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nical Enemies. By Colonel Gounter, of Racton, who had the happiness to be instrumental in the business. Now first published from the Original MS. London 1846. Small 8°, pp. 16. GOVERNAL OF HEALTH,

[The Gouernayle of helthe and medicina stomachi. W. Caxton, circa 1489.] 4o, 18 leaves. Without title, folios and catchwords. Ham House.

Reprinted by Blades in 1858. The original Latin author is somewhat uncertain. In one MS. he is called Bartholomeus, and in another John of Bordeaux.


The waye to fayre wrytinge in very apt and plaine maner Discouered digested and sett forth in two partes by Cristofer Gower. With a forme of prynted paper meete to be vsed by those yt are desirous to attaine thereunto, and may serue for the moore Redie vse and helpe of sundry artificers that woork in mettall Stone Tymber, Sylk Clothe Tapestrye, &c. Licensed to C. Gower, 11 March, 1586-7. GOWRY.

The Earle of Gowries conspiracie against the Kings Maiestie of Scotland. At Saint Iohn-stoun vpon Tuesday the fift of August, 1600. London Printed by Valentine Simmes, dwelling on Adling hill, at the signe of the white Swanne. 1600. 4o, black letter, A—D in fours.

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An abridgement of the Chronicles of
England, gathered by Richard Grafton,
citizen of London. Anno Do. 1563.
Perused and allowed
In ædibus
Richardi Tottyll. Cum priuilegio. [Col.]
Imprinted at London: by Richard
Tottyll. the 21. daye of February in the
yere of our Lord. 1562. 8°, black letter.
A-B 4 in eights, Bi blank: A (re-
peated)-Z 4 in eights. Dedicated to
Lord Robert Dudley.

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An abridgement of the Chronicles of
England,... Anno Do. 1564. Perused
and allowed, In ædibus Richardi
Tottyll. Cum priuilegio.
Cum priuilegio. [Col.] Im-

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printed at London by Richard Tottyll. Anno. 1564. 8°, black letter. A-B 4 in eights, B i blank: A (repeated)-Bb 3 in eights.

This is partly made up from the edition of 1562-3.

Graftons Abridgement of the Chronicles of Englande, newely corrected and augmented, to this present yere of our Lord. 1570. And in thende of thys Abridgement is added a proper and necessary Treatise [Col.] Londini, in ædibus Richardi Tottelli. Čum Priuilegio. 1571. 8°, black letter. Title, &c., 24 leaves in 4 sheets of eight (C, &c.) A—Ii in eights. Graftons Abridgement of the Chronicles of Englande, newely corrected and augmented, to thys present yere of our Lord. 1572. [Col.] Londini, In ædibus Richardi Tottelli. Cum Priuilegio. 1572. 8°, black letter. C, 8 leaves: 2 T-4 T, 8 leaves each: A-Ii in eights.

A Manuell of the Chronicles of Englande from the creacion of the worlde, to this yere of our Lorde. 1565. Abridged and collected by Richard Grafton. Imprinted at London by Jhon Kingston. Very small 8°, black letter. Title, Calendar, and Almanac, 8 leaves: A, 4 leaves: a-o 4 in eights.

A litle treatise, conteyning many proper Tables and rules, very necessary for the vse of al men, Collected and set forthe by Richard Grafton. 1571. Londini. In ædibus Richardi Tottelli. Cum priuilegio... 8°, black letter, A-G in eights, G 7-8 blank.


Rvdimenta Grammatices et Docendi methodus, non tam scholæ Gypsuichian per reuerendissimum D. Thomā Cardinale Ebōr. feliciter institutæ. q ōibus aliis totius Anglie scholis prescripta. [Col.] Excusum per me Petrum Treueris anno verbi incarnati milessimo quingetesimo vigesimo.ix. die mēsis Iunii quarto. 4o, A-I in fours, I 4 blank.

A rather particular description of this hitherto unrecorded Southwark edition may be acceptable. The copy was brought under my notice by Mr. John Bohn at Sotheby's, April 15, 1880. It seems to vary in arrangement from the later issues.

The title is within a border of pieces, the lower portion beneath the particulars given above being occupied by Wolsey's arms; the reverse is blank. On A 2 occurs: Ad Lectorem, a set of Latin hexameters and pentameters, followed on the reverse by Wolsey's preface, dated Aug. 1, 1528. The Methodus fills the four next pages. On B i recto come the Rules, succeeded by


the Articles of Faith, Precepts of Living, the Apostles' Creed, the Lord's Prayer, &c. On Ci recto we get An Introduction of the parts of Speaking, which extends to G 4 recto. The last division consists of Lily's Rudiments, except some verses by him De Moribus, &c., on the last four pages. A good deal of the book is in English. Institvtio Compendiaria Totivs Grammaticae, Qvam et Ervditissimus atq; idem illustrissimus Rex noster hoc nomine euulgari iussit, ut non alia q hæc una per totam Angliam pueris prælegeratur. Londini. Anno M.D.XL. [Col.] Londini Ex Officina Thomæ Bertheleti Typis Impres.

Anno Verbi Incarnati. M.D.XL. 4°. A, 6 leaves, A 5-6 with the Errata : BT in fours: V, 6 leaves. Lambeth (on vellum).

The woodcut title and the initial letters, as well as the Prince of Wales' feathers on A 5, have unfortunately been coloured.


A songe of Peters Delyveraunce out of Herodes handes, by Granger. Licensed to Peter French in 1569-70. GRANT, EDWARD, Master of Westminster School.


Græcæ Linguæ Spicilegium . . . Ex officina Henrici Binnemani pro Francisco Coldock. [1575.] 4°, a-d in fours, d 4 blank A-3 E in fours. Dedicated to Sir William Cecil. With verses by W. Camden, Samuel Fleming, John Read, Thomas Brown, Prebendary of Westminster, &c.

October the 22. 1649.

The Three-penny Cooks fat in the fire,
Or the downefall of As-in-presentie;
Or the Schoole-master under the Black-

Or the Brain-breakers breaker newly broke out againe.

By Thomas Grantham, Master in art of Peter-house in Cambridge, Heretofore Professor in Bowlane and Mugwell-street

Printed for Thomas Pabody, in Queenes-head-Alley, in Pater-noster-row. 1650. 4o, A-B 2 in fours. Partly in verse. B. M.


The Castell of memory. Licensed to Rowland Hall in 1562-3.

The Castel of Memorie: wherein is conteyned the restoring, augmenting, and conseruing of the Memorie and Remembraunce, with the safest remedies and best precepts thereunto in any wise apperteining. Made by Gulielmus Grata

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rolus Bergomatis: Doctor of Artes and Phisike. Englyshed by William Fulwod... Imprinted at London in Fleetestreete by William How, dwelling at Temple barre. 8°, A-G 6 in eights. Black letter.

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A Direction for the Health of Magistrates and Studentes... Imprinted at London, 1574. 8°, black letter, A, 4 leaves : T, 2 leaves: B-X in fours. GRATIANI, GIROLAMO.

Il Cromvele Tragedia Del Co: Girolamo Gratiani Segretario, e Consigliere di Stato del Serenissimo Signor Duca di Modana. Alla Maiesta Christianissima di Lvigi XIIII. Re di Francia, e di Nauarra. În Bologna, . . . M.DC.LXI. 4o. Half title and frontispiece, 2 leaves: printed title, dedication, and to the Reader, 6 leaves: the work, A-V in fours: Errata, 1 leaf. With a plate to each of the five acts. GRAUNT, JOHN.

Natural and Political Observations.
By John Gravnt, Citizen of London
The Second Edition. London
MDCLXII. 4o. A, 4 leaves: a, 4 leaves :
B-L in fours, and an extra folding leaf
in L.

On the back of the titlepage of the copy here used is the following contemporary note: "The Author John Graunt was a London Carpinter, very mutable in his religion, turning and returning from being a protestant to a papist, again & againe. This information I had from Mr. Shadwell the poet, who was first intended for a Lawyer, being entered in the Inns of Court." But Aubrey, in his Miscellanies, ascribes the book to Sir William Petty, which attribution is usually accepted.


The store-house of Breuitie in vvoorkes of Arithemetike, containyng as well the soundrie partes of the Science in whole and broken numbers, with the Rules of proportion, furthered to profitable vse: As also sunderie rules of Breuitie of worke, of rare, pleasaunte, and commodious effecte, set forthe by Dionis Gray of London Goldsmith. 1577. Imprinted at Lōdon for William Norton, and Ihon Harison, dwellyng in Paules Church-yard. 8°, black letter, A--R in eights. Dedicated to the right honourable Sir Ihon Langley, knight, Lorde Maior of London. In prose, except the address to the Reader. Douce Coll GRAY, ROBERT.

An Allarum for England. By Ro. Gray. Licensed to John Budge, 26 January, 1608-9.

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Gray. 1595. An Almanacke of doble
accompt, shewing the forayne difference
from vs with a Prognostication..
Walter Gray . . . Imprinted at London,
by Richarde Watkins and Iames Robertes.
80, A-C 4 in eights. Lambeth.

GRAY, WALTER, Archbishop of York.
A ballad declaringe the greate Covetous-
nes and vnmercifull Dealinge of one
Walter Gray sometyme Archebisshop of
Yorke, whoe havinge greate abundance of
Corne suffred the needie in the tyme of
famyne to die for wante of relief, And of
the fearefull vengeance of God pronounced
againste him. Licensed to Henry Carre,
1 Aug. 1581.


The Secret History of the Four Last Monarchs of Great-Britain: Viz. James I. Charles I. Charles II. James II. Το which is added, An Appendix, Containing the Later Reign of James the Second, from the Time of his Abdication in England, to this present Novemb. 1693. Being an Account of his Transactions in Ireland, and France. With a more particular Respect to the Inhabitants of Great-Britain. London, Printed in the Year 1693. 12°, A, 4 leaves: B-Q 2 in sixes.


Wonders no Miracles; Or, Mr. Valentine Greatrares Gift of Healing Examined, upon occasion of a Sad Effect of his Stroaking, March the 7. 1665, at one Mr. Cressets house in Charter-House-Yard. In a Letter to a Reverend Divine, living near that place. . . . London, Printed for Sam. Speed, at the Rainbow in Fleetstreet. 1666. 4o, A-F in fours.


Pyramidographia: Or A Description of the Pyramids in Egypt. By John Greaves, Professor of Astronomy in the University of Oxford. [Quotation from Bellon.] London, Printed for George Badger,... 1646. 8°, A—I 4 in eights,



title on A 2. With engravings, including two folded plates at pp. 78 and 100. GREBNER, PAUL.

Certen prophecies of Paule Grebner. Licensed to John Wolf, 29 May, 1590. The Prophecy of Gretnerus [? Grebnerus] concerning these Times. [1641?] A sheet.


Grene his farewell to follie. Entered to Edward Aggas, 11 June, 1587. GREENSLEEVES.

The Ladie Greene Sleeves answere to Donkyn hir frende. A ballad. Licensed to Edward White, 3 Sept. 1580.

A newe northen Dittye of y Ladye Greene Sleves. Licensed to R. Jones, 3 Sept. 1580.

A ballad Intituled Greene Sleves and Countenaunce in Countenaunce is Greene Sleves. Tolerated to Edward White, 18 Sept. 1580, but no sum stated.

A merry newe Northen songe of Grenesleves. Licensed to R. Jones, 14 Dec. 1580.


The London Vocabulary, English and Latin: ... The Third Edition. By James Greenwood, Author of the English Grammar, and now keeps a BoardingSchool at Woodford in Essex. London, Printed for A. Bettesworth... 1715. Price 1/. Small 8°. Advertisements, 1 leaf: A, 4 leaves: B, 8 leaves: C-G 2 in twelves. With woodcuts. GREETING, THOMAS. The Pleasant Companion: Or New Lessons and Instructions for the Flagelet. By Thomas Greeting, Gent. London, Printed for J. Playford . . . 1680. Oblong 8°. Title and frontispiece, 2 leaves: A, 4 leaves: the music, A (repeated)-H

in fours.

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Troubled in Conscience... By Edmund Gregory, sometimes Bachelour of Arts in Trin. Coll. Oxon. London, Printed for Humphrey Moseley, . . . 1646. 8°, AK in eights, K 8 with the Errata. With a portrait by W. Marshall. GREGORY, JAMES.


Exercitationes Geometricæ. A Jacobo Gregorio, Scoto, è R. Societate.... Londini, Typis Guilielmi Godbid,. M.DC.LXVIII. 4°. With two folded leaves.

A collection of tracts as described on the title.


A Late Voyage to Constantinople: Containing An exact Description_of_the Propontis and Hellespont, with the Dardanels, Likewise An Account of the Ancient and present State of the Greek Church; With the Religion and Manner of Worship of the Turks. . . . Illustrated with curious and exact Draughts of the Hellespont, Made English by J. Philips. London, Printed by John Playford,... 1683. 80, A-R in eights. With a portrait and engravings at pp. 3, 64, 76, 80, 116, 204, 208, 226, besides those with the letterpress.


Tractatus De Salis Cathartici Amari in Aquis Ebeshamensibus, et hujusmodi aliis contenti Natura & Usu. Authore Nehemia Grew, M.D. Londini:

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1695. 12°. A, 6 leaves: B-E in twelves. GREY, COLONEL.

Collonel Grey's Portmanteau opened; His sealed, mis-directed, and returned Letter discovered by a copie thereof, found among his other property which is here Printed and published with some Queries and Animadversions thereupon.

London, Printed by William Dugard, by the Appointment of the Council of State, 1650. 4°, A-D in fours.


Serten godly prayers of Lady Janes. Licensed to J. Charlwood in 1563-4. An Epistle of the Ladye Iane a righte❘ vertuo[s] Woman, To a learned man of late falne from the truth of Gods most holy Word, for fear of the Worlde. Read it, to thy consolacion. Wherunto is added the communication that she had with master Feckenham vpon her faith, and belefe of the Sacraments. Also another Epistle which she wrote to her sister, With the Words she spake vpon the Scaffold befor she suffered. Anno,


M.D.Liiii. No place, &c. 8°, A-B in eights. Lambeth.

An edition of this was licensed to W. Pickering in 1569-70.


A New Vision of the Lady Gr[ey]s, Concerning her Sister, the Lady Henrietta Berkeley In a letter to Madam FanLondon, Printed for T. Smith, 1682. A folio leaf.

GREY, ARTHUR, Lord Grey of Wilton. A lamentable songe of the Death of the lord Gray who Deceased in Northamptonshire the 16 of October. Licensed to William Hoskins, 20 Oct. 1593.

A memoriall of the life and deathe of the right honorable and renowned warriour the valiant lorde Grave of Wilton Deceased. Licensed to Thomas Creede, 25 Oct. 1593.

GREY, WILLIAM, Lord Grey of Wilton. An ephetaph of the Deathe of ye lorde Gray. Licensed to Leonard Gardener in 1562-3.

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Rules of Life: Being Good Wishes to the Clergy and Laiety; For whose use the Asses Complaint was written. By Lewis Griffin. London, Printed for Henry Marsh... 1663. 4°.

GRIFFITH, MATTHEW. Bethel Or, A Forme for Families: In which all sorts, of both Sexes, are so squared, and framed by the Word of God, as they may best serve in their severalĺ places, for usefull pieces in God's Building. London, Printed by Richard Badger for Iacob Bloome. MDCXXXIII. 4°. A, 8 leaves, first blank: a, 4 leaves: B-LÍ in eights. With a frontispiece engraved in compartments, which perhaps makes A. GRIMSTON, EDWARD.

A Narrative of his Imprisonment in the Bastile in 1558, and of his Escape.

Printed from the MS. at Gorhambury in the 13th volume of the Philobiblon Miscel


lanies. Grimston served under Lord Wentworth at the time of the surrender of Calais to the French in January, 1558. GRIMSTON, EDWARD.


A Generall Historie of the Netherlands: With the genealogie and memorable acts of the Earls of Holland, Zeeland, and west-Friseland, from Thierry of Aquitaine the first Earle, successively vnto Philip the third King of Spaine: Continued vnto this present yeare of our Lord 1608, out of the best authors that haue written of that subiect: By Ed. Grimeston. London, Printed by A. Islip, and G. Eld. Anno Dom. 1608. Folio. A, 4 leaves: B, 8 leaves : C—Zzzzz in sixes: Aaaaaa Cccccc in sixes: Dddddd in eights: T, 6 leaves: ¶¶, 3 leaves. With portraits and an engraved title.

Dedicated by Grimston to Robert Earl of Salisbury and Thomas Earl of Suffolk. Chiefly taken from the French of Jean François Petit.

A Generall Historie of the Netherlands: ... Continued from the yeare 1608 till the yeare of our Lord 1627. By William Crosse Mr. of Arts. The second Impression. London Printed by Adam Islip Anno Domini. 1627. Folio. A, 3 leaves: A (repeated)-R6 in sixes: S-T in fours: ., 7 leaves.

Dedicated to Theophilns Earl of Suffolk and William Earl of Salisbury. The title is engraved by T. Cecill. GRIMSTON, SIR HARBOTTLE. The Speech of Sr. Harbottle Grimston Baronet: Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons, to the Kings most excellent Majesty, Delivered at the Banquetting-House at White-Hall, May 29, 1660. The Members of that House being then present. London, Printed by Edward Husbands and Thomas Newcomb . 1660. 4°, 4 leaves. GRISELDA.

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A most pleasant Ballad of patient Grissell. To the tune of the Brides Good

morrow. A sheet. Black letter. [Circâ 1600.] Huth Coll.

Reprinted in Ancient Ballads and Broadsides, 1867, p. 25. GRISONS.

The Proceedings of the Grisons, in the Yeere 1618. Wherein are Trvely and cleerely laid open the lawful and vrgent causes of calling an Assembly of the Commons ... Imprinted and Pvblished by Commandement of the Lords the Heads, the Counsailours and Commons


of the Three Confederations of the Renowned Free States of the Grisons. .. Anno 1619. 4o, A-M in fours.

This tract was licensed to Edward Blount, 22 Feb. 1618-19.

GROSSETESTE, ROBERT, Bishop of Lincoln.

Testamēta duodecim Patriarcharu filiorum Jacob, e greco in latinū versa Roberto Lincolinensi Episcopo interprete. 4o. No printer's name, place, or date. [Circa 1520.] Black letter. A-F in fours. The Testament of the twelue Patriarches Printed at London for the Company of the Stationers, 1619. 8°, black letter, A-L 4 in eights. With cuts.

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