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Folio. Imprimatur, 1 leaf: Frontispiece, 1 leaf: a b 2 in fours: A, 4 leaves: B-C in twos: D-Y in fours. Dedicated by Evelyn (1) to Charles II., and (2) to Sir John Denham. With numerous engravings worked with the text.

Evelyn's dedication to the King, dated from Sayes-Court, Aug. 20, 1664, is interesting, though rather too courtly. That to Denham discloses the fact that this book had been commenced ten years before, and laid aside without any thought of resumption, had not Evelyn's friend, Mr. Hugh May, encouraged him to proceed by procuring an accurate edition of the plates. It seems, however, that it was the King who gave Evelyn the first notion. account of Architects and Architecture, occupying 28 pages, is from Evelyn's own pen, and in truth the whole book is rather an "interpretation" than a mere version of the French.


An Idea of the Perfection of Painting: Demonstrated from the Principles of Art, and by Examples, conformable to the Observations, which Pliny and Quintilian have made upon the most celebrated Pieces of the Ancient Painters, Parallel'd with some Works of the most famous Modern Painters . . . rendred English by J. E. Esquire. In the Savoy: Printed for Henry Herringman, 1668. 8°. a, 4 leaves: b, 8 leaves: A-K in eights. Dedicated to Mr. Henry Howard of Norfolk.

Puttick's, May 28, 1879, Nos. 139-40, 2 copies, one a presentation to a friend, the other the translator's own, with his MSS. notes and an autograph inscription on flyleaf.

FREDERIC, Elector of Bohemia.

The most Royall and magnificent entertaynement of the mighty prynce the Palsgraue at the Hage and other places in his iourney for England: With his Roiall Wellcomme ashore by the most excellent prince the Duke of Lennox and others of the nobilitie of this land, with his comming to London the 18 of October 1612 beinge sunday and Saint Lukes daie and his great Welcomme. Licensed to Henry Roberts, 19 October, 1612.

Englandes welcomme to the highe and mightie prynce, Frederick the Fyft of that name, Countie Palatine of the Rhyne, first Elector of the Empire. A ballad



licensed to Edward Marchant, 23 October, 1612.

Englandes sorowe for the Departure of the Prynce palatine and the Lady Elizabeth. Licensed to the Widow White, 28 May, 1613.

A Short Relation of the departure of the high and mightie Prince Frederick King Elect of Bohemia: with his royall & vertuous Ladie Elizabeth, And the thryse hopefull yong Prince Henrie, from Heydelberg towards Prague, to receiue the Crowne of that Kingdome. Whearvnto is annexed the Solempnitie or maner of the Coronation. Translated out of dutch. And now both together published.. At Dort, Printed by George Waters. 1619. 4o, A-B in fours.

The translator was John Harrison. FREEHOLDERS.

The Free-Holders Grand Inqvest touching Our Soveraigne Lord the King and his Parliament . . . Printed in the three and twentieth year of the Raigne of our Soveraign Lord King Charles. 4°, A-I in fours.


The Saintes recreations, dialogue-wise. Licensed to John Rothwell, 12 Aug. 1633.

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To the Right Honourable the Lords and Commons. . . The humble Petition of many thousands of well-affected Inhabitants of the Counties of Middlesex, Essex, Kent, Surrey,... against the intolerable Oppression and Vndoing Grievance of Free Quarter. [1648] A sheet. FREGEVILLE, JOHN, of Ghent. The Reformed Politicke. That is, An Apologie for the Generall cause of Reformation, written against the sclanders of the Pope and the League. . . . Whereto is adioyned a discourse vpon the death of the Duke of Guise, prosecuting the argument of the booke. Dedicated to the King by Iohn Fregeuille of Gant. Imprinted at London by Richard Field... 1589. 4°, A-M in fours, and a leaf of N. Dedicated to Henry IV. of France from London, 12 Dec. 1588.


The English translator's name is not given.


The Art of Distillation: Or A Treatise of the choisest Spagyricall Preparations performed by way of Distillation London, Printed by Richard Cotes 1651. 4°. A, 4 leaves: * and **, 4 leaves each: B-Ee in fours.

The Art of Distillation, . . . The Second Edition. To which is added, The London-Distiller, Exactly and truly shewing the way (in words at length, and not in mysterious Characters and Figures) to draw all Sorts of Spirits and StrongWaters: To which is added their Vertues: With the Addition of other Excellent Waters. London, Printed by E. Cotes, for Thomas Williams . . 4°, A-Nn in fours. Dedicated by French to Dr. Garbrand, Principal of Gloucester Hall, Oxford.


The York-shire Spaw, Or A Treatise of four Famous Medicinal Wells, viz. The Spaw, or Vitrioline-Well; the stinking, or Sulphur-Well; the Dropping, or Petrifying-Well; and St. Magnus-Well, near Knaresborow in York-shire. Together with the causes, vertues, and use thereof. Composed by John French, Dr. of Physick. London, Printed for E. Dod, and N. Ekins... 1652. 8°, A-R in fours, R 4 blank.

Dedicated to the celebrated physician, Theodore de Mayerne. FRENCH, NICHOLAS, Bishop of Ferns. Qverees. Propovnded by the Protestant Partie, Concerning the Peace in Generall, Now treated of in Ireland, and the answers thereunto made in behalfe and name of the Irish Nation, by one well affected thereto, to the first copies whereof many things are inserted, and much added. Printed at Paris, by Iohn Belier, in the yeare, 1644. 4o, A-C in fours.

B. M.

Protesta, Y Svpplica de los Catolicos de Irlanda, y de la Gran Bretaña. Al Eminentissimo Señor Principe de la Iglesia, el Cardinal Jvlio Mazerino, y al Excelentissimo Señor D. Lvys Mendez de Hado, ... Presentola el Illustrissimo, y Reuerendissimo Señor Don Nicolas French, Obispo Fernense. . . . Impressa en Seuilla

.1659. 4o, A-B in fours. B. M. In Nomine Sanctissimæ Trinitatis Vera descriptio moderni Status Catholicorum in Regno Hiberniæ, & preces eorum ad Sanctissimvm Dominum Clementem Papam nonum. [Per N. French.] Coloniæ

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A Narrative of the Earl of Clarendon's Settlement and Sale of Ireland. Whereby the Just English Adventurer is much prejudiced, the Ancient Proprietor destroyed, and Public Faith violated, to the great discredit of the English Church and Government, (if not recalled and made void) as being against the Principles of Christianity, and true Protestancy. Written in a Letter by a Gentleman in the Country, to a Nobleman at Court. Lovain, Printed in the Year MDCLXVIII. 4o, B-F 3 in fours, and the title. B. M. Iniquity Display'd: Or, the Settlement of the Kingdom of Ireland, Commonly call'd, The Act of Settlement, made after the Restoration of King Charles II. laid open. Wherein, Against all the Rules of Christian Religion, common Justice, and true Policy; against the solid Security of the Crown, the Peace and Happiness of the English Monarchy; and against the Golden Rule of doing as one wou'd be done by; Publick Faith is violated, Honour and Equity trampled upon, Loyal Proprietors stript of their Native Right and Inheritance, in Favour of Cromwelian - Rebels, Regicides, and Others. Sent in a Letter by a Gentleman in the Country to a Noble Lord at Court, in the Year 1667, and now Reprinted, with some Additions, material for the greater Vindication of Truth, and Satisfaction of such as desire to be rightly inform'd in this Affair. . . . Printed Anno 1704. 4o, A-I 3 in fours, and the title. B. M. The Bleeding Iphigenia Or An Excellent Preface of a Work unfinished, published by the Authors friend, with the Reasons of publishing it. [1674.] 8°, *, 7 leaves: 2 leaves: 8 leaves: 4*-8* 3 in eights. B. M. and Trinity College Dublin.


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A new Almanacke and Prognostication for the yeere of our Lord God. M.D.LXXXIX. Which is reckoned from the creation of the worlde. 3551... By Gabriell Frende, Student in Astronomie. Imprinted at London by Richarde Watkins and Iames Robertes. Cum Priuilegio. . . . 8°, A—C in eights, C 8 blank. Lambeth.

Frende. 1595. A doble Almanacke, with a Prognostication for the yeere of our redemption M.D.XCV. . . . Collected by Gabriel Frende... Imprinted at London by Richarde Watkins and Iames Robertes. 80, A-C in eights, C 8 blank. Lambeth.


Frende. 1597. An Almanacke and Prognostication... Imprinted at London by Richard Watkins and lames Roberts... 8°, A-C in eights.

Frende also published an Almanac and Prognostication for 1596; a copy of the Prognostication only is before me. Frende. 1598. An Almanacke and Prognostication... Imprinted at London by Richard Watkins and Iames Roberts. 89, A-C in eights, B 8 and C 8 blank. 1599. An Almanacke and Prognostication Done according to Art By Gabriel Frend. Imprinted at London by Richard Watkins and lames Roberts. 8°, A-C in eights, C 7-8 blank.


The Arraignment, Tryal, and Condemnation of Sir John Friend, Knight, for High Treason... London, Printed for Samuel Heyrick 1696. Folio, A—M, 2

leaves each. FRIENDS.

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proue purgatorye by scripture. The thyrde boke maketh answere vnto my lorde of Rochestre, which moost leaneth vnto the doctoures.... No place, printer's name, or date [London, 1535 ?] 8o, black letter, A-L in eights. FRITH, MARY.

The Life and Death of Mrs. Mary Frith. commonly Called Mal Cutpurse. Exactly Collected and now Published for the Delight and Recreation of all Merry disposed Persons. London, Printed for W. Gilbertson at the Bible in Giltspur-street without Newgate, 1662. 12o. Title, 1 leaf: A, 7 leaves: B-I 4 in twelves, I 4 having her Epitaph. B. M.


A discription of the purtrayture and Shape of those strange kinde of people whiche the worthie master Martin Fourboisier brought into England in Anno 1576. and 1577. Licensed to John Alde, 30 Jan. 1577-8.

A Pamphlet in the praise of master Captaine Frobisher in forme of A farewell at his Third voiage in Maye. 1578. by the northest seas toward the Iland of Cataea. Licensed to R. Jones, 13 May, 1578. Fourboysers voiage. Printed without license by John Charlwood, 1 Dec. 1578. A sorrowfull songe made vppon yt valiant Souldiour Sir Martin Frobisher who was slayne neere Brest in Fraunce in November last. Licensed to E. White, 4 Dec. 1594. Sir Martin Frobisher his Chivalrye, and lyves lamented tragedie. Licensed to William Leake, 20 April 1597.

I. N. J. Historia Navigationis Martini Forbisseri Angli Prætoris sive Capitanei, A. C. 1577 Hamburgi, . . . Anno 1675. 4o, A-G in fours, besides the frontispiece.



A moste strange weddinge of the Frogge and the mowse. A ballad. Licensed to E. White. 21 Nov. 1580.

The Frogges of Egypt. Or The Caterpillers of the Commonwealth Dissected and laid open. With the Subjects Thankefulnesse unto God for their deliverance from that Nest of Vermine. Printed in the yeare 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. In verse. FRONTINUS, S. JULIUS. The Stratagemes, Sleyghtes, and policies. of warre, gathered together, by S. Julius Frontinus, and translated into Englyshe, by Richarde Morysine. Anno. M.D.XXXIX. [Col.] Londini in ædibus Thome Berthe


leti typis impress. . . . Anno. M.D.XXXIX. 8°, black letter, a, 8 leaves: A-N in eights. Dedicated to Henry VIII. The Stratagems of War: Or, A Collection of the most celebrated Practices and wise Sayings of the Great Generals in former Ages. Written by Sextus Julius Frontinus, one of the Roman Consuls. Now Englished, and Enlarged... By M. D. A. B. D. London, Printed for R. Heyrick, J. Place and R. Sare . . . 1686. 12°, A, 6 leaves: B-Q 2 in twelves.

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An Historical Account of the Late Great Frost, In which are discovered, In several Comical Relations, The Various Humours, Loves, Cheats, and Intreagues of the Town, as the same were mannaged upon the River of Thames, during that Season.

London, Printed for D. Brown, and J. Waltho, . . 1684. 12, A, 4 leaves: B-G in twelves: H, 8 leaves. B. M.

A True Relation of A great Number of People Frozen to Death near Salisbury, And in several other Parts of the West of England, on Tuesday the Twenty-third of December, 1684, besides Horses and much other Cattle. London, Printed by George Larkin, 1685. A folio leaf.


A Book of Fruits & Flowers. Shewing The Nature and Use of them, either for Meat or Medicine. As Also: To Preserve, Conserve, Candy, and in Wedges, or Dry them. To make Powders, Civet bagges, all sorts of Sugar-works, turn'd works in Sugar, And for Meat, To make Pyes, Biscat, Maid Dishes, Marchpanes, Leeches, and Snow, Craknels, . . . London. Printed by M. S. for Tho. Jenner

. 1656. 4o, A-G 2 in fours. Br. Museum.

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The Clergy in their Colovrs; Or A brief Character of them. Written from a hearty desire of their Reformation, and great zeal to my Countrey men, that they may no longer be deceived by such as call themselves the Ministers of the Gospel, but are not. By John Fry, a Member of the Parliament of England. [Quot. from Rom. 10, 1, and Rom. 16, 17, 18.] London, Printed for Giles Calvert, at the blackspread Eagle at the West end of Pauls. 1650. 8°, A-E 3 in eights. B. M. Theios Divine Beames of Glorious Light. Shining from the Sacred Scriptures, which expell the Fogges of Error, that Engender darknesse, in doubting soules, by mistaken thoughts. Touching The Diety, Faith, And Christian Ordinances Written by one, who desires more that God should be glorified, then to affix his name to gain the vaine applause of Man. Licensed and Entered in the Stationers Hall Book. London Printed by Robert Ibbitson 1651 [March 1, 1650.] 4o, A—B in fours, B 4 blank. Br. Museum.


The Pandectes of the law of Nations: Contayning seuerall discourses of the questions, points, and matters of Law, wherein the Nations of the world doe consent and accord . . . Compiled by William Fvlbecke... London Imprinted by Thomas Wight. 1602. 4o, A—Aa 2 in fours.

An Abridgement, Or rather, A Bridge of Roman Histories, to passe the neerest way from Titvs Livivs to Cornelivs Tacitvs. Vnder which (in Three Bookes) as it were through Three Arches, for the space of Sixe score yeeres, the Fame and Fortune of the Romans ebbs and flowes. [By William Fulbecke.] London, Printed by T. E. for Richard More. 1608. 4o, A-Ee in fours, and the title.

There is an interesting preface, in which Fulbecke acquaints us that this volume was finished in 1584, before he left Oxford to commence the study of the law. Nymphothicnes. The Nymphes Lamentacon. An elegie conteininge the changeable fortune of the Lady Jane Dudley, commonly called the Lady Jane Gray Divided into Ten Hecatondades or centuries Written by William Fulbeck. Licensed to William Jones, 1 February, 1608-9.

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FULKE, WILLIAM. A Most pleasant Prospect into the Garden of Naturall Contemplation... The third Edition corrected and amended. London, Printed by E. G. for William Leake. 1642. 8°, black letter. C, 4 leaves, first blank : A-I in eights, last blank. FULLER.

Fullers Farewell to master Fourbousier and the other Gentlemen adventurers whoe labour to discouer the right passage to Catay. Licensed to John Jugge, 20 May, 1577.


The Argument of Nicholas Fvller of Grayes Inne Esquire... London, Printed for N. Vavasour. 1641. 4°. Title and dedicatory leaf to W. W. 2 leaves: A-D in fours.


Andronicvs, Or, The Vnfortunate Polititian... The third Edition. London, Printed by G. D. for John Williams 1649. 8°, A-L in eights, L 8 blank. Ornitho-Logie, Or The Speech of Birds.

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London, Printed for John Stafford, 1655. 8°, A-D 6 in eights. Dedicated to Roger Le Strange, Esq., by the publisher.


The Enimie of Idlenesse: Teaching the maner and stile how to endite, compose, and write all sorts of Epistles and Letters as well by answer, as otherwise. Deuided into foure Bookes, no lesse plesaunt than profitable. Set forth in English by William Fulwood Marchant &c. The Contentes hereof appere in the Table at the latter ende of the Booke. An Enimie to Idlenesse,

A frend to Exercise :

By practise of the prudent pen, Loe here before thine eyes. Imprinted at London by Henry Bynneman, for Leonard Maylard. Anno 1568. 8°, A-V 6 in eights. [Col.] Imprinted at London by Henry Bynneman, dwelling in Knightrider-strete, at the signe of the Mermaide For Leonard Maylard. Anno. 1568. In prose and verse. Dedicated to the Merchant Taylors' Company.

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