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bat it is of a kind which does not an level haughs with three galloways and {wer the purposes of the clo hicr. four or fix small oxen, and even The

country, frorn Brechin 10 some of them with ten kyloes in a Montrose, is of an excellent foil, and plough. is kept ia very good order. The The cloth business is bur in its inmode of husbandry is apparently very fancy at Aberdeen, but is advancing judicious. The linen" manufacture tatt.. The wool is got from the south alfo is very flourishing; there being, borders of Scotland and the north of I was informed, at least nine millions En, land; as they find the wool which of yurds of linen made annually in grows in the neighbourhood does not the county of Angus,

answer either for cloth or worsted I found myfulf very much difap- Atuffs. pointed on getting to Glen-Eik, or From Aberdeen to Ellon there are Loch-lie, as it is likewise called, very few or almost no theep, and what where I had been male io expect are kept are of a mixed kind. wuol of a very great tineness. So From Portfoy to Elgin very few far from there being any particular theep ari k pt at present, owing to the breed of sheep in these parts, bearing improvement of the land, and the great wool of a very superior quality, I quantity of trees planted. I thould found that the Theep wire nolly of think the Bakewell or Leicestershire the Liron or Tweed-dale breed. breed very fit for the coait fide, where

The wool of the black faced, or the ground is improved, as probably Linton flice, is moitly call fold white there always will be a ready market or uniaid, and gives frum-eight to ten for combing wool to make worsted Shilings a fton, which requires eight stuffs and stockings, in that neighbour. of ten ficeces. The wool of the hood. I: is hardly to be credited mixed grey fácid breed gives a better how muci. the great proprietors on priçe, about thirteen tailliags ; but this coait, in particular the Duke of than it requires fixteen or eighteen Gordon, Lord Fife, and Lord FindBeeces to mke a stone. The markets later, might improve the ralue of their ar: Brechin and Montrole.

property, by introducing proper breeds There are about four or five score of theep, calcola ed either for the hilly, of goats kept in Glan-Ek, and I or the cultivated parts of their eftates. chink, they mi, h keep a geat nany

From Elgin to Namn the sheep are more to advantage, as there are se all of the fwall kind, and very few are yeral bills where sheep catinot feed, kept (not above forty score in all) as being fo exceedingly craegy:

the land is inoftly in tillage or plantThe sheep in Glen Muick are much ed. Several of the heep on this part the fime as these in Glen Esk, bcing of the couft have very little wool, parmoitly of the Linton brces, bought ticularly before, probably owing to the in the spring and autumn, and fold, ;overy of their food. Mr Brodie of when four year old, to the Dundee, Brodie, about half way between For. Perili, and Aberdeen butchers for ses and Nairn, has begun to cross his thirteen or four een millings a-head. Theep wi'h a large rup, but the pasture The other sheep are a cross between a seems better calculated for a small small breed, which they call the white brezd. thecp, and the Linton or Tweed-dale From Tain I crossed over into Sg. breed.

therland; the feep kept upon the It is very common here to see the eall coalt in that country are very Small cer, ans, who, I suppose, do not small, and of the same kind'as thote pay uponan average above scvep or eight in the saires of Rofs and Cromany. pounds a year, ploughing upon fine They have the fame pernicious critom


there, as they have almost universally The whole of that part of the counto the north of the Frith of Forth, of try seems well calculated for sheep housing the sheep at nig!it. Toey sell having plenty of heath, moss, and ling, their wedders at, from six w cight with a mixture of fie grass ; but notShillings, and the ewes and lambs from withstanding these advantages, it has four to la shillings a head. It would in general a great want of hay. Sheep, take a long time for a person to alcer- however, are hardly ever known to taio exacily what number of theep is want hay in that ne ghbourhood, as kept on that part of the coast, as thire the foow seldom lies long on the are between iwo and three hundred ground. {mail tenan's who keep frori ten to Froin Inverness to Aviemore the twenty, and some about thirty sheep ground is very high, and almost eneach, and only cwo or three who keep tirely covered with heath. The sheep above five score. What wool is fold are very smail, of the fame kind with there they fell at twelve !hillings a there I have so of:en mentioned. ftone. It takes from eighteen to Sirathspey, on the whole, and partitwenty fleeces to the ftone.

cularly Sir James Grant's estates, seem The theep in Caithness are in ge. to be well adap'ed for sheep farming: . neral of the same fort with those in From Aviemore to Pitmain the Sutherland, and managed in the same sheep and ground are much the same as manner. There has been ng trial between Inverness and Aviemore. made in that county to improve the There is a place near Pemain, called breed of heup, except art Thurso Caftle, Glen Filhey, where there were once where there are some sheep brought very fine wocled sheep, but they are from England by Sir John Sinclair, nuw quite adulterated, owing to the These are of the Hereford!hire breed, crossing with the black faced kind. 2nd have thriven well, and produce A few years ago, a gentleman fruint

London applied to M M Lean of I saw almost the whole of the coun- Cluny, near Pirmain, to fee if he could ty of Caithness, and I think there are procure him a few of the old breed, very few places in it fit for keeping but none could be found. heep, the ground being either in til.. The wedders in general fell for lage or naturally very wet. The mult from 135, {0 16s. and the ewes from likely places belides Sanfide, are the 75. 10 gs. the markets are chietly Glashills of Yarrows, and the estates of gow and Penth. The foall kinds f Langwell and Lathron-wheel. The the:p fell from 75. 10 gs. and the ewes two forner are the property of Sir from 45. to 6s. a head. The wh'te John Sinclair of Ulbfter, the latter, wool unwahid sells for ros. 2. itone, of Mr Dunbar of Hemprigs.

and the laid fir Froin Bighouse I went to the west The whole of ihe ground from Pit. point of Sutler'aod, as far as Cape- main to a few miles bilux Blair ið wrath, where the land seems to be to, Aviol is much of the fame quality, lerably well calculated for theep, but ani the fhep and uvelikewise, exthere are very few kept at prelept, and cering large flock Lelonging to the what they have are either of the small Duke of A ho!, which are improved kind or a mix: ure of these with the by a cross, fome years ago, with a Cula black faced ones.

From Durness I crossed over, by The wool of these sheep last year the head of Lochnaver, to Col nii fold at Aberdeen fir about 125. and Baillie's of Rose-Hall, who has let à 125. 60 a-stone large theep farm, which seems to an. The wool and the p of the other {wer very well.

farms in this part of the country are


good wool.


Tey tup.

principally of the black faced fort.- out any change, except what has pite The wool went mostly to Yorkshire cedea from constant attention to good last year. I was informed by a perfon crosies among themfelves, by chuling from the neighbourhood of Hawick, the beft rams, and the best breeding who has a form betweea Dalwhinnie ewes with regard both io carcase and and Dalnacardoch, (which is capable fineness of wool. of keeping berween three and four But it would be needless for any thousand Thecp), that the whole of person to lay out money either in buyo that country will feed more stock than ing or io breeding shiecp of a good a stranger would imagine lv Inoking kid, from these parts, without having at it ; and it was asserted by people thepherds to take the charge of themi who have lived in that country for as the people in the north are in genera thirry or forty years, that they never al extr=mely ignorint in this importremember any considerable quantity ant branch of husban try. of fngw lying above fix or eight weeks I have now given a faithful account at the utmost, and that they would i of every thing relative to the sheep of magine their sheep were in danger of the north which occurred to me, and þeing loft, if they were obliged to give feemed vor hy of notice, in the course them hay,

of a journey of about 8yo miles, which

I took purposely to make enquiries ont From all that I have fren in the the fubje&t. It has been my earneft North, and from my long knowledge with to forward the patriotic views of both of the quality of the soil and pa- the Society as much as lay in my powe Iture, the climate, and the nature of er; and I shall fest myselé much gratia the theep in the hills of Tivicedale and fred, if my humble é deavours fhall Northuniberland, I am convinced that merit any ihare of its honourable apa in the Highlands where theip can be probation. At the fame time, I must kept at all, there is no part where the bug that my inexperience in writing true bred while-faced sheep would not may be considered as an apology for answer as well as either the small bo, the many errors in this report; and died or the coarse wooled kinds. The I shall be happy to have it in my pow. difference of profit between these forts er to fati fy any for her inquiries that is greatly in favour of the south coun. may be thought neceffary. The foort fry, white-faced fheep. Their wool time allotted for my joutney, througă is worth 205. a-ftone when white, a valt eract of bad roads, and at an uns which, on an average, requires oily favourable seafun of the year, has like. nine fleeces ; and when falved sells wife obliged me to be les ainute to from 155. 6d. to 16s. which requires my inquiries than I could have willifeven and a half Hecces to the stone of ed. Buc; during the whole time ip-nt jwenty-four Eng:ish pounds ; while on this expedition, I have never for a some of the other kinds take from moment loft fight of the obje&ts of in. twenty to wenty-four fleece's to the quiry which were printed out to me, fone, which only sells for 155. The nor neglected any opportunity that us carcase also of the whre-faced sheep curred of procuring information. i greatly superior in weight, particu The refult of the whole furvey is; Jarly in the fore quarrer, which is a that no time should be loft in change great object to the butcher. This va- ing, as rapidly and completely as polInable breed, so far as I know, or cver lible, not only in the northern Highcoolt learn, is only to be found on lands, but also in every part in Scotthe range of hills which divide Scotland, where theep farming ought to land from England ; and have been prevai, he black-faced, and brookedkept there from time immemorial with: faced breeds of sheep, for the red


white faced Tiviot jale, or Souch bor- parts of the Cuquet and Reid Wa. der breed,

Icrs in Nrthumberland. The white faced Meep are equally As no doubt can be entertained of Jardy with the black faced. Loot the prop išty of extending the beit this altert on serely as natter of brecis of theep through the difirent. opinions for about oiree years ago, a paris of Scotland, which are capabis fair trial was made bew:en thefe two of supporting that very useful, ani kinds of deco on the Lammermoor even de :estary animal ; it my perhas nills, at Bure Cleugh, .7 miles east of be expelled that I thould point out, Vorton; and, notwithita.viing that such izho's us are, in my opinion the black faced the were hr. dupan belt calciated for itut debuble para she faim, and the white faced theap pole. There are, no doubt, nitný were brought from a great ditince gen lemen in the Sociery berice abië asıl kad su be perpetually herded to to draw up schemes for this end than kecep them on the ground, (utich is I a:n, especially with the facts which worear ijary to lhe -p by difturbing. Iwe torniih d relatiše o the breedte ben, ans portealing vem red puta e, and climate of the distri ing):hey proved bareribsn the block througdo what hive gone in suy lilia inced ones in the courk of 2 year. rey; but the following hin's may be -Year

I ad fome of the fame of larue (rvice in the formation of kind of shite ficed iheep, which were such a plaa. only wintered on the Lanautincot Tinire are țwo ways by which th's hi's. Wheo logs, fos pls. a-h anda end 1849 pollibly be accomplished

Tuis impostas circumstance of the 1. By furnizing the breedcr- of laeep equal hardiness of she whice facrd in the north with proper rains, at the breed being ableridiard, there cannot expence of the Socieig, and under the Tamain a doux of their fuperiority in inlpection of proper persons appointed al clier selo.03. Thicis tirequarters at the ne ellery ditions forth u puspoli; &c.confiderably heavier, in p:oportion 01;2. Byencouragicg the brcedersto titre te rest of the carcalethan caule of niid themselves with san vi the bit the black or brooked faced Mey; and kind, to be printed out by the Sucea indeed the whole carcate is hariro ty, givint premians accurding to cios fo that the Auch, which ein bichel Comitanies. I th41 iako notice of 0.F 21 Juully, is fure so bang, a larger bucir of th-se moles, and ; oint our price. Th:7. vuo!, quo, is grearly s far as I'am able, the aisantes Cuer, and wil lailat it much higher and disadvantages atiend og bork. pric: peritone. Besides, each desce In the firit place, ihe Soci cymys ni ile sh te ficed kind is a good deal paradife Tarr3 of the kind houit teavier, and coefequently in eos the microper for improving the br et. animal warmer than either of the o of them in the Bonths and let centrum ther kuids, I am convinced aito, from out w lire to diferent broede is in ali har I kaqw or can learn oa ke certaia ditriet, u ler the investi luzject, tha.. the white faced sheep neis o proper peuple chofen in the leveral ther tequire a burier pattu.e, no more difi&: for ihat parpole, und und od is

foco regulations as might be thought Tacle truc bred white ficed sheep conducive to the en ls of the societies are only to be pot or she burders of By this plao, it woud be requisise :) Scodant and England, namely, ja kaox pretty nearly the virsber of the parishes of Hougass, Cxtratët, ewes before huur in cachi ditrice Dibuite and Jadbergh ia the coun dar a concretii nunt of rams, for v. of Busbuish, and the uport che intended cumbia of ches, raight

VOL. XI. No. 3i.

be previously provided. As this ne. districts, through which I have gone ceffary preliminary is almost impof- in my late northern furvey, fible to be ascertained, the conse About the Lomond hills; for quence would be, that, in fome dif- tho’ at present the farmers there do not sies, a greater number of rams would breed any sheep, yet they might be be provided by the Society than was induced to turn their attention that ArceTory, and a consequent heavy and way, if tbe advantages to be derived unneceffary charge incurred, without from this practice were properly pointany equivalent advantage. In other ed cu to ttrcm. diftri&ts, on the coatrasy, the num 2. In the north part of Fife, from ber of rams might greatly fall shost of which, I have formerly faid, the farwhat was wanted for the purposes of mers about the Lomonds are chiefly. the surroundiog farnis; by this nieavs supplied with young sheep for grazing many would be disappointed, and on their farnis. their zeal for improvement, checked 3. About the Tent moors, or parish in its rise, might not cably be reco- of Icuchars on the cast coast of Fies vert d.

4. In Glen-Effig in the county

of Another inconvenience which would Furfa.. uravoidably aucnd this plan is, that 5. On the banks of the Dee, bethe persons to whom the rems in the tween Abergeldie and Aberd: en. diftiict were en rulled would natural. 6. Betweca Surichen and Banff. ly prefer obeir own ewes, if they have 7. In loine of the districts of Banffy any, to those of their neighbours; Elgin and Nain. and would be apt to thew favour, as 8, In Cromaityshire. friendship or interest might prompt 9.

In the diftricts of Ross fire them. This too would occasion dils near Tain. appoir.iments, jealousies, and even op 10. In the east coast of Sutherland. position to the views of the Society · 11. In the southern parts of Caithe in those who found the ewes of others ness. preferred to their own. .

12. In the neighbourhood of ThurAnother itrong objection to this fo. plan is, that it will be attended with 13. Ar Tongue,' in Sutherlands a certain, though a small expence, to 14. About Cape-Wrach. ibose, firmers who triployed the So 13. Near Lochnayer. cely's rair:s with, in their opinion, at 16. About Invernois. the hell, only a very uncertain profe 17. Near Aviemore. piece of advantage; and is contrary to 18. Near Dalwhinnie. alihe prejudice they entertaid rispect 19. In Athol. ing the kirds of deep leit adapted 20. Among the Ochil hülls for their own hills.

There are some of the principal The persons allo, who might be in places where such a páin would retrofted by the Society with the care of quire that pro;er bruod sanis should thefo rams, would exped to be paid be fitioned, though these are doubt. for their keeping, and far ibu trouble less a great number of qrher places in which itey mig'it have in fuperintends the same track of coundry, which my ing the execution of the plan. limited time did pot permit me to vise » :: On these grou: ds, herefore, I aed a vast variety of others in all the Thould be inclined to prefer endeavour. 'other districts of Scotlaed, where ing to muse the spirit of improvement the fame would be equaily neceffary. by premiums. If, however, the So. The other plan of promoting the ciety should think otherwife, I lould improvement of the bred by giving beg' leave to mention the following premiums to the farmers for procurftations as the most cenurical and belt ing, enuploying, and hiring our procalculated for placing tups, in those per rams, would, in my opinion, be

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