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Who's who 1916, an annual biographical dictionary, with which is incorporated "Men and women of the time." Black, N. Y. Macmillan, 1916.* 2452 p. 21cm. 15s. $5.

V. 68. 920.042

Issued annually since 1849. The pioneer work of the "who's who" type and Princi still the most important work of the kind.

pally English, but not limited to Englishmen, as a few prominent names of other nationalities are included. Biographies are reliable and fairly detailed; give main facts, addresses and, in case of authors, list of works.

Who's who year-book, 1904-16. Lond. Black, N. Y. Macmillan, 1904–16.* v. 1-13. 18cm. 1s. per vol. 35 cts. per vol. 920.042 A supplement to Who's who, giving many miscellaneous lists which before 1904 were included in Who's who itself. Contains: Lists of ambassadors, government officials, etc., Clubs, Colleges, Peculiarly pronounced proper names, Pseudonyms, Societies, Specialists and experts, Steamship lines, University professors (subject lists), etc.

Catholic who's who and year-book; ed. by Sir F. C. Burnand. Lond. Burns, 1908-16.* v. 1-9. 18cm. 3s. 6d. per vol. 920.042

Methodist who's who, 1910-15. Lond. Culley, 1910-15.* v. 1-6. 20cm. 2s. 6d. per vol. 920.042


Smith, Sir William. Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology. Lond. Murray, Bost. Little, 1880. 3 v. illus. tables. 24cm. £4 4s. $18. 920.038


Johns, Fred. Johns' notable Australians and Who's who in Australasia; a dictionary of biography containing records of the careers of men and women of distinction in the Commonwealth of Australia and the Dominion of New Zealand. 2d ed. Adelaide, Author, 1908. 370 p. 10s. 920.09

Greatly enlarged from 1st ed. 1906. Contains a supplement p. 333-35, a list of notable Australa. sians who have died since 1900, and various classed lists, especially lists of editors of principal Austra lian and New Zealand newspapers, p. 43-44, 53, Australasian Rhodes scholars, p. 54, etc.

Supplement to 2d ed.

Author, 1911. 18 p.


Contains additional biographies, obituary list and new list of government officials.

Fred Johns' annual, mainly a biographical record of Australasia's prominent people. Incorporating Who's who in Australasia, 1912-14. Lond. Pitman, 1912-14.* v. 1-3. 6s. per vol. 920.09

Mennell, Philip. The dictionary of Australasian biography; comprising notices of eminent colonists 1855-1892. Lond. Hutchinson, 1892. 542 p. 20cm. 10s. 6d. 920.09


Wurzbach, Constantin von. Biographisches lexikon des kaiserthums Oesterreich. Wien, Zamarski, 1856-91. 60 V. 21cm. 353.50 m. 920.0436


L'académie royale des sciences, des lettres, et des beaux-arts de Belgique. Biographie nationale. Bruxelles, BruylantChristophe, 1866–1913. v. 1-21. 25cm. 6 fr. per vol. 920.0493

v. 1-21, A-Schotilaere.

Nos contemporains; portraits et biographies des personnalités belges ou résidant en Belgique connues par l'œuvre littéraire, artistique ou scientifique, ou par l'action politique, par l'influence morale ou sociale. Ixelles-Bruxelles, Breuer, 1904. 920.0493 500 p. illus. port. 31 fr.

Ariangement not alphabetic, but there is an alphabetic index.


Morgan, Henry James. Canadian men and women of the time, a handbook of Canadian biographies of living characters. Toronto, Briggs, 1912. 1218 p. 23cm. $5.


Contains 7,960 concise biographies. More comprehensive than the Canadian who's who.

Rose, George Maclean. Cyclopædia of Canadian biography; being chiefly men of the time. Toronto, Rose pub. co. 1886-88. 2 v. 23cm. $20. o. p. 920.071

Canadian who's who. Lond. The Times, Toronto, Musson book co. [* 1910] 242 p. 920.071 19cm. 4s.

Similar in plan to Who's who (English); con tains about 2,000 short biographies of prominent Canadians resident at home or abroad.


Morice, Adrien Gabriel. historique des Canadiens et des Métis français de l'Ouest. Québec, Garneau, 1908. 329 p. 23cm. $2.

920.071 Allaire, Jean Baptiste Arthur. Dictionnaire biographique du clergé canadienfrançais. St.-Hyacinthe (Québec) Impr. de "La Tribune," 1908-12. 4 v. $5. 920.071 CHINESE

Giles, Herbert Allen. A Chinese biographical dictionary. Lond. Quaritch, 1898. 1022 p. 25cm. £2 2s. 920.051 The China year book, 1913-16, contains a Who's who in China.

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Aa, Anton Jacobus van der. Biografisch woordenboek der Nederlander. Nieuwe uitgaaf. Haarlem, Brederode, 1852-78. 21v. 22cm. about $23. 920.0492

Nieuw nederlandsch biografisch woordenboek, onder redactie van P. C. Molhuysen en P. J. Blok. Leiden, Sijthoff, 1911-14. v. 1-3. 10 fl. per vol. 920.0492

Each volume is arranged alphabetically, and the latest volume has a cumulated index to all volumes so far published. Adequate articles, bibliographies. "Wie is dat?" 1902. Biografische naamlijst, welke de vraag "Wie is dat?" beantwoordt met mededeeling omtrent levensloop, werken enz. Ten opzichte van alle landgenooten, die door ambt of bediening, beoefening van kunst of wetenschap op den voorgrond treden, in dagblad of tijdschrift genoemd worden, of van zich doen hooren. Amsterdam, Uitgevers-maatschappij "Vivat" [1902]. 520 p. 20cm. 2.90 A.



Finsk biografisk handbok, under medvär kan af fackmän utgifven af Tor Carpelan Helsingfors, Edlunds förlag, 1903. 2 v. 24cm. 920.0471

Issued in parts 1895-1903.


There is unfortunately no French dictionary of national biography as yet. A Paris firm, Letouzey et Compagnie, has announced the preparation of such a dictionary and this, if it is of the same grade and on the same scale as the religious encyclopedias issued by the same firm, (see Baudrillart, Cabrol, etc., under Religion, p. 56) will be of the first importance. No parts of the projected work have yet been published. For French biography, then, recourse must be had to the general French encyclopedias, to the general biographical dictionaries of French origin, such as Hoefer and Michaud, and to the French local biographical dictionaries which, fortunately, are numerous although not all up to date. Lists of these local or regional dictionaries are given in La grande encyclopédie 6: 894-95, and in Stein's Manuel de bibliographie p. 501-07. The following more special works are also of importance:

Haag, Eugène. La France protestante; ou, Vies des protestants français qui se sont fait un nom dans l'histoire depuis les premiers temps de la réformation jusqu'à la reconnaissance du principe de la liberté des cultes par l'Assemblée nationale. Paris, Genève, Cherbuliez, 1846--59. 10 v. 24cm. o. p. 920.044

There is a later edition of which only v. 1-6 were ever published.

Robert, Adolphe. Dictionnaire des parlementaires français, comprenant tous les membres des assemblées françaises et tous les ministres français depuis le 1er mai 1789 jusqu'au 1er mai 1889. Publié sous la direction de MM. Adolphe Robert, Edgar Bourloton & Gaston Cougny. Paris, Bourloton, 1891. 5 v. illus. 25cm. 60 fr.


Samuel, René Claude Louis. Les parlementaires francais, dictionnaire biograph

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Contents: v. 1-45, A-Z; v. 46-55, Nachträge bis 1899, Andr-Z; Nachtrag A-W, A-Z; v. 56, General register.

Long signed biographies by specialists; bibliogra phies. As the work is now in four alphabets the general index in v. 56 should always be used to locate an article.

Biographisches jahrbuch und deutscher nekrolog, 1896-1911; herausg. von Anton Bettelheim. Berl. Reimer, 1897-1914.*

v. 1-16. 25cm. 14 m. per vol.


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"This is a carefully compiled summary of facts and dates relating to British administrations and soldiers who have served in India, statesmen who have had to do with Indian affairs, and natives who have achieved distinction. The notices are neutral in tone, and the volume seems in every way well calculated to serve as a book of reference." Spectator, Dec. 23, 1905.

Lethbridge, Sir Roper. The golden book of India; a genealogical and biographical dictionary of the ruling princes, chiefs, nobles, and other personages, titled or decorated, of the Indian empire, with an appendix for Ceylon. Lond. Low, 1900. 366 p. 25cm. 10s. 6d. 920.054

Who's who in India, containing lives and portraits of ruling chiefs, nobles, titled personages and other eminent Indians. Popular ed. Lucknow, Newul Kishore press, 1911. 1610 p. por. 25cm. Sold by Luzac, 22s. 920.054

Contains eight separate biographical lists, arranged by states and provinces, each list arranged in gen eral order of precedence, not alphabetically. General alphabetical index at end. Many portraits.

Supplement, 1912. Lucknow, NewulKishore press [1913] 195 p. por. 4s. 6d.

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Parker, John. Who's who in the theatre; a biographical record of the contemporary stage. 3d ed. rev. Lond. Pitman. 1916. 1012 p. 94 p. 10s. 6d. 20cm. 927.92 Fairly detailed biographies of persons connected in any way with modern drama, including actors, actresses, dramatists, composers, critics, managers, scenic artists, historians and biographers. In three sections: (1) English, Colonial and American biographies, (2) Continental biographies, (3) Miscellaneous lists, e. g. genealogies of famous theatrical families, dramatic critics, dramatic and musical obituary, etc.

Rasi, Luigi. I comici italiani, biografia, bibliografia, iconografia. Firenze, Bocca, 1897-1905. 2 v. illus. pl. ports., facsims. 27cm.


ARMY AND NAVY Cullum, George Washington. Biographical register of the officers and graduates of the U. S. military academy at West Point, N. Y., from its establishment in

1802, to 1890. 3d ed., rev. and extended. Bost. Houghton, 1891-1910. 5 v. 24cm


v. 4 has title: Biographical register of the officers and graduates of the U. S. military academy. Supplement, 1890-1900, ed. by E. S. Holden. Cambridge, Riverside press, 1901.

v. 5 has title: Biographical register of the officers and graduates of the U. S. military academy. Supplement, 1900-1910, ed. by Lieut. Charles Braden. Saginaw, Mich., Seemann & Peters, printers, 1910. Contains 4,935 biographies.


Heitman, Francis Bernard. register of officers of the continental army during the war of the revolution, April, 1775, to December, 1783. New, rev., and enl. ed. Wash. Rare book shop pub. co., 1914. 685 p. 25cm. $10.


- Historical register and dictionary of the United States army, from its organization, September 29, 1789, to March 2, 1903. Published under act of Congress approved March 2, 1903. Wash. Govt. print. off., 1903. 2 v. 26cm. (57th Cong., 2d sess. House. Doc. no. 446) $2. 923.57

Powell, William Henry. List of officers of the army of the United States from 1779-1900, embracing a register of all appointments in the volunteer service during the civil war and of volunteer officers in the service of the United States June 1, 1900, comp. from the official records. N. Y. Hamersly, 1900. 863 p. $10. 923.57

A list of officers, 1779-1815, is arranged by years, then follows the army list, 1815 to 1900, which is arranged alphabetically by names, a list of officers of volunteers, general officers of the Revolution, etc., also dates of certain wars, campaigns, etc. Known also as the United States army list.

- Officers of the army and navy (volunteer) who served in the civil war. Phil. Hamersly, 1893. 419 p. incl. port. 32cm. 923.57

o. p.

- and Shippen, Edward. Officers of the army and navy (regular) who served in the civil war. Phil. Hamersly, 1892. 487 p. illus. (ports.) 32cm. o. p. 923.57

The Adjutant-general issues an annual Official army register (35 cts.) Practically the same information will also be found in the Official register or Blue book.

Callahan, Edward W. List of officers of the navy of the United States and of the

marine corps, from 1775 to 1900; comp. from the official records. N. Y. Hamersly, 1901. 749 p. 24cm. $10. 923.57

Comprises a complete register of all present and former commissioned, warranted, and appointed officers of the navy and of the marine corps regular and volunteer. The names are in alphabetic order, showing the dates of their original entry, progressive ranks, etc. Known also as the United States navy list.

Hamersly, Lewis Randolph. Records of living officers of the United States navy and marine corps. 7th ed. enl. N. Y. Hamersly, 1902. 511 p. 24cm. $10. 923.57

The Navy department issues an annual Register of commissioned and warrant officers of Navy and Marine corps (25 cts.) Practically the same information will be found in the Official register or Blue book.


Bénézit, Emanuel. Dictionnaire critique et documentaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs de tous les temps et de tous les pays. Paris, Roger, 1911. v. 1-2. 25cm. 45 fr. 927

v. 1-2, A.-K.

A very comprehensive list, though less full than Thieme's Lexikon. Includes many minor and contemporary names, and is especially strong for French


Bryan, Michael. Bryan's dictionary of painters and engravers. New ed. rev. and enl. under the supervision of G. C. Williamson. Lond. Bell, N. Y. Macmillan, 1903-05. 5 v. pl. ports. 27cm. 105s. $30.

927 Müller, Hermann Alexander, and Singer, H. W. Allgemeines künstler-lexicon. Leben und werke der berühmtesten bildenden künstler. 3. umgearb. und bis auf die neueste zeit ergänzte aufl. Frankfurt a. M., Rütten & Loening, 1895-1901. 5 v. 24cm. 60m. 927

Nachträge und berichtigungen. Frankfurt a. M., Rütten & Loening, 1906. 295 p. 24cm. 10.50m. 927

Thieme, Ulrich. Allgemeines lexikon der bildenden künstler von der antike bis zur gegenwart. Lpz. Seemann, 1911-15. v. 1-11. 27cm. 35m. per vol.


v. 1-11, A-Fio; to be completed in. about 20v. A very comprehensive list, including engravers, etchers and architects as well as painters and sculp

tors. Names of living artists are included; there are good bibliographies and the longer articles are signed. The most complete and authoritative dictionary of artists.

The following titles are of more limited scope, including artists of a given country, period, or kind, i. e., painters, sculptors,


Bradley, John William. Dictionary of miniaturists, illuminators, calligraphers, and copyists, with references to their works, and notices of their patrons, from the establishment of Christianity to the eighteenth century. Lond. Quaritch, 188789. 3 v. 23cm. 927

Forrer, L. Biographical dictionary of medallists; coin, gem, and seal-engravers, mint-masters, etc., ancient and modern, with references to their works B. C. 500A. D. 1900. Lond. Spink, 1902-12. v. 1-5. 927 front. (port.) illus. 24cm.

Graves, Algernon. The Royal academy of arts; a complete dictionary of contributors and their work from its foundation in 1769 to 1904. Lond. Graves, 1905-06. 8 v. fronts. (ports.) 27cm. 927

- The Society of artists of Great Britain, 1760-1791; the Free society of artists, 1761-1783; a complete dictionary of contributors and their work from the foundation of the societies to 1791. Lond. Bell, 1907. 354 p. pl. 27cm.


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