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dialogue entre vn Chrestien & vn Payen. Diuisè en deux parties... Composè par F. Benoist Anglois predicateur Capucin. A. Rouen, 1609. 8°. ǎ, 8 leaves: Licence, 1 leaf: A-Ss 4 in eights, Ss 4 blank. With the title engraved and woodcuts. Dedicated by the author to Henry IV.



A Nosegay Or Miscellany of several Divine Truths. . . London, Printed by T. M. for the Author. 1684. 12o, A—Ñ 6 in twelves. Dedicated to Anne Princess of Denmark. Fr. and Engl.

"If any gentleman or gentlewoman hath a mind to learn French or Latin, the Author will wait upon them: he lives in Compton Street, Soo-Hoo Fields, four doors of the Myter."-Advt.


A Compendious and moste marueylous History nowe newly corrected and amended by the sayde translatour. Anno. 1561. [Col.] Imprinted at London in Powles Churche yarde by Rycharde Jugge, Printer to the Quenes Maiestie. 1561. 8°. Title, preface, and mark, 8 leaves: A-Ll 4 in eights.


A True Relation of a late Victory ob-
tained by Major General Brown His
Forces about Clifton within three miles
of Abington, against a Partie of Walling-
ford... London, Printed by Matth.
Simmons for Henry Overton ..
4°, 4 leaves.

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The Penitent Death of a Woefull Sinner


Folio, A-Oo, 2 leaves each. With a frontispiece.


The Ivry of Inqvisition De Jure Divino. Whether By Divine Right it is Lawfvll to inflict Pvnishment vpon the offending Lordly Bishops, Yea, or No. Printed in the yeere, 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. BLAGRAVE, JOHN, of Reading. Baculum Familiare, Catholicon siue Generale. A Booke of the making and Vse of a Staffe, newly inuented by the Author, called the Familiar Staffe. London Printed by Heugh Iackson 1590. 4o, A-K 3 in fours. With diagrams. Dedicated to Sir Francis Knollis. BLAND, EDWARD, AND OTHERS. The Discovery of New Brittaine. Began August 27. Anno. Dom. 1650. By Edward Bland, Merchant, Abraham Woode, Captaine. Sackford Brewster, Elias Pennant, Gentlemen. From Fort Henry, at the head of Appamattuck River in Virginia, to the Fals of Bland in a first River in New Brittaine, which runneth West, being 120. mile South-west, between 35. & 37. degrees, (a pleasant Country,) of temperate Ayre, and fertile Soyle. London, Printed by Thomas Harper for John Stephenson, M.DC. LII. 4°. Title, dedication to Sir John Danvers, &c., 4 leaves: A-B in fours, A 1 misprinted B. With a map. BLOUNT, CHARLES.

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Anima Mundi: Or, An Historical Narration of the Opinions of the Ancients Concerning Man's Soul after this Life: According to Unenlightened Nature. By London, Charles Blount, Gent. Printed in the Year, 1679. 12o, A-E in twelves: F, 1 leaf: and 10 leaves after title with a Memoir of the Author by Lindamour addressed to Hermione. 1651. 8°, A-Y in eights, A 8 with Errata.

The third Impression reviewed by the Author. As also the Authors farewell Sermons to his Pastorall Charge at Drogheda. London, printed by R. Ibbitson, and are to be sold by A. Williamson

Dedicated to Archbishop Usher, in whose name Bernard disclaims a book called A Method for Meditation.


The Famous and Renowned History of Printed Sir Bevis of Southampton for W. Thackeray, ... and J. Deacon 1689. 4°, A-K 2 in fours. Black With cuts. letter. BIONDI, GIO. FRANCESCO. Coralbo. A New Romance In Three Bookes. Written in Italian by Cavalier Gio. Francesco Biondi. And now Faithfully Render'd into English. London, Printed for Humphrey Moseley... 1655.

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The Academy of Eloquence
Tho. Blovnt Gent The second Edition
with Additions . . . London, Printed by
T. N. for Humphrey Moseley,

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12o. A, 4 leaves, besides the frontispiece: B-L 8 in twelves.

The Academy of Eloquence: . . . The Lonfourth Edition, with Additions. don, Printed by Tho. Johnson for Peter Parker, . . . 1670. 8°. Frontispiece, 1 leaf: Á, 4 leaves: B-L 8 in twelves. ; BOCCACCIO, GIO.

The Boke Calledde John Bochas Descriuinge the Falle of Princys. [Col.]

2 U

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prentyd by Richard Pynson: dwellynge withoute the Temple barre of London. Laus Deo. Folio. With woodcuts. a-m in eights n, 6: o-v in eights: A-G in eights: H, 3. Bodleian and Althorp. The Modell of Wit, Mirth, Eloquence, and Conversation. The third Edition. London, Printed by Tho. Cotes, and are to be sold by Beniamine Allen, } and William Hope. 1634. 12o. A, 8 leaves, besides the frontispiece: B-Dd 6 in twelves.


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The Reasons which compelled the States of Bohemia to reiect the Archiduke Ferdinand &c. & inforced them to elect a new King. Togeather, With the Proposition which was made vppon the first motion of the chocie [sic] of the Elector Palatine to be King of Bohemia, ... Translated out of the french copies. At. Dort. Printed by George Waters. [1619.] 4o, A-D in fours, and F, 1 leaf. Erum. Coll. Cambridge.

An Answere to the Question: Whether the Emperour that now is, can bee Iudge in the Bohemian Controuersie or no? Together with the Extract taken out of the Acts of the Dyet at Auspurghe, in the yeare 1584: Concerning the Kingdome of Bohemia. M. D. C. XX. A-D 2 in fours, D 2 blank.


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The Character of Queen Elizabeth. Or, A Full and Clear Account of Her Policies, and the Methods of Her Government both in Church and State. Her Virtues and Defects. Together with the Characters of Her Principal Ministers of State. And the greatest part of the Affairs and Events that Happened in her Times. Collected and Faithfully Repre sented, By Edmund Bohun, Esquire. Semper eadem. London: Printed for Ric. Chiswell, . . . MDCXCIII 8o. Å,7 leaves a, 8 leaves; B-Bb 4 in eights With a frontispiece containing portraits of Elizabeth and Mary II.



Nero Cæsar, Or Monarchie Depraved An Historicall Worke. Dedicated, with leaue, to the Dvke of Bvckingham, Lori Admirall. By the Translator of Lvcvs Florvs. London: Printed by T. S. for Thomas Walkley, at Britaines Bursse. 1624. Folio. Engraved title in compartments, dated 1623, 1 leaf: printed title, 1 leaf: A, 7 leaves: B-Qq in fours. With many plates of medals. BOMBINUS, PAULUS, Jesuit.

Vita et Martyrivm Edmvndi Campiani Martyris Angli è Societate Iesv. Auctore R. P. Paulo Bombino eiusdem Societatis. Antwerpiae. . . M. DC. XVIIL 12o. A-Q 6 in twelves. BONAVENTURA,

Vita Christi [This title is on a ribbon above a woodcut enclosed within pieces. At the end:] Thus endeth the lyfe of our lorde Jesu Christe / after Bonauenture. Imprynted at London in Flete strete at the sygne of the sonne / by me Wynkyn de Worde. The yere of our lorde god M. CCCCC. XXX. and fynysshed the .viij. daye of February. 40, black letter, with cuts. A, 6 leaves: B, 8: C, 4: D-C in eights and fours: DD, 6 leaves, DD 6 with woodcuts only.


The Book of Hawking, &c., 1486.

Compare TREATISE, p. 603, and UPTON, p. 613, supra. It is clear that of the por tions on Hawking and Hunting Dame Barnes was not the author, but merely the translator, or, at most, adapter. See the recent reprint of the Book of St. Albans, 1881, Preface.


Pandæmonium, Or The Devil's Cloyster. Being a further Blow to Modern Sadduceism. Proving the Existence of Witches and Spirits. In a Discourse declared

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from the Fall of the Angel, the Propogation of Satans Kingdom before the Flood: With an Account of the Lives and Transactions of several Notorious Witches, some whereof have been Popes.

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London, Printed for Tho. Malthus, 1694. 12o. A, 6 leaves, including a title to Part II.: B-L in twelves. BOYD, ZACHARY.

Rex Pater Patriae Instar Pelicani liberos suos fovere debet. Ad Carolvm Oratio Panegyrica, habita à Zacharia Bodio Glasguensis Ecclesiæ Pastore, 17 die Iunij 1633. . . . Edinburgi, Excudebat Iohannes Wreittoun. 1633. 4o, 8 leaves. With poems at the end, and curious cuts on the back of the title. B. M.

Four Letters of Comforts, for the Deaths of the Earle of Hadingtoun, and of the Lord Boyd, with two Epitaphs. [Quotation] Glasgow, Printed by George Anderson, 1640. 8°, 8 leaves.


Dr. Bentley's Dissertations on the Epistles of Phalaris . . . 1698.

This book was really written by Bishop Atterbury, at the time Boyle's tutor at Christ Church, Oxford.

BOYLE, ROGER, Earl of Orrery.

Parthenissa,.. The Six Volumes Compleat. . . . London, Printed by T. N. for Henry Herringman, . . . MDCLXXVI. Folio. Title and dedication to Lady Northumberland, 2 leaves: B-5 K in



An Historical Treatise of Cities, and Burghs or Boroughs. . . . The Second Edition. London. MDCCIV. Folio. A, 3 leaves: B-M 2 in fours: Appendix, A-E 3 in fours (pp. 38): Index, 3 leaves: Advertisement and Supplement, 3 leaves.

A curious volume for ancient tenures. BRETON, NICHOLAS.

Marie Magdalens Love. A Solemne Passion of the Soules Love. London, Printed by John Danter, and are to be sold in Gratious Street nere Leaden Hall Gate. 1595. Sm. 8°, A-G in eights, A 1 blank. Britwell (Corser's copy).

The first portion, ending on E 8, is in prose; the second is in the metrical form. Compare Corser's Collectanea, part 3, p. 15. This is the only copy known.

A Solemne Passion of the Soules Love. By Nicholas Breton. London: Printed by George Purslowe. 1623. Sm. 8°, 12 leaves. B. M.

The Wolfreston and Corser copy.

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The Wil of Wit, Wits Will, or Wils Wit, Chuse you whether. Containing fiue discourses, the Effects whereof follow. Reade and iudge. Compiled by Nicholas Breton, Gentleman. Non hà, che non sà. London Printed by Thomas Creede 1597. 40, A-U 3 in fours, the last page occupied by the Table of the Discourses. With verses on A 4 by C. A. and W. S., the former Ad Lectorem De Authore. Britwell.

This copy, from the Charlemont sale in 1865, wants K 2 to Q 3, the whole of the Miseries of Mavilia; but no other is known. It is the earliest impression yet recovered -probably the third. Kindly communicated by Mr. W. Christie-Miller.

The Wil of Wit...
... 1606. Britwell.

Collation:-A-I in fours: Aa (blank)Gg 3 in fours: Aaa-Ddd in fours, as in the edition of 1599. The title given in the Handbook, 1867, is correct, except that for whether containing we ought to read whether. Containing.

Pasqvils Fooles-Cap sent to svch (to keepe their weake braines warme) as are not able to conceiue aright of his Mad-cap. With Pasquils Passion for the Worlds way wardnesse. Begun by himselfe, and finished by his Friend Morphorivs. Imprinted at London, for Thomas Iohnes, dwelling neare Holborne Conduit. 1600. 4o, A-E in fours. In 7-line stanzas. Dedicated to his friend Master Edward Conquest. Bodleian.

This is the same work apparently, with a different title, as the Second Part of Pasquil's Mad Cap, 1600, noticed in Handbook, 1867, p. 57.

The Strange Fortvnes of Two Excellent Princes [Fantiro and Panillo]: in Their liues and loues, to their equall Ladies in all the titles of true honour. Imprinted at London by P. Short, for Nicholas Ling. 1600. 4°, black letter, A-T in fours. In prose. Dedicated to John Linewray Esquire, Clerk of the Ordinance. Bodleian.

A Poste with a Packet of madde Letters. Newly Inlarged. London, Printed for Iohn Smethicke, and are to be sold at his Shop in S. Dunstons Church-yard in Fleet street. 1603. 4o. Woodcut of a Post on title. Advocates' Library Edinburgh.

This copy ends imperfectly on F 3; but no other is known. Probably the second edition.


A Letter Apologeticall of George Brisse, Lord of Des Grvtieres: Wherein are set downe the reasons that moued him to turne to the Reformed. . . . Translated

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out of French. Edinburgh, Printed by Andro Hart. Anno Domini 1616. 4°. A, 4: B, 6. BRISTOL.

A Narrative of the Cruelties & Abuses Acted by Isaac Dennis Keeper, His Wife and Servants, In the Prison of Newgate, In the City of Bristol: Upon the People of the Lord in Scorn called Quakers,.. [London, 1684.] 4°, A-D 2 in fours. BROWNE, DAVID.

The New Invention, Intitvled, Calligraphia: Or, The Arte of Faire Writing: Wherein is comprehended the whole necessarie Rules thereof; by which anie that is capable and carefull to learne, may without the helpe of any other Teacher, under God, both bee informed concerning the right writing of the most usuall Characters in the World, and perfectly instructed how to write one of the most frequent in Europe, called the Secretarie.

By His Majesties Scribe, Master David Browne. Sainct-Andrewes, Printed by Edward Raban, Printer to the Vniversitie. 1622. With Priviledge. 8°. T-4T 4 in eights: A-O 4 in eights. Dedicated to James I.

At the end occurs: Imprinted at SanctAndrewes, By Edward Raban, Printer to the Vniversitie there: And are to be solde in Edinburgh, by Iohn Bardon, at his Shoppe, beside the Trone, on the South side of the Streete, For sixe Shillinges Sterling the piece.


Vox Veritatis Or A Brief Abstract of the Case Between George Carew Esq; Administrator of the goods and Chattels of Sir William Courten & Sir Paul Pyndar Knights deceased with their wills annexed. And The East India Company of the Netherlands, with other Inhabitants of Amsterdam and Midleburgh. . . . By Thomas Browne Gent: Printed in the year 1683. Folio. Title and dedication, 2 leaves: A-P, 2 leaves each: Conclusion, 2 leaves.

BROWNE, WILLIAM, of the Inner Temple.

Britannia's Pastorals. The first [and second] Booke.


Carmine Dij superi placantur, carmine

London, Printed by Iohn Haviland. 1625. 8°, A-Y in eights.

Britannia's Pastorals. The third Booke.

A folio MS. in the Cathedral library at Salisbury. Printed in Hazlitt's edition, vol. 2. No contemporary or early edition is known.


The Inner Temple Masque psented by the gentlemen there. Jan. 13. 1614 Written by W. Browne.

Ovid. ad Pisonem.

Non semper Gnosius arcus Destinat, exemplo sed laxat cornua nerta,

A MS. in the library of Emmanuel, Canbridge. Printed in the second volume of Hazlitt's edition. The authorities at the Inner Temple seem to be unaware that this Masque, to which Milton is sup posed to have been under obligations, w performed by the Society. Nor do the Records appear to allude to it. BUCHANAN, GEORGE.

Geor: Bvchanani Scoti, Poemata .. Lvgdvni Batav. . . . 1628. 12o, A—Â3 in twelves. With an engraved title containing a portrait of Buchanan.


The Golden Bvll: Or, The Fundamentall Lawes and Constitutions of the Empire. Shewing, The Persons and Priuiledges of the Princes Electors. . . . London: Inprinted by T. S. for Nathanaell Newbery, 1619. 4°, A-G in fours, and

a leaf of H. BUNYAN, JOHN.

A Caution to Stir Up To Watch against Sin. By J. Bunyon. [Here follow four verses.] London, Printed for N. Ponder at the Peacock in the Poultery. [About 1680.] A broadside in 16 8-line stanzas.

Sothebys, July 14, 1881, No. 1348. Solomon's Temple Spiritualiz'd or Gos pel-Light Fetcht out of the Temple... By John Bunyan. . . . London, Printed for, and Sold by George Larkin,... 168 120, A-I in twelves, A repeated.


A Discourse of the Building, Nature, Excellency, and Government of the House of God. With Counsels and Directions to the Inhabitants thereof. By John Bunyan of Bedford. . . . London: Printed, and are to be Sold by George Larkin, 1688 [23 Jan. 1687-8.] 8°, B-Ei eights, the title, and a leaf of licence. In verse.

The Heavenly Foot-Man: Or, A De scription of the Man that goes to Heaven. Together, with the Way he Runs in, the Marks he Goes by: Also some Directions, how to Run, so as to Obtain. Briefly Observed, and Published By John Bunyan. To which is added, A Catalogue of all Mr. Bunyan's Books, being Sixty, with the Title-Pages at length. . . . London, Printed for Charles Doe, Comb maker, in the Borough Southwark, near London-Bridge. 1698. 8°, A—G 4 in eights.


A Mapp shewing the Order & Causes of Salvation & Damnation. By John Bunyan Author of the Pilgrims Progress. Printed and sold by William Marshall at the Bible in Newgate Street . . . A broadside, curiously engraved in the form of two trees springing from one stock or stem, one ending in eternal felicity, the other in the reverse.

Sothebys, March 10, 1880.


A Narration of the Life of Mr. Henry Burton... According to a Copy written with his owne Hand. London: Printed in the Yeare, 1643. 4°. A, 2 leaves: B-H 2 in fours.

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BURTON, RICHARD, alias CROUCH. The History of the Kingdoms of Scotland & Ireland. Containing I. An Account of the most Remarkable Transactions and Revolutions in Scotland, . . II. The History of Ireland, . . . Intermixt with Variety of Excellent Speeches,... With a List of the Names of the present Scotch and Irish Nobility. Illustrated with above Thirty Pictures. By R. B. Author of Englands Monarchs, &c. London, Printed for Nath. Crouch . . . 1685. 12o, A-K in twelves.

Female Excellency, Or The Ladies Glory Illustrated In the worthy Lives and memorable Actions of Nine Famous Women, ... I. Deborah the Prophetess. II. The Valiant Judith. III. Queen Esther.... The whole adorned with Poems and the

Picture of each Lady. By R. B... London, Printed for Nath. Crouch.. 1688. 120, A-H in twelves, including the frontispiece.

The History of the Kingdom of Ireland. Being an Account of all the Battles, Sieges and other considerable Transactions. . . till the entire Reduction of that Country by ... King William By R. B. London, Printed for Nath. Crouch... 1693. 12o, A-H in twelves, besides a view of the Battle of the Boyne. Memorable Accidents, And Unheard of Transactions, Containing An Account of several Strange Events: As the Deposing of Tyrants, Published in English by

R. B. London Printed for Nath. Crouch 1693. 12°, A-H in twelves, besides the frontispiece.

The General History of Earthquakes Being An Account of the most Remarkable and Tremendous Earthquakes that have happened in divers parts of the

[blocks in formation]

World,... By R. B. London, Printed for Nath. Crouch...1694. 12o, A—H 6 in twelves, besides a folded print of the Earthquake at Jamaica,

The Unfortunate Court-Favourites of England, Exemplified in some Remarks upon the Lives, Actions, and Fatal Fall of divers Great Men, who have been Favourites to several English Kings and Queens, By R. B. London, Printed for Nath. Crouch . . . 1695. 12o, A-H in twelves, besides a frontispiece of portraits.


The series ends with Strafford.

The History of the Principality of Wales: In Three Parts: . . . Together with the Natural and Artificial Rarities and Wonders in the several Counties of that Principality. By R. B. London, Printed for Nath. Crouch. 1695. 12°, A—H9 in twelves, besides a folded frontispiece.


The English Empire in America: Or a Prospect of their Majesties Dominions in the West Indies. Namely, Newfoundland. . . The Third Edition. London, Printed for Nath. Crouch... 1698. A-H in twelves. With woodcuts and a map of the Caribbee Islands at p. 21. The History of the Nine Worthies of the World; Three whereof were Gentiles... Three Jews... Three Christians Illustrated with Poems, and the Picture of each Worthy. By R. B. London, Printed for Nath. Crouch... 1703. 12o, A-H in twelves, H 12 blank. BURNET, GILBERT, Bishop of Salisburgh.

Reflexions on Dr. Gilbert Burnet's Travels into Switzerland, Italy, And certain parts of Germany and France, &c. Divided into Five Letters. Written originally in Latin by Monsieur * And now done into English. London Printed, 1688. 8°. b, 8: c, 6: B-M 2 in eights, and the title-page. Animadversions on the Reflections upon Dr. B.'s Travels. Printed in the Year 1688. Sm. 8°. A, 12: B, 10: C, 6. An Essay on the Memory of the Late Queen. By Gilbert, Bishop of Sarum. London, Printed for Ric. Chiswell, MDCXCV. 8°, A-N 4 in eights, A and N 4 blank. With a portrait of the Queen. There are copies on thick paper. BUSHELL, THOMAS, Master of the Mint under Charles I.

Mr. Bushell's Abridgment of the Lord Chancellor Bacon's Philosophical Theory on Mineral Prosecutions. London, Printed

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