Albania's Economy in Transition and Turmoil, 1990-97

Anthony Clunies Ross, Petar Sudar
Ashgate, 1 ene. 1998 - 256 páginas
This work draws attention to the distinctive features of Albania's transition as well as those it shares with other Central and East European economies. The distinctive features include: very low income base; large proportion of the work force in agriculture; rapid restoration of macroeconomic stability (stable exchange rate and low inflation); large proportion of working-age population emigrated; and quite exceptionally high economic growth in the last four years to December 1997. It examines the inter-relationships of these features, including an account and tentative analysis of the events of 1997, with an attempt to explain why the failed financial institutions (again without parallels elsewhere in the ex-Communist state) existed and behaved as they did.

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