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years commencing with the season of year; The Origin and Importance of 1800. On the first of Oct. he made his Life, at Northampton, and at Carshal: first bow to a London audience, in the ton, for the Royal Humane Society, characters of Acres in the Rivals and 1789; Christian Politics, or the Origin Crack in the Turnpike-gate.

of Power and the Grounds of SuborHis correct delineation of the numerous dination, at Northampton 1792; The characters which be successively assumed Sin of Wastefulness, at St. Vedest, Fosin play, farce, and opera, made bim an ter-lane, 1796; Deliverance from our universal favourite. His Fluellen, Me- Enemies, at the Thanksgiving, 1797 ; nenius, Polonius, Pistol, Sir Andrew The Faithful Soldier and True ChrisAguecheek, Sir Hugh Evans, and many tian, and The Miseries of Rebellion others, were evidences of the soundness considered, two sermons at Northampton, of his judgment and versatility of his

The Difference between the talents.

Death of the Righteous and the Wicked, Mr. Blanchard was twice married, and illustrated in the instances of Dr. Samuel had several children. His health, neither Johnson and David Hume, esq. before benefited by poverty, misfortune, nor seek- the University of Oxford, 1806. ing means to forget them, had been for some April 15. At Stoke, Plymouth, the time impaired. On the Tuesday previous Rev. Robert Turner, M.A. to his death, be dined at Hammersmith, April 20. At Lopen, near Crewkerne, and about 6 in the evening quitted his aged 85, the Rev. John Templeman. friends for his residence at Chelsea. On April 21. Aged 67, the Rev.J. Flockton, his way, he must have had a fit and fallen Vicar of Shernbourne, Norfolk, to which into a ditch, from wbich it appears that he was collated in 1831, by the Bp. of Ely. he could not extricate himself until nearly April 24. Aged 67, the Rev. Thomas 3 o'clock in the morning. On the day Mears, Rector of All Saints' and St. Lawafter, he got up and shaved himself, but rence's, and Vicar of St. John's, Southin the course of the evening was visited ampton. He was of Wadham college, by another severe fit, which was succeeded Oxford, M. A. 1792. He had performed by one on the Thursday, still more violent, bis clerical duties in Southampton for and on the following day he died. His upwards of forty years; but was preremains were interred in the burial- sented to the livings by the Lord Changround of Chelsea New Church, attended cellor, in the year 1817. The rectory of to their final resting-place by his youngest All Saints will in future be held distinct son, aged 15; Mr. Fearman, his son-in- from that of St. Lawrence. law; bis brother-in-law, Mr. Harrold; April 26. At Teignmouth, aged 76, the Mr. Fisher, father of Miss Clara Fisher; Rev. George Fortescue, Rector of St. Mr. W. Evans, Mr. Thomas Grieve, Mellion, and St. Pennick, in Cornwall, Mr. Drinkwater Meadows, Mr. F. Mat- to the latter of which churches he was thews, Mr. Warner, and Mr. Tilbury. presented in 1789, and to the former in All the members of the dramatic corps 1793. He was of Merton College, Oxwould, from the high esteem they enter- ford, B.C.L. 1785. tained for poor Blanchard, have attended April 27. At Thorpe, Surrey, aged 66. his obsequies, bad not his own particular the Rev. John Leigh Bennett, Vicar of relations wished the ceremony to be per- that parish. He was of Braze-nose formed as privately as possible. He was college, Oxford, M.A. 1796 ; and was fortunately a very old member of the Con presented to Thorpe in 1806, by the vent-garden Theatrical Fund, and hence Lord-Chancellor, The death of his his widow will receive for life an annuity youngest son is noticed in p. 101. of 401. per annum.

April 29. At Antingham, Norfolk, There is a portrait of Mr. Blanchard (found hanging in his school-room) the in the European Magazine for July 1817. Rev. John Hubbard, Vicar of Little Hor

stead, to which Church he was instituted CLERGY DECEASED.

in 1823 on his own presentation. March 26. In Upper Gower-street, At Dewsbury, Yorkshire, aged 56, the aged 77, the Rev. William Agutter, for. Rev. John Buckworth, Vicar of that parisb. merly Chaplain and Secretary to the He was of St. Edmund hall, Oxford. Asylum for Female Orpbans. He was M. A. 1810, and was presented to Dewsof Magdalene college, Oxford, M.A. bury in 1807 by the Lord Chancellor, 1784; and published the following ser- having previously laboured for two years

The Abolition of the Slave as Curate of that extensive parish. Trade considered in a Religious Point of April 29. At Morden, Surrey, aged View, preached at Oxford, 1788; On the 90, the Rev. John Witheringtoni Peers, death of his friend, the celebrated Rev. D.C.L. more than 57 years Rector of John Henderson, at Bristol, the same that parish, and for 65 years incumbent of May 4.


Chislehampton, co. Oxford. He survived May 21. At Grassby, co. Lincoln, aged five days bis great-grandson, J. Wither. 50, the Rev.Wm. Hutton Wilkinson, Vicar ington, only son of the Rev. John Wi. of that parish and Kirmington. He was therington Peers, Curate of Old Shore- of Trin, coll. Camb. B. A. 1811, as 17th ham. He was of Merton Coll. Oxford, Senior Optime, M.A. 1814; was preM.A. 1770, D.C.L. 1778; was pre- sented to both his livings in 1812, to sented to both the churches above named Grassby by Mrs. Wilkinson, and to Kirby C. Peers, esq.

mington by Lord Yarborough. April 30. At Clare Hall, Hants, aged May 27. At the rectory, Bangor, aged 76, the Rev. Andrew Sharp, Vicar of 75, the Rev. Maurice Wynne, LL.D. of Bambrough, Northumberland, to which Llwyn,co. Denbigh, the last inale descend Church he was presented in 1792 by the ant of the house of Gwydir. He was of trustees of Lord Crewe's charity. Jesus coll. Oxf. B.C.L. 1790, D.C.L. May 2.

At the residence of bis mo- 1798; was presented to the vicarage of ther, Lexden, near Colchester, aged 36, Great Wenlock in 1793 by Sir W. W. the Rev. Harvey Buwtree, of Gorleston, Wynne, Bart. to Bangor in 1798 by P. L. Suffolk. He was of Trin. coll. Camb. Fletcher, esq. and to the chapelry of Over. B.A. 1815, M.A. 1818.

ton in the same year by Earl Grosvenor. May 4. At Newark upon Trent, aged 65, the Rev. William Bartlett, Vicar of

DEATHS. Newark and East Stoke. He was the

LONDON AND ITS VICINITY. grandson of John Bartlett, esq. formerly Feb.5. Aged 90, retired commander of Cortin Denham, co. Dorset, and an al. John Maver, R.N. derman of Bristol. He was of St. John's April 3. At Woolwich, aged 15, crushed coll. Oxf. M. A. 1814, and was presented under a great iron roller which was being in the same year to Newark by the King, drawn by fifty boys, Mr. Onslow, a cadet and to East Stoke by the Dean and of the Royal Military Academy. Chapter of Lincoln. He bas left a large May 6. At Avenue-road, Regent'sfamily.

park, aged 65, Rear-Adm. Jobn Mason Aged 63, the Rev. Charles Lewis, on the superannuated list. He Child, Rector of Overton Longueville, served as a Lieut. of the Queen 98, in Hants. He was of St. John's coll. Camb. Howe's action of June 1, 1794; after. B D. 181l; was for several years Curate wards commanded the Snake sloop of of Tbiselton in Rutlandshire; and was war; and obtained post rank, Jan. 1, presented to Overton Longueville in 1801. He was for many years a Com. 1826 by the Earl of Aboyne.

missioner of the Navy, successively reMay 6. At North Meols, Lancashire, sident at Antigua, Bermuda, and Malta. the Rev. Gilbert Ford, Rector of that May 12. Ať Winchmore-hill, aged 28, parish. He was of Wadham coll. Oxf. William Charles Haynes, esq. only son of M. A. 1798; and was presented to his the late Wm. Haynes, esq. of kibworth living in 1798 by Ford, M.D.

Harcourt, Leic. May 9. At Craike, Durham, aged 55, May 16. At Kensington, aged 72, Mr. the Rev. Powell Colchester Guise, Rector Richard Harris, formerly printer of The of that parish, and Vicar of Elmore and Sun newspaper, and for many years clerk Longney, Glouc. brother to Sir Jobn and publisher of The London Gazette. Wright Guise, Bt. K C.B. He was of May 18. At Bernard-st. aged 22, Laun. Christ Church, Oxford, M. A. 1804 ; was celot, fourth son of John Barrow, esq. of presented to Craike in 1818 by the late Wedmore, Som. Bishop Barrington, to Elmore by his May 20. Aged 17, Caroline-Georgiana, brother, and to Longney by the Lord eldest dau. of Francis Willes, esq. of Chancellor. He married Oct. 13, 1808, Gloucester-place. Maria, second dau. of Nathaniel Clifford, May 22. At Camberwell, aged 80, Caof Frampton Court, co. Glouc, esq. and therine, the wife of J, Ward, esq. had issue William Christopher, who died May 23. At Saville-row, aged 80, Ro. Feb 2, 1834, æt. 22, and other children. bert Snow, esq. of the house of Messrs. May 20.

At Freckenham, Suffolk, Snow and Paul, bankers, Temple Bar. aged 51, the Rev. Samuel Tillbrook, Rec. At Clapham-common, aged 83, Mary, tor of that parish. He was formerly Fel- widow of Ebenezer Maitland, esq. low of Peterhouse, Camb. where he May 25. In Sloane-st. Sarah, wife of graduated B.A. 1806 as 6th Senior the Rev. T. R. Wrench, Rector of St. Optime, M.A. 1809, B.D. 1816. He Michael's, Cornhill. was presented to Freckenbam by his col. May 29. At Denmark-bill, Ann, wife: lege in 1829, and married on the 15th Dec. of Wm. Manfield, esq. that year, Frances fourth dau. of John May 30. In Devonshire place, aged Ayling, esq. of Tillington, Sussex.


45, George Thornton Bayley, esq. of the CORNWALL.May 21. At Shillingcivil service on the Bengal Establishment. ham, Henry-Spry, fourth son of the late

May 31. Aged 81, J. A. Myers, esq. Edward Bennett, esq. of Exeter, and first Secondary in the Remembrancer's grandson of the late Rev. William Spry, office.

Rector of Endellion. June 2. In London-street, Fitzroy- Lately. At Penzance, J. Armstrong, square, Sarah, widow of Capt. W. Story. esq. late Major 5th Dragoon Guards.

June 3. At Walcott-place, Lambeth, DERBY.—May 16. At Edensor, Floaged 74, John Rush Cuthbert, esq. rence, sixth daughter of the Rev. R.

June 4. At Clapham, aged 17, Emilia- Smith, and sister to Mrs. Airy, of the Sophia, third dau. of J. Thornton, esq. Observatory, Cambridge.

June 6. In the Wandsworth-road, At Hayfield, aged 104, Aaron Ashton. aged 75, James Denison, esq. founder He was born in a cottage on the estate of and father of the Commercial Traveller's Aspenshaw, and he recollected going to Society.

Manchester with his father, in 1745, to June 8. In Green-st. Grosvenor-sq. see the rebel army. At the age of 20 he aged 87, G. W. Smyth, esq.

enlisted, and was a soldier for 28 years ; Aged 90, R. Fisher, esq. of Alders. and at the battle of Bunker's Hill regate-street and Mitcham.

ceived a wound from the same shot which In Hertford-st. May-fair, aged 5, Cra- wounded Major Shuttleworth, of Hether. dock Trevor Zacchia, youngest child of sage. Within a few months of his death Benjamin Hall, esq. M.P.

this old patriarch continued to walk about, June 10. In Park-place, Regent's- and enjoyed good health and all his faculpark, John Eames, esq.

ties nearly to the last. At Clapham, in her 86th year, Marga- Devon.-May 18. At Exeter, aged ret, relict of Andrew Van Yzendoorn, 72, Jobn Neave, esq. second son of the late esq. of Mount-row, Lambeth, and for- Sir Richard Neave, and brother to the premerly of Rotterdam. Also June 12th, sent Baronet. He was formerly Judge at in Burton-crescent, aged 23 years, Fre. Tirboot and Chief Judge of Benares, derick Herman Arnold Bicker Caarten, both in Bengal. He married Sept. 9, esq. her grandson, eldest son of the late 1789, Catbarine, dau. of Col. Smith of Adrian Herman Bicker Caarten, esq. Ireland, by whom he had issue three dau.

June 1l. At the house of her son-in. and three sons: Anna Frances; Carolinelaw, the Rev. Josiah Pratt, in Finsbury- Mary, married in 1819 to the Rev. Wm. circus, aged 87, the widow of J. Jowett, Cookson, Vicar of Hungerford; Eliza, esq. of Newington.

married in 1817 to John Milford of June 14. At Saville-row, Margaret, Exeter, esq.; Jobn, Judge and magistrate widow of T. Brent, esq.

at Allyghur in Bengal; Robert, magisJune 23.

At the house of her son. trate and collector of revenue at Delhi; in-law Mr. Baron Alderson, Caroline, and Edgar. widow of the Rev. Edw. Drewe, of May 20. At Hall, in the parish of Broad Hembury, Devon.

Bishop's Tawton, aged 82, Charles ChiBERKS. -- June 2. Mr. P. B. Dalton, chester, esq. for many years an active and of St. John's college, Cambridge. Acintelligent Justice of the Peace in this companied by his elder brother, Mr. C. county. Browne Dalton, Fellow of Wadbam coll.

May 26.

At Ilfracombe, Williamo Oxford, he ascended the Thames from Shepherd, esq. eldest son of the late Sạ. Eton in a two-oared boat, and on arriving ville William Shepherd, esq. of Coxside, at Maidenhead Weir, proceeded to bathe Plymouth. in the pool near Boulter's Lock. While DORSET. -May 8. At Parnham, Lt. swimming within a short distance of one Oglander, of the Scots Fusileer Guards, another, the younger brother suddenly youngest son of Sir W. Oglander, Bart. became exhausted, and sank, in spite of and grandson of the Duke of Grafton. the utmost exertions of the elder, and when May 30.

At Sutton, Ticbborne his body was recovered, life was extinct. Doughty, only son of Edward Doughty,

CAMBRIDGE.- May 29. At Cambridge, esq. of Upton House, near Poole, Dorset. in her 82d year, Mrs. Pearce, widow of Lately. Near Weymouth, Lieut.-Gen. the Very Rev. Dr. William Pearce, Powell, of the E. I. Co.'s service. Dean of Ely, eldest dau. of the Rev. June 3. Aged 6, Florence-Lucy-HutWalter Sercold, of Cherrybinton. chinson, youngest twin daughter of the

Lately. At Queen's College, Cam. Rev. Ralph Hutchinson Simpson, M. A. bridge, after a short illness, aged 22, Was- of Trinity coll. Cambridge. tel Brisco, esq. youngest son of Sir Essex.—June 146 Anthony Merry, Wastel Brisco, Bart. of Crofton Hall, esq. of Dedham-house, Cumberland,


May 30.

HANTS.- May 13. At Ryde, aged 18, SOMERSET.-April 25. At Bath, Maj.. Elizabeth Sophia, last surviving child of Gen. Sampson Freeth. Appointed Lt. the late E. Percival, M.B. of Bath. lllth foot 1794, Capt. Liverpool reg.

May 21. Susannah, the wife of H. 1795, in 26th dragoons 1796, Major 1800, T. Timson, esq. of Tachbury Mount. in 96th foot 1807, brevet Lieut.-Col.

May 28. At Cowes, the Right Hon. 1848, Major 2d W. 1. Regt. 1808, 1. p. Mary dowager Lady Kirkcudbright, wife 15th foot 1809, Col. 1814, and Majorof Robert Davis, esq. R.N.

Gen. 1825. He was for some years June 6. At Southampton, aged 74, Inspecting Field Officer of the Liverpool James Byrn, esq.

recruiting district. Herts.—May 21. At Pisbobury, aged May 22. At Bath, aged 58, Mary, wife 78, Rose, only daughter and heiress of of J. H. Hele Phipps, esq. of Leighton the late E. Gardiner, esq. of Pishobury, House, near Westbury, Wilts. and widow of J. Miles, esq.

May 25. At the house of her brother HUNTINGDON.-May 19. At Kim- the Rev. John Bayley, at Chilthorne bolton, Susanna, widow of Cha. Cutfield, Domer, aged 66, Ann Bayley, dau. of the esq. of Midhurst.

late B. Bayley, esq. of Keyford, near KENT. -May 23. At Ramsgate, aged Frome. 73, Mary, widow of C. Pratt, esq. of May 28. At Bath, Sarah-Eliza, widow Tottenham.

of Lieut.-Col. Noble, 67th reg. May 27. At Tunbridge Wells, Do.

May 30.

At Crowcombe, aged 52, rotbea, relict of R. Scott, esq. of Lichfield.

William Bucknell, esq. Charles-Anna, wife of Col. June 2. At Bath, Mrs. Mary-Anne H. Cuyler, District Paymaster, Chatham. Curteis, sister-in-law to Tristram Whit

June 3. Aged 51, J. Webster, esq. ter, esq. M.D. and first cousin to the late of Shoulden-house, near Deal.

E. J. Curteis, esq. M.P. for Sussex, of
Jnne 4. At Lewisham, aged 60, Mary, whom a memoir was given in our May
wife of Sam. Cowper Brown, esq. F.S.A. number.
At Greenwich, at an advanced age,

April 20.

At Ipswich, Dame Mary Bate Dudley, relict of Rev. aged 52, Louisa, wife of the Rev. J. T. Sir Henry Bate Dudley, Bart. She was Nottage, Rector of St. Helen's and St. the 2d dau. of James White, esq. of Ber- Clement's, ral, co. Somerset.

June 2. At Chelsworth, Ellen, second June 7. At Tunbridge Wells, aged dau. of the late H. S. Pocklington, esq. 56, Major-General F. Hepburn, late of of Tyrllandwr. the 3rd regiment of Foot Guards.

June 14. At Ipswich, aged 90, J. CobJune 9. Joseph Foster, esq. of Brom- bold, esq. of Holywells, near that town. ley, a distinguished Member of the So- SURREY.-Feb. 21. At Croydon, Jociety of Friends, and the indefatigable seph Bordwine, esq. Professor of Forti. coadjutor of Joseph Lancaster, in the fication to Addiscombe college. cause of popular instruction.

May 28.

At the house of his sister LANCASHIRE.—June 2. At Belle-vue, Mrs Henry Wyndham, near Ripley, near Liverpool, J. Philips, esq. Lient. aged 34, Lient.-Col. Charles Henry SoR. N. eldest and only surviving son of the merset, Lieut.. Col. of the 1st Dragoons, late John L. Phillips, esq. of Mayfield, nephew to the Duke of Beaufort. He near Manchester.

was the 2d son of the late Lord Charles MIDDLESEX.—June 12. Aged 83, John Somerset, by his first wife, the Hon. Eli. Harvey, esq. of Teddington.

zabeth Courtenay, sister to the late Earl NORFOLK. May 26. At Norwich, of Devon. aged 90, Barnabas Leman, esq.

June 1. At Thorpe-place, aged 33, June 7. At Narford-hall, in his 65th Frederick Leigh, the youngest son of the year, Andrew Fountaine, esq.

late Rev. J. Leigh Bennett; whose death NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

At is recorded in our present number, p. 98. Guilsborough-hall, Mary, wife of w. June 2. At Addlestone, near Chert2. L. Ward, esq. and heiress to the late sey, Charlotte, widow of Andrew WilWoodford Lambe, esq. of Addington. son Hearsey, Lieut.-Col. E. I. service.

Oxon.-May 15. At Launton, aged June 5. At Unsted-wood, near God83, Bridget, wife of the Rev. Dr. alming, aged 58, Hutches Trower, esq. Browne, Prebendary of Wells and Rec- June 7. Aged 73, Francis Paynter, tor of Launton.

esg. of Denmark-bill. May 20. At Oxford, Sarah, wife of June 11. At Kingston-on-Thames, James Adey Ogle, esq. M.D. leaving a aged 92, Ann, widow of G. Roots, esq. family of nine young children.

surgeon. May 22. At his brother's at Heading- Sussex. —April 19. At the Rectory, ton, aged 57, W. H. Whorwood, esq. a Petworth, aged 79, Ann, widow of John Commander R.N. (1808).

Sims, M.D. of Wimpole-street.

May 26.


From May 26, to June 25, 1835, both inclusive. Fahrenheit's Therm.

Fahrenheit’s Therm.

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52 61 44 30, 05 do.

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31 53 49 29, 97 do.
J.) 51 47 , 90 do. rain

2 59 56 30, 00 do. do.
3 60 59 29, 90 do. do.
458 65 54 30, 00 do. do.
5 56 63 53 07 do. fair
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7460 07 fine
7 69 80 70 10 do.
8 74 79 65

10 fair, cloudy

81 66 20 do. do. 10 1 78 82 69 28 fine

11 78 83 66 30, 36 fine
12 78 82 59 , 38 do.

54 30 cloudy

61 20 fair 15

65 22. do. 16

75 67 24 do. cloudy 17

74 64 10 do. do. rain 18 64 70 54 08 do. do. 19. 60 65 58 06 do. 20 62 70 54 ! ,98 do. cloudy 21 64 72 58 00 do. do. 22 64 73 58 29, 80 do. do. rain 23 52 64 49 67 wndy 24 53 62 48 20 rain 25 49 53 47 48 do.

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From May 28, to June 26, 1835, both inclusive.

Ex. Bills,



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258 4 6 pm. 18 20 pm. 2217 903 911

98 99 100 165 884 1259 711 pm. 20 27 pm. 3218 89390 90 14 973 987994 Í 167

260 9 12 pm. 28 31 pm. 4218 90$ 984 98%

260 11 16 pm. 29 34 pm. 52173 904 984 982

17 15 pm. 33 36 pm. 62184893903 988 984

14 16 pm. 35 36 pm. 8218 904

13 15pm. 34 36 pm. 9218 904 986

12 11 pm. 34 32 pm. 10216490 984 984

11 8pm. 31 33 pm. 11 216 903 99 99

9 10 pm. 33 31 pm. 12 215 90; 13 99 991

10 8 pm. 32 27 pm. 13216 903 98% 99

8 10 pm. 29 26 pm. -15 216 913

161 893

7 9 pm. 26 28 pm. 162151 911 994 993

7 10 pm. 28 27 pm. 17 21529141 998!

911 pm. 28 29 pm. 18216 903 1 99 994


11 9 pm. 28 31 pm. 19216 90% 99 98

10 8 pm. 31 29 pm. 20 90%


7 9pm. 28 30 pm. 22216 903


7 9pm. 28 30 pm. 23216 904

985 24 216903

98% 98%

16 252164904


163 894 26,2163903 982981

8 5pm. 25 27 pm. J. J. ARNULL, Stock Broker, 1, Bank Buildings, Coruhill,


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