The dukes of Normandy, from the times of Rolls to the expulsion of king John

Harvey and Darton, 1839 - 393 páginas

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Página 142 - The ground whereon you are going to lay this man is mine ; and I affirm that none may in justice bury their dead in ground which belongs to another. If, after he is gone, force and violence are still used to detain my right from me, I APPEAL TO ROLLO, the founder and father of our nation, who, though dead, lives in his laws. I take refuge in those laws, owning no authority above them.
Página 52 - Littleton (i), to be but tenure in socage : and it is where the king or other person is lord of an ancient borough, in which the tenements are held by a rent certain...
Página 52 - ... where the right of election is by burgage tenure, that alone is a proof of the antiquity of the borough. Tenure in burgage, therefore, or burgage tenure, is where houses, or lands which were formerly the site of houses, in an ancient borough, are held of some lord in common socage, by a certain established rent.
Página 21 - If a party were assaulted, or any trespass committed on his property, he thrice repeated the word haro, and all who heard it were bound to come to his assistance. If the wrong-doer escaped, the cry was repeated from district to district throughout the whole duchy till he was apprehended : so that this system made every citizen a constable, and rendered escape almost impossible.
Página 103 - Chron. de Normandie, p. 226. Roberti de Monte, Appendix, ad Sigebertum, apud Script. rer. Gallic., xi. 168. * Id. ib. They came from Maine and Anjou, from Poitou and Brittany, from France and Flanders, Aquitaine and Burgundy, from the Alps and the banks of the...
Página 340 - The first figure in the tapestry is that of a king seated on a throne, with a crown on his head, and a sceptre in his hand, and appearing to speak to two men who are standing before him.
Página 128 - ... spoke some sorrowful words, which lead us to understand how strongly he had been moved by the hope of expiation in erecting this great chantry, where unceasing prayer was to be made for the dead. " From earliest youth I have been trained to the use of arms, and I am stained with blood. No one can tell the evils I have caused during the sixty years I have passed in this world of bitterness. I go now to account for them before the Eternal Judge.
Página 255 - ... Geoffrey to spare the blood of the Christians, and not to imitate the crime of Absalom. "What! thou wouldst have me relinquish my birthright?" said the young man. " God forbid, monseigneur," answered the priest; " I seek nothing to your detriment." " Thou dost not understand my words," rejoined the earl of Brittany; " it is the destiny of our family not to love each other. That is our heritage, and none of us will ever renounce it."4 Notwithstanding his reiterated treachery to the barons of Aquitaine,...
Página 142 - I have outlived him who has injured me, I mean not to acquit him now that he is dead. The ground wherein you are going to lay this man is mine.
Página 375 - Bienfaite, as grand justiciary of England. Created Earl of Surrey, by William Rufus, in 1089, he died shortly afterwards, and was buried in the abbey of Lewes in Sussex, which he had founded. His descendants, Earls of Warenne and Surrey, held the very highest rank in England and Normandy.

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