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the trustees, 1883-1910. v. 1-3. 26cm. V. 1-2, o. p. v. 3, 10s.

016.8 v. 1-2, by H. L. D. Ward; v. 3, by J. A. Herbert.

"In the present catalogue it is proposed to give a precise account of the MS. sources of Romance in the British Museum. Its scope is not limited to a description of those works which by their connection with the various cycles or by their own construction can claim the title of Romances, but it also embraces a larger class of literature which more or less directly has to do with the subject. "Taking into account also the bibliographical and literary information with which the descriptions are accompanied, and the critical analysis to which the different texts have been submitted, it is hoped that the Catalogue may serve not only as a guide to the Museum collection, but also, to some extent, as a handbook to the subject." Preface.


The most important reference book in English on the subject. For each romance it gives, in addition to the description of the manuscript in the British museum, some account of the tale, its outlines, different versions, other manuscripts, authorship, history, etc., and important bibliographic references both to printed texts and to critical comment.

To be completed in four volumes; the fourth will contain additional romances and a general index. Spence, Lewis. Dictionary of mediaeval romance and romance writers. Lond. Routledge, N. Y. Dutton [1913] 395 p. 23cm. 8s. 6d. $3. 803

A list, in one alphabet, of the titles and characters of the principal British, Celtic, French, Italian, Scandinavian, Spanish and Teutonic romances of the period from the eleventh to the fourteenth century, giving under title a fairly detailed synopsis of the story of the romance with some bibliographic references but no full list of editions, and under name of character a brief description of the character and the title of the romance in which it occurs.

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Gives synopses of the stories of the great Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latir Portuguese, Scandinavian, and Spanish epics.


Reference books on the drama are needed for finding (1) biographies of dramatists or actors; (2) the author's name when only the title of a play is known; (3) outline of the plot, list of characters, date and place of production, etc., of a given play; (4) information as to where text of plays not separately published may be found; (5) dramatic criticisms, etc.

In addition to the special reference books noted below, certain sections in some of the more general reference books are useful. The subject-index volumes of Lorenz, Catalogue général (see under Bibliography, p. 184) give, under the heading Théâtre-Pièces isolées, title lists of all French plays separately published since 1840. The index volumes of Kayser's Bücher-lexikon give similar lists of German plays under the heading Theaterstücke; earlier German lists are given as supplements, under the heading Schauspiele, in each volume of Heinsius' Bücherlexikon, 1700-1827. These lists answer questions both of authorship and of publication. Printed library catalogs which contain many title and analytic entries are useful. The catalogue of the Milwaukee public library enters plays under title as well as author and indexes many sets and collections. The Library of the Peabody institute in both its first and second catalogs gives under the heading Drama an author and also a title list of single plays with references to collections in which they may be found.

Clarence, Reginald. "The Stage" cyclopædia; a bibliography of plays. An alphabetical list of plays and other stage pieces of which any record can be found since the commencement of the English stage, together with descriptions, authors' names, dates and places of production, and other useful information comprising in all nearly 50,000 plays and extending over a period of upwards of 500 years. Lond. "The

Stage," 1909. 503 p. 22cm. 10s. 6d. 808.2 A title list with some subject entries (e. g. Greek plays, French plays, etc.) aiming to be complete for English drama and selective for the better known foreign plays.

"The object of the present work has been to complete an alphabetical list of plays, operas, oratorios, sketches and other stage pieces of which any record can be found since the commencement of the English stage, giving authors' names, dates of production, and recording important revivals."-Preface.

Clark, Barrett Harper. Continental drama of today; outlines for its study, suggestions, questions, biographies, and bibliographies for use in connection with the study of the more important plays. N. Y. Holt, 1914. 252 p. 19cm. $1.35.


British and American drama of today; outlines for their study; suggestions, questions, biographies, and bibliographies for use in connection with the study of the more important plays. N. Y. Holt, 1915. 315 p. 19cm. $1.60. 808.2

Two companion volumes which between them cover selected portions of the whole field of modern drama. For each dramatist included, these books give (1) some general biographical and critical material, (2) a list of his plays, with dates of publication and production, (3) selected bibliography, (4) outlines of selected plays, with comments and suggestions for study. Special reference value of both books is for the lists of performances, which, while not complete, bring together a good deal of information which is often difficult to find. Dramatic index for 1909-15. Bost. Bost. book co. 1910-16.* v. 1-7.


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Modern drama and opera; reading lists on the works of various authors. Bost. Bost. book co. 1911-15. 2 v. 23cm. ful reference series, no. 4, 13). $3. Originally issued in the Bulletin of bibliography, but greatly extended and with additions for publication in book form.

v. 1, comp. by Mrs. Clara Mulliken Norton, F. K. Walker and F. E. Marquand; v. 2, by A. Henderson, F. K. Walter, T. D. Barker, M. L. Davis,

J. H. Dice, J. A. Lowe, A. T. McGirr, E. M. Sanderson and E. B. Woodruff.

Pierce, John Alexander. The masterpieces of modern drama, abridged in narrative, with dialogue of the great scenes, prefaced with a critical essay by Brander Matthews. Garden City, N. Y. Doubleday, 1915. 2 v. fronts., plates. 21cm. $2.50 per vol. 808.2 Contents: v. 1, English and American; v. 2, For



ENGLISH AND AMERICAN Adams, William Davenport. Dictionary of the drama; a guide to the plays, playwrights, players and playhouses of the United Kingdom and America, from the earliest times to the present. Lond. Chatto, 1904. v. 1. 19cm. 10s. 6d. v. 1, A-G. No more published. Baker, David Erskine. Biographia dramatica; or, A companion to the playhouse: containing historical and critical memoirs, and original anecdotes, of Brit ish and Irish dramatic writers, from the commencement of our theatrical exhibitions; among whom are some of the most celebrated actors. Originally comp. to the year 1764, by D. E. Baker. Continued to 1782, by Isaac Reed, and brought down to the end of November, 1811, with very considerable additions and improvements throughout, by Stephen Jones. Lond. Longman, 1812. 3 v. in 4. 22cm. o. p.


Contents: v. 1 pts. 1-2, Authors and actors, A-Z; v. 2, Names of dramas, A-L; v. 3, Names of dramas, M-Z; Latin plays by English authors, Oratorios.

An older work but still important for its biog raphies of dramatists and long lists of their works. Bates, Katharine Lee, and Godfrey, L. B. English drama, a working basis. Wellesley college, 1896. 151 p. $1. 016.822

Contains a list of collections of old plays; a general title index to collections; authors, plays, and ' references for English drama; books of general ref


Fleay, Frederick Gard, Biographical chronicle of the English drama, 1559-1642. London, Reeves, 1891. 2 v. 23cm. 30s. 822

A list of authors, arranged alphabetically, giving for each brief biographical data and a list of plays in the order of original production. Appendices in v. 2 are: Plays by anonymous authors, Masques by

anonymous authors, University plays in English, University plays in Latin, Translations.

Greg, Walter Wilson. A list of English plays written before 1643 and printed before 1700. Lond. Bibliog. soc. 1900. 158 p. 22cm. 016.822

List of masques, pageants, &c. supplementary to a List of English plays. Lond. Bibliog. soc. 1902. 35 p., cxxxi p. 22cm. 016.822

Contents: List of masques, pageants, &c.; Index of authors; Index of titles; Appendices: Advertisement lists; The early play lists; A list of English plays (Addenda & corrigenda).

New York. Public library. List of American dramas in the New York public library. N. Y. Public library, 1916. 63 p. 25em. 20 cts. 016.812

Reprinted from the Bulletin of the New York public library of October, 1915.

Author list, with useful title index. Roden, Robert F. Later American plays, 1831-1900; being a compilation of the titles of plays by American authors published and performed in America since 1831. N. Y. Dunlap soc. 1900. 132 p. 23cm. (Publications of the Dunlap society, new ser., no. 12.) o. p. 016.812

Wegelin, Oscar. Early American plays, 1714-1830; a compilation of the titles f plays and dramatic poems written by authors born in or residing in North America previous to 1830. 2d ed., rev. N. Y. Literary collector press, 1905. 94 p. 23cm. $3. 016.812

PLAYS FOR AMATEURS Librarians are often asked to suggest plays suitable for amateur theatricals. The following lists are helpful:

Drama league of America. Selective list of plays for amateurs, arranged by Richard J. Davis. [Boston, Smith & Porter press, inc.] 1915. 48 p. 19cm. 25 cts. 016.822

Plays for amateurs, arranged by John Mantel Clapp. Chicago, 1915. 43 p. 19em. 25 cts. 016.822

List of plays for high school and college production, prepared by the Committee on plays for secondary schools and colleges of the Drama league of America and the Committee on plays for schools

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Gives a summary of the drama of the year, many illustrations of scenes from plays, portraits of actors and actresses, lists of English theatrical banquets, masonic lodges, theatrical circuits, societies and ciubs, alphabetical title list of plays of the year with casts, list of authors and composers of plays or operas produced or revived during the year, cbituary list, principal plays produced in America, American obituary, theatrical legal cases of the year. Except for a few American lists the material is principally British.



American library association. Publishing board. Foreign book lists, nos. 1-7. Bost. and Chicago, A. L. A. publishing board, 1907-16. nos. 1-7. 19cm 016.8

Contents: no. 1, Selected list of German books recommended for a small library, by Emma Gattiker, 50 cts; no. 2, Selected list of Hungarian books, comp. by J. M. Campbell, 15 cts.; no. 3, Selected list of French books, comp. by J. C. Bracq, 25 cts.; no 4, Selected list of Norwegian and Danish books recommended for a small public library comp. by Arne Kildal, 15c.; no. 5, Selected list of Swedish books recommended for public libraries, comp. by Valfrid Palmgren, 15 cts.; no. 6, Selected list of Polish books, comp. by Mrs. Jozefa Kudlicka, 25 cts.; no. 7, Selected list of Russian books, comp. by J. Maud Campbell, 50 cts.

ROMANCE LANGUAGES Gröber, Gustav. Grundriss der romani

Strassburg, 25cm. 840

schen philologie. 1.-2. ed. Trübner, 1897-1906. v. 1-2 in 4. 65 m.

v. 1 is 2d edition, 1904-06. Important reference book, for advanced workers only. Not alphabetically arranged, but in chapters, with detailed indexes and many bibliographic references.

Kritischer jahresbericht über die fortschritte der romanischen philologie, 18901912. Erlangen, Junge, 1892-1915.* v. 1–13. 25cm. Price varies; v. 12, 47 m. 016.84

An important current bibliography of books and articles on Romance philology, i. e. language and literature. In chapters, not in list form, and so somewhat difficult to use for purposes of quick reference, but important for the large amount of material included and for the analysis of periodicals.


Des Granges, Charles Marc. Histoire illustrée de la littérature française. Paris, Hatier, 1915. 915 p., illus., ports., facsims. 22cm. 6.50 fr. 840.9 Centains bibliographies and many useful illustrations.

Petit de Julleville, Louis. Histoire de la langue et de la littérature française des origines à 1900. Paris, Colin, 1896-99. 8 v. pl. (some col.) ports. facsims. maps. 25cm. 20 fr. per vol. 840.9

An important history for reference use. Bibliographies, many good illustrations.

Wright, Charles Henry Conrad. tory of French literature. N. Y. Univ. press, Amer. branch, 1912. 21cm. $3.

HisOx. 964 P. 840.9

One of the best histories of French literature in English, especially useful for reference purposes because of the full bibliography, p. 881-937, and the biographical dictionary of 20th century authors, p. 845-80.

Lanson, Gustave. Manuel bibliographique de la littérature française moderne, 15001900. Paris, Hachette, 1909-12. 5 v. 23cm. 25 fr. unb. 016.84

v. 1, 2d ed. with supplement. Contents: v. 1, 16th century; v. 2, 17th century; v. 3, 18th century; v. 4, 19th century; v. 5, Suppl.; index.

The most important bibliography of modern French literature, selective, not complete, including some 23,363 entries. Indexes a considerable amount of analytic material including articles from more than 800 periodicals.

Thieme, Hugo P. Guide bibliographique de la littérature française de 1800 à 1906; prosateurs, poètes, auteurs dramatiques et critiques. Paris, Welter, 1907. 510 p. 25cm. 25 fr. 016.84

An alphabetical author list, giving for each author (1) his dates and birth-place, (2) works, chronologically arranged with their dates of publication, (3) references to books and periodical articles (chiefly French).

SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE Bibliographie hispanique, 1905-14. N. Y. Hispanic soc. 1909-15.* v. 1-10. 19cm. v. 1-7. $1.25 each, v. 8-10 $2.50 each. 016.96

Important annual bibliography including both books and periodical articles and covering the languages, literature and history of the Spanish and Portuguese countries, both in Europe and elsewhere.

Boston. Public library. Catalogue of the Spanish library and of the Portuguese books bequeathed by George Ticknor. Bost. 1879. 476 p. 26cm. o. p. 016.86

Hanssler, William. Handy bibliographical guide to the study of the Spanish language and literature, St. Louis, Mo., Witter, [1915] 63 p. 22cm. 60 cts. 016.86

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Tc accompany the second edition of the author's Littérature espagnole (Paris, 1913).


Paul, Hermann. Grundriss der germanischen philologie. 2. verb. und verm. aufl. Strassburg, Trübner, 1900-09. maps, tab. 25cm. v. 1, o. p. v. 2-3, 50 m. 830

For advanced workers only. Not alphabetically arranged, but in chapters with detailed alphabetical indexes, and many important bibliographic referCovers the fields of language, literature and allied subjects, e. g. myths, legends, manners and customs, etc.


A third edition has begun to appear.


Jahresbericht über die erscheinungen auf dem gebiete der germanischen philolo

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Arnold, Robert Franz. Allgemeine bücherkunde zur neueren deutschen literaturgeschichte. Strassburg, Trübner, 1910. 354 p. 22cm. 9 m.


A very useful small bibliography, covering more than the field of German literature as it is ordirarily understood. In addition to editions, histories, criticisms, etc., it takes up more general reference books such as encyclopedias, biographical dictionaries, special encyclopedias, and attempts to indicate their special value to the student of German literature.

Goedeke, Karl. Grundriss zur geschichte der deutschen dichtung aus den quellen. 2. ganz neu bearb. aufl. Dresden, Ehlermann, 1884-1913. v. 1-10. 24cm. 215 m.


Contents: v. 1, Das mittelalter; v. 2, Reformations zeitalter; v. 3, Vom dreissigjährigen bis zum giebenjährigen krieg; v. 4-5, Vom siebenjährigen bis zum weltkriege; v. 6-7, Zeit des weltkrieges; v. 8-10, Vom weltfrieden bis zur französischen Revolution 1830.

The most complete bibliography of German literature, indispensable in the large reference library or for university work, but too exhaustive and special for the small library. Gives some biographical and critical comment on authors, critical and other notes on individual works, sources, etc., and exhaustive bibliographies of editions, treatises, histories, biographical and critical articles, etc. Detailed index in each volume.

A third edition revised and much extended is in process of publication, but only the fourth volume, noted below, has yet been issued.

3. neu bearb. aufl. nach dem tode des verfassers in verbindung mit

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Engelmann, Wilhelm. Bibliotheca scriptorum classicorum; 8. aufl. umfassend die literatur von 1700 bis 1878 neu bearbeitet von E. Preuss. Lpz. Engelmann, 1880-82. 2 v. 23cm. 36 m.

v. 1, Greek; v. 2, Latin.


The standard bibliography, very useful for information about editions of both collected works and separate works, translations, and works about. Of first importance in the large reference or college library but not needed in the small public library. Continued for material since 1878 by the following:

Klussmann, Rudolf. Bibliotheca scriptorum classicorum et graecorum et latinorum. Die literatur von 1878 bis 1896 einschliesslich umfassend. Lpz. Reisland, 1909-12. 2 v. in. 4. 23cm. 60 m. 016.88 Contents: v. 1, Greek; v. 2, Latin.

Also published as v. 146, 151, 156, and 165 of Jahresbericht über die fortschritte der klassischen


Masqueray, Paul. Bibliographie pratique de la littérature grecque des origines à la fin de la période romaine. Paris, Klinck016.88 sieck, 1914. 334 p. 20cm. 5 fr. Palmer, Henrietta R. List of English

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