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Askew, John Bertram. Pros and cons, a newspaper reader's and debater's guide to the leading controversies of the day (political, social, religious, etc.). 5th ed., rewritten and enlarged by W. T. Swan Sonnenschein, with many new articles and a complete index. Lond. Routledge, N. Y. Dutton, 1911. 269 P 19cm. 2s. 60 cts.

808.5 A useful handbook, when briefs only are wanted, containing briefs for the affirmative and negative, but no bibliographies, for some 164 questions of Briefs are written by an English current interest. lawyer, and pros and cons of the same question are arranged in parallel columns for ease of comparison. Written from the English point of view, so some of the topics included are of less interest outside of the United Kingdom.

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Municipal ownership. J. E. Morgan and E. D. Bullock. 2d ed. rev. 1914.

National defense. C. Bacon. 2 v. 1915-16. Open versus closed shop. E. C. Robbins. 2d ed. 1911.

Parcels post. E. M. Phelps. 2d ed. 1913.

Prohibition. L. T. Beman. 1915.

Recall, including the recall of judges and judi cial decisions. E. M. Phelps, 1913.

Reciprocity. E. C. Robbins. 1913.
Single tax. E. D. Bullock. 1915.
Trade unions. E. D. Bullock. 1913.
Woman suffrage.


E. M. Phelps. 2d ed.


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Edited by E. R. Nichols. Each volume contains: 1, Intercollegiate debates, with bibliographies; 2, Appendices: (1) List of intercollegiate debating organizations; (2) Record of schools engaged in forensic contests, coaches, questions, decisions (arranged by states); (3) Table showing number of times various questions have been debated during the year covered; (4) List of general references on argumentation and debating; 3, Indexes, i. e. both an index to the volume and a general index to the set. List of appendices varies somewhat in the different volumes.

Gives, for each of the topics included, reports (not briefs) of the debate, date of debate, colleges and debaters participating, and decision.

Kleiser, Grenville. Kleiser's complete guide to public speaking, comprising extracts from the world's great authorities upon public speaking, oratory, preaching, platform and pulpit delivery, voice building and management, argumentation, debate, reading, rhetoric, expression, gesture, composition. N. Y. Funk, 1915. 639 p. 25cm. $5. 808.5

Phelps, Edith M. Debaters' manual. White Plains, N. Y., Wilson, 1915. 172 p. 20cm. (Debaters' handbook series) $1.


Appendices include a selected bibliography, an index to debate material, and a list of debating organizations.

Robbins, Edwin Clyde. The high school debate book. Chic. McClurg, 1911. 229 p. 18cm. $1. 808.5

Contains eighteen briefs on subjects of current interest, with good bibliographies. Preliminary chapters give helpful suggestions for the preparation of briefs and speeches. Contains also a model con

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Catalogs or bibliographies of dissertations are extremely important reference tools in certain types of libraries, although almost negligible in other types. Dissertations or theses presented by candidates for the doctorate form a very special class of publications. As such degrees are given only for original work, each thesis must deal with some phase of a subject which has not been previously covered by a printed work. Each thesis therefore at the date of its publication is usually the only thing in print on that · particular phase of its subject and its value to the reader interested in that subject is obvious. While some dissertations are issued by regular publishers and so appear in the ordinary trade bibliographies, most are privately printed and are listed only in the special bibliographics of dissertations. These bibliographies have therefore a distinct value in libra is which make much use of thesis materiali. e., the large reference, special, and u versity libraries, and serve the following purposes: (1) to show the student who is trying to select a thesis subject whether

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Library of Congress. List of American doctoral dissertations printed in 1912-14.* Wash. Govt. print. off. 1913-15. 23cm. 30 cts. per vol.

v. 1-3. 378.73

Contents of each volume: (1) Alphabetic list of theses printed during the year; (2) Classified list, arranged under the broad classes of the Library of Congress scheme; (3) Index of subjects; (4) Doctors whose theses have been printed during the year, arranged by institutions.

Lists 1 and 2 give full catalog information and, in case of reprints, indicate the periodical or other publication in which the thesis was first printed. Includes the theses of about 25 colleges and universities. The introduction in v. 1 gives titles of earlier printed lists of American theses.


France. Ministère de l'instruction puD'ique et des beaux-arts. Catalogue des lèses et écrits académiques. Années scolaires 1884-1913. Paris, Hachette, 18851914.* v. 1-6. 24-27cm 1.25 fr. per yr. 378.44

Issued annually, 5 yearly parts being paged continuously to form a volume.

The official French list. Each annual issue is arranged alphabetically by universities, with sub-arrangement by facultés. Gives for each thesis author's name, full title, place, date, size, paging. Each annual issue has an author index and each volume a subject and an author index. Issued in two editions: (1) book edition on ordinary paper printed

on both sides, (2) on thin paper printed on only one side, for clipping. Of great value in the uni versity library, as the French theses are among the most important published.

There is no official list for the period before 1884, so for that period the following subject lists must be used:


Maire, Albert. Répertoire alphabétique des thèses de doctorat ès lettres des universités françaises, 1810-1900; avec table chronologique par université et table détaillée des matières. Paris, Picard, 1903. 226 p. 22cm. 5 fr. 378.44

List of 2,182 theses, arranged alphabetically by authors' names. Gives for each thesis author's name, title of thesis, place, publisher, date, paging, university, and a statement as to whether the thesis was published also in any other form. Marks rejected theses.

Mourier, Athénaïs, and Deltour, F. Notice sur le doctorat ès lettres, suivie du catalogue et de l'analyse des thèses françaises et latines admises par les facultés des lettres depuis 1810. Paris, Delalain, 1880. 442 p. 25cm. 10 fr.


This list, with its annual continuations, includes practically the same theses as Maire's Répertoire but arranges them by years and universities instead of alphabetically, and gives in addition to title and paging a full table of contents of each thesis. Gives very brief biographical data. Special value is for the full analysis of contents. Indexes: (1) subjects; (2) authors.

- Catalogue et analyse des thèses françaises et latines admises par les facultés des lettres. Paris, Delalain, 1882-1901. 25cm. 1.50 fr. per vol.


21 v. Annual continuation of the above, following the same plan. No more published. Science

Maire, Albert. Catalogue des thèses de sciences soutenues en France de 1810 à 1890 inclusivement. Paris, Welter, 1892. 223 p. 25cm. 10 fr. 378.44

Lists more than 2,400 theses arranged by universities: (1) Paris, (2) The provincial universities, and under each university chronologically. Gives for each thesis author's full name with brief biographical data, title, place, publisher, date of publication, paging, plates, format, and date of sustaining theses. Indexes: (1) authors; (2) subjects.

Estanave, E. Revue décennale des thèses présentées à la Faculté des sciences

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v. 1-27, 1885-1911/12, each volume covers an academic year, 1. e. parts of two calendar years; v. 28 covers Aug.-Dec. 1912; v. 29-30 cover the calendar years 1913 and 1914.

The standard official German list including, v. 1-28, the theses of all the German universities and v. 29-30 the theses of the "Technische Hochschulen" as well as the universities. Arranged, v. 1-28 by universities, v. 29-30 by faculties, with an author index in each volume, a separate subject index for v. 1-5, and a subject index in each vol ume for v. 6-30. Gives for each thesis author's full name and brief characterization, brief biographical data, title of thesis, date, publisher, paging, size, and whether reprinted from some scientific journal, report, etc.

Trommsdorff, Paul. Verzeichnis der bis ende 1912 an den technischen Hochschulen des deutschen Reiches erschienen schriften. Mit unterstützung des Kgl. Preuszischen Ministeriums der Geistl. u. Unterrichtsangelegenheiten sowie der technischen Hochschulen hrsg. Berl. Springer, 1914. 183 p. 6m. 378.43

Klussmann, Rudolf. Systematisches verzeichnis der abhandlungen welche in den schulschriften sämtlicher an dem programmtausche teilnehmenden lehranstalten erschienen sind, 1876-85, 1886-90, 189195, 1896-1900. Lpz. Teubner, 1889-1903.

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The serial publications issued by learned societies serve somewhat the same kind of reference use as do the more general periodicals, i. e., they supplement the book collections of the library by furnishing articles more up to date, or more authoritative and special, than the book literature of the subject in question. Papers printed in academy and society transactions are usually based directly upon original research and are scholarly and scientific in character, and are therefore more valuable than articles in the more general periodicals. For this same reason, as they appeal to a more limited public, they are less often indexed in the general indexes of periodicals, although generally indexed in the special bibliographies and indexes. To use society transactions intelligently the reference worker needs the same kind of aids needed in work with periodicals, i. e., indexes, bibliographies, and union lists or catalogues. For indexes use the indexes to periodicals, particularly the special indexes, described in the preceding chapter. The union lists of periodicals include many society transactions as well. For bibliographies, however, a special set of publications is available. Both the reference worker and the cataloger frequently need to look up information about the history, organization, officers, publications, addresses, etc., of the various learned societies, and for such purposes the following bibliographies, yearbooks and handbooks are useful. Certain of these, e. g., Griffin, Terry, etc., are so arranged that they serve also as indexes to the publications covered.


British museum. Library. Catalogue of printed books: Academies. Lond. Clowes, 1885. 1018 col. 35cm. £1. 060

Alphabetically by cities, with index to academies. Continued in its Catalogue of printed books. Supplement. 1900-03. pt. 1, col. 67-496.

Minerva, jahrbuch der gelehrten welt, 1891-1914. Strassb. Trübner, 1891-1914. v. 1-23. illus. 10m. per vol.


Discontinued on account of the European War. Annuaire de la vie internationale: unions, associations, instituts, commissions, bureaux, offices, conférences, congrès, expositions, publications; publié pour l'Union des associations internationales avec le concours de la Fondation Carnegie pour la paix internationale et de l'Institut international de la paix, 1908/09-1910/11. Bruxelles, Off. centr. des assoc. internat. [1913] 2 v. 25cm. v. 1, 25 fr. v. 2, 45 fr. 060

Contains a great deal of information about the history, organization, membership, purposes, meetings, etc., of all types of international organizations, governmental and private, but not so much about their publications. Each volume contains (1) Pub

lic (i. e. governmental) unions, conferences, etc., arranged by subject according to the Belgian Dewey D. C.; (2) Private organizations, same arrangement; (3) Chronological list of international meetings, giving name, date and place (4) Index of persons, Index of subjects. While the second volume contains the later information it does not entirely displace the first, but refers it for earlier material.

Eijkman, P. H. L'internationalisme médical. Publication du Bureau préliminaire de la fondation pour l'internationalisme. La Haye, Amsterdam, F. van Rossen, 1910. Cover-title, 44 p., 51 1. 24cm 2 fr.


At head of title: Fondation pour l'internationalisme.

"Notes" [list of international congresses, conferences and associations] 51 1. at end.

L'internationalisme scientifique (sciences pures et lettres), avec un avantpropos du professeur Paul S. Reinsch. La Haye [W. P. van Stockum et fils] 1911. 108 p., 162 1. 241⁄2 cm. 060

CONTENTS.-Avant-propos du professeur P. S. Reinsch. Introduction contenant un supplément à L'internationalisme médical.-L'internationalisme seientifique (sciences et lettres, sciences, lettres, conclusion)-Notes [List of international congresses, conferences and associations].

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