The life of Lorenzo de' Medici. [With] Poesie del magnifico lorenzo de' Medici, Volumen 1


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Página 261 - Of the simplest mode of comparison the following is no inelegant instance : Quando sopra i nevosi ed alti monti, Apollo spande il suo bel lume adorno, Tal i crin suoi sopra la bianca gonna.
Página 466 - ... amadore il maggio. Ciascuna balli e canti di questa schiera nostra. Ecco che i dolci amanti van per voi, belle, in giostra : qual dura a lor si mostra farà sfiorire il maggio. Per prender le donzelle si son gli amanti armati. Arrendetevi, belle, a' vostri innamorati ; rendete e' cuor furati, non fate guerra il maggio.
Página 42 - The example of the Roman pontiff was preceded or imitated by a Florentine merchant, who governed the republic without arms and without a title. Cosmo of Medicis was the father of a line of princes, whose name and age are almost synonymous with the restoration of learning: his credit was ennobled into fame ; his riches were dedicated to the service of mankind ; he corresponded at once with Cairo and London : and a cargo of Indian spices and Greek books was often imported in the same vessel.
Página 313 - Pulchra Beatricis sub virginis ora volantem : Quique Cupidineum repetit Petrarcha triumphum : Et qui bis quinis centum argumenta diebus Pingit, et obscuri qui semina monstrat amoris : Unde tibi immensae veniunt praeconia laudis, Ingeniis opibusque potens Florentia mater.3 The transition to Lorenzo at this point is natural.
Página 40 - As often as his public avocations afforded him an opportunity, he employed himself in the propagation of his opinions, which were not only new to the scholars of Italy, but were greatly at variance with those doctrines which had long obtained an uninterrupted ascendancy in all the public schools and seminaries of learning. So powerful was the effect which the discourses of Gemisthus had upon Cosmo de' Medici, who was his constant auditor, that he determined to establish an academy at Florence, for...
Página 185 - Disappointed in their hopes, another plan was now to be adopted ; and on further deliberation it was resolved, that the assassination should take place on the succeeding Sunday, in the church of the Reparata, since called Santa Maria del Fiore, and that the signal for execution should be the elevation of the host. At the same moment the archbishop and others of the conspirators were to seize upon the palace, or residence of the magistrates, whilst the office of Giacopo de' Pazzi was to endeavour,...
Página 464 - Chi vuol esser lieto, sia: Di doman non c'è certezza. Ciascun apra ben gli orecchi: Di doman nessun si paschi; Oggi siam, giovani e vecchi, Lieti ognun, femmine e maschi; Ogni tristo pensier caschi; Facciam festa tuttavia. Chi vuol esser lieto, sia: Di doman non c'è certezza.
Página 15 - that I have lived the time prescribed me. I die content ; leaving you, my sons, in affluence and in health, and in such a station, that whilst you follow my example, you may live in your native place, honoured and respected. Nothing affords me more pleasure, than the reflection that my conduct has not given offence to any one; but that, on the contrary, 1 have endeavoured to serve all persons to the best of my abilities.
Página 65 - Florentines, and preferred the real enjoyment of authority, to that open assumption of it, which could only have been regarded as a perpetual insult, by those whom he permitted to gratify their own pride, in the reflection that they were the equals of Cosmo de
Página 262 - Era il bel viso suo, quale esser suole Da primavera alcuna volta il cielo, Quando la pioggia cade, ea un tempo il Sole Si sgombra intorno il nubiloso velo. E come il rosignuol dolci carole Mena nei rami allor del verde stelo; Così alle belle lagrime le piume Si bagna Amore, e gode al chiaro lume; 66. E nella face de...

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