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liued at Queen-street in Coven-Garden. Viz. Katherine Wels, Susan Baker, Anne Parker, Katherine Smith, Elinor Hall, Mary Jones, Dorothy Marsh. Whose Articles are herein declared, and their mad pranks presented to the view of the World. Discovered by Iohn Stockden a Yeoman. Jan. 22, 1642. London, Printed for Iohn Smith. 4°, 4 leaves.

Women will have their Will: Or, Give Christmas his Due. In a Dialouge betweene Mris Custome, a Victuellers Wife neere Cripplegate, and Mris New-come, a Captains Wife, living in ReformationAlley, neer Destruction-Street. [Four lines of verse.] London: Printed by E. P. for W. G. 1649. [Dec. 12.] 8°, 8 leaves. B. M.

A Brief Anatomie of Women: Being An Invective against, and an Apologie for the Bad and Good of that Sexe. Eccles. 7. 26, 27, 28. And I find more bitter than death. London: Printed by E. Alsop. 1653 [November 30.] 4°, 4 leaves. With an address on the back of the title signed I. S. In prose. B. M.

The Se

The Accomplish'd Woman cond Edition. London, Printed for Tho. Collins and John Ford . . . 1671. 12°. A, 6 leaves: B-G 8 in twelves. The Woman turn'd Bully. A Comedy. Acted at the Duke's Theatre. Hanc veniam petimus damusq. London: Printed by J. C. for Thomas Dring... 1675. 4°, A-M 2 in fours.

The Great Advocate and Oratour for Women. Or The Arraignment, Tryall and Conviction of all such wicked Husbands (or Monsters) who hold it lawfull to beat their Wives, or demeane themselves severely or Tyrannically towards A.D. 1682. 12°, A-G 6 in


twelves, G 6 blank.

The Wonders of the Female World, Or a General History of Women. Wherein by many Hundreds of Examples is shewed,

what Woman hath been from the first Ages of the World to these Times With an Account of Sybils, . . . To which is added, a Plesant Discourse of Female Pre-eminence, Or the Dignity and Excellency of that Sex above the Male. London, Printed by J. H. for Thomas Malthus, 1683. 12o. A, 6 leaves, besides a frontispiece: B-H in twelves. Love given over: Or, A Satyr against the Pride, Lust, and Inconstancy, &c. of Women. Amended by the Author. London, Printed for R. Bentley and J.


Tonson. 1686. 4o, A-B in fours. In


The Restor❜d Maiden-head. A Ner Satyr against Woman: Occasion'd by an Infant, who was the Cause of the Deat of my Friend. [Quot. from Oldham and Horace.] Dondon [sic], Printed for E Smith. 1691. 4o. A, 2 leaves: B-F: in fours.

Reprinted with Sylvia's Revenge, 12o, 17E An Edict in the Roman Law: ... concerning the visiting of a Big-Belia Woman, And the looking after what my be Born by Her. [Circa 1700.] 4, leaves. WONDER.

A mooste breffe treatise of the stran Wonders seen these latter yeres in Ayer in Soundry Countryes as in Gemanye, &c. Licensed to W. Copland ż


Rayre wonders and feyrefull syge in earth as in heaven. Licensed to E Denham in 1570-1.

A most straunge and miraculous wonde that happened through lighteninge ani thunder. which happened in Divers plares in England. A ballad. Licensed to Ju Danter, 22 June, 1594.

Wonders beyond the water: written dislogue wyse. Licensed to Roger Jackson, 21 September, 1608.

The Wonder of a Kingdome, Dedicated to the Iunto at Westminster [Here folic 22 lines of verse.] Printed in the Year 1648. 4°, 4 leaves.


Historia et Antiquitates Universitats Oxoniensis Duobus Voluminibus Ce prehensæ. Oxonii, E Theatro Sheldo niano. M.DC.LXXIV. Folio. Frontispie by R. White, title, and dedication t Charles II., 3 leaves: B-6 P, 2 leave each, besides a folded plan at p. 364. WOOD, GEORGE, a Soldier.

Loyalty, The Ornament of Christianity: Or, Scripture Proofs for Monarchy. London, Printed by John Darby for the Author. 1686. 80, A-F in eights, A with Imprimatur. In verse. Dedicated to John, Lord Churchill. WOOD, LAMBERT.

Florvs Anglicvs Or An Exact History of England, From the Reign of William the Conquerour to the Death of Charles the I. By Lambert Wood Gent. The Third Edition with Additions. London, Printed for Simon Miller.... 1658. 8°, A-G in eights. With a portrait of Charles L.



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The Dead-Man's Testament: Or, A Letter Written, To all the Saints of God in Scotland, Fellow-Heirs of the Blessing with those in England: . . . By Thomas Wood, Sometimes Inhabitant of Leith, Printed at Leith by Evan Tyler, 1651. 4°, A-B in fours. WOOD, WILLIAM.

New Englands Prospect.... By William Wood. Printed at London by Tho. Cotes, for Iohn Bellamie,... 1635. 4o, A-M 2 in fours. With the map as in the first issue, but purporting to be carried a year lower down.

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New Englands Prospect. London, Printed by Iohn Dawson, and are to be sold by Iohn Bellamy 1639. 4o, A-M 2 in fours: Vocabulary, 3 leaves. With the same map, but brought down to date:

WOODALL, JOHN, Master in Chirurgery. The Surgeons Mate or Military & Domestique Surgery. Discouering faithfully & plainly ye method and order of ye Surgeons chest.... ...London Printed by Rob. Young for Nicholas Bourne.... MDCXXXIX. Folio. Portrait of Charles I. on horseback by W. Marshall, 1 leaf: A, 5 leaves, including one containing a congratulatory Epistle to Sir Christopher Clitherow Kt. ancient Alder-Governor of the East India Company &c.: B-C in sixes: D-Oo in fours: Pp-Rr in twos, besides a folded leaf in D, two in G, and one in Pp. With some copies of verses interspersed.

It may perhaps be noticed that this is the earliest book in which lemon-juice was prescribed in the treatment of scurvy. WOODHOUSE, PETER. The Flea . . . 1605.

Perhaps two titles were printed to this volume, as it appears to have been licensed to Smethwick 21 January, 1604-5, as "Democritus his Dreame or the contention betwene the Elephant and Flea." WOOFE, ABRAHAM.

The Tyranny of the Dutch against the English... By Abraham Woofe. [Translated by John Quarles.] London, Printed by E. Crowch, and are to be sold by Mr. Woofe, dwelling at the Jamaica in Seething-lane, near Tower-hil. 1660. 8°. A, 4 leaves, including an explanation of the frontispiece: B-G 3 in eights. With the same plate as in ed. 1653, but the dedication to Cromwell replaced by one to the King.


Reasons for a Limited Exportation of

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WORCESTER, EDWARD SOMERSET, Marquis of, [and Earl of Glamorgan.] The Earl of Glamorgans Negotiations And colourable Commitment in Ireland Demonstrated: Or The Irish Plot for bringing Ten thousand Men and Arms into England, whereof Three hundred to be for Prince Charles's Lifeguard. Discovered in several Letters taken in a Packet-boat by Sir Tho. Fairfax Forces at Padstow in Cornwal. Which Letters were cast into the Sea, and by the Sea coming in, afterwards regained. Together with divers other Letters taken by Captain Moulton at Sea near Milford-Haven coming out of Ireland.

London: Printed for Edward Husband, . . . March 17. 1645. 4o, A—E 2 in fours.

A Century of the Names and Scantlings of such Inventions, As at present I can call to mind to have tried and perfected, which (my former Notes being lost) I have, at the instance of a powerful Friend, endeavoured now in the Year 1655. to set these down in such a way as may sufficiently instruct me to put any of them in practice.- -Artis & Naturæ proles. London: Printed by J. Grismond in the year 1663. 8°, A-E 6 in twelves, A 1, D 12, and E 6 blank: F-G 6 in twelves, Fi occupied by the plate of arms.

A reprint of the Account of the Water Engine, originally issued in 4° separately, begins on F 2, and at the end occur some verses by James Rollock. Mr. Dircks, in his edition, 1865, employed an imperfect copy. The set of engravings promised at the end of the Century is not known to exist.


Frater Johanes Brocden de Tellisforde Wygornien. dioc. sancte Trinitatis et redemptionis captiuorum terre sancte / qui sunt incarcerati pro fide Jesu Christi a paganis... Anno M.D.xxix.

A broadside apparently from the press of Pynson. Lambeth (2 copies on the same sheet.)


A newe instruction to men of suche Willes,

That are so redy to Dygge vp Malbron hilles.

A ballad. Licensed to W. Griffith in 1564-5.

An answere to the Dystruction [instruction] yt men agaynste thayre Willes Beynge answered by thayr Wyves muste Digge downe Malbrone hilles.


A ballad. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1564-5. A seconde Dystruction agaynste Malborne hylles

sett fourth by y' Wyves consente of our Wylles.

A ballad. Licensed to W. Griffith in 1565-6.

This orthography or form of Malvern appears to have been recognised; for in a letter of 1613-14 among the Cornwallis Correspondence, 1842, p. 21, we have:"My father & mother are determyned to make a longe journeye to Maubourne hilles presently.'

A Lamentable songe of a cruell murder Donne in Worce[s]ter. Licensed to R. Jones, 25 Jan. 1577.

A Ballett Declaringe the arraignement and Execucon of the Traytors late Executed at Worcester. Licensed to William White, 14 April, 1606.

The Examination, Confession and Execution of Ursula Corbet, who, for Poysoning of her Husband Simon Corbet, was Burned near to Worcester the fifteenth day of March, 1660. To the tune of The Bleeding Heart. A sheet in black letter.

Ouvry Cat. No. 32.

Wigornia, (Worcester.) A Poem. London, Printed, and Sold by E. Whitlock, near Stationers-Hall, 1697. Folio, A-D, 2 leaves each. With a vignette on title. WORDEN, THOMAS, Minister.

The Types Unvailed, Or, The Gospel pick't out of the Legal Ceremonies, whereby we may compare the Substance with the Shadow. Written for the Information of the Ignorant, for their help in reading of the Old Testament.. London, Printed in the Year, 1664. 4o, Title and dedication to his endeared friend, Mrs. Mary Atkins, widow, 2 leaves A-T in fours, T 4 blank: AaTt in fours, Tt 4 blank.


The Description of the Sphere or Frame of the Worlde. [Col.] Imprynted by me Robert Wyer:... Sm. 8°, A-F in fours. Black letter. With woodcuts. Lambeth.


Thus goeyth the worlde now in the
Dayes. A ballad. Licensed to 1. C.
well in 1561-2.

The worlde ys well amended, quale
Jack of Lente. A ballad. Li
W. Griffith in 1562-3.

A ballett intituled ye vanite of this T
and the felyeite of the worlde
Licensed to John Charlwood in 1

A[n] exortation treatinge of the mer of this worlde. Licensed to Tha foot in 1568.

Of thend of the world and secci mynge of Christ. A ballad. In to Henry Carre, 17 Sept. 1573

A godlie newe ballade declis : vnstedfast state of this myserables with a frendly admonicon to repentan Licensed to Henry Carre, 4 March 15 A newe ballad Declaringe the frat this world. Licensed to John Chat 21 Aug. 1578.

A map called a brief and newe des tion of the worlde, to be printed Y in Duche as in English. Licet i Watkins, 10 Aug. 1590. WORLIDGE, J.

Systema Agriculture, The M Husbandry Discovered, Treated of the several new and si vantagious Ways of Tilling, Sowing, . . . And of all sorts di Corn, Grain, ... With an accoULI 2 several Instruments and Engines this Profession. To which is a Kalendarium Rusticum; Or, The bandmans Monethly Directions... lished for the Common Good, Gent... London: Printed by T. for Samuel Speed, . . . 1669 ↑ Frontispiece and metrical explanatio leaves: title and dedication, 2 leaves E in fours: (e) 4 leaves: F-Ss in Vinetum Britannicum: Or, A Tr Cider, and such other Wines and Dk. that are extracted from all mar Fruits Growing in this Kingd gether with the Method of Props all sorts of Vinous Fruit-Trees Description of the new-invented or Mill, for the more expediti better making of Cider. And right Method of making Meth Birch-Wine. With Copper-Plas J. W. Gent. London: Printed for Tho. Dring, . . . 1676. 8. leaves: B-O in eights. With a piece and plates at pp. 82 and 100


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Vinetum Britannicum: . . . The Second Impression, much Enlarged. To which is added, A Discourse teaching the best way of Improving Bees. With Copper Plates. London, Printed for Thomas Dring, and Thomas Burrel,... 1678. 8°, A-R in eights, 4 leaves in A: the Apiarium, A-D in eights. With frontispiece to each part. Dedicated to Elias Ashmole. Vinetum Britannicum . The Third Impression, much Enlarged. . . . By J. Worlidge, Gent. London, Printed for Thomas Dring,... 1691. 8°. A, 4 leaves: B-X 4 in eights. With a frontispiece and plates at pp. 104, 114, and 136.



An epytaphe vpon the Deathe of the Ryghte Worshipfull master Rycharde Worslay esquyer. Licensed to W. Griffith in 1564-5.


The Povrtraitvres at large of nine Moderne Worthies . . . 1622.

Licensed to Henry Holland, 30 March, 1622. See Arber, iv. 28. The series, as originally selected, was to have included Sir Philip Sydney, according to the entry. WORTHINGTON, THOMAS, S.T.D. An Anker of Christian Doctrine. Wherein, the most Principal Pointes of Catholique Religion, are proued: By the onlie written word of God. For better

satisfaction of those, who wil admitte no other trial of true Religion, but Scriptures only. Avctore T. W. S.T.D.P.À.

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Printed at Doway. By Lavrence Kellam . . . M.DC.XXII. Permissv Svperiorvm. 4°. +, 4 leaves: ++, 4 leaves : A-3 K in fours. Dedicated by Thomas Worthington, Seminary Priest, from Arras College in Paris, to the well-beloved English Reader.

WORTLEY, SIR FRANCIS, of Wortley, Co. York.

Mad Tom a Bedlams desires of peace; or, his Benedicities for distracted Englands restauration to her wits again. By a constant, though unjust, sufferer (now in prison) for his Majesties just Regality, and his Countreys Liberty. S[ir] F[rancis] Wortley] B[aronet.] Printed Anno Domini 1648. A sheet in verse. Ouvry Cat. No. 25.


A Trial of the Romish Clergies title to the Chvrch. By way of Answer to a Popish Pamphlet written by one A. D. and entituled A Treatise of Faith, London, Printed for Elizabeth Burby


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Widow,... 1608. 4°, A-Hh in fours, A 1 blank, and Ii, 6 leaves. Dedicated to the Reader from the author's house on Tower Hill, January 20, 1607-8. WOTTON, SIR HENRY.

Ad Regem È Scotia Redvcem Henrici Wottonij Plavsvs et Vota. Londini Excusum Typis August. Mathusij Anno CIɔɔCXXXIII. Small folio, T and AN, 2 leaves each. In prose. Grenv. Coll. (Bindley's copy.)

Dedicated to Charles, Duke of Cornwall,

&c. Letters of Sir Henry Wotton to Sir Edmund Bacon. London, Printed by R. W. for F. T. at the three Daggers in Fleet-street. 1661. 12°. Title and printer to the Reader, 2 leaves: A (repeated)-G in twelves, last leaf blank.


At p. 140 of this scarce little volume is : 'A Hymne made by H. W. in the nights of a great sickness abroad." At p. 30 is given an account of the destruction of the Globe Theatre by fire in 1613, and we get also particulars of the Overbury case.

These letters were incorporated with the editions of the Reliquiæ, 1672 and 1685. WRAY, SIR JOHN.

Eight Occasionall Speeches, made in the house of Commons this Parliament, 1641. 1. Concerning Religion. 2. Vpon the same subject. 3. Vpon dismounting of the Cannons. 4. Vpon the Scotch Treaty. 5. Vpon the impeachment of the Lord Strafford, and Canterbury, &c. 6. Vpon the Straffordian knot. 7. Vpon the same subject. 8. A seasonable motion for a loyall Covenant. By Sir Iohn Wray Knight and Baronet. London, Printed for Francis Constable, 1641. 4o, 8 leaves.


The sorowful soules solace Done by William Wrednot. Licensed to Francis Burton, 4 June, 1604.

Palladis Palatium: . . . 1604.


Licensed 1st June, 1604, as the work of Wrednot. See a copy described in Collections and Notes, 1st series, p. 317. WREN, MATTHEW, Bishop of Ely. The Charge Voted against Bishop Wren on Munday, 5. of July, 1641, in the Afternoone Printed in the yeare, of our Prelates feare, 1641. 4o, 2 leaves. Articles of Impeachment, of the Commons Assembled in Parliament in the Name of themselves, and of all the Commons of England. Against Matthew Wren, Doctor in Divinity, late Bishop of Norwich, and now Bishop of Ely, for severall Crimes and Misdemenours com

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mitted by him, when he was Bishop of Norwich. With Sir Thomas Widdringtons Speech at a Conference betweene both Houses, on Tuesday the 20. of Iuly, 1641. at the transmission of the Impeachment against Matthew Wren, &c. Printed in the yeere, 1641. 4°, A-B in fours. The Abandoning of the Scotish Covenant. By Matthew the Lord Bishop of Ely. London, Printed by D. Maxwell for Timothy Garthwait .. 1661. 4°, AH in fours, H 4 blank, including two titlepages.

WREN, MATTHEW, the youngest son of the Architect.

Monarchy Asserted, . . . By M. Wren. The Second Edition. London, Printed by T. R. for Francis Bowman of Oxford, .. 1660. 8o, A-N in eights, N 8 blank. WRIGHT, EDWARD.

The Description and vse of the Sphære Deuided into three principal Partes: whereof The First intreateth especially of the circles of the vppermost moueable Spheere... the second sheweth the plentifull Vse of the vppermost Sphære,

the third conteyneth the Description of the Ortes whereof the Sphæres of the sunne and Moone haue been supposed to be made, .. By Edward Wright.. London Printed for Iohn Tap, dwelling at S. Magnus corner. 1613. 4, A–0

in fours.


Sales Epigrammatum: Being the Choicest Disticks of Martials Fourteen Books of Epigrams; And of all the Chief Latine Poets that have writ in these Two last Centuries. Together with Cato's Morality. Made English by James Wright. [Quot. from Martial, lib. 24, Epigr. 1.] London, Printed by T. R. for Christopher Eccleston... 1663. 8°, A-M in eights. Dedicated to Sir William Bromley, Kt. The History and Antiquities of the County of Rutland: Collected from Records Ancient Manuscripts, Monuments on the Place, and other Authorities. Illustrated with Sculptures. By James Wright of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law.

Ne parva averseris; inest sua gratia parvis. London: Printed for Bennet Griffin at the Griffin in the Great Old Baily, and are to be sold by Christ. Wilkinson 1684. Folio, A-T in fours, besides A (repeated) with the title, &c. With a map.

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The engravings are on the letterpress.


A Compendious View of the late Tumulu & Troubles in this Kingdom, by way Annals for Seven Years: . By J. W. Esq;... London, Printed by Edw. Jons, for S. Lownds, ... 1685. 8o, A—P ⠀ eights. Dedicated to Henry Earl of Clarendon.


A Display of dutie, dect with sage sy ings, pythie sentences, and proper sin lies: Pleasant to reade, delightfull heare, and profitable to practise. By L Wright. Good nurture leadeth the vas vnto vertue, &c. London Printed by lar Wolfe. 1589. 4°, black letter, A-Fa fours. Dedicated to Thomas Candis, Esq.

The Hunting of Antichrist. With A caueat to the contentious. By Leonard Wright. [Quot. from Jeremy, 16, vers 16-18.] London Imprinted by John Wolfe. 1589. 4o, black letter, A—E? D fours. Lambeth.

A Summons for Sleepers. Wherein mos grieuous and notorious offenders are cited to bring forth true fruits of repentance, before the day of the Lord now at hand Hereunto is annexed, A Patterne fr Pastors, deciphering briefly the dueties pertaining to that function, by Leonard Wright. .. 1589. 4°, black letter, A, 2 leaves: B-H in fours. Lambeth. A Friendly Admonition to Martine Mar prelate, and his Mates. By Leonard Wright. London Printed by John Wolfe 1590. 4°, 4 leaves. In prose. Blak letter. Lambeth.

The Pilgrimage to Paradise. Compilel for the direction, comfort, and resolution of Gods poore distressed children, in pas ing through this irkesome wildernesse of temptation and tryall. By Leonard Wright. [Quot.] Seene and allowed. London Printed by Iohn Wolfe, ... 1591 4°, A-I 2 in fours. Dedicated to John, Lord St. John, Baron of Bletso. Lambeth WRIGHT, MICHAEL.

Raggvaglio della Solenne Comparsa, Fatta in Roma gli otto di Gennaio MDCLXXXVIL Dall' Illvstrissimo, et Eccellentissime Signor Conte di Castelmaine Ambasciadore Straordinario Della Sacra Real Maesta' di Giacomo Secondo Re d'Inghil terra... alla Santa Sede Apostolica, in Audare Pvblicamente All' Vdienza della Santita di Nostro Signore Papa Innocenze Vudecimo. Dedicato all' Altezza Serenissima della Dvchessa di Modena da Giovanni Michele. . . . In Roma, . ·

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