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Frenchman, seruant in these imployments to his most Excellent Maiesty of Great Brittaine. Published by Authority. London Printed by Felix Kyngston. 1622. 4°. Grenv. Coll.

Collation: A-M in fours: (a), 2 leaves : Errata, 1 leaf. Title is on A 2. C 3-4 are occupied by woodcuts.

A Declaration made by King James, in Scotland; Concerning Church-Government and Presbyters. Now Printed, in English and Scotch, for Matthew Walbancke, . . . 1646. 4°, A-C in fours.


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The Narrative History of King James, for the first fourteen Years. In four Parts. I. The State of England at his Majesties entrance, and relation it had to other Parts: The Lascivious courses at Court; with the Lord of Northampton's coming to Honour . . . II. The Proceedings touching the Divorce betwixt the Lady Frances Howard, and Robert Earl of Essex. . . Also, The Arraignment of Sir Jer. Elvis Lieutenant of the Tower... touching the murthering and poysoning of Sir Thomas Overbury.. III. A Declaration of his Majesties Revenue IV. The Commissions and Warrants for the Burning of two Hereticks, both holding part of the same our Ranters do, being old Heresies, newly Revived. Also two Pardons, the one for Theophilus Higgons, the other for S. Eustace Harte. London, Printed for Michael Sparke... 1651. 4o. Engraved and printed titles and leaf of explanation, 3 leaves (the frontispiece entitled Truth Brought to Light by Time): B-Z in fours: Z*, 4 leaves: Abstract of Revenue, A* I* in fours, besides title and contents: a, The Stationer to the Reader, 2 leaves: a (repeated), 4 leaves: Aa*—Ce* 2 in fours. With a portrait of Sir Thomas Overbury and a folded print of the Earl and Countess of Somerset, both copied from earlier engravings.

Truth brought to Light: . . . London: Printed for Richard Baldwin . . . 1692. 8°, A-Z in eights, besides a frontispiece in compartments and a portrait of Sir Thomas Overbury.


King James His Counterblast to Tobacco. To which is added a Learned Discourse written by Dr. Everard Maynwaringe, Proving that Tobacco is a procuring Cause of the Scurvy. With a short Collection out of Dr. George Thompson's Treatise of Blood; against smoking Tobacco. Also, Serious Cautions against Excess in Drinking. With many Examples of Gods severe Judgments upon Notorious Drunkards, who have died suddenly, Concluding with Witty Poems against Tobacco, By Josh. Sylvester. Collected and Published as very proper for this Age. Animalia omnia. . . . Licensed according to Order, June 6. 1672. London, Printed for John Hancock, 1672. 4o, A-K in fours, I 4 blank, and title on A 2.

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Two titles were given to this little compilation; in the other it is called "Two Broadsides against Tobacco," &c.

The History of the Gunpowder-Treason. Collected from Approved Authors, as well Popish as Protestant. London, Printed for Richard Chiswel . . . 1678. 4o, A-D in fours, A blank.

The Connexion: Being Choice Collections of some Principal Matters in King James his Reign: Which may serve to supply the Vacancy betwixt Mr. Townsends and Mr. Rushworth's Historical Collections. London, Printed for W. Crook,... 1681. 8o. A, 4 leaves : B—M in eights.

The Ceremonies, Form of Prayer, and Services used in Westminster-Abby at the Coronation of King James the First and Queen Ann his Consort. Performed by Dr. Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, &c. With an Account of the Procession from the Palace to the Abby.... With the Coronation of King Charles the First in Scotland. Never before Published. London, Printed, and are to be sold by Randal Taylor . . . 1685. Folio, A-E in twos.

JAMES II., King of Great Britain, 1685-88. A Short View of the Life and Actions of the most Illustrious James Duke of York, Together with his Character. London: Printed for Henry Marsh... 1660. 4o, A-D 2 in fours, but only 3 leaves in B. England's Safety: Or The Two Unanimous Votes of the Last Good Parliament Concerning the Duke of York being a Papist, With their Address to His Majesty to be revenged on the Papists in case His Majesty came to a violent Death. Published for the Information of all True


Protestants, London, Printed for A.
Brewster. 1679. Folio, 2 leaves.
To His Royal Highness, at his Happy
Return from Scotland. Written by a
Person of Quality. . . . London: Printed
for W. Davis, 1682. A sheet in verse.
Ouvry Cat., 160.

To His Royal Highnes The Duke, upon his Arrival. A folio leaf of verses. Elymas the Sorcerer: Or A Memorial towards the Discovery of the Bottom of this Popish-Plot, And how far his R. Highness's Directors have been faithful to his Honour and Interest, or the Peace of the Nation. Publish'd upon occasion of a Passage in the Late Dutchess of York's Declaration for changing her Religion. By Tho: Jones ometime Domestick and Naval Chaplain to his R. Highness the Duke of York. . .. London: Printed for H. Jones, MDCLXXXII. Folio, A-K in twos.

A Publication, Of the loyal Authority of the most Serene, most Mighty, and most August Monarch, Jame the Second, Edinburgh, Printed . Reprinted at London by Tho. Newcmb for Susanna Forrester, 1685. A shet.

The Duke of Norfolk's Order about the Habit the Ladies are to e in that attend the Queen at her Coraation. Printed by Nat. Thompson . . 1685. A folio sheet.

A Poem on the Coronatin of James II. of England, Scotland, rance, and Ireland, King, Defender of he Faith. London, Printed by D. Malle for the Author, MDCLXXXV. 4o, A-B in fours, B 4 blank.

Some Proposals Offered Publick Consideration, Before the Opning of Parliament: May 19. 1685. Byan Affectionate Lover of his Prince and ountry. London, Printed by F. Leach or Luke Meredith, MDCLXXXV. blio, 2 leaves.

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The Duty of Subjects binforct, Especially in the Choice of thir Representatives to sit in Parliamer, in a Letter to a Friend. Occasioned b His Majesty's Most Gracious Declaratn in Council. London, Printed for Robe Clavell, . . . 1685. Folio, 2 leaves.

Rules and Articles for thbetter Government of His Majesties and-Forces In Pay during this present Fbellion. Published by his Majesties Cumand. London,... 1685. 8°, blacletter, A-C 2 in eights.

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A Letter from a Gentleman in the Country, to his Friends in London, upon the Subject of the Penal Laws and Tests. A folio leaf.

Reflections upon the New Test, And The Reply thereto with a Letter of Sir Francis Walsingham's, concerning the Penal Laws made in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. London: Printed in the Year MDCLXXXVII. 4°. Title, 1 leaf: A, 2 leaves: B-C in fours.

His Majesties Gracious Declaration to all his Loving Subjects for Liberty of Conscience. [Col.] London Printed by Charles Bill... 1687. Folio, 2 leaves.

Short Prayers for the Use of all Good Catholics, in the Hearing of the Holy Mass. Permissu Superiorum. London, Printed by Henry Hills, Printer to the King's most Excellent Majesty for his Houshold and Chappel, . . . 1688. 18mo, A-B, 18 leaves each, besides a frontispiece and copperplates at pp. 8, 10, 12, 16, 27, 30, 34.

Illvstrissimi Principis Ducis Cornubiæ et Comitis Palatini, &c. Genethliacon. Cantabrigiæ, Ex Officina Joan. Hayes . . . 1688. 40, A-Q in fours, first leaf blank : a-c in fours.

The youth here commemorated was afterwards known as the Old Pretender. The present is a large collection of verses in various languages by a crowd of obscure writers.

By the King. A Proclamation, Containing His Majesties Gracious and Ample Indemnity. Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson . . . Anno Dom. 1688. A broadside.

A Full Answer to the Depositions: And to all other the Pretences and Arguments whatsoever, concerning the Birth of the Prince of Wales. The Intreague thereof detected, The whole design being set forth, with the way and manner of doing it Whereunto is annexed, A Map or Survey Engraven of St. James's Palace, and the Convent there: Describing the Place where it is supposed the true Mother was delivered: With the particular Doors and Passages through which the Child was conveyed to the Queens Bed-Chamber. London, Printed for Simon Burgis. 1689. Folio, 14 leaves, including an engraved plan.

A Discourse concerning the Illegality of the late Ecclesiastical Commission, In Answer to the Vindication and Defence of it: Wherein the true Notion or the


Legal Supremacy is cleared; And an Account is given of the Nature, Original, and Mischief of the Dispensing Power. London, Printed for Henry Mortlock,.. MDCLXXXIX. Folio, A-S, 2 leaves each, and a, 2 leaves.

Ten Seasonable Queries, Proposed by a Protestant that is for Liberty of Conscience to all Perswasions. A folio leaf. [About 1689.]

A Letter to a Member of Parliament for Liberty of Conscience. By a Person of Honour. London, Publisht by Rich. Baldwin . . . 1689. Folio, 2 leaves.

His Majesties Reasons for with-drawing Himself from Rochester. Writ with His own Hand, and Ordered by Him to be Published. A sheet, without printer's name, but dated Rochester, Decemb. 22, 1688.


Reflections on a Paper, Entituled, His Majesty's Reasons for withdrawing himself from Rochester. Published by Authority. London: Printed by John Starkey; | and Ric. Chiswell . . . MDCLXXXIX. 4o, 4 leaves.

His Majesties Letter to the Lords and Others of His Privy Councel. [January, 1688-9.] A sheet, dated from St. Germains.

A Letter Written by the Emperor to the Late King James, Setting forth the True Occasion of his Fall, and the Treachery and Cruelty of the French. London, Printed for Ric. Chiswell . . . 1689. 4o, A-B 2 in fours. In two columns. Eng. and Latin.

The Proceedings and Tryal in the Case of the Most Reverend Father in God William Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Right Reverend Fathers in God, William, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph London, Printed for Thomas Basset 1689. Folio, A-Nn in twos, besides a leaf after the title marked A, and a frontispiece of portraits by R. White.

Royal Tracts. In Two Parts. The First, containing all the Select Speeches, Orders, Messages, Letters, &c. of His Sacred Majesty, Upon Extraordinary Occasions; Both before, and since his Retiring out of England. The Second, containing Imago Regis or, The Sacred Image of His Majesty, in His Solitudes and Sufferings, written during his Retirement in France. A Divine Sentence. . . . At Paris, Imprinted for Estiene Lucas, Merchant Bookseller, 1692. 12o. A, 4 leaves: B-K 2 in sixes, besides a frontispiece.


The British Muse; Or Tyranny Expos'd. A Satyr, Occasion'd by all the Fulsom and Lying Poems and Elegies, that have been written on the Occasion of the Death of the Late King James. London, Printed for Eliz. Mallet, . . . 1702. Folio, A-C in twos.


Ecloga Oxonio-Cantabrigiensis, tributa in Libros duos; quorum Prior continet Catalogum confusum Librorum Manuscriptorum in illustrissimis Bibliothecis, duarum florentissimarum Acadmiarum, Oxoniæ & Cantabrigiæ. Posterior, Catalogum earumdem distinctum & depositum.. Omnia hæc opera & Studio T. I. Noui Collegij in Alma Aademia Cantabrigiensi Socij. . . . Londini, Impensis Geor. Bishop, & Io. Nortca. 1600. 4o. A, 2 leaves B-S in forrs, S 4 blank.

Dedicated by Thomas James to the Archbishops and other ignitaries of the Church. This is noticeable is the earliest attempt of the kind.


A Trve Report o the gainefull, prosperous, and speedy voiage to Jaua in the East Indies, perfomed by a fleete of eight ships of Amsteram: Which set forth from Texell in Hlland, the first of Maie, 1598. Stilo Noo. Whereof foure returned againe th 19. of Iuly Anno 1599. In lesse than 15.moneths, the other foure went forward fra Iaua for the Moluccas. At London Printd by P. S. for W. Aspley, 4°, A-D 2in fours. Without any introductory mater. A is blank. Grenv. Coll.


The Joyes of Jovsey. A ballad. Licensed to E. Suon in 1564-5.

The plage Jolasy with examples to avoyde the same. A baad. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1565-6.

A medicine for ealous men with ye trial of a wife. Liased to John Danter, 23 July, 1592. Aballad.

JEFFREYS, SI GEORGE, Lord Chancellor of England.

The Bloody Asizes: Or, A Compleat History of the ife of George Lord Jefferies, From His irth to the Present Time. Wherein, Amog other things, is given a true Account ohis unheard of Cruelties, and Barbarous roceedings, in his whole Western-Circui. To which is added Major Holmes Excellent Speech, with the Dying Spehes and Prayers of many other Eminen Protestants. None of


which were ever before Publish'd. Faithfully Collected by several West-Countrey Gentlemen, who were both Eye and Ear Witnesses to all the Matter of Fact. With allowance. London, Printed for J. Dunton... 1689. 4°, A-I in fours. With a satirical dedication to Jefferies by James Bent, and a severe epitaph by John Carter.

The Western Martyrology: Or, Bloody Assizes. Containing the Lives, Trials, and Dying-Speeches of all those Eminent Protestants... The Fifth Edition. To which is now added, to make it Compleat, An Account of the Barbarous Whippings of Several Persons in the West. Also the Trial and Case of Mr. John Tutchin (the Author of the Observator) . . . London: . . . 1705. 8°. With a frontispiece.


Newes from Virginia, or Virginia stript naked, by Captaine John Jeffreys. Licensed to Robert Bird, 28 July, 1624.


Mr. Jenkin's Recantation: Or His humble Acknowledgement By way of Petition to the Parliament. Wherein he confesseth his sorrow for his Actings against the State, and the Unsuitableness thereof to his Calling and Profession. As also The Parliaments Answer to his Petition. London, Printed in the Yeer. 1651 [Novemb. 14.] 4°, 4 leaves. B. M.


The Answer of Judge Jenkins, to the Imputation put upon his Plea in Chancerie; Which was read in open Court the 14 of Februarie, 1647. And avowed by David Jenkins, Prisoner in New Gate. Printed in the Yeare, 1648. 4°, 4 leaves. The Declaration of David Jenkins Late prisoner in the Tower of London; concerning the Parliaments Army, and the Lawes and Liberties of the People of England. With the Copy of his Letter sent from Wallingford Castle . . . Printed in the Yeer, 1648. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. Verses in Honovr of the Reverend and Learned Iudge of the Law, Ivdge lenkin; The sole Author of his Soveraignes Rights, Englands Laws, and the peoples Liberty. Written by a Loyall Subject of his Majesties. Printed in the Yeare, 1648. 4°, 4 leaves.

The Works of that Grave and Learned Lawyer Iudge Ienkins: Upon Divers Statutes, Concerning the Liberty, and

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Jenkinsius Redivivus: Or, The Works of Judge Jenkins . . . London, Printed for Jo. Hindmarsh . . . 1681. 12°. A, 5 leaves a, 12 leaves: B-K in twelves, last leaf blank. With a portrait. JENINGS, ABRAHAM. Miraculum basilicum: Or The Royal Miracle, Truly exhibiting the wonderful Preservation of His Sacred Majesty in, with his miraculous Escape after, the Battel of Worcester; with his Deliverances at Edge hill, and in the Downs... Whereunto is added Some Essayes, by way of Introduction, 1. Proving that the frequent Victories of the Cromwellians, were no signal notes of God's Providence. London, Printed in the Year 1664. 8°, A-N 6 in eights, sign. G. apparently omitted.



A breife discouery of the damages that happen to this Realme by disordered and vnlawfull diet. The Benefites and Commodities that otherwaies might ensue. With a perswasion of the people for a better maintenance to the Nauie. Briefly compiled, by Edward Ienninges. [Quot. from Romans, 14.] Printed at London by Roger Warde, dwelling in Holbourne ouer against Eely house, at the signe of the Castle. 1593. 4°, A-D in fours, A 1 blank. Black letter. Dedicated to Lord Howard of Effingham. Lambeth. JENNINGES, CAPTAIN.

Captayne Jenninges his songe, whiche he made in the Marshalsey, and songe a little before his death. Licensed to Richard Jones, 19 March, 1610-11. JENYNGES, EDWARD.

The Notable Hystory of two faithfull Louers named Alfagus and Archelaus. Whearein is declared the true fygure of Amytie and Freyndshyp. Much pleasaunte and delectable to the Reader. Translated into English meeter by Edwarde lenynges. With a Preface or Definytion of Freyndshyppe to the same. Such as are troubled in Publyque afayres, About common welthes by offyces and


In faythfull frendshyp can neuer abyde, For so sayth Tully the thinge hath ben tryde.

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Imprinted at London in Fleetestreat beneath the Conduyt at the sygne of S. John Euangelist, by Thomas Colwell. Anno Domini 1574. 4°, black letter, 52 leaves. Br. Museum (Corser's copy). JERICHO.

A ballad of the spies yt went to Hierico. Licensed to R. Jones, 16 April, 1578. *JERSEY.

A ballad of iij women burnt in Jarsey and of the burninge of a child yssuinge from one of them as she was burninge. Licensed to E. White, 1 Aug. 1586. JERUSALEM.

A newe ballad of the destruccon of Jerusalem. Licensed to H. Carre, 15 Aug. 1586.

A Briefe Description of Hierasulem and of the Suburbs therof, as it florished in the time of Christ. Wherto is annexed a short Commentarie concerning those places which were made famous by the Passion of Christ, and by the Actes of holye men, confirmed by certeine principall Histories of Antiquity. . . . Hereunto also is appertaining a liuely and beawtifull mappe of Hierasulem, with Arithmeticall directions . . . Translated out of Latin into English by Thomas Tymme Minister. London, Printed by Peter Short for Thomas Wight. 1595. 4°. T, 4 leaves: A-Q in fours, Q 3-4 blank. Dedicated to Sir John Puckering. With verses by Thomas Newton.


A mery ieste made of the alphabett. A ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1565-6. A pretie newe Jeste to make you laughe at. Licensed to John Allde, 20 Aug. 1578.

A merie Jest of John Tomson and Jakaman his wife. A ballad. Licensed to Yarath James, 1 Aug. 1586.

A mery iest of a puddinge, &c. Licensed to W. Wright, 20 November, 1587. A merye newe ieste of a wife that threst her husband with a Flealle. Licensed to T. Scarlet, 15 Aug. 1590.


The Universal Jester Or, A Compleat Book of Jests. Containing a pleasant variety of English Jests, Irish Jests, Oxford Jests, Cambridge Jests, Coffee-House Jests... To which is added, Hell in an Uproar. London: Printed and Sold by Vavasour Harris, at the Golden-Boars Head in Grace Church Street. 1668

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[1768.] 120, A-G in twelves, besides a frontispiece in two compartments.

The date in this copy has been tampered with.


A gentle Jyrke for the Jesuit. Licensed to R. Jones, 13 Feb. 1580-1. A ballad. The Arrainment of the Whole Societie of Iesuits in France, holden in the honourable Court of Parliament ... At London Printed by Charles Yetsweirt Esq. 1594. Cvm Privilegio. 4°, A-H in fours. Black letter. H. Pyne, Esq.

The Jesuites Commedie. Acted at Lyons in Fraunce the 7. and 8. of August 1607. Licensed to Edward Allde and Arthur Johnson, 14th October, 1607.

A ballad of the Jesuites Commedie or newes from Lyons. Licensed to John Trundle, 19 October, 1607.

A ballad of Gods wrath shewed at Lyons in Fraunce vppon a College of Jesuytes in A stage play, to the Tune of 'Essex good night.' Licensed to Thomas Pavier, 23 October, 1607.

A Report of the play at Lyons by the Jesuites Certified by a French factor to his master in England. Licensed to John Busby, 26 October, 1607.

A bloody tragedye or Romishe masque Acted by fyve Jesuytes and 16 younge Germayne froes translated out of Dutche. Licensed to John Trundell, 7 November, 1607.

The Iesuites Downefall, Threatned against them by the Secvlar Priests for their wicked liues, accursed manners, Hereticall doctrines, and more then Machiavillian Policie. Together with the life of Father Parsons an English Iesvite. At Oxforde, Printed by Ioseph Barnes... 1612. 4°. *, 4 leaves: **, 2 leaves: A-E in fours. Dedicated by T. James to the Judges and Justices of Oxfordshire. A booke called A Discouery of the Jesuits in their most secret and intimate Consultations. Licensed to William Jaggard, 8 March, 1618-19.

The Plots of Jesuites: viz. of Robert Parsons an Englishman, Adam Coutzen a Moguntine, Tho. Campanella, a Spaniard, &c. How to bring England to the Romane Religion without Tumult. Translated out of the Originall Copies. Printed for Mich. Spark at the Blue Bible in Green Arbor, London, 1653. 4o, A-B in fours, including a frontispiece.

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