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flowed from the same source the fountain of the heart

In a few days after the happy arrival, however, the whole of the family met as usual, and with the addition of the amiable De Montfords, formed once more the family tree, with an increase of kindred branches to unite them together in unity, peace and love.

« Now then, Rosa, my beloved,” cried Mr. Trelawney, the third week after they were once more composed and settled in the bosom of their happy family, “we have one more sacred duty to perform, after which we will retire, and contemplate the happiness of our beloved children, in humble thanksgiving and adoration to that Being who has conducted us thus far on our journey through life:--few have been our cares, numberless our blessings, of which, while we boast, let us not suppose that we are more worthy than the rest of our fellow beings, or that we are divested of faults and failings, merely because we have been fortunate and are rich,—no merit is attached to riches, though there may be merit in appropriating them. To the best of my ability I have endeavoured conscientiously to perform this duty: I have never beheld the miseries of the unfortunate without compassion, nor have I suffered the meritorious to pine in obscurity ;-talent is a blossom which should never be permitted to fade or perish for want of encourage ment or support, and wherever I have seen it I have raised its drooping head

“Rosa, behold my reward -it is reflected in the happiness of my children, in the smile bestowed by approving conscience, and by seeing those happy whos

I have endeavoured to render so by virtuous example! Had I erred from this path, I had been unworthy of the blessings which I now share. The nuptials of Tanjore and Emma must take place to-morrow.”

“And why to-morrow, my dearest ?” cried Mrs. Trelawney, casting on her husband a look of the most unutterable tenderness. : To which Mr. Trelawney replied,

“ Because it is the anniversary of that happy day which gave Rosa Clarendale to Tanjore Trelawney. It made me the happiest of men,-may it then prove the harbinger of joy to our son and the daughter of qur Rebecca !”

“ It shall be so," cried the delighted Mrs.Trelawney, and Tanjore and Emma were both immediately made acquainted with Mr. Trelawney's intention.

“ Emma! beloved, adored Emma!! exclaimed Tanjore; while the lovely gentle maid extended her hand towards him, in token of her still unchanged and unalterable affection. A tear fell from her soft azure eyes, a more beautiful glow crimsoned on her cheek, and the sweet response of a dear Tanjore !” was murmured from lips that never yet had breathed a thought unhallowed or impure.

It was the express wish of Mr. Trelawney that the marriage rites between Tanjore and Emma should be solemnized in the church, at which, on an early hour the ensuing morning, the whole of the bridal party, including the Trelawneys, the Clarendales, the Wyndhams, the Beauveries, and the De Montfords, assembled. The splendid carriages of each, when drawn up to the gates leading to the church, attracted innumerable crowds of spectators, though none were permitted to witness the ceremony save the bridal party. The feelings of both Mrs. Trelawney and Mrs. Clarendale were, however, wholly overpowered when the moment arrived for Emma to kneel before the altar, for never had this lovely creature so strongly reminded them of her sainted mother, as, trembling and pale, though not spiritless, she gave her hand to the transported, happy Tanjore; and no sooner was the ceremony concluded, than Mrs. Trelawney ex. claimed softly to Mrs. Clarendale,

“There, Mary, thank heaven, it is over, and my Emma is the wife of my Tanjore,--angels bless and smile on their happy union !"

And did not angels smile on them ?—who shall doubt it?-If truth, if innocence, if virtue be the peculiar care of an all directing and never erring Providence, the votaries who faithfully serve it with a pure and humble heart will continue to enjoy its blessings, in the sunshine of prosperity, the approbation of an unsullied conscience, and the reward of virtuous actions.




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