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liament for the service of Ireland, and imployed them to his owne use. London, Printed for Iohn Wright, Septemb. 27. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves.


A Dittie of a prisoner that suffered deathe at Leicester in lent 1586 at thassises. Licensed to E. White, 8 Aug. 1586.

To the Kings most excellent Maiestie. The humble Petition of the Knights, Ministers, Gentry, Free-holders, and many thousands of the Inhabitants of the Countie of Leicester, who assembled on the Horse-fair day to accompany the Petition, if they should be required. Iune 18. [1642.] A sheet.

His Maiesties Speech at Leicester, to the Gentlemen, Free-holders, and Inhabitants of that County. July 20. Imprinted at Yorke, and re-printed at London by Alice Norton, 1642. A sheet.

A true Relation of the Transaction of the Commands of both Houses of Parliament in the execution of the Militia in the County of Leicester. By the Right Honourable Henry Earle of Stamford, Lord Lievtenant of the said County, The honourable the Lord Rothes, .. Performed in the Towne and County of Leicester aforesaid, before and upon Wednesday the two and twentieth of June 1642. London, Printed for George Lindesay, and for all those who truly love and honour the King and Parliament, and desire their Amity and Unity. 4o, 8 leaves.

Old English Blood Boyling afresh in Leicestershire Men : Occasioned by the late barbarous invasion of the Scots. As appears by this Letter from my Lord Grey, to Major Generall Skippon. London, Printed by H. [sic] for Giles Calvert, ... 1648. 4°, 4 leaves.

A Faithful Account of the Lamentable State of a Young Man, And His immediate Recovery, Upon obeying a Voice, Commanding to arise and walk, &c. At Cropston in Leicestershire. Containing the plain Matter of Fact without Reflections. London: Printed for Simon Marten, Bookseller in Leicester, 1706. 8°, A-B in eights.


Phthisiologia Lancastriensis, Cui accessit Tentamen Philosophicum De Mineralibus Aquis In eodem Comitatu Observatis, Authore Carolo Leigh, M.D. Londini: ... 1694. 8°. A, 4 leaves: B-K in eights.

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The Natural History of Lancashire, Cheshire, and the Peak, in Derbyshire: With an Account of the British, Phoenician, Armenian, Gr. and Rom. Antiquities in those Parts. By Charles Leigh, Doctor of Physick. Oxford: Printed for the Author; and to be had at Mr. George West's and Mr. Henry Clement's, . . . MDCC. Folio. Title and portrait, 2 leaves: A, 2 leaves: a, 2 leaves: [a] 1 leaf: b, 2 leaves c, 2 leaves, ending with Preface: verses by R. J., 1 leaf: subscribers, 2 leaves Advertisement, 1 leaf: Arms, 2 leaves: Map: B-2 T in twos: eleven plates with explanations, 27 leaves: Book II. A-Bb, 2 leaves each, the last with Errata: Book III. A-V in twos: Postscript and page of engravings, 2 leaves: X, 12 leaves: 2 leaves of engravings: Y in twos: a leaf of engravings and Z-Oo in twos, with the plates referred to on the text.


The Accedens of Armory. [Col.] Imprynted at London in fletestreete.... by Richard Tottel, Anno. 1576. 4o, A—S in eights, besides a folded engraving in sign. R. Woodcuts.

The Accedence of Armorie. [Col.] Imprinted at London... by Richard Tottel, 1591. 4o, A-S in eights. With the same folded leaf.

The Accedence of Armorie. [Col.] London Printed by Henrie Ballard . . . 1597. 4o, A-S in eights, besides a leaf in S with a woodcut.


The Survaynge of landes by Valentine Lee. Licensed to Jerome Glover in 1567.

The Moste Profitable and commendable science, of Surueying of Landes, Tenementes, and Hereditamentes: Drawen and Collected by the Industrie of Valentyne Leigh Imprinted at London for Andrew Maunsell. Anno Domini. 1577. 4o, black letter, A-Q in fours.

The Moste Profitable and commendable Science. .. Newly Imprinted and corrected. Imprinted at London, for Andrew Maunsell . . 1578. 4o, black letter, A-Q in fours, first leaf blank, besides two folded leaves.

The Moste Profitable and Commendable Science. .. Newly Imprinted and corrected. Imprinted at London by John Windet, for Robert Dexter. 1592.

4o, A-Q in fours, A blank. With the two folded leaves.



An Appeal to the Parliament; Or Sions Plea against the Prelacie. The summe whereoff is delivered in a Decade of Positions. In the handling whereoff, the Lord Bishops, and their appurtenances are manifestlie proved, both by divine and humane Lawes, to be intruders vpon the Priviledges of Christ, of the King, and of the Common-Weal: And therefore vpon good evidence given, she hartelie desireth a Iudgement and execution. [Quotations.] Printed the year & moneth wherein Rochell was lost [1628.] A-Xx 2 in fours, but 6 leaves before B, besides two engravings.



The Teares or Lamentacions of a Sorrowfvll Sovle: Composed with Musicall Ayres and Songs, both for Voyces and diuers Instruments. Set foorth by Sir William Leighton Knight, one of his Maiesties Honourable Band of Gentlemen Pensioners. And all Psalmes that consist of so many feete as the fiftieth Psalme, will goe to the foure partes for Consort. London Printed by William Stansby. 1614. Folio. T, 2 leaves each: [a][i], 2 leaves each: A—Nn, 2 leaves each. Dedicated to Prince Charles.


Principvm, Ac illustrium aliquot_ & eruditorum in Anglia virorum, Encomia, Trophœa, & Epithalamia. A Joanne Lelando Antiquario conscripta, nunc primúm in lucem edita. Quibus etiam adiuncta sunt, Illustrissimorum aliquot Heroúm, hodie viuentium, aliorúmq; hinc inde Anglorum, Encomia et Evlogia; a Thoma Newtono, Cestreshyrio, succisiuis horulis exarata. Londini, Apud Thomam Orwinum, Typographum, 1589. 4o, A-R 2 in fours, besides title and metrical dedication to Sir Thomas Heneage.


A Voyage of the Sieur Le Maire to the Canary Islands, Cape-Verd, Senegal and Gamby, Under Monsieur Dancourt, Director-General of the Royal Affrican Company. Printed at Paris this Present Year 1695. And now faithfully done into English. London, Printed for F. Mills and W. Turner, 1696. 120, A-F 9 in twelves.


The Dutche schoolemaister. Licensed to Simon Waterson, 15 August, 1603.




A ballad of Lemicius an emperour of Rome. his mercye bestowed vpon a poore man and the vnthankfulnes of the partie. Licensed to W. Dickenson, 14 Jan. 1584-5.


Of the Art Both of Writing & Judging of History, With Reflections upon Ancient as well as Modern Historians. . . . London, Printed for R. Sare, and J. Hindmarsh ... 1695. 12o. A, 6 leaves : B-L 6 in twelves.

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A briefe and plaine Instruction to set all Musicke of eight diuers tunes of Tableture for the Lute. With a briefe Instruction how to play on the Lute by Tablature, to conduct and dispose thy hand vnto the Lute, with certaine easie lessons for that purpose. And also a third Booke containing diuers new excellent tunes. All first written in French by Adrian Le Roy, and now translated into English by I. Ro. Gentleman. [Col.] Imprinted at London by Ihon Kyngston, for fames Robothome. Anno. 1574. 4o, A-Zz in fours. Dedicated by Rowbotham to the Earl of Hertford. Bodleian (Douce).

On the back of the title is "The Bookes verdict" in verse. An imperfect copy is in the Museum.

LE ROY (OR REGIUS), LOUIS. Of the Interchangeable Covrse,Or Varietie of things in the whole World, and the Concvrrence of Armes and Learning, thorough the first and famousest Nations: from the beginning of Ciuility, and Memory of man, to this Present. Moreover, whether it be trve or no, that there can be nothing sayd, which hath not bin said heretofore: And that we ought by our owne Inuentions to augment the doctrine of the Auncients; not contenting our selues with Translations, Expositions, Corrections, and Abridgments of their writings. Written in French by Loys le Roy, called Regius, And Translated into English by R. A. [Quot. from Tacitus.] At London Printed by Charles Yetsweirt Esq. at his house in Fleetestreete, neere the


Middle Temple gate. 1594. Cvm Privilegio. . . . Folio. A, 4 leaves: B—Y in sixes: Z, 4 leaves. Dedicated by Robert Ashley to Sir John Puckering Knight, from the Middle Temple, 6 October, 1594.

LESLEY, JOHN, Bishop of Ross.

A defence of the honour of the right highe, mightye and noble Princesse Marie Quene of Scotlande and dowager of France, with a declaration aswell of her right, title & intereste to the succession of the crowne of Englande, as that the regimente of women ys conformable to the lawe of God and nature. Imprinted at London in Flete strete, at the signe of Iustice Royall against the Blacke bell, by Eusebius Dicoophile. Anno. Dom. 1569. 8°. 6 leaves: a-t 2 in eights. White letter.


Probably printed abroad, query at Liege. At the end occurs: Imprinted at London in Flete strete at the signe of Iustice Royal, againste the Black bell, by Eusebius Dicoophile, anno D. 1569, and are to be solde in Paules churche yearde, at the signes of Tyme & Truthe, by the Brasen Serpet, in the Shoppes of Ptolomé and Nicephore Lycosthenes, brethren Germanes. A Treatise Concerning the Defence of the Honovr of the Right High, Mightie and Noble Princesse, Marie Queene of Scotland, and Dowager of France, with a Declaration as wel of her Right, Title and Interest to the Succession of the Croune of England: as that the Regiment of women is conformable to the lawe of God and Nature: Made by Morgan Philippes, Bachelar of Diuinitie, An. 1570. Leodii, Apud Gualterum Morberium. 1571. 8°, A-G 2 in eights: the Second Book, with a new title and signatures, a—i 4 in eights: the third book, Aa-Dd in eights, Dd 8 with the Errata, and in the copy here employed no Aa i.

The separate title to the Second Book is: A Treatise tovching the right, title, and interest of the mightie and noble Princesse Marie, Queene of Scotland, to the succession of the Croune of England. Made by Morgan Philippes, Bachelor of Diuinitie, assisted with the aduise of Antonie Broune Knight, one of the Iustices of the Common Place. An. 1567. Leodii. . . 1571.

Between A and A 2 in the first alphabet come 15 leaves To the Reader.

A Treatise Towching the Right, Title, and Interest of the most excellent Princesse Marie, Queene of Scotland, And of the most noble king Iames, her Graces Sonne, to the succession of the Croune of England. Wherein is conteined aswell a Genealogie of the Competitors pretending title to the same Croune: as a resolution of their obiections. Compiled and published

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before in latin, and after in Englishe, by the right reuerend father in God, Iohn Lesley, Bishop of Rosse. An. 1584.

All Britaine Yle (dissentions ouer past) In peace & faith, will growe to one at last. [Printed abroad.] 8°. A, 4 leaves: B (with a second title, differing in the wording, and not having on the back the woodcut heads of Mary and James, with verses, as in the first)-I 2 in eights.

De Origine Moribus & rebus gestis Scotorum Libri Decem, E quibus septem veterum Scotorum res in primis memorabiles contractius, reliqui vero tres posteriorum Regum ad nostra tempora Historiam, quæ huc usque desiderabatur, fusius explicant, Accessit nova & accurata Regionum & Insularum Scotia, cum vera ejusdem topographia Tabula, Descriptio. Authore Joanne Lesleo, Episcopo Rossensi. Romæ, in Edibus Populi Romani, M.D.DXXVII. . . Nunc denuò excus. Anno Domini M.DC.LXXV. 4o, A-4 K in fours. LESSIUS, LEONARD.


Rawleigh His Ghost. Or, A Feigned Apparition of Syr Walter Rawleigh, to a friend of his, for the translating into English, the Booke of Leonard Lessius (that most learned man) entituled, De prouidentia Numinis & Animi immortalitate: written against Atheists, and Polititians of these dayes. Translated by A. B. . . . Permissu Superiorum. M.DC.XXXI. *, 8 leaves: A-Ee in eights.


Sir Walter Rawleigh's Ghost; Or, His Apparition to an intimate Friend, willing him to translate into English this Learned Book of L. Lessius Entituled (De Providentia Numinis, & Animi Immortalitate,) Written against the Atheists and Politians of these days. London, Printed by Tho. Newcomb, for John Holden ... 1651. 120. Portrait by R. Vaughan and title, 2 leaves: dedication by the publisher to Carew Rawleigh Esq., 1 leaf: a leaf of advertisements: The Apparition, 2 leaves The Translator to the Reader, 2 leaves: Table and Preface, 5 leaves: the Work, B-R in twelves.

Hygiasticon: Or, The right course of preserving Life and Health unto extream old Age: Together with soundnesse and integritie of the Senses, Judgement, and Memorie. Written in Latine by Leonard Lessius, And now done into English. Printed by Roger Daniel printer to the Universitie of Cambridge. 1634. 12°. T, 12 leaves, the first occupied by the printer's mark : A-N 4 in twelves.

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Truth and Loyalty Vindicated, From the Reproches and Clamours of Mr. Edward Bagshaw, Together with a Further Discovery of the Libeller himself, and his Seditious Confederates. By Roger L'Esstrange. Ex Ore Tuo. London: Printed for H. Brome, and A. Seile . . . June the 7th 1662. 4o, A-I in fours, and (a), 2 leaves.

A Memento: Directed to all those that truly Reverence the Memory of King Charles the Martyr; And as Passionately wish the Honour, Safety, and Happinesse of his Royall Successour, Our most Gratious Sovereign Charles the II. The First Part. By Roger L'Estrange. London: Printed for Henry Brome. Aprill the 11. 1662. 4o, A-Kk in fours.


A Memento. . The Second Edition. Printed in the Year 1662, and now Reprinted for Joanna Brome. MDCLXXXII. 4°, A-S 2 in fours, S 2 blank. Toleration Discussd. By Roger L'Estrange.

London, Printed for Henry Brome. .. 1663. 4o, A-P 2 in fours. Toleration Discuss'd; The Third Edition. London, Printed for H. Brome. . . . 1681. 4o, B-Y 2 in fours, besides the title and table.

The Reformed Catholique :


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Printed for Henry Brome,




4o, B-F 2 in fours, and the title. Discovery upon Discovery. Second Edition. London, Printed for Henry Brome, . . . 1680. 4o, A—E in fours.

L'Estrange's Case. . . . The Second Im-
pression. With Additions. London,
Printed for H. Brome. . . . 1680. 4o,
A-E 2 in fours.

L'Estrange's Narrative of the Plot.
The Third Edition. London, Printed by
J. B. for Hen. Brome. . . . 1680. 40,
A-E 2 in fours.

The Casuist Uncas'd, . . . The Second Edition. London, Printed for H. Brome. 1680. 4o, A-L in fours.



The Case Put, . . . The Third Edition Enlarged. London, Printed for H. Brome. . . . 1680. 4o, A-D 4 in fours. A Short Answer to a Whole Letter of Libels. By Roger L'Estrange. London, Printed by J. B. for Hen. Brome. . . 1680. 4o, A-C 2 in fours.

An Hue and Cry after R. Ls. [Col.] Printed for Tom. Tell-Troth. [1680-1.] Folio, 2 leaves.

Crack upon Crack: Or, Crack-Fart Whipt with his own Rod, By Citt and Bumpkin. [Col.] Printed for R. J. 1680. Folio, 2 leaves.

A Letter out of Scotland, from Mr. R. Le [Strange] to His Friend, H[enry] B[rome,] in London. Printed for N. F. in the Year, 1681. Folio, 2 leaves.

A Further Discovery of the Plot: . The Fourth Edition. London, Printed for Henry Brome. . . . 1681. 4o, A-D 2 in fours.

A Word concerning Libels and Libellers, Humbly Presented to the Right Honorable Sir John Moor. By Roger L'Estrange. London, Printed for Joanna Brome.... 1681. 4o, A-B in fours. Towzers Advice to the Scriblers, Forbibing [sic] them to come near his Kennel, upon pain of being Torn in pieces. [Col.] London, Printed for G. B. Anno Dom. 1681. A folio leaf, the verso occupied by Towzers Confession, in verse.

Dialogue upon Dialogue: Or L'Estrange, No Papist nor Jesuite; but the Dog Towzer: Shewed in a Short and plain Dialogue betwixt Philo-Anglicus and Philo-L'Estrange. [Col.] London, Printed for H. B. 1681. Folio, 2 leaves.

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Growth of Knavery.

The Second Edition. London, Printed by T. B. for Henry Brome. 1681. 4o, A-D in fours, D 4 blank. Tyranny and Popery. The Second Edition. London, Printed for Henry Brome, . . . 1681. 4°, A-F 2 in fours. L'Estrange His Appeal Humbly Submitted to the Kings most Excellent Majesty and the Three Estates assembled in Parliament, London, Printed for Henry Brome. . . . 1681. 4°, A-E in fours. The Character of a Papist in Masquerade; Supported by Authority and Experience. In Answer to the Character of a Popish Successor. By Roger L'Estrange. London, Printed for H. Brome. . . . 1681. 4o, A-L in fours.

A Reply to the Second Part of the Character of a Popish Successor. By Roger L'Estrange. London, Printed for Joanna Brome. 1681. 4o, A-E 2 in fours. The Reformation Reform'd.... London: Printed for Joanna Brome. MDCLXXXI. 4o, A-E in fours, E 4 blank.

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The Dissenters Sayings, . . . The Third Edition. London, Printed for Joanna Brome.... 1681. 4°. First Part, A-G in fours, G 3-4 blank: Part 2, second edition, A, 3 leaves: a, 4 leaves: B-L in fours.

Citt and Bumpkin. The Fifth Edition. London, Printed for Joanna Brome. . . 1681. 4°, A-E in fours each part, the second having E 4 blank. Notes upon Stephen Colledge. . . . The Second Edition. London, Printed for Joanna Brome. . . . 1681. 4o, A-G 2 in fours.

A Seasonable Memorial. . . . The Third Edition. London, Printed by J. Bennet for Henry Brome. 1681. 4°,A-Ein fours. An Answer to the Appeal from the Country to the City. By Roger L'Estrange. London, Printed by T. B. for Henry Brome. . . . 1681. 4o, A-E in fours.

The Free-Born Subject: . . . The Third Edition. London, Printed for Henry Brome. . . . 1681. 4°, A-D in fours.



L'Estrange No Papist: In Answer to a
Libel entituled L'Estrange a Papist, &c.
In a Letter to a Friend. With Notes and
Animadversions upon Miles Prance,
Silver-smith, Cum multis Aliis. By
Roger L'Estrange. London, Printed by
T. R. for H. Brome.
1681. 4o,
A-E in fours.

The Shammer Shamm'd: In a Plain Discovery, under Young Tong's own Hand, of a Designe to Trepann L'Estrange into a Pretended Subornation against the Popish Plot. By Roger L'Estrange. London, Printed for Joanna Brome.... 1681. 4o, A-E in fours.

The Accompt Clear'd: In Answer to a
Libel, Intituled; A True Account from
Chichester, concerning the Death of
Habin the Informer, &c. By Roger
L'Estrange. London, Printed for Joanna
4o, A-E in
fours, E 4 blank.

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No Protestant Plot: or the present pretended Conspiracy of Protestants against the King & Government discovered to be a Conspiracy of the Papists against the King and his Protestant Subjects. London Printed for R. Lett 1681. B-F 4 in fours. (ii.) The Second Part of No Protestant Plot. By the same Hand. London: Printed for R. Smith, 1682. B-E 4 in fours. (iii.) The Third Part of No Protestant Plot: with Observations.. on the Bill of Indictment against the E. of Shaftesbury and . . . the Case of the Earl of Argyle. London: Printed for Richard Baldwin 1682. A-V in fours, A-1 blank. 4o.

The Holy Cheat: ... By Roger L'Estrange.
The Fourth Impression. London, Printed
1662, and now Reprinted for Joanna
Brome. . . 1682. 4°.
A, 2 leaves :
B-O 2 in fours.

Towzer Discover'd: Or a New Ballade on an Old Dog that writes Strange-Lee. To the tune of Oh how unhappy a Lover am I. London Printed for J. B. 1683. A leaf of verses.

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