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Clergy, Printer to the Reverend Assembly of Divines, . . . 1646. 4o, A-C 2 in


Overton's Defyance of the Act of Pardon: Or, The Copy of a Letter to the Citizens usually meeting at the Whale-Bone in Lothbury behinde the Royal Exchange; And others commonly (though unjustly) Styled Levellers. Written by Richard Overton Close prisoner in the Tower of London. [Quotations.] Imprinted at London, 1649. 4o, 4 leaves. B. M.

The Baiting of the Great Byll of Bashan unfolded. And Presented to the Affecters and approvers of the Petition of the 11 Sept. 1648. Especially, to the Citizens of London usually meeting at the Whalebone in Lothbury behind the Royal Exchange, Commonly (though unjustly) styled Levellers. By Richard Overton Close-prisoner in the Tower of London. [Quotations.] Imprinted at London, 1649. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M.


Metamorphosis Ouidiana Moraliter a Magistro Thoma waleys Anglico de professione predicatorum sub sanctissimo patre dominico explanata. [Col.] Finiuntur moralitates... Impssu e aut hoc op9 in edibo Francisci Regnault 1515. XXV. mensis Martij. 8°. A, 8 leaves: B, 6 leaves a-u 6 in eights.

Six Bookes of Metamorphoseos in whyche ben conteyned The Fables of Ovyde. Translated out of Frensshe into Englysshe By William Caxton.

An imperfect MS. in the Pepysian Library, printed for the Roxburghe Club, 4°, 1819, with some cuts from a French version.

In the Prologue to his edition of the Golden Legend, 1483, Caxton refers to his completed translation of the fifteen books of Metamorphoses, and some of our earlier bibliographers seem to have felt themselves authorized to quote the book as actually printed by Caxton in 1479. No copy, however, has so far been discovered.

The Fyrst Fower Bookes of P. Ouidius Nasos worke, intitled Metamorphosis, translated oute of Latin into Englishe meter by Arthur Golding Gent. A woorke very pleasant and delectable.

With skill, heede, and iudgement, thys woorke must bee red,

For els too the reader it stands in small stead.

Imprinted at London by Willyam Seres. Anno. 1565. 4o, black letter. 4 leaves: The First Book, A-C in fours: The Second, A-D 2 in fours: The Third,

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A-C in fours: The Fourth, A-C in fours. Dedicated to Robert, Earl of Leicester, from Cecil House, 23 Dec. 1564. The. xv. Bookes of P. Ouidius Naso... 1575. Imprinted at London, by Willyam Seres. 40, black letter, A-Cč in eights. [Col.] Imprinted at London by Willyam Seres, dwelling at the west end of Paules church, at the signe of the Hedgehogge.


Wisdoms Conqvest Or, An Explanation and Grammaticall Translation of the Thirteenth Book of Ovids Metamor

phoses, containing that curious and Rhetoricall contest between Ajax and Vlysses, for Achilles armour; . . . [By Thomas Hall.] London, Printed for Philemon Stephens, . . . MDCLI. 8°. A, 6 leaves: B-H 2 in eights.

The Heroycall Epistles . . . Printed at London by Simon Stafford, dwelling on Adling hill, neere Carter lane. 1600, 8o, black letter, A-X in eights, title on A 2. Ovid's Heroical Epistles. Englished by W. S. . . . London, Printed for William Whitwood,... 1686. 8°, A-N in eights, including a frontispiece.

Ovid's Invective or Curse against Ibis, Faithfully and familiarly Translated into English verse. And the Histories therein contained, being in number two hundred and fifty (at the end) briefly explained, one by one; with Natural, Moral, Poetical, Political, Mathematical, and some few Theological Applications. . . . By John Jones M.A. Teacher of a private School in the City of Hereford... Printed by J. G. for Řic. Davis in Oxon. 1658. 89, A-N 2 in eights.

Ovid De Ponto . . . The second Edition. Printed at London by T. Cotes, for Michael Sparke,... 1640. 8°. A, 2 leaves: B-I in eights.

Ovids Remedy of Love. Directing Lovers how they may by Reason suppresse the passion of Love.

Nunc ego mitibus
Mutare quæro tristia.

Hor. Ode 16. Lib. 1. [Translated by John Carpenter.] London, Printed for Francis Smith, and are to be sold at his Shop neare Holborne Conduit, at the signe of the Sunne. 1636. 8°. A, 7 leaves: B, 8 leaves: C, 5 leaves. In


See Arber's Transcript, iv. 364. The Three Books of Publius Ovidius Naso, De Arte Amandi. Translated, with


Historical, Poetical, and Topographical Annotations. By Francis Wolferston, of the Inner-Temple, Gent. Et prodesse volet, & delectare. London, Printed for Joseph Cranford, at the Castle and Lion in St. Pauls Church-yard. 1661. 8°, AH 4 in eights. Dedicated to Major General Randolph Egerton, Lieutenant to His Majesty's Guard.

Ovid De Arte Amandi, And the Remedy of Love Englished. As also the Loves of Hero and Leander: A mock Poem. Together with Choice Poems, and Rare Pieces of Drollery. London, Printed in the Year, MDCCI. 12o, A-G 6 in twelves. With a portrait of Ovid.

Ovid's Walnvt-Tree transplanted. London, Printed for Robert Milbourne 1627. 12o, A in twelves, or 12 leaves, the first (marked A) and the last blank. Dedicated by Richard Hatton, from Lambeth, 1 Jan. 1624[-5] to his mother, the Lady Mary Hatton. Br. Museum (Dr. Bandinel's copy) and Britwell (Bright's copy.)

A translation of the pseudo-Ovidian Elegy entitled Nux.

OWEN, DAVID, of Anglesey.

Anti-Parævs: siue Determinatio de Iure Regio habita Cantabrigiæ in Scholiâ Theologica, 19. April. 1619. contra Davidem Parævm. . Ex Officina Can

trelli Legge.. 1622. 8°. Title, &c., 8 leaves, the first blank: A-H 4 in eights.

OWEN, JOHN. Epigrammatum Ioan. Oweni . . . Editio postrema Amsterodami . . . 1647. 12o. A, 4 leaves: B-E in sixes, besides 2 leaves with the title and portrait. Epigrammatum Joannis Audoeni. Editio nova,... Londini, . . . M.DC.LXVIII. 12°. a, 4 leaves: A-H in twelves. With a frontispiece.

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A booke called varietie of memorable and worthie matters. Licensed to Jeffrey Charlton, 10th April, 1605.


An epitaphe vpon the life and Death of the Countesse of Oxon. Licensed to John Charlwood, 25 June, 1588.



Catalogus Plantarum Horti Medici Oxoniensis Excudebat Henricus Hall [Oxoniæ] 1648. 8°. A, 2 leaves: B-D 2 in eights: the same in English annexed, A—D 4 in eights, D 3–4 blank. A Wonder of Wonders. Being A faithful Narrative and true Relation, of one Anne Green, Servant to Sir Tho. Read in Oxfordshire, who being got with Child by a Gentleman, her Child falling from her in the house of Office, . . . was condemned on the 14. of December last, and hanged in the Castle-yard in Oxford, for the space of half an hour, receiving many great and heavy blowes on the brests, by the but end of the Souldiers Muskets, and being pul'd down by the leggs, and was afterwards beg'd for an Anatomy, by the Physitians, and carried to Mr. Clarkes house, an Apothecary, where in the presence of many learned Chyrurgians, she breathed, and began to stir; [Jan. 14, 1650-1.] 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. (imprint cut off).

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Catalogus Horti Botanici Oxoniensis. Cura & opera sociâ Philippi Stephani, M.D. Et Gvlielmi Brovnei A.M. Oxonii. . . . 1658. 8°. T, 8 leaves : A-O 4 in eights.

Catalogus Impressorum Librorum Bibliothecæ Bodleianæ in Academia Oxoniensi. Curâ & Operâ Thomæ Hyde è Coll. Reginæ Oxon. Protobibliothecarii. Oxonii, E Theatro Sheldoniano. M.DC.LXXIV. Folio.*, 4 leaves: A-Ooo in fours, 3 O 4 blank: A-Mm 2 in fours. Dedicated by Hyde to Gilbert Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury.

The real compiler, according to Hearne, was Emanuel Pritchard.

Ralph and Nell's Ramble to Oxford. Printed and Sold in Aldermary ChurchYard, Bow Lane, London. A ballad, with cuts. Ouvry Cat. No. 93 and 94 (2 different editions).


His Majesties Two Letters One to the Vice-chancellour and Convocation of the University of Oxford: The other to the

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Reasons of the present judgement of the Vniversity of Oxford, Concerning the Solemne League and Covenant. Negative Oath. The Ordinances concerning Discipline and Worship. Approved by generall consent in a full Convocation, 1. Jan. 1647. And Presented to Consideration. Printed in the Yeare, 1647. 4o, A-F 2 in fours.

Rustica Academiæ Oxoniensis nuper Reformatæ Descriptio: una cum Comitiis ibidem A.D. 1648. habitis, & reliquis notatu non indignis. A leaf of verses. Sundry things from Severall Hands Concerning the University of Oxford: Viz. I. A Petition from some Well-affected therein. II. A Model for a Colledge Reformation. III. Queries concerning the said University, and severall persons therein. London, Printed by Thomas Creake. 1659. 4o, 6 leaves.

A Defence of the Rights and Priviledges of the University of Oxford: Containing, 1. An Answer to the Petition of the City of Oxford, 1649. 2. The Case of the University of Oxford, presented to the Honourable House of Commons, Jan. 24. 168. Oxford, Printed at the Theater, 1690. 4°. *, 4 leaves: A-G in fours. OXFORD, JOHN.

The Merchants Daily Companion : Or, The Shopkeepers Speculum, For the Year 1700 Being Leap-Year. Wherein is contained, all usefull and necessary Matter for a daily Kallender; as also a very true, exact, and perfect Account of all the Carriers, Waggoners, Stage-Coaches, &c. that come to London, Westminster and


Southwark, . . . By John Oxford, Student in Physick and Astrology, for these Forty Years. London, Printed for the Author, in the Year 1700. A large sheet. Br. Museum (Bagford). OXFORDSHIRE.

A Discourse of certen wonderfull Accidentes happened in the house of master George Leigh of North Aston in the countie of Oxon. Licensed to John Kyd, 21 July, 1592.

The Brownist Hæresies Confvted Their Knavery Anatomized, and their fleshly spirits painted at full, in a true history of one Mistris Sarah Miller of Banbury in Oxfordshire. Wherein is contained the Preaching of a Barber, his zeale towards this new sister, how the spirit of the flesh moved him, how shee granted, Printed in the yeare, 1641. 4o, 4


His Majesties Speech to the Gentlemen, Clergy, Free-holders, and Inhabitants of the County of Oxon. at Oxford the second day of November 1642. A small sheet. [A Proclamation for contributions of horses from the County of Oxford, Oxford, 1643] A broadside.

A Declaration of the Agreement of the 11. of Janvary Betwixt His Majesty and the Inhabitants of the County of Oxon. For Provisions for His Majesties Horses Billited in this County. Printed by His Majesties Command, At Oxford, January 16. By Leonard Lichfield ... 1642. 4o, 4 leaves. B. M.

The Woodstock Scuffle. Or, Most Dreadfull-Aparitions that were lately seene in the Manor-House of Woodstock, neere Oxford, to the great Terror and wonderfull Amazement of all there, that did Behold them. Printed in the yeere 1649. [Jan. 1, 1649–50.] 4°, 4 leaves. In verse. B. M.

Votivvm Carolo, Or A Welcome to His Sacred Majesty Charles the II. From the Master and Scholars of WoodstockSchool in the County of Oxford. Printed in the Year 1660. 4o, A-D 2 in fours. Dedicated by Francis Gregory to General Monk.

Some of these poems had been printed, it is stated, in 1648.

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Digitvs Dei. Or Good Newes from Holland. Sent to the worl Iohn Treffry. and Iohn Trefvsis. Esqvires: As allso to all that haue shot arrows agaynst Babels Brats, and wish well to Sion wheresoeuer: Non Nobis Domine. Printed by Abraham Neringh, Printer in Rotterdam, by the ould Head. Anno. 1631. 4°, AB in fours. Woodcut on title. With the initials of H. P. as the writer at the end. P. J., Priest.

The Safegarde from Ship-Wracke, Or Heavens Haven [Quotations.] Compiled by I. P. Priest. Printed at Dovay, By Peter Telv, at the signe of the Natiuitie Anno 1618. Superiorum Permissu. + to ++++ 4 in eights: A-S in eights.


Dedicated "To his Loving Bro. G. P.," yet subscribed at the end, " your obedient sonne, to the vtter most that he may I. P." In an address to the Reader, the author apologises for errors of the press, occasioned by his absence.

P. M.

A Letter from a London Minister to the Lord Fleetwood. London: Printed for T. V. 1659. 4°, 4 leaves, subscribed M. P.

P. R.

The Christian Sodality, Or Catholick Hive of Bees sucking the Hony of the Churches Prayers from the Blossomes of the Word of God, blowne out of the Epistles and Gospels of the Divine Service throughout the yeare. Collected by the Puny Bee of all the Hive . . . R. P. Divided into three Tomes Printed


in the year of our Lord MDCLII. 8°. A, 8 leaves, first blank: (a)—(c) in eights: B-Cc in eights.

I have only seen the first Tome. P. S., of Cambridge.


A Brief Account of the new Sect of Latitude-Men. Together with some reflections upon the New Philosophy. answer to a Letter from his Friend at Oxford. . . . London, Printed and are to be sold in St. Pauls Church-yard, and in Westminster-Hall, and Oxford and Cambridge, 1662. 4o, A-C in fours.

P. W.

The Advice of W. P. to Mr. Samuel Hartlib For the Advancement of some particular Parts of Learning. London, Printed Anno Dom. 1648. 4°. A, 3 leaves B-D in fours: E, 1 leaf.

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Aaa-Ppp 2 in fours. With folding leaves at pp. 25, 30, 40, 52, and 84.

Heresiography, Or a Description and Essay of the Hereticks and Sectaries Sprang up in these latter times. . . . The sixth Edition, whereunto is added the last year 1661. Many new additions, ... By Ephraim Pagitt,... London, Printed for William Lee, 1662. 8o, A-V in eights, and (a) 4 leaves, besides a frontispiece, explanation of it, and dedication by J. Heath to Sir John Frederic, Lord Mayor. With portraits on the letter



A ballett intituled ye painter in his pryntyshod. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1565–6. The paynter in his prentis hood moralized. A ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1566-7.



A ballett intituled: Declarynge what thynges have happened through ye estimation of bewtye to the paynter. censed to John Allde in 1567. The paynter moralyzed. A ballad. censed to W. Griffith in 1568. The paynter in his princly fete. A ballad. Licensed to W. Pickering in 1569–70. New Advice to a Painter, &c. [1680.] Folio, 2 leaves. In verse.


Chaucer new-painted. Licensed to Henry Seile, 25 May, 1623.

This is called "a book."


A ballett of ij paynters. Allde in 1569.


Licensed to J.

The First Part of the no lesse rare, then excellent and statelie Historie of the famous and fortunate Prince Palmerin of England. Declaring the Birth of him, and Prince Florian du Desart his brother, in the Forrest of great Brittaine: Wherein Gentlemen may finde choyse of sweete inuentions, Translated out of French, by A. M. .. London Printed by Thomas Creede, and Bernard Alsop. 1616. 4o, black letter, A-Dd in eights, title on A 2, and a leaf of Ee.

The Thirde booke of Palmeryn of Englande to be printed in Englishe. Licensed to William Leake, 10 March, 1594-5.


A Panegyrick upon the ensuing Spring. A folio leaf of verses. [Circa 1667.]




Panthalia: Or The Royal Romance. A Discourse Stored with infinite variety in relation to State-Government And Passages of matchless affection gracefully interveined, And presented on a Theatre of Tragical and Comical State, in a successive continuation to these Times. Faithfully and ingenuously rendred.... London, Printed by J. G. and are to be 1659. sold by Anthony Williamson. 8. A, 4 leaves: B-V in eights. PANTON, EDWARD, Captain, Patrophilus. Speculum Juventutis: Or, A True Mirwhere Errors in Breeding Noble and Generous Youth, with the Miseries and Mischiefs that usually attend it, are clearly made manifest; As likewise Remedies for every growing Evil. Portray'd to the Life in the Legend of Sisaras and Vallinda. London, Printed for Charles Smith, and Thomas Burrell, . . 1671. 8°. *, 8 leaves, the first with Imprimatur: A-Bb 4 in eights, Bb 3-4 with advertisements. Dedicated to the King.


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The Redye path to the plesaunte pasture of Delyttsome and eternall paradyce. Licensed to John Judson in 1569-70.


Two Remarkable Paradoxes I. That the World was Created in an Instant, and not in six days. II. That the World at the last day shall not intirely be consumed by Fire. London, Printed for Richard Baldwin, . . . 1681. Folio, A-E in twos.


A Parallel of Governments: Or, A Politicall Discourse upon seven Positions, tending to the Peace of England, and preservation of the Citie of London. Sapiens Dominabitur Astris . . . Printed in the yeare 1647. 4o, A-D in fours. PARDON.

A generall pardon for ever. Licensed to Lucas Harrison 14 Aug. 1560. PARENT.

The Parents Pious Gift. Or, A Choice Present for Children. Set forth in a Dialogue betwixt a Religious Father and an Extravagant Son. Printed in the Year, 1704. 8°, 4 leaves. In verse.

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