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reference work in, xii.
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phie historique,


géographie moderne, 156.
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indogermanischen altertums-
kunde, 163.

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Englisch deutsches

buch, 49.


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bibliography, 89.

- biography. See Scientists,


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dissertations, bibliography,


history. Darmstaedter, L.
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wissenschaften und der
technik, 89.

bibliography. Johr
Crerar library. List of books
on the history of science, 89.
periodical indexes, 14-15;
also Athenaeum subject in-
dex, 8.
-international cooperation.
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lisme scientifique, 29.
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dia of receipts, 97.

[blocks in formation]

Scientists, 146-147.
Scot's peerage, 149.
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J. G. Survey atlas of Scot-

land, 156.

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Scotland cen-

census. See
sus office, 70.
place-names. Johnston, J.
R. Place-names of Scotland,

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peace conference.
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larations, 78.

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W. Concordance,


dictionaries, 124.




stamp and coin
standard postage
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Scotland, 181; Maclean, D.
Typographia scoto-gadelica,

--historical societies. Terry,
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lications of Scottish histori-
cal and kindred book clubs
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language. See English dia-
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J. C. Ref.
world, 42.
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See Ridpath,
hist. of the
Catalogue of
scientific serials of all coun-
tries, 21.
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and Sears, M. E. Thackeray
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Sects. See references under
Religious sects.
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tionary of the Bible, 59.
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rent periodicals and serials
of United States and Can-
ada, 17.

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aries, 124.


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sical antiquities, 162.
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See Barden-

hewer, O. Patrology, 58.

dictionaries, 124-125; also

Shakespeare, W.


See Arber, E.

British an-

thologies, 112.

concordance, 120.





words, 44.

plots, 125.

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Dictionary of

See American

English authors, 142.

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historical association. Com-
mittee on bibliography. Al-
phabetical subject



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C. Concordanze delle opere
italiane di Dante Alighieri,

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atlas, 157.


Shepherd, W. B.


Guide to

the materials for the his-
tory of the United States
in Spanish archives, 167.
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Sir E. The map of Africa

by treaty, 77.

Ship subsidies.

baters' handbook series, 24.
Abridged de-
Shipping, 84-85.

"Shipping world" year book,


[blocks in formation]

Salisbury, G. E.
and Beckwith, M. E. Index
to short stories, 191.
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collections of materials in
English and European his-
tory in libraries of U. S.,
Sihler, E. G. See Botsford,
G. W. and Sihler,
Hellenic civilization. 162.
E. G.
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S. Apollo; an illustrated
manual of the history of
art. 102.

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way signal dictionary, 100.
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ary. Vizetelly, F. H., 45;
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E. A. and Duyckinck, G. L.
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literature. 108.

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Methodism. 62.

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A. and Singer, H. W.
gemeines künstler lexicon,

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See Jewish encyclopedia,
Single tax. Debaters' hand-
book series, 25.

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of the English language,
42: Concise etymological
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nyms and associated words,



financial. Rollins, M.
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mercial encyclopedia
dictionary of business, 81;

products, 82.

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Early editions,

183; Engravings and their
value, 104.

See Book-prices current,

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of the census.

atlas of the U. S., 71.
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V. and Smith, C. B. Farm-
er's cyclopedia of agricul-
ture, 94; Farmer's cyclo-
pedia of live stock, 94.
Smith, C. J.

Synonyms and

antonyms, 43; Synonyms
discriminated, 43.

Smith, E. F.

dates, 161.

[blocks in formation]

Dictionary of


work, 29.

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historical geography of the
Holy Jand, 158.

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cial dictionary. 83.
Smith, J. P. See Smith, R.
P. Compendious Syriac
dictionary, 54.
Smith, J. R. Industrial and
commercial geography. 82.

Smith. R. P.

Syriac dictionary, 54.

Smith, Sir W.

Classical dic-
tionary of Greek and Ro-
man biography, 162; Con-
of Greek
and Roman antiquities. 162;
Smaller classical diction-
Greek and Roman biogra-
phy, 137; — —


and Cheetham, S.



tionary of



tiquities, 57.

and Fuller, J. M.

tionary of the Bible. 59.


and Hall, T. D. English-

Latin dictionary, 52.

and Wace, H. Dictionary
of Christian biography, lit-
and doc-
erature. sects,
trines, 57.



See references

under Social sciences.

Soils. See Agriculture, 94-95,

Solon, L. M. E. Ceramic lit-
erature, 103.


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langue de Madame de Sé-
vigné, 124.
(Sonnenschein, W. S.
books, 188.
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cons, 25.


Sonneck, O. G. T. See Library
of Congress. Catalogue of
opera librettos. 106: Dra-
matic music. catalogue of
full-scores, 106.
Soule, C. C.

books. See

used in law
Rogers, W. T.


of abbreviations, 45.
Legal abbreviations, 76.
Soule, R. Dictionary of Eng-
lish synonyms, 43.
South Africa. Municipal gov-
Official South
African municipal year
book, 79.

South African year-book. 73.
South America-history, 165.

[blocks in formation]

dictionary, 54.
Staatslexikon, 66.

Stage. See references under

"Stage (The)" cyclopaedia.
See Clarence, R., 128.
Stage year book, 130.
Stalle, L. C. T. van. See Jor-
dain, A. and Stalle, L. C. T.
van. Dictionnaire
pédique de géographie de
Belgique, 153.
Stammhammer, J. Bibliogra-
phie der finanzwissenschaft,
67; Bibliographie der social-
politik, 67; Bibliographie des
socialismus, 67.
Stamps. Scott stamp and coin
co. Scott's standard postage
stamp catalogue, 84.

Standard Bible dictionary. See
Jacobus, M. W., 59.
Standard dictionary, 40.
Standard handbook for elec-
trical engineers, 98.


Annesley, C., 106.
Stanford dictionary. See Fen-
nell, C. A. M.

Stanley, H. H. 550 children's
books, 190.

State documents, 172-173; also
Hasse, A. R. Index to eco-
nomic material in state
documents, 172; Reece, J.
State documents, 168.
State publications. See Bow-
ker, R. R., 172.
Statesman's year-book, 70.
Statistics, 68-74; also Hop-
kins, A. A. Scientific Ameri-
can reference book, 97.
Statutes. See references under
U. S. Laws, statutes.
Steam engines, Deinhardt K.
and Schlomann, A. Illus-

trated technical dictionary,

Stedman, E. C.

American an-
thology, 113; Victorian an-
thology, 113.

and Hutchinson, E. M. Li-
brary of American litera-
ture, 108.

Stedman, T. L. Practical med-
ical dictionary, 95.

See Reference handbook of
the medical sciences, 95.
Steele, M. F. See U. S. General
staff. American campaigns,

Steger, S. A. American dic-
tionaries, 40.

Stein, H. Manuel de bibliogra-
phie générale, 187.

Steingass, F. Comprehensive


Stephanove, C.



rian dictionary, 46.

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national literature, 136.
Stephens, H. M.

See Adams,

G. B. and Stephens, H. M.
Select documents of English
constitutional history, 164.
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tionary of technical terms,

Stevans, C. M. See Daniels,

C. L. Encyclopedia of super-
stitions, folk lore and the
occult sciences, 88.
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of Australian verse, 113.
Stevenson, B. E. Home book
verse, 113; Poems
American history, 113.
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Prayer book dictionary, 60.
Stevenson, W. B. See Young,


R. Analytical concordance to
the Bible, 58.

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Stiles, W. C. See Scott, R.
Cyclopedia of illustrations

for public speakers, 118.
Stimson, F. J. Concise law dic-
tionary, 74.

See Finance, 83.






Treffry, E. E., 115.


Stokes' encyclopedia of music

and musicians. See DeBek-
ker, L. J., 104.
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American authors, 180.
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Latin original De imitatione
and Stone, R. W. Useful
minerals of the United
States, 100.

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Christi, 121.

Story hours-lists of books.
Pittsburgh. Carnegie library.
Story telling to children,
190; St. Louis. Public li-
brary. Lists of stories and
programs for story hours,


und landes-bibliothek. Kata-
log der laufenden zeitschrif-
ten, 20-21.
Stratman, F. H. Middle-Eng-
lish dictionary, 45.

Strauss, A. See Brown, E. and
Strauss, A. Dictionary
American politics, 67.
railways. See




ences under Railroads.
Strickland, W. G. Dictionary
of Irish artists, 142.
Strong, J. Exhaustive


cordance of the Bible, 58.
Structural engineering, 98.
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military digest, 13.

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Stübe, R. See Herre, P. Quel-
lenkunde zur weltgeschichte


Student periodicals. Handbook
of American private schools,

Student's Hebrew and Chaldee
dictionary. See Harkavy, 50.
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architecture and building,


[blocks in formation]



Surrey, H. H., earl of. See

[blocks in formation]

Syriac dictionary, 54.
Szinnyei, J. Magyar irők, 143.

Table service. See Garrett, T.
F. Encyclopaedia of practi-
cal cookery, 96.

Tales. See Short stories.
Tall, L. L. See Andrews C. M.,
Gambrill, J. M. and Tall, L.
L. Bibliography of history,

Tanger G. See Schmidt, I.
Dictionary of the English
and German languages, 50.
Tannehill, B. See Children's

Catalog, 189.

Tariff, 84.

Tawney, R. H. See Bland, A.
English economic his-


tory, 164.

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Names and their
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tionary and cyclopedia, 40;
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English dictionary, 41;
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ney, C. F. Technological and
scientific dictionary, 97.

aeronautics. Pierce, R. M.
Dictionary of aviation, 90;
U. S. National advisory
committee for aeronautics.

Nomenclature, 90.

archeology. Mollett, J. W.


dictionary of

words used in art and ar-
chaeology, 102.

bibliography, 174.




ences under Technical terms.
Printing and publishing.
color. Ridgway, R. Color
standards, 90; commerce, 81.
domestic science. Ward, A.
Grocer's encyclopedia, 96.

electricity. Hawkins' elec- Thelert.
trical dictionary, 90.

fine arts. See Fine arts,

geography, 154-155.
heraldry. Goodchild, G.
F. and Tweney, C. F. Tech-
nological and scientific dic-
tionary, 97.

law. See ref. under Le-
gal terms.

library work, 192.

marine. Dabovich, P. E.
Nautisch-technisches wör-
terbuch der marine, 99.

mechanical engineering.
Horner, J. G. Lock.
medicine, 95-96.

military science, 99.

naval science, 99.

music. Goodchild, G. F.
and Tweney, C. F. Tech-

nological and scientific dic-
tionary, 97.

- printing and publishing.



congress cf


technique de l'éditeur, 101;
Stewart, A. A. Printer's
dictionary of technical
terms, 101.

railways, 100.

[blocks in formation]


Telegraph. Deinhardt,
and Schlomann, A. Illus-
trated technical dictionary,

-wireless, 100.
Telephone. Deinhardt, K.
and Schlomann, A. Illus-
trated technical dictionary,

wireless, 100.
Temple dictionary of the Bi-
ble. See Ewing, W., 58.
Tennyson, A., Lord-concord-
ance, 121.

dictionaries, 125.

Term catalogues. See Arber,
E., 181.

Terms. See references under
Technical terms.

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publications of Scottish
historical clubs and SO-
cieties, 30.
Textiles, 101.
Thacher, J. B. Catalogue of
the John Boyd Thacher
collection of incunabula,


ary, 125.

W. M.-diction-

Theatre. See references under



G. Supplement
Heinsius, Hinrichs und Kay-
sers bücher-lexikon, 186.
Theology. See Religion, 56-
Thesaurus dictionary of the
English dictionary. See
March, F. A. and March, F.
A., jr., 42.

Thesaurus of English words.
See Roget, P. M., 42-43.
Theses. See references under

Thiel, A. Hoffman, M. K. Lex-

ikon der anorganischen
verbindungen, 90.
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ographique de la litté-
rature française, 131.
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ikon der bildenden künst-
ler, 141.
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nouncing dictionary of bi-
ography and mythology,
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museum, Library. Cata-
logue of the pamphlets,
books, newspapers, and
manuscripts relating to the
civil war, 181.
Thompson, G. F. See U. S.
Dept. of Agriculture. In-
dex to literature relating to
animal industry, 170:-
Synoptical index of the re-
ports of the statistician, 170.
Thomson, J. E. H. See Ewing,
W. Temple dictionary of
the Bible, 58.
Thomson, W.

Dictionary of

banking, 83.
Thornton, R. H.
glossary, 43.


Thorpe, Sir E. Dictionary of
applied chemistry, 91.
Thorpe, F. N. The federal
and state constitutions,
colonial charters, 79.
Thyselius, E. See Vem är
Ticknor, G. See Boston. Pub-
lic library. Catalogue of
the Spanish library and
Portuguese books, 131.
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dex, 22: Palmer's index, 22.
Timperley's encyclopedia of
literary and typographical
anecdote, 101.
Tillinghast, W. H. See Ploetz,
K. J. Ploetz's epitome, 161.
Toasts, 116.

Toller, T. N. See Bosworth,
J. Anglo-Saxon diction-
ary, 46.
Tommaseo, N.
dei sinonimi
italiana, 52.

della lingua

Tooker, W. W. Indian place
names on Long Island, 155.
Topography. Deichmanske
bibliotek. Register til

Norges tidskrifter, 10.
Toronto-union list of period-
icals. Joint catalogue of
periodicals in libraries, 20.
Toroy Gisbert, M.
Larousse. P. Pequeño La-
rousse ilustrado, 53.

Torp, A. See Falk, H. S. and
Torp, A. Norwegisch-dä-
nisches etymologisches
wörterbuch, 47.

Towers, J. Dictionary-cata-
logue of operas and oper-
ettas, 106.

Townsend, M. Handbook of
United States political his-
tory, 67.

Toynbee, P. Dictionary of
proper names and notable
matters in the works of
Dante, 122; Concise dic-
tionary of proper names
and notable matters in the
works of Dante, 122.
Traction companies. See Rail-
ways, 85.

Trade bibliographies. See Na-
tional and trade bibliog-
raphy, 177-187.

Trade directories. Central
America. U. S. Bureau of
foreign and domestic com-
merce, 82.

South America. U. S. Bu-
reau of foreign
mestic commerce, 82.



[blocks in formation]

Tupper, H. A. .See Dwight,
H. O., Tupper, H. A., and
Bliss, E. M. Encyclopedia
of Missions, 61.
Turner, F. J. See Channing,
E., Hart, A. B., and Turner,
F. J. Guide to the study
and reading of American
history, 166.

Tutin, J. R. Concordance to
Fitzgerald's translation of
the Rubáiyát of Omar
Khayyam, 120; Index to
the animal and vegetable
kingdoms of Wordsworth,
126; Wordsworth diction-
ary, 125.
Tweney, C. F. See Goodchild,
G. F., and Tweney. C. F.
Technological and scientific
dictionary, 97.

Type-founders. Renouard. P.
Imprimeurs parisiens, 145.
Typography. See Printing,

U. S. See references under
United States.

[blocks in formation]
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United States, geographic
names and terms, 154.

Geological survey. Geo-
logic atlas of the United
States, 158.

Mineral resources of
the United States, 100.

- — The publications of the
survey, 171.

government, 67-68.

- history, 166-167; also Mil-
ler, M. M. Great debates in
American history, 108.
bibliography, 166–167; also
Bradford, T. L. Bibliogra-

pher's manual, 177.

manuscript sources, 167.
Immigration commission.
Dictionary of races or peo-
ples, 92.

Insular affairs bureau.
Pronouncing gazetteer and
geographical dictionary of
the Philippine Islands, 154.
Interstate commerce com-
mission. Annual report on
the statistics of railways, 85.
Labor, 80.

--Labor dept. [and bureau].
Index of all reports, 171.
――― Labor laws of the U.
S., with decisions of the
courts, 80.

Labor legislation, 80.
Subject index of pub-
lications, 171.

Workmen's compensa-
tion laws, 80.

law. See Law, 74-76.
Laws, statutes. Compiled
statutes of the U. S., 75.

Federal statutes anno-
tated, 75; supplement, 75.

Revised statutes, 75
supplement, 75.

statutes at large, 76.
Index analysis of the
federal statutes, 76.

S. Library of Congress.
See Library of Congress.
U. S. Military academy, West
Point. Cullum, G. W. Bio-
graphical register, 140.
-military laws. U. S. Laws,
statutes, 99.

- Mineral resources. U. S.
Geological survey, 100.
- municipal statistics, 79.
--National Monetary com-
mission. Publications, 83.



National museum. List of
publications, 172.

Nautical almanac office.
American ephemeris and
nautical almanac, 90.

navigation laws. C. S.
Laws, statutes, 85.

Navy. Debaters' handbook
series, 25.

See Army and navy,

Patent office. Official ga-
zette, 100; Annual report,

- pharmacopoeial conven-
tion. Pharmacopoeia of the
1. S. states of America, 96.
political history. See U. S.
overnment. 67-68; also ref-
erences under U. S. history.

Post office dept. United
States official postal guide

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