habit, “ directly to the bark to cross the river. and set forward, with what silver she could “ The waterman seeing the piece of stuff in command, with one of her flaves following “my hands, der anded where I had i. her; he crossed the city, and came to the “ Having no fufpicion of bis villainous des gate of the prison, where obtaining en. “ fign, I informed him, that being thrown trance, she gave her husband the money to “ down by your husband, and lain fome distribute to the jailor and keepers, that they “ time senseless, I was afterwards kindly enmight treat him with more mildness during « tertained, and received the piece of ftuff his confinement. For fix months Quang led “ as a present. He defired me to fell it to this folitary life in a dungeon, which pro “ him, which I did; he desired likewife my duced a distemper that was likely to baffle « bamboo basket, which I gave him for my all the physicians art; and which filled his paffage, but could any one have guefied Lady's heart with grief. While she was " the horrid villainy intended ?" My wholly taken up with the distress and me “good friend,replied the Lady," I could lanchaly situation of her husband, the fer “ not be certain before I spoke to you, that vants in the lower part of the bouse faw a “ the accusation against my husband was a man, advanced in vears, enter, carrying a forgery; but where had he the dead hopresent, and asking for the master the “ dy?" Liu, having considered a moment, house. When they had looked at him a faid, “ I now recolled, that while I was in little, they ran all off crying, “ A ghoft! A " the boat, I saw a dcad body float near the ghost!” The stranger took hold of one of • bank of the river; which I suppose he them by the arm as he was running off, and « has used for his diabolical purpose ; but Said, “ Are you all mad, why do you mis $ in this affair there is no time to lofe.” take me for an apparition ?" The lady, hear. The Lady took the present, ordered dinner, ing the noise, came hastily out to see what and set out for the Mandarin's palace, atwas the matter. The good old man ad- tended by her slaves, and followed by the vanced, and made her obeisance, saying, you old man. have doubtleis forgot the old man of Honi She informed the Mandarin of all that tcheou called Liu, who dealt in.ginger ; had contributed to her husband's difgrace, tis 1 myself, and I hall always have a grates and ended with saying, that this

was the ful remembrance of your husband's enter very dealur in ginger her husband was actainment, and the present he made me of a cused of killing The Mandarin having piece of stuff. I have now brought fodre heard her attentively, made Liu draw near trifles from my own country, that I take the in his turn to be examined. Liu related the liberty to make you a prefent of. I cannot beginning and end of the difpure in which comprehend what could induce your people he was hurt by the fall : he explained the to take me for an apparition? One of the manner in which he was prevailed upon to domestics who lay fnug in a corner called sell the piece of stuff, and gave entire fatis out, “ Madam, take heed what you do, for faction to all the questions that were asked he has certainly assumed this fantastic body him." But (faid the Mandarin) has not to embroil your asfairs, and complete my “this woman prevailed upon you by money natter's deftrudion! The Lady Lieou fic “ to give this evidence ?” Liu, striking his lenced the servant, and addressing herself to forehead against the ground, immediately the Branger, said, “As far as I can compre- replied, “ Such a trick is impracticable; !

hend, there is no reason to believe you am a merchant of Hou-tcheou, and have

have risen from the dead ; but my husband « traded in this city for feveral years; I am s has sufiored greatly on your account. " known by a great number of perfons

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