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by W. Hole. Title, catalogue of plays, and verses, 5 leaves: A-Q in sixes: R, 4 leaves: S-Qqqq 4 in sixes.

In some copies the imprint varies. In the copy here used pp. 195-6 are in duplicate, one being printed on one side only, and there is also a duplicate title to Every Man out of his humour within a woodcut border.

[Jonson's Works, Part II.] (i.) Bartholomew Faire: A Comedie, Acted in the Yeare, 1614. By the Lady Elizabeths Servants. And then Dedicated to King Iames, of most Blessed Memorie. By the Author, Beniamin Iohnson. [Quot. from Horace.] London, Printed by I. B. for Robert Allot... 1631. A, 6 leaves: B-M 4 in sixes. (ii.) The Diuell is an Asse: A Comedie Acted in the Yeare, 1616. By His Maiesties Servants. The Author Ben: Ionson. London, 1631. N-Y in fours, first leaf blank, and the paging continued from (i.) (iii.) The Staple of Newes. A Comedie Acted in the Yeare, 1625. By His Maiesties Servants. The Author Ben: Ionson. London, 1631. Aa (or A)-H in fours, and I in sixes. Folio. These three dramas are usually found in a volume together. They were, doubtless, intended by Jonson to supplement the folio of 1616.

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[Jonson's Works, Part III. (posthumous)] The Magnetic Lady, &c. With separate titles to the several portions. London, 1640-1. Folio. A-P in fours: Q, 2 leaves: R-V in fours: [a new set of signatures with the Horace:] A-L 2 in fours Timber, &c., M-R in fours: Underwoods, &c., Z-Oo in fours (no S-Y in former alphabet): Pp-Qq, 2 leaves each (Qq 2 probably blank): Mortimer, title and 2 leaves: Christmas His Masque, &c., B (and a new paging)-R 2 in fours: S-Y 2 in fours.

This completed (with the exception of the Case is Altered and the New Inn, not yet published in folio) the collection of Jonson's dramatic and other writings. It was printed without any general titlepage, although that belonging to the folio of 1640 is occasionally inserted in front of it. In fact, the three portions of the poet's works here described should properly form one volume, 1616-31-40-1.

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The Workes of Benjamin Jonson, London Printed by Richard Bishop and are to be sold by Andrew Crooke in St. Paules Church-Yard, An. D. 1640. Folio, A-Llll 4 in sixes, including a portrait: A (with the Epigrams)—T in


The Workes of Benjamin Jonson. The


second Volume. Containing these Playes, viz.

1. Bartholomew Fayre.

2. The Staple of Newes. 3. The Divell is an Asse. London, Printed for Richard Meighen, 1640. Folio.

The unsold stock of 1631 reissued to accompany the second edition of the first volume; but it does not include the additional Plays above described as first printed posthumously, and which are necessary to complete a copy of either edition.

The Works of Ben Jonson, which were formerly Printed in Two volumes, are now Reprinted in One. To which is added A Comedy, Called The New Inn. With Additions never before Published.


London, Printed by Thomas Hodgkin, for H. Herringman, Folio. With a portrait by Elder. Printed in two columns. A, 5 leaves: B-5 B in fours, and the Leges Conviviales, &c., 2 leaves.

This is the only folio impression with The Case is altered and the New Inn; but it is not esteemed.

Ben: Ionson, His Case is Alterd. As it hath beene sundry times Acted by the Children of the Blacke-friers. At London Printed for Bartholomew Sutton, dwelling in Paules Church-yard neere the great north doore of S. Paules Church. 1609. 4o, A-I in fours, and a leaf of K. The Alchemist. Written by Ben. Ionson.

-Neque, me vt miretur turba, laboro: Contentus paucis lectoribus. London, Printed by Thomas Snodham for Walter Burre, and are to be sold by Iohn Stepneth, at the West-end of Paules. 1612. 4o, A-M in fours. Dedicated by the author "To the Lady, most æquall with vertue, and her Blood: The Grace, and Glory of women, Mary La: Wroth." Ben Johnson his Epigrams. Licensed to John Stepneth, 15th of May, 1612. Certayne Masques at the Court never yet printed written by Ben Johnson. Licensed in this form to William Stansby, 20 January, 1614-15.

The Staple of Newes being a Comedie. Licensed to John Waterson, 14 April, 1626.

Catiline His Conspiracy. Written by Ben Jonson London: Printed by N. Okes, for I. S. 1635. 4o, A-M in fours, first leaf blank.

Catiline His Conspiracy. A Tragoedie. As it is now Acted by His Majesties Servants; at the Theatre Royal. The Author B. J. . . . London, Printed for A. C. and

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The Widdow A Comedie. As it was Acted at the private House in BlackFryers, with great Applause, by His late Majesties Servants. Written by Ben: Jolinson, John Fletcher, Tho: Middleton, Gent. Printed by the Originall Copy. London, Printed for Humphrey Moseley,

1652. 4o. Title and preface by Alexander Gough, 2 leaves: B-I in fours, and a leaf of K.


An History of the Wonderful Things of Nature: Set forth in Ten severall Classes. Wherein are contained 1. The Wonders of the Heavens . . . Written by Johannes Jonstonus. And now Rendred into English by a Person of Quality. London, Printed by John Streater


Folio. Title, 1 leaf: A, 4 leaves: (a) 4 leaves B-Yy in fours. Dedicated by John Rowland to Edward, Earl of Manchester, in an epistle of biographical in



A pill to purge Melancholy, or a discourse betwene Tell Tale and Heare All, by Thomas Jourdan. Licensed to Francis Grove, 10 November, 1637.

A Diurnal of Dangers. Wherein are manifested and brought to light, many great and unheard of Diseases. To the Admiration of all who have Eares to heare, or strong hearts to endure. Found out and Published in the Yeare of Just Jealousies, Apparant Plots, Fatall Feares, and Single Securities. 1642. Written by T. J. Printed at London for E. Christopher [Aug. 14.] 4°, 4 leaves. In prose and verse. B. M.

The Triumphs of London.


on Friday, Octob. 29, 1675, for the Entertainment of the Right Honourable, and truly Noble Pattern of Prudence and Loyalty, Sir Joseph Sheldon Kt, Lord Mayor of the City of London. Containing a true description of the several Pageants, with the Speeches spoken in each Pageant. Together with the several



Songs sung at this Solemnity. All set forth at the proper Costs and Charges of the Worshipful Company of Drapers. Designed and Composed, By Tho. Jordan, Gent. London, Printed by J. Macock, for John Playford, and are sold at his Shop near the Temple-Church, 1675. 4°, A-C in fours.

London's Triumphs: Express'd in sundry Representations, Pageants, and Shows, performed on Monday Octob. 30, 1676, at the Inauguration and Instalment of the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Davies Kt Lord Mayor of the City of London. Containing a true Description of the several Scenes and Habits of the Representers, with the Speeches spoken on each Pageant. All the Charge and Expences of the Industrious Designs, being the sole Undertaking of the Ancient and Right Worshipful Society of Drapers. Being the Second Year without Întermission. Devised and Composed by Tho, Jordan. London, Printed for John Playford at the Temple Church. 1676. 4o. A, 2 leaves B-D 2 in fours.

The Triumphs of London: Performed on Tuesday, October xxix. 1678. For the Entertainment of the Right Honourable, and truly Noble Pattern of Prudence and Loyalty, Sir James Edwards Knight, Lord Mayor of the City of London. Containing A true Description of the several Pageants, with the Speeches spoken on each Pageant. Together with the Songs sung in this Solemnity. All set forth at the proper Costs and Charges of the Worshipful Company of Grocers. Designed and Composed by Tho. Jordan, Gent. London, Printed for John Playford at the Temple-Church. 1678. 4°. Title and dedications, 2 leaves: A, 2 leaves : B-C in fours.

London's Joy, Or, The Lord Mayors Show Triumphantly Exhibited in Various Representations, Scenes, and Splendid Ornaments, with divers pertinent Figures and Movements: Performed on Saturday, October xxix. 1681. At the Inauguration of the Right Honourable Sir John Moore, Knight, Lord Mayor of the City of London. With the Several Speeches, and Songs, which were spoken on the Pageants in Cheapside, and Sung in Guild-Hall during Dinner. All the Charges and Expences of the Industrious designs being the sole undertaking of the Worshipful Company of Grocers. Devised and Composed by Tho. Jordan, Gent.


London, Printed for John and Henry
Playford, 1681. 4o, A-C 2 in fours.
The Triumphs of Loudon : Performed on
Monday, October xxix. 1683. For the
Entertainment of the Right Honourable
and truly Noble Pattern of Prudence and
Loyalty, Sir Henry Tulse, Knight, Lord
Mayor of the City of London. Contain-
ing a Description of the whole Solemnity.
With Two new Songs set to Music. Lon-
don, Printed for John and Henry Play-
ford, 1683. 4°, 4 leaves.

An Eligie on his Mistris Fidelia. [By
T. Jordan.] MS. Ashmole 38.

Query, a plagiarism from Wither's poem.

A Discourse of Naturall Bathes and Mine-
rall Waters. Wherein first the originall
of Fountains in generall, is declared.
Then the nature and differences of Mine-
rals, . . . The third Edition, much en-
larged. London, Printed by Tho. Har-
And are to be sold by
Michael Sparke in Green Arbour. 40,
A-T in fours, T 4 blank.


Wylde Wantonnes take Warnynge by
Josepheus. A ballad. Licensed to T.
Colwell in 1563-4.

The complaynte of Joseppus [Joseph]. A
ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1568.
The trubles of Josephus. A ballad. Li-
censed to John Allde in 1569.

The History of Joseph and his Brethren:
With Jacob's Journey into Egypt. And
his Death and Funeral. Illustrated with
Twelve Pictures, describing the whole
History. Sold in Bow - Church - Yard,
London. [Circa 1720.] 12°, 12 leaves.
In prose.


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Folio. Prefixes, 5 leaves: A-4 L in fours.


A ballett Called Kynge Joseas. Licensed to John Tisdale in 1560. JOVIUS, PAULUS.

Descriptio Britanniae, Scotiae, Hyberniae, et Orchadvm, Ex Libro Pavli Iovii, Episcopi Nvcer. De Imperiis, et Gentibvs Cogniti Orbis.... [Col.] Venetiis apud Michaelem Tramezinum. M D XLVIII. 4o, a-gg in fours, a repeated: hh in sixes. JUDGE.

The Ivdges Ivdgement A Speech, penned in the beginning of the Parliament against the Iudges. Per ignotum quendam. Printed in the Yeare, 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. JUDITH AND HOLOFERNES. The moste famous historye of Judith and Olofernes. Licensed to Sampson Clark, 23 March, 1587-8. A ballad. JULIAN, THE EMPEROR.

Some Seasonable Remarks upon the Deplorable Fall of the Emperour Julian, With an Epistle of his to the Citizens of Bostra. Now made English. [Quot. from Major de Gestis Scotorum, Lib. iii. Cap. xv.] London: Printed for J. Gellibrand, MDCLXXXI. 4o, A-D in fours.

The Account of the Life of Julian the Apostate Vindicated; And The Truth of the Assertions therein, further Maintained, Against all the Idle and Illiterate Cavils, and the Nonsensical and Whimsical Remarques upon the Life of Julian ; by one who stiles himself a Lover of Truth, Vertue and Justice. By a true Lover of his King, his Countrey, and the Protestant Religion. . . . London, Printed for Langley Curtis, MDCLXXXII. 4°.

A, 2 leaves: B-F in fours.

The boke of Josephus. Licensed to R. JULIUS CÆSAR, CAIUS.
Jugge in 1557-8.

The Famovs and Memorable Workes of
Iosephvs, a Man of Mvch Honovr and
Learning among the Lewes. Faithfully
Translated out of the Latin, and French,
by Tho. Lodge Doctor in Physicke.
Printed at the charges of G. Bishop, S.
Waterson, P. Short, and Tho. Adams.
1602. Folio. T, 6 leaves: A-4 H in
sixes: 4 I-4 K in fours: 4 L, 8 leaves.
Dedicated to Lord Howard of Effingham.
The Famous and Memorable Works of
Josephus. . . . Faithfully Translated..
by Tho. Lodge.. London, Printed by
T. R. and T. D. for Abel Roper. . . . 1670.


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Julius Cesars commentaryes.
translatyd owte of laten in to englyshe/
as much as cōcernyth thys realm of Eng-
land sumtyme callyd Brytayne: whych
is the eldyst hystoryer of all other that
can be found that euer wrote of thys
realme of England. 1530. [Col.] Here
endyth the commentaryes of Julius Cesar
as towchynge Brytayne now callyd Eng-
londe... Cum priuilegio. Folio, a-e 3
in fours. Black letter, with the Latin in
the margin in roman. B. M.

From the press of John Rastell. Bright,
in 1845, stained, £26, 10s.
The eyght bookes of Caius Iulius Cæsar
conteyning his martiall exploytes in the


Realme of Gallia and the Countries bordering vppon the same translated oute of latin into English by Arthur Goldinge G. Imprinted at London by Willyam Seres. Anno. 1565. 8°, black letter. * 8 leaves: ** 8 leaves: A-Nn 3 in eights, last leaf blank. Dedicated to Sir W. Cecil from Paul's Beauchamp, 12 Oct. 1565. The Eight Bookes of Caius Iulius Cæsar Imprinted at London by Thomas Este... 1590. 4o, black letter, A, 4 leaves: A-Q in eights.

An Abstracte of the Historie of Cesar and Pompeius. Licensed to J. Charlwood,

6 Sept. 1581.


Alazono-Mastix: Or The Character of a Cockney. In a Satyricall Poem. Dedicated (as a New-years-gift) to the Apprentices of London. By Junius Anonymus. A London Apprentice. Capiat, qui capere potest. London, Printed by R. I. 1652 [Jan. 1, 1651-2.] 4°, A-C 2 in fours. B. M.


The Painting of the Ancients, In three Bookes; Declaring by Historicall Observations and Examples, The Beginning, Progresse, and Consvmmation of that most Noble Art. And how those ancient Artificers attained to their still so much

admired Excellencie. Written first in Latine by Franciscus Junius, F.F. And now by him Englished, with some Additions and Alterations. London, Printed by Richard Hodgkinsoune, and are to be sold by Daniel Frere... 1638. 4o, A— Zzz in fours, A 4 having the Errata, &c.

Dedicated to the Countess of Arundel from Arundel House. The copy I have employed is on large paper, and bound in velvet. A similar copy is in the Grenville Library, and is described in the Catalogue as unique.


Vindiciae contra Tyrannos: Sive, De Principis in Populum, Populique in Principem. legitima potestate. Edimburgi, Anno M.D.LXXIX. 8°, A-Q in eights, Q 8 blank.


Vindicia contra Tyrannos: A Defence of Liberty against Tyrants. Or, Of the lawfull power of the Prince over the people, and of the people over the Prince. Being A Treatise written in Latin and French by Junius Brutus, and translated out of both into English. . . . London, Printed by Matthew Simmons, and Robert Ibbitson, . . . 1648. 4°, A-T in fours.



None but the Sheriffs ought to name and return Jurors to serve in Inquests before Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer. London Printed for R. Baldwyn in the Old Baily. [1681.] Folio, a single leaf. JUSTICE OF PEACE.

The Justyces of peas. [Col.] Thus

endeth the boke of Justyces of peas. Enprynted at Londo in Fletestrete at the sygne of the sonne. By Wynkyn de Worde. In the yere of our lorde god. M.CCCCC. & X. 4o. A, 8 leaves: B, 4 leaves: C, 6 leaves: D-I in fours and eights, I 8 having only the colophon and device. The boke of Justices of peas. . . . [Col.] Thus endethe the boke of iustic of peas. Enprynted with out Tempull barre be me Robert Redmā. At the syne of the George. An. dni. M.ccccc.xxvii. 8°, A— K 4 in eights.

L office et auctoryte des Justyces de peas copyle et extrayte hors des aunciēt liures si-bien del comen ley cõe de3 estatutp oue moultes auts choses necessaries a scauoir nouelment imprime. 1538. Cum priuilegio regali. [Col.] Imprynted at Lōdon in Fletestrete: by me Robert Redman,... 8°. †, 8 leaves: A, 4 leaves: A (repeated) Cc in eights, Cc 8 with the mark only.


Mores Hominum. The Manners of Men, Described in sixteen Satyrs, by Juvenal: As he is published in his most Authentick copy, lately printed by command of the King of France. Whereunto is added the Invention of seventeen Designes in Picture with Arguments to the Satyrs. .. By Sir Robert Stapylton, Knight. Published by Authority. London Printed by R. Hodgkinsoune, in the Year 1660. Folio. Dedicated to the Marquis of Dorchester. Prefixes, 10 leaves: A--Ttt in fours: Uuu-Bbbb, 2 leaves each: Cccc, 1 leaf. With a portrait of Stapylton by Lombart.

There are copies on large paper. Juvenals Sixteen Satyrs. . . . London, Printed for Peter Parker,... and Thomas Guy.... 1673. 8°, A-R 3 in eights, besides frontispiece and portrait. Decimus Junius Juvenalis, And Aulus Persius Flaccus Translated and Illustrated as well with Sculpture as Notes. By Barten Holyday, D.D. and late ArchDeacon of Oxon. Oxford, Printed by W. Downing, for F. Oxlad Senior. . . Anno Dom. 1673. Folio. Title and de


dication by W. Dewy to the Dean and Canons of Christ-Church, Oxford, 2 leaves: a-b, 2 leaves each: B-Xx in fours, Xx 4 blank. With plates, all on the letterpress, except at pp. 46, 73, 116. The Persius has a separate title.

Juvenalis Redivivus, Or The First Satyr of Juvenal taught to speak plain English. A Poem. . . . Printed in the Year 1683, and are to be sold by most Booksellers. 4o, A-F 2 in fours.

A Modern Essay on the Thirteenth Satyr of Juvenal. By Henry Higden. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson,

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K. P.


The Scholar's Instructor, In a Familiar
Way of Speaking. Whereby the Young
Beginner may speedily attain the Know-
ledge of the English, Latin and Greek
Tongues: Gathered for the Use and De-
light of Masters and Scholars: ... Lon-
don: Printed for George Conyers.
Price 1/. [Circa 1720.] 8°, A-K in half
sheets or fours.


A ballad intituled. The coolinge of curst
Kate. Licensed to T. Gosson and Joseph
Hunt, 16 Oct. 1594.

KATHERINE [PARR], Queen of Eng-

The Lamentatio of a Sinner made by the most vertuous Lady Queen Katherin, bewailing the ignorance of her blinde life first set foorth & put in Print at the instaunt desire of the right gratious Lady Katherin Duches of Suffolke, and the ernest request of the right honorable Lord William Parre, Marquesse of Northamton. And now againe newly Imprinted 1563. [Col.] Imprinted at Lon[dJon at the long Shopp adioining vnto S. Mildreds Churche in the Pultrie by John Alde. 1563. 8°, black letter. Title and preface by William Cecil, 7 leaves : A-Ĥ 4 in eights, H 4 with the colophon. Praiers or meditacons collected out of certen holie workes by the moste vertuous Pryncesse Katheryne Parre Queene of England &c. Anno 1545. and nowe new

lye Imprinted at the request of mistres Elizabeth Rous, and is intytuled The sweete songe of a synner. 1587. Licensed to John Charlwood, 18 Aug. 1587. KEACH, BENJAMIN.

The Grand Impostor Discovered: Or, The Quakers Doctrine weighed in the Ballance, and found wanting. A Poem, By way of Dialogue: wherein their Chief, and most Concerning Principles are laid down, and by the Authority of Gods Holy Word clearly Refuted. By B. K. . . London, Printed for B. Harris at the Stationers Arms in Sweetings Rents by the Royal Exchange. M.DC.LXXV. 8°. A, 4 leaves: B-V in eights.

Sion in Distress: . . . London: Printed,
and are to be Sold by most Booksellers.
1692. 12o, A-F 10 in twelves. With a

The Progress of Sin; Or, The Travels of
The Third Edition,
Corrected. With some Additions by the
Author. London, Printed for Nicholas
Boddington . . . 1700. 12o, A—I 6 in
twelves, A 4 apparently blank.

Believers Baptism: Or, Love to the An-
tient Britains Displayed. Wherein, the
Chief Arguments for Infant Baptism,
are collected, By Benjamin Keach.
London: Printed for John Marshall, . . .
1705. 8°.

KEEPE, HENRY, of the Inner Temple.
Monumenta Westmonasteriensia; Or an

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