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ceitfull Tub-trimmer. Wherein Worthy Martin Qvits Himselfe like a Man I warrant you, in the learned defence of his selfe and his learned Pistles, and maketh the Coopers hoopes to flye off, and the Bishops tubs to leake out of all cry. Penned and Compiled by Martin the Metropolitan. Printed in Europe, not farre from some of the Bounsing Priests. [Circa 1605.] 4o, A-H 2 in fours.


Th' Appellation of Iohn Penri, vnto the Highe Court of Parliament, from the bad and injurious dealing of th' Arch. of Canterb. and other of his colleagues of the high commission: Wherin the complainant, humbly submitting himselfe and his case vnto the determination of this honorable assembly: craueth nothing els, but either release from trouble and persecution, or just tryall. [Rochelle, by Robert Waldegravē,] Anno Dom. 1589. Mar. 7. 8°, 26 leaves.


The iust censure and reproofe of Martin Iunior. Wherein the rash and vndiscreete headines of the foolish youth, is sharply mette with, and the boy hath his lesson taught him, I warrant you, by his reuerend and elder brother, Martin Senior, sonne and heire vnto the renowmed Martin Mar-prelate the Great. Where also, least the Springall shold be vtterly discouraged in his good meaning, you shall finde, that hee is not bereaved of his due commendations. 8°, roman letter, A-D in fours, D 4 blank. Chiefly in prose.

Martin Mouths minde, That is, A certain report, and true description of the Death, and Funeralls, of olde Martin Marreprelate, the great makebate of England, and father of the Factious. Conteyning the cause of his death, the manner of his buriall, and the right copies both of his Will, and of such Epitaphs, as by sundrie his dearest friends, and other of his well willers, were framed for him.

Martin the Ape, the dronke, and the madde, The three Martins are, whose workes we have had ;

If Martin the fourth come, after Martins so euill,

Nor man, nor beast comes, but Martin the deuill.

1589. 4o, A-H in fours.

The preface is subscribed Mar-phoreus. The Protestatyon of Martin Marprelat Wherein not withstanding the surprizing of the printer, he maketh it known vnto


the world that he feareth, neither prond priest, Antichristian pope, tiranous prelate, nor godlesse catercap: but defiethe all the race of them by these presents and offereth conditionelly, as is farthere expressed hearin by open disputation to apear in the defence of his caus against them and theirs. Which chaleng if they dare not maintaine against him: then doth he alsoe publishe that he never meaneth by the assi[s]taunce of god to leaue the a flayling of them and theire generation vntill they be vtterly extinguised out of our church. Published by the worthie gentleman D. martin marprelat D. in all the faculties primat and metroPolitan. [Haseley, September, 1589.] Small 8°, roman letter, A-D in fours. Lambeth.


The Astrologer Anatomized: Or, The Vanity of [the] Star-Gazing Art Discovered, By Benedictus Pererius. And rendered into English by Percy Enderbie, Gent. London, Printed by Ralph Wood, and are to be sold by M. Wright,

1661. 8°. A, 4 leaves: B-I in eights, I 8 blank. Dedicated by Enderbie to Sir Francis Petre, Baronet. PERFUMER.

The French Perfumer. Teaching the
several ways of Extracting the Odours of
Drugs and Flowers, and Making all the
Compositions of Perfumes for Powder,
Wash-balls, Essences, Oyls, Wax, Poma-
tum, Paste, Queen of Hungary's Rosa
Salis, and other Sweet Waters.
Manner of preparing Sweet Toilets,
Done into English from the Original
Printed at Paris. London, Printed for
Sam. Buckley, . . 1696. 8°, A-G 3
in eights.




Castamia. The Amorous Passions of twoo gentlemen. A flatterer and a true lover &c. Licensed to W. Wright, 5 Oct. 1590.

A profitable Booke of Master John Perkins &c. Apud Richardum Tottell. Cum priuilegio. [Col.] Imprinted at London in Fletestrete within Temple Barre, at the signe of the hande and starre by Rycharde Tottil. 1567. Sm. 8°, A-C 4 in eights and A-Y in eights. Black letter.

A Profitable Booke . . Londini, in ædibus Thomæ Wight. Cum Priuilegio. 1601. 8°, black letter, A-P in twelves, B repeated.

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A Reformed Catholike: Or, A Declaration shewing how neere we have come to the present Church of Rome in sundrie points of Religion: and wherein we must for euer depart from them: with an Advertisement to all fauourers of the Romane religion, Printed by John Legat, Printer to the Vniuersitie of Cambridge. 1598. 8°. T, 4 leaves : A-Aa 4 in eights. Dedicated to Sir William Bowes Knight.

A Discovrse of the Damned Art of Witchcraft; so farre forth as it is reuealed in the Scriptures, and manifest by true experience. Framed and Delivered by M. William Perkins, in his ordinarie course of Preaching, and now published by Tho. Pickering Batchelour of Diuinitie, and Minster of Finchingfield in Essex. Printed by Cantrel Legge, Printer to the Vniuersitie of Cambridge. 1608. 8o. T, 8 leaves: TT, 4 leaves: A-Q in eights, and a leaf of R.

Dedicated by Pickering from Finchingfield, October 26, 1608, to Sir Edward Coke. On the flyleaf of the copy used occurs, perhaps in the editor's hand, "For Mr. Kempe."

The Fovndation of Christian Religion, gathered into Sixe Principles. And it is to bee learned of ignorant People, that they may bee fit to heare sermons with profit, and to receive the Lords Supper with comfort. London, Printed by John Legate, and are to bee sold by Robert Allot,... 1635. 8°, A-C in eights. PERREAUD, F.

The Divell of Mascon. Or, A true Relation of the chief things which an Unclean Spirit did and said at Mascon in Burgundy, in the House of one Mr. Francis Pereaud, Minister of the Reformed Church in the same Town, Published in French lately by himselfe, and now made English by one that hath a particular knowledge of the trueth of the Story. The fifth Edition. Oxford, Printed by Hen: Hall Printer to the Vniversity, for Ric: Davis. 1679. 8o, A-B in eights, or 16 leaves.

On the back of the title is a letter "To my Reverend and Learned Friend Doctor Peter du Moulin," from Robert Boyle, followed by a second from Du Moulin to Boyle.



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A Pious and Seasonable Perswasive to the Sonnes of Zion Soveraignely usefull for Composing their Unbrotherly Devision. London Printed for Henry Overton, 1647 [March 11, 1646-7.] A sheet, with an emblematical engraving. B. M. PETER, JOHN, Esquire.

A Treatise of Lewisham (But Vulgarly called Dulwich) Wells in Kent. Shewing the Time and Manner of their Discovery, the Minerals with which they are Impregnated, the several Diseases Experience hath found them good for; with Directions for the Vse of them, &c. London, Printed by Tho. James for Sam. Tidmarsh at the Kings-head in Cornhill. 1681. 12o, A-F 6 in twelves. Dedicated to John, Bishop of Rochester.

Dr. Peters Judgment, Of Dullidge or Lewisham Water. A broadside printed in two columns. Sine ulla nota.

PETERS, NICHOLAUS, of Deventer. The Pathway to Knowledge. Conteyning certaine briefe Tables of English waights, and Measures, . . . How to cast accompt with Counters, and with Pen, both in whole, and broken numbers. With the Rules of Cossicke, Surd, . . . Written in Dutch, and translated into English, by W. P. Printed at London for William Barley .. 1596. 4o. A, 4 leaves: A (repeated)-B in fours: C, a folding leaf


only: D-Ee in fours, irregularly marked. There is an extra sheet between X and Y.

Dedicated to Sir Stephen Slany, Knight, Lord Mayor of London.

Licensed to Thomas Nelson, 31 May, 1592. The original author is mentioned in the entry.



To the Right Honourable the Commons of England Assembled in Parliament: The humble Petition of many thousands of well affected People. [1641?] A sheet. To the Honourable The Knights, Citizens and Burgesses in this present Parliament assembled. The humble Petition of Clement Walker, and William Prynne, Esquires. [1646-7?] A sheet.

Gold tried in the fire Or The burnt Petitions revived. A Preface. [Col.] By a well-wisher to truth and peace. Printed in the yeere 1647. 4o, 2 leaves.


A description of the Countie of Surrey, containing a geographical account of the said countrey or shyre, with other things thereunto apertaining. Collected and written by Henry Pattowe. 1611. 4o.

A MS. cited by Mr. Corser (Collect. ix. 147).


Phisicke against Fortune, as well prosperous, as aduerse, conteyned in two Bookes. Whereby men are instructed, with lyke indifferance to remedie their affections, as well in tyme of the bryght shynyng sunne of prosperitie, as also of the foule lowryng stormes of aduersitie. Expedient for all men, but most necessary for such as be subiect to any notable insult of eyther extremitie. Written in Latine by Frauncis Petrarch, a most famous Poet, and Oratour. And now first Englished by Thomas Twyne. London, printed by Richard watkyns. An. Dom. 1579. 4°, black letter. A, 8 leaves: A, 4 leaves: B-3 B 4 in eights. [Col.] Imprinted at London in Paules Churchyarde, by Rychard Watkins. 1579.

Dedicated to Richard Bertie, Esquire. PETRE, FATHER.


Father Peter's Birth, Character, and Last Will. Quo teneam nodo mutantem Protea vultum? A folio leaf of verses subscribed L. Martin of the Inner Temple. [Circâ 1688.]

A Dialogue between Father P[ete]rs and William P[e]n. 4o, 2 leaves.

The Jesuite in the Pound: Or, Father Peters in Disguise, Taken by Vice Ad


miral Herbert. London, Printed for S. M. 1688. A sheet.

PETRIE, ALEXANDER, Minister of the

Scots Kirk at Rotterdam.

Chilio-mastix. Or, The Prophecies in the Old and New Testament Concerning the Kingdome of Our Saviour... At Roterdame, Printed by Isaak Waesbergen, at the signe of Fame on the Steiger, 1644. 4°. 4 leaves: A-I in fours, I 4 blank.


The life and Conuersion of Lodouicke Petruchio, with his Emblemes, a frontispiece in brasse and 12 other copper plates, together with 68 peces in woode. Licensed to Richard Meighen and William Arundell, 7 March, 1616-17.


Sex Perelegantissimæ Epistolæ Per Petrum Carmelianum Emendatæ. Impresse per willelmum Caxton, et diligenter emendate per Petrum Carmelianu Poeta Laureatum in Westmonasterio. [1483] 4°, 24 leaves, a i blank. Halberstadt. PETT, JOHN, Gentleman.

The great Cicle of Easter Containing A short Rule To Knowe vppon what day of the month Easter day will fall ... 1583.

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Imprinted at London by I. C. for Thomas Butter. 8°, A-D 3 in eights. Dedicated to Master William Roe, Alderman of London.


A ballad called the Wonderfull deliuerance of master Pett sayler in these last tempestes. Licensed to William Barley, 12 January 1612–13. PETTUS, SIR JOHN.

Volatiles from the History of Adam and Eve Containing many unquestioned Truths, and allowable Notions of several Natures. London, Printed for T. Basset.

1674. 8°, A-Bb in fours.

The Constitution of Parliaments in England, Deduced from the time of King Edward the Second. Illustrated by King Charles the Second in his Parliament Summon'd the 18 of February 1669, and dissolved the 24 of January 167, with an Appendix of its Sessions Observed by Sir John Pettus of Suffolk, Knight. London, Printed for the Author, 1680. 8°. A, 8 leaves: a, 8 leaves: 8 leaves: B-Dd in eights.

Fleta Minor. The Laws of Art and Nature, In Knowing, Judging, Assaying, Fining, Refining and Inlarging the Bodies

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of confin'd Metals. In Two Parts. Illustrated with 44 Sculptures. London, Printed for and Sold by Stephen Bateman .. MDCLXXXVI. Folio. With a portrait and engravings.

Title and dedication, 2 leaves: B—C, 2 leaves each: A (repeated), 2 leaves: [a][g], 2 leaves each: B-Ssss, 2 leaves each: Tttt, 1 leaf: the Second Part, [A]-[Mm], 2 leaves each: [Nn], 1 leaf.


Political Arithmetick, Or A Discourse
Concerning the Extent and Value of
Lands, People, Buildings; Husbandry,
Manufacture, Commerce, Fishery, ..
London, Printed for Robert Clavel,
1690. 8°. Imprimatur, title, and dedi-
cation, 4 leaves: a, 8 leaves, a 8 with
Errata: B-1 4 in eights.

PETYT, W., of the Inner Temple.


The Antient Right of the Commons of England Asserted; Or, A Discourse proving by Records and the best Historians, that the Commons of England were ever an Essential part of Parliament. By William Petyt of the Inner-Temple, Esq; London, Printed for F. Smith, 1680. 8°. A, 3 leaves: *, 4 leaves with the dedication to Arthur Capel Earl of Essex: a―d in eights: B-N4 in eights. PHAETON.

The Unfortunate Phaeton, Or the Fall of Ambition, Ai Heroick Poem. Written by a Person of Quality. London, Printed. for S. Norris .. 1686. Folio, A-D, 2 leaves each.

[blocks in formation]


Apparently a reprint of Crowley's edition of 1551.


Philamone, his fygure of fancy. Licensed to E. Aggas, 13 Jan. 1587-8. PHILADELPHE, EUSEBE, pseud. Le Reveille-Matin des Francois, et de levrs Voisins. Composé par Eusebe Philadelphe Cosmopolite, en forme de Dialogue. A Edimbovrg, De l'imprimerie de laques Iames. Auec permission. 1574. 8. a, 8 leaves: b, 10 leaves, last blank: A-K ́ in eights: Seconde partie, a—m in eights.


A Tory Plot: Or The Discovery of a Design carried on by our late Addressers and Abhorrers, to alter the Constitution of the Government, and to betray the Protestant Religion. By Philanax Misopappos. London, Printed for N. L... 1682. 4°. A, 2 leaves: B-F 2 in fours, F 2 blank: Part 2; A, 2 leaves: B-E in fours: The Charge of a Tory Plot maintained, A, 2 leaves, B-F 2 in fours.



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Filida was a fayre mayden. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1564-5.

PHILIP, BARTHOLOMEW. The Covnseller A Treatise of Counsels and Counsellers of Princes, written in Spanish by Bartholomew Phillip, Doctor of the Ciuill and Common lawe. Englished by I. T. Graduate in Oxford. London Printed by Iohn Wolfe. 1589. 4o, black letter. A, 6 leaves: A (repeated) -Aa in fours. Dedicated by John Thorins to Mr. John Fortescue Master of the Queen's Wardrobe, and a privy councillor.

PHILIPOTT. JOHN, Somerset Herald,

AND THOMAS PHILIPOTT. Villare Cantianum: Or Kent Surveyed and Illustrated Being an exact Description of all the Parishes Burroughs, Villages, and other respective Mannors included in the County of Kent, And, the

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Original and Intermedial Possession of them, even vntill these Times. Drawn out of Charters. . . By Thomas Philipott Esq; formerly of Clare-Hall in Cambridge. To which is added An Historical Catalogue of the High-Sheriffs of Kent: Collected by John Philipott Esq; Father to the Author. London Printed by William Godbid, and are to be sold at his House over against the Anchor Inne in Little Brittain. M.DC.LIX. Folio. a, 6 leaves with title, &c: A, 2 leaves: B Ddd in fours: Eee, 5 leaves. With a large map and engravings on the text. Dedicated to the Nobility and Gentry of Kent.

Hasted, in the Introduction to his History of Kent, 8° edit., states his view that the younger Philipott did little more than arrange his father's MSS. papers. Hasted further suggests that Thomas Philipott printed the material without much, if any, editorial recension.


The Cities Advocate, In this Case Or Question of Honor and Armes; Whether Apprentiship extinguisheth Gentry? Containing a cleare Refutation of the pernicious errour assuming it, swallowed by Erasmus of Rotterdam, Sir Thomas Smith in his Common-weale, Sir Iohn Fern in his Blazon, Raphe Broke Yorke Herald, and others. With the Copies or Transcripts of three Letters which gave occasion of this worke . . . London, Printed for William Lee, 1629. 4°. A, 4 leaves: a, 3 leaves: B 2-K 2 in fours. With a plate on B 4 verso.

In the copy used the leaf marked K followed a 3.

A Brief Historical discourse of the Original and Growth of Heraldry, Demonstrating upon what rational Foundations that Noble and Heroick Science is established. By Thomas Philipot, Master of Art; and formerly of Clare-Hall in Cambridge. London, Printed for E. Tyler and R. Holt, and are to be sold by Tho. Passenger... 1672. 8°, A-K in eights. Dedicated to John, Earl of Bridgewater. PHILIPS, DOROTHY.

The notorious cousenages of Dorothie Phillips otherwise called Doll Pope. Licensed to J. Parnell on the 25th Feb. 1594-5.


Phillips his gigg of the slyppers. Licensed to Ralph Hancock, 26 May, 1595. PHILIPS, EDWARD.

The New World of English Words: Or,


a General Dictionary: Containing the Interpretations of such hard words as are derived from other Languages; ... Together with all those Terms that relate to the Arts and Sciences. . . . To which are added the signification of Proper Names ... Collected and published by E. P.

London, Printed by E. Tyler for Nath. Brooke... 1658. Foliɔ. (a)—(b) in fours (c) in sixes: A-Ss in fours. The New World of English Words ... Collected and Published by E. P. For the greater honour of those Learned Gentlemen, and Artists, that have been assistant in the most Practical Sciences; . . . London, Printed for Nath. Brook, . . 1663. Folio. (a)-(c) in fours: An Advertisement, 2 leaves: A-Ss in fours. Dedicated to the two Universities.


The New World of Words.... The third Edition Containing a supply of above two Thousand words, Collected and Published by E. P. London, Printed for Nath. Brook, 1671. Folb. Frontispiece, title, and dedication, 3 laves: Preface, 6 leaves: Names of Contributors, 1 leaf: A-3 A in fours.

Among the helpers are enumerated, for Fishing terms, Colonel Venables and Isaak Walton, and for other branches of learning Dugdale, Evelyn, Ashmole, &c.

The New World of vords . . . The Fourth Edition. Contaning besides an Addition of several thousand words... a brief view of the most Eminent Persons of the Ancients, Colected and Published by E. P. London Printed by W. R. for Obadiah Blagrave 1678. Folio. Frontispiece, title, and two dedications, 4 leaves: a-b 26 leaves: A3 F in fours.

Tractatulus de Modo & Ratione Formandi Voces Derivitivas Lingue Latinæ ; Cui Accedunt quædam Observationes de Compositis & Decompositis. Opera Edvardi Philippi Londinensis. Auspiciis Clarissimi & Ornatissimi Viri Gulielmi Bassetti Equitis Aurati Ex Clavesonia in Agro Somersetensi. Londini Anno Domini MDCLXXXII. 4o, 6 leaves. B. M.


The Last Newes from Ireland Being a Relation of the Hostile and bloody proceedings of the Rebellious Fapists there at this present. . . . London, Printed for John Thomas, 1641. 4°, 4 leaves.

At the end occurs in coeval vriting Fab: Phillips.

The Copie of a Letter sent from the Lord Chiefe Jvstices and Privie Councellours

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