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against their Majesties. God save King William and Queen Mary. Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson . . . Anno Dom. 1690. A broadside. The Account given by Sir John Ashby Vice-Admiral, And Reere-Admiral Rooke to the Lords Commissioners, of the Engagement at Sea between the English, Dutch, and French Fleets. June the 30th, 1690. With a Journal of the Fleet since their departure from St. Hellens, to their return to the Buoy-in-the-Nore, and other Material Passages relating to the said Engagement. London, Printed for Randal Taylor near Stationers-Hall, 1691. 4°, B-È in fours, besides the title and Imprimatur.

Relation Du Voyage de sa Majesté Britannique en Hollande, Et de la Reception qui luy a eté faite. Enrichie de Planches tres-curieuses. Avec un Recit abregé de ce qui s'est passé de plus considerable depuis l'arrivée de sa Majesté en Hollande le 31. de Janvier, jusqu' a son retour en Angleterre, au Mois d'Avril 1691. & l'heureux succés de l'expedition d'Irlande, subjuguée par les Armes toujours victorieuses de sa Majesté. A la Haye, MDCXCII. . . . Folio. Title and frontispiece, 2 leaves: *, 4 leaves: large portrait of William III.: A—Dd, 2 leaves each. With large engravings at pp. 18, 30, 32, 34, 44, 46, 50, 52, 54, 60, 62, 66, and 68. The Triumph-Royal: Containing A short Account of the most Remarkable Battels, Sieges, Sea-fights, Treaties, and Famous Atchievements of the Princes of the House of Nassau, &c. Describ'd in the Triumphal Arches, Piramids, Pictures, Inscriptions, and Devices, Erected at the Hague in Honour of William III. . . . Curiously Engraven in 62 Figures on Copper Plates, with their Histories, an Elaborate Piece of Curiosity. First done in Dutch, then into French, and now into English. Dedicated to Her Majesty. London, Printed for Hen. Rhodes near Bride Lane in Fleetstreet, and John Harris at the Harrow in the Poultry. 1692. 8°. Title, dedication by the translator, J. Beek, to the Queen, and the Preface, 4 leaves: A-F in eights, and the plates.

Reflections upon the Late Horrid Conspiracy Contrived by some of the French Court, to Murther His Majesty in Flanders: And for which Monsieur Grandvall, one of the Assassinates, was Executed. London: Printed for Richard Baldwin

1692. 4°. Title and half-title, 2 leaves: B-F 2 in fours.

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Vox Clero, Lil-ly bur-le-ro, Or, The Second Part of a Merry New Ballad. Tr be sung in the Jerusalem-Chamber, the 24th of this instant January. To the Tune of Youth, Youth, thou hadst &c. 1 sheet. In verse.

A Desperate Combat between a liamite Lady and a Jacobite. A ba Ouvry Cat. No. 70.

The Tryals and Condemnation of Rober Charnock, Edward King, and Thoms Keyes, For the Horrid and Execrable Co spiracy to assassinate His Sacred Majest K. William, in order to a French In sion of this Kingdom, . . . March !! 1698.... London, Printed for San?Heyrick,. and Isaac Cleave,. MDCXCVI. Folio, A-V, 2 leaves A 1 with licence.

A True Copy of the Papers Delivered by Mr. Rob. Chernock, Mr. Ed. King, M: Th. Key, to the Sheriffs of London Middlesex, at Tyburn, . . . March 1 1695. Published by Authority. Le don: Printed for William Rogers ... 1696. A folio leaf.

The Arraignment, Tryal, and Condem nation of Sir William Parkins K F the Most Horrid and Barbarous C spiracy to Assassinate His Most Sacre Majesty King William; And for Raising of Forces, in order to a Rebellion, ani Encouraging a French Invasion, March 24. 1698.... London. Printed fr Samuel Heyrick, .. and Isaac Cleare . . . 1696. Folio, A-N, 2 leaves each The Arraignments, Tryals and Conden nations of Charles Cranburne, and Rober Lowick, for the Horrid and Execrate Conspiracy to Assassinate King Wills

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the 22d of April, 1696. . . . Londen Printed for Samuel Heyrick, ร Isaac Cleave... MDCXCVI. Folio, A-T. 2 leaves each.

The Arraignments, Tryal, and Conden nation of Peter Cooke, Gent. For Hig Treason, in Endeavouring to process Forces from France to Invade this King dom, and Conspiring to levy War in th Realm for assisting and Abetting the sai Invasion,... the 13th of May. 16

Perused by the Lord Chief Justice Treby, and the Council present at the Tryal. London: Printed for Benjam Tooke,... 1696. Folio, A-T, 2 leaves each.

The Tryals of Joseph Dawson, Edward Forseith, William May, William Bishop James Lewis, and John Sparkes. For

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The Tryal, and Condemnation of Capt. Thomas Vaughan. For High Treason, In Adhering to the French King, and for Endeavouring the Destruction of His Majesty's Ships in the Nore. . . on the 6th of November, 1696. . . . To which is Added, Captain Vaughan's Commission at large, which he had from the French King. As also an Account of the Tryal of John Murphey. . . . London, Printed for John Everingham, . . . 1696. Folio, A-N, 2 leaves each.


Reflections on the Poems made upon the Siege and Taking of Namur; Together with a short Answer to the Modest Examination of the Oxford Decree, &c. Lately Published. Both in a Letter to a Friend at Oxon. London; Printed, and are to be sold by M. Whitlock . . . 1696. Folio, A-C, 2 leaves each.


Fasti Gulielmi Tertii: Or, An Account of the Most Memorable Actions Transacted during his Majesty's Life, both before and since his Accession to the Crown... London, Printed for John Barnes at the Crown in the Pall-Mall, ... MDCXCVII. 12o, A-Ee in sixes. Dedicated to the Earl of Albemarle by the anonymous compiler.


Articles of Peace between the Third . . . and Lewis the Fourteenth, .. Concluded in the Royal Palace at Ryswicke the 18 Day of September, 1697. [Published] By Command of their ExcelIencies the Lords Justices. London,... 1697. Folio, 6 leaves. Lat. and English. A New List of the Offices and Officers of England, Both Civil & Military in Church and State. . . . London, Printed for Edward Castle, near Scotland-yard-gate, by Whitehall. 1697. 8°. Title and dedication, 2 leaves: B-M in sixes.

The Humble Address of the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual & Temporal in Parliament Assembled, Presented to His Majesty on Munday the Twelfth Day of February, 1699. And His Majesties Most Gracious Answer thereunto. London, Printed by Charles Bill... 1699. Folio, 2 leaves.

The Lawyers Answer to the Country Par


sons good Advice to my Lord Keeper. London, Printed in the Year, 1700.` A sheet in verse.

King William's Affection to the Church of England Examin'd. London, Printed in the Year 1703. 4°, B-D in fours, a leaf of E, and the title.

Attributed to Defoe.

William and Margaret, An Old Ballad.
A folio sheet. [Circa 1680.] With the
music. Black letter.
The almanacke and pronostication of
George Williams. Licensed to William
Griffith in 1557-8.


Jvra Majestatis, The Rights of Kings both in Chvrch and State : . . . By Gryffith Williams, Lord Bishop of Ossory. Printed at Oxford, Anno Dom. 1644. 4o, A-Gg in fours, Gg 4 blank.

WILLIAMS, ROGER, Pilgrim-Father. The Blovdy Tenent, of Persecution, for cause of Conscience, discussed, in A Conference betwene Trvth and Peace. Who, in all tender Affection, present to the High Court of Parliament, (as the Result of their Discourse) these, (amongst other Passages) of highest consideration. Printed in the Year 1644. 4o, a-b in in fours: A-Ii in fours.

The Bloody Tenent Yet more Bloody: By Mr. Cottons endevour to wash it white in the Blood of the Lambe;

By R. Williams of Providence in NewEngland. London, Printed for Giles Calvert, . . . 1652. 4o, A-Ss in fours : the Contents, 8 leaves. WILLIAMS, SIR ROGER.

Newes from Sir Roger Williams. With a discourse printed at Rhemes, containing the most happie victorie, lately obtained by the Prince de Conty, Lieutenant generall ouer the Kinges forces, in Aniou, Touraine, Maine, . . . Whereunto is annexed the order or agreement of the Court of Parliament, held in Normandy at sundry times, and now lastly Confirmed the eighteenth of August, to the vtter abolishing of the Popes authoritie,.. Printed by Iohn Woolfe, and are to be sold by Andrew White, . . . Anno. 1591. 4o, A-C in fours, A 1 with a curious cut and C 4 blank. Lambeth. WILLIAMS, THOMAS.


The strange and grevous martirdome of Thomas Williams, an Englisheman Done


in the towne of Dunkerk vppon the 13 of Januarie 1590. Licensed to William Wright, 21 Jan. 1590-1. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM.

Divine Poems and Meditations. In Two Parts. Written by William Williams of the County of Cornwall, Gent. when he was Prisoner in the Kings-Bench, in the Sixty second, and Sixty third year of his Age. .. London, Printed by J. Redmayne for the Author... 1677. 8°, A-H in eights.


This little book has two dedications, the first doubly inscribed to Sir Francis Winnington and Sir John King (who had voluntarily and unsolicited undertaken the author's defence) and the second to Arthur Sprye, Esq. Next follow, an address to the reader, and a metrical introduction. the end of the first part are verses on the death of Sir Anthony Bateman's daughter, and of Lady Martha Bateman. At the end of the second part are verses to Lord Chief Justice Raynsford, and on the death of Edmund Lenthal, Esq., Marshal of the King's Bench.-Bibl. Anglo-Poetica.


An Abbreviation of writing by Character

By Edmond Willis. The Second Edition, much enlarged, for the full satisfying of what hath bene desired. London: Printed by George Purslowe, and are to bee sold by Nicholas Bourne, . 1627. 8o, A-C4 in eights, besides the frontispiece and two engraved leaves. WILLIS, JOHN.

The Art of Stenography: . . . The tenth Edition. . . . London: Printed for Henry Seyle,. 1632. 8°, A-B in eights, besides the frontispiece and five engravings of symbols.

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Eri incisis illustrantur. Totum op recognovit, digessit, replevit Joants Raius. Sumptus in Chalcographos fecit Illustriss. D. Emma Willughby, Viim Londini, Impensis Joannis Martyn, MDCLXXVI. Folio. Imprimatur and tre 2 leaves: a, 4 leaves: A-2 Q in fas besides a folded leaf between C and D the plates numbered 1-67.

Francisci Willughbeii Armig. De His toria Piscium Libri Quatuor. Juss & Sumptibus Societatis Regiæ Londiners editi... Totum Opus Recognovit, Coptavit, Supplevit, Librum etiam priz & secundum integros adjecit Jobarne Raius e Societate Regia. Oxonii,. Anno Dom. 1686. Folio. Frontier and plates. Dedicated to S. Perys, E

Pepys contributed no fewer than sty plates to this work.


The Wearynge of the Willowe garlande A ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell 2 1564-5.

As Wyllowe for payne hath bene courted of late. A ballad. Licensed to J. Alde in 1569.


The Legacy of John Wilmer, Citizen, and late Merchant of London; Humbly offered to the Lords and Commons of Englan Felix . . . London, Printed for the Author, MDCXCII. 4o, A-E 2 in fours. WILSON, E., M.D.

Spadacrene Dunelmensis: Or A Short Treatise of an Ancient Medicinal For tain Or Vitrioline Spaw Near the City of Durham. Together with the Const tuent Principles, Virtues and Use there London, Printed by W. Godbid, 1675 8°, A-H 4 in eights, A 1 blank. Ded cated to Dr. Sudbury, Dean of Durham. WILSON, FLORENCE. [A Dialogue concerning the tranquility of the mind.]

In 1574 appeared a Metaphrase of this by Orazio Lombardella of Siena. See Hazlit's Warton, iii. 228.


Cheerfull Ayres or Ballads First com posed for one single Voice and since set for three Voices. By John Wilson Dr. in Mvsick Professor of the same in the Vniversity of Oxford. Oxford. Printed by W. Hall, for Ric. Davis. Anno Do M.DC.LX. Obl. 4o, Three Parts. With a few commendatory verses. Cantus Primus, A-U 2 in fours: Cantus Secundus, B-L in fours, and the title: Bassus, the


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A Prindarique to Their Sacred Majesties,
James II. And His Royal Consort, Queen
Mary, On their joynt Coronations at
Westminster, April 23. 1685. London:
Printed for Joseph Knight, and Francis
Saunders, . . . 1685. Folio, 4 leaves.

The Cheats. A Comedy: Written in the
Year M.DC.LXII. The Fourth Edition
Corrected, with the addition of a new
Song. By J. Wilson of Lincolns-Inn,
London, Printed for the
Author, . . . 1693. 4°, A-K in fours.

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The rule of reason newely corrected
by Thomas Vvilson... [Col.] Imprinted
at London by Richard Grafton,... Anno.
8o, A-Z in eights, A 8
blank, and 4 leaves after Z 8.
The Rule of Reason . . . Anno Domini.
M.D. LIII. Mense Ianuarij. [Col.] Im-
printed at London by Richard Grafton
.. Anno. M.D.LIII. 4o, black letter:
A-Aa in fours.

The rule of Reason ... Anno Domini.
M.D.LXiij. Mens Aprilis. Imprinted at
London by Ihon Kingston. 4o, black
letter, A-Z in fours, and a, 4 leaves.
The Rule of Reason Anno Domini.
M.D.Lxvii. Mens. Feb. Imprinted at Lon-
don by I. Kingston. 4°, black letter, A
-Aaj in fours.


The Arte of Rhetorique. . . Anno Domini. M.D.LX. Imprinted at London, by Ihon Kingston. 4°. A in eights: a-o in eights, and a leaf of p.

The Arte of Rhetorique... now newlie sette foorthe againe, with a Prologue to the Reader. Anno Dñi 1562. Imprinted at London by Ihon Kingston. 40, black letter. A, 8 leaves: a―p 6 in eights. The Arte of Rhetorike... Anno domini. 1567. Imprinted at London by Ihon Kingston. 4o, black letter. A, 8 leaves: a-p 4 in eights.

The Arte of Rhetorike. . . Imprinted at London, by Ihon Kingston. 1584. 4o, black letter, A-Q 6 in eights.

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A Proclamation of His Majesties Grace to the Inhabitants of His County of

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The Lord Marqves Idlenes: Conteining manifold matters of acceptable deuise; as sage sentences, prudent precepts, morall examples, sweete similitudes, proper comparisons, and other remembrances of speciale choise. No lesse pleasant to peruse, than profitable to practise: compiled by the right Honorable L. William Marques of Winchester that now is... Imprinted at London, by Arnold Hatfield. 1586. 4°, A-N in fours, N 4 blank, besides title and two other leaves of dedication to the Queen. In prose.

The Lord Marqves Idlenes: . . . Imprinted at London, by Edmund Bollifant. 1587. 4o, A-M in fours, and 3 leaves before A 1, as in the earlier edition. WINDSOR.

Exceeding True and happy Newes from the Castle of Windsor. Declaring how severall Troopes of Dragooners have taken possession of the said Castle, to keep it for the use of the King and Parliament. Likewise manifesting how severall Companies of Horse and Foote are raised by Authority of the high Court of Parliament in Essex, Buckinghamshire, . . . With a remarkeable passage concerning the Earle of Warwicke,

Also a Declaration concerning the Major of Worcester, who was brought to towne on Wednesday the 19th of Octob. with a Waggon laden with Plate and Money. London, Printed for T. Franklin, Octob. 20. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves.


The proofe and prayse of wine taken in measure and due time. A ballad. Licensed to John Wolfe, 7 June, 1582. By the King. A Proclamation for the prizing of Wines. [1 Feb. 1634-5.] Im


printed at London by Robert Barker,.. 1635. Forster Coll.

A Proclamation for the prizing of Wines. [11 Febr. 1636-7.] Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, . . . 1637. Forster Coll.

A Proclamation for the Prizing of Wines. Imprinted at London by Robert Barker ... and by the Assignes of John Bill. 1637. [Feb. 8, 1637-8.] A broadside. Black letter.

The humble Remonstrance of the Farmers and Adventurers in the Wine-farme of fourty shillings per Tun, to the honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, Anno Dom, 1641. London printed, 1641. A sheet. Wine, Beer, Ale, and Tobacco, Contending for superiority. A Dialogue.. London, Printed by J. B. for John Grove, and are to be sold at his shop betwixt S. Katherins Stairs and the Mill, next door to the signe of the Ship, 1658. 4o, A—C in fours, first leaf with the frontispiece. WING, VINCENT.

Logistica Astronomica. Or Astronomical Arithmetick Wherein is shewed how to resolve any Question in Astronomical Fractions,... By Vincent Wing, Mathematician London, Printed, Anno Salutis, M.DC.LVI. Folio, A-L in fours, and a leaf of M.

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Astronomia Instaurata: Or, A new and compendious Restauration of Astronomie. In Four Parts. . . . London: Printed by R. and W. Leybourn, for the Company of Stationers. M DC LVI. Folio. Title, dedication from North Luffenham, co. Rutland, to Baptist Hicks, Viscount Campden, &c., 6 leaves: Aaa-Cccc, 2 leaves each: Index and Errata, 3 leaves: the Astronomical Arithmetic, &c., E-Pp, 2 leaves each, Pp 2 blank, besides the title to the Arithmetic.


A ballett of the marvelous Deliuerance of John Wingham on a figg tree from wild beast and famyne. Licensed to Henry Gosson, 1 August, 1614.



A New-yeers Gift for the Parliament and Armie Shewing, What the Kingly Power is, and that the Cause of those they call Diggers is the life and marrow of that Cause the Parliament hath declared for, and the Army Fought for; ... By Jerrard Winstanley, a lover of Englands freedom and Peace. London, Printed

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for Giles Calvert, 1650. [Jan. 1st 1649–50) 4°, A-G 2 in fours.

WINSTANLEY, WILLIAM. Englands Worthies. Select Lives of the most Eminent Persons of the English Nation, From Constantine the Gr Down to these Times. By Will Wa stanley. London: Printed by J. C. a. F. C. for Obadiah Blagrave

1644 8°. A, 8 leaves: a, 8 leaves: B-U! in eights. Besides a frontispiece.

Dedicated (i) to Giles Dent Esq; (E) his aunt, Mrs. Mary Leader of Safre Walden.

Historical Rarities and Curious Observstions Domestick & Foreign. Containing Fifty three several Remarks; . . . C lected out of Approved Authors, London, Printed for Rowland Reynclis

. . 1684. 8°, A-U in eights, besides a frontispiece in six compartments. De dicated to Sir Thomas Middleton of Stan sted Mont-Sichet.

The Lives of the most Famous English Poets, Or the Honour of Parnassus; I a Brief Essay of the Works and Writings of above Two Hundred of them, from the Time of K. William the Conqueror, D the Reign of His Present Majesty King James II.... Written by William Wistanley, Author of the English W ́orthia London, Printed by H. Clark, for Samuel Manship, ... 1687. 8°. Á, 8 leaves: a, 4 leaves: B-P in eights, P 8 blark With a frontispiece by Van Hove. WINTER.

In wynters Juste retorne, A ballad Licensed to John Waley and the widow Toy in 1557-8.

Lamentable reportes of this wyndy Wynter in the iiij last monethes and parte of this January. Licensed to Thomas Bushell and John Wright, 7 January, 1612-13.

A booke called the cold winter. Licensed to John Trundle, 12 March, 1614–15. WINTER, BERNARD.

A booke called the Fortune-teller. L censed to Richard Harper, 7 May, 16-40. WINTER, SALVATOR.

A Pretious Treasury: Or A New Dispensatory. Contayning 70. approved Physicall rare Receits. Most necessary and needfull for all sorts of people to have in their Families. Collected out of the most approved Authors both in Physick and Chyrurgery: by Salvator Winter, and Signieur Francisco Dickinson, expert Operators. In two Bookes. London.

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