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American Library Association, 1917 - 235 páginas

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Página 121 - $2.50 per vol. 808.2 Contents: v. 1, English and American; v. 2, Foreign. ENGLISH AND AMERICAN Adams, William Davenport. Dictionary of the drama; a guide to the plays, playwrights, players and playhouses of the United Kingdom and America, from the earliest times to the present. Lond. Chatto, 1904. v. 1. 19
Página 38 - of ideas and assist in literary composition. Enl. and improved, partly from the author's notes, and with a full index, by John Lewis Roget. New ed., rev. by Samuel Romilly Roget (1911) Lond. and NY Longmans, 1913. 671 p. 21"". $1.25. 424 — Thesaurus of English words and phrases, fully revised by Andrew Boyle. Lond. Dent, NY Dutton [1913] 2 v. 17
Página 80 - NY Macmillan, 1895. 318 p. 18 cm . 6s. 394 Walsh, William Shepard. Curiosities of popular customs and of rites, ceremonies, observances, and miscellaneous antiquities. Phil. Lippincott, 1898. 1018 p. illus. 20 cm . $3.50. 394 ETIQUET Roberts, Helen L. Cyclopedia of social usage; manners and customs of the twentieth century. NY Putnam, 1913. 570 p. 23
Página 72 - $1. 331.7 Prepared by the Department of labor research of the Rand school of social science. Labour year book. 1916. Issued under the auspices of the Parliamentary committee of the Trades union congress, the Executive committee of the Labour party, the' Fabian research department. Lond. Co-op, print, soc. 1916. v. 1. diagrs. 19
Página 146 - 6s. 910 US Geographic board. Fourth report, 1890-1916. Wash. Govt. print, off. 1916. 335 p. 24 cm . 35 cts. 910 France Dictionnaire topographique de la France comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes, publié par ordre du Ministre de l'instruction publique et sous la direction du Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques. Paris, Impr. nationale, 18611912. v. 1-27. 28"".
Página 152 - $2. 7s. 6d. 903 Heilprin, Louis. Historical reference book; comprising a chronological table of universal history; a chronological dictionary of universal history; a biographical dictionary with geographical notes. Rev. to 1899; 6th ed., with a supplement. NY Appleton, 1902. 592 p. 20"".
Página 37 - $1.50. 423 Published also under title: The high school Standard dictionary of the English language. Webster, Noah. Webster's new international dictionary of the English language, based on the International dictionary of 1890 and 1900. Now completely revised in all departments, including also a dictionary of geography and biography, being the latest authentic quarto edition of the Merriam series.
Página 37 - compiled on a different plan from any of the other standard English dictionaries and serving a different purpose. It is based upon the application of the historical method to the life and use of words and its purpose is to show the history of every word included from ^» * the date of its introduction into the language,
Página 78 - directory, should also be used. Information about denominational charities can often be found in the denominational year books. EDUCATION -^Monroe, Paul. Cyclopedia of education, ed. by Paul Monroe, with the assistance of departmental editors and more than one thousand individual contributors. NY Macmillan, 1911-13. '5 v. illus. pi. (partly col.) maps, port. 28"°.
Página 20 - Ship subsidies. CA Clifford. 1913. Six year presidential term. EE Painter. 1911 Askew, John Bertram. Pros and cons, a newspaper reader's and debater's guide to the leading controversies of the day (political, social, religious, etc.). 5th ed., rewritten and enlarged by WT Swan Sonnenschein, with many new articles and a complete index. Lond. Routledge, NY Dutton, 1911. 269 p 19

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