The Dramatic Works of Shackerley Marmion

W. Paterson, 1875 - 295 páginas

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Página xii - Kingdom, or that he ought not to enjoy the same, here is his Champion, who saith that he lieth, and is a false traitor ; being ready in person to combat with him, and in this quarrel will adventure his life against him on what day soever he shall be appointed.
Página 3 - Hollands Leaguer: Or, An Historical Discourse Of The Life and Actions of Dona Britanica Hollandia the ArchMistris of the wicked women of Eutopia. Wherein is detected the notorious Sinne of Panderisme, and the Execrable Life of the Luxurious Impudent (1632).
Página xii - If any person, of what degree soever, high or low, shall deny or gainsay our Sovereign Lord King George the Fourth, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Defender of the Faith...
Página 236 - Well, go thy ways, old Nick Machiavel, there will never be the peer of thee for wholesome policy and good counsel ; thou took'st pains to chalk men out the dark paths and hidden plots of murther and deceit, and no man has the grace to follow thee. The age is unthankful, thy principles are quite forsaken, and worn out of memory.
Página 138 - From the heaven Of my delight, where the boon Delphic god Drinks sack and keeps his Bacchanalia, And has his incense and his altars smoking, And speaks in sparkling prophecies ; thence I come My brains perfumed with the rich Indian vapour, And heightened with conceits.
Página xiii - ... brought to the king a gilt bowl of wine, with a cover; his majesty drank to the champion, and sent him the bowl by the cup-bearer, accompanied •with his assistants; which the champion (having put on his gauntlet) received, and retiring a little, drank thereof, and made his humble reverence to his majesty; and being accompanied as before, departed out of the hall, taking the *aid bowl and cover with him as his fee.
Página 205 - May he never Have better friend, that knows no better how To value them. Well, I was ever jealous Of his baseness, and now my fears are ended. Pox o' these travels ! they do but corrupt A good nature, and his was bad enough before. Enter ANGELIA. Pet. What pretty sparkle of humanity have we here ? Whose attendant are you, my little knave ? Ang. I wait, sir, on Master Lionell.
Página 281 - What strange tricks and devices you had to win a woman ! '. Moc. Such assurance I conceiv'd of myself ; but, when they affect wilful stubbornness, lock up their ears, and will hearken to no manner of persuasion, what shall a man do? Lor. You hear what taxes are laid upon you, daughter : these are stains to your other virtues. Luc. Pray, sir, hear my defence ! What sympathy can there be between our two ages, or agreement in our conditions 1 But you'll object he has means. Tis confess'd ; but what...
Página 246 - Twere a solecism to imagine that a young bravery, who lives in the perpetual sphere of humanity, where every waiting-woman speaks perfect Arcadia, and the ladies...
Página 245 - DUKE. Nay, there's no man in the earth more liberal : take it upon my word, he has not that thing in the world so dear or precious in his esteem, which he will not most willingly part with upon the least summons of his friend. PET. Now must I give away some two or three hundred pounds' worth of toys, to maintain this assertion.

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