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By the Author of those Plays. [Quot.
from Martial and Sallust.] London,
1698. 8o,
Printed for J. Tonson .
B-I 4 in eights, besides title and half-


The Way of the World, A Comedy. As it is Acted at the Theatre in Lincoln'sInn-Fields, By His Majesty's Servants. Written by Mr. Congreve, .. London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, . . 1700. 4o. A, 3 leaves: a, 2 leaves: B-N 2 in fours. Dedicated to Ralph, Earl of Mountague. CONQUEST.

The Spiritvall Conquest, In Five Treatises, Enabling all Christian Warriors to conquer themselves, and come to a vicinity with God. [Quot. from Habacuc, 3, 19.] At Paris, M. DC.LI. 8o, A-V 2 in eights, but T in fours. With plates.

Each part has a separate title.


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Besides the three copies specified in the Handbook, 1867, p. 119, a fourth, wanting the title-leaf, was sold among Heber's books, and is now, I believe, in the possession of Mr. Fuller Russell. Owing to the deficiency named, it was inserted in the Heber Catalogue, and in the Handbook also, as an independent piece called The Communication between God and Man, which occurs as the title in the colophon. Compare Handbook ubi suprâ.

The Heber copy came from Lincoln Cathedral.

This production appears to be the work of William Lichfield, Parson of All Hallows, Thames Street, who died in 1447. Conscience' Crye to all estates in sellinge of broom. A ballad. Licensed to John Danter, 23 July, 1592.

Some Queries concerning Liberty of Con-
science, directed to William Penn and
Henry Care. 4o, 2 leaves.

The Advocate of Conscience Liberty, Or
An Apology for Toleration rightly stated:
Shewing the Obligatory Injunctions and
Precepts for Christian Peace and Charity.
Printed, 1673. 8°. A, 4 leaves :
B-X 3 in eights.
Diana . . . 1592.


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Bindley in 1818, imperfect, £7, 17s. 6d., resold Corser, 1868, £7. This was incorrectly described in Bindley's Catalogue as dated 1604, and thus led to the belief in a real edition of that year.


The Common-Wealth and Gouernment of Venice. Written by the Cardinall Gaspar Contareno, and translated out of Italian into English, by Lewes Lewkenor Esquire. Nel piu bel vedere cieco With sundry other Collections, annexed by the Translator for the more cleere and exact satisfaction of the Reader. With a short Chronicle in the end, of the liues and raignes of the Venetian Dukes, from the very beginninges of their Citie. London Imprinted by Iohn Windet for Edmund Mattes, and are to be sold at his shop, at the signe of the Hand and Plow in Fleetstreet. 1599. 4°. Title, dedication to the Countess of Warwick, dated from Selsey, 11 August, 1598, and complimentary sonnets by Edmund Spenser, Maurice Kyffin, Sir John Harington, &c. 4 leaves: A-Gg in fours.


COOK. The Compleat Cook. Expertly prescribing the most ready wayes, whether Italian, Spanish, or French, For dressing of Flesh, and Fish, Ordering of Sauces, or making of Pastry. London: Printed for Nath. Brook,. 1655. 12°, A-F 6 in twelves.

This is generally annexed to the Queen's Closet Opened.

COOKE, ALEXANDER, Vicar of Leeds. Worke for a Masse-priest. London. Printed by William Iones, dwelling in Red-crosse-street. 1617. 4o, A-B in


Saint Avstins Religion: Wherein is manifestly proued out of the Workes of that Learned Father, who liued neere twelue hundred yeeres before the time of Lvther; that he dissented from Poperie, and agreed with the Religion of the Protestants, in all the maine Poynts of Faith and Doctrine Contrary to that Impudent, Erronious, and Slanderous Position of the bragging Papists of our Times, who falsly affirme, wee had no Religion, before the Times of Lvther and Calvine. Where

vnto is newly added, Saint Avstins Svmme; In Answer to Mr. Iohn Brerely, Priest. London, Printed for Iohn Marriot, ... 1623. 4°, A-Ii in fours, besides f (between F and G), 4 leaves: and a leaf of Errata.

Dedicated (in the second portion) by William Crompton, of Brasenose College, Oxford, to George, Duke of Buckingham, from Little-Kimbell, Co. Bucks, of which he was Minister.


The Character of Warre, Or The Image of Martiall Discipline: contayning many vsefull directions for Musters & Armes, and the very first principles in Discipline, ... By Edward Cooke. . . . London, Printed by Tho: Purfoot. 1626. 4o, A-K in fours, K 4 blank.

Dedicated (i) to Edward, Earl of Dorset ; (ii) to several of the officers of the Middlesex Trained Bands; (ii) to his brother-inlaw, Thomas Chamberlaine.


The Prospectiue Glasse of Warre. Shewing you a glimps of Warres Mystery, in her admirable Stratagems, Policies, Wayes; in Victualling of an Armie, prouiding Money to pay Souldiers, .. Furnished with Argument to encourage, and Skill to instruct, By C. E. War is a Schoole of necessary Knowledge. London: Printed for Michael Sparke,... 1628. 4o, A-G in fours: H, 2 leaves, and a folded leaf after H 2. Woodcuts.


Dedicated by Edward Cooke to Sir John Cooke Knight, Principal Secretary of State. COOKE, JOHN. Epigrames. . . . [1604.]

Licensed, as the work of John Cooke, to William Cotton, 22 May, 1604. Arber's Transcript, iii. 189. It is highly probable that Cooke was likewise the author of The Two Merry Milkmaids, 1620.

COOKE, JOHN, of Gray's Inn. King Charls his Case: Or, An Appeal to all Rational Men, Concerning his Tryal at the High Court of Justice. Being for the most part that which was intended to have been delivered at the Bar, if the King had pleaded to the Charge, and put himself upon a fair Tryal. With an additional Opinion concerning the Death of King James, the loss of Rochel, and, the Blood of Ireland. By John Cook, of Grays-Inn, Barrester. London, Printed by Peter Cole for Giles Calvert,

1649. 4o, A-F 2 in fours.

A True Relation of Mr. Justice Cook's passage by Sea from Wexford to Kinsaile, and of the great Storm, and eminent danger that he with others were in, with the wonderful appearance of the power & goodness of God in their deliverance, according as it was revealed to him in a Dream: As also M. Diedate with other witnesses (in General) opinion concerning dreams. . . . All faithfully communicated as received from his own hand in the Year, 1650. The 2d. Edition, London, Printed and are to be Sold by T. B. . . 4o, A-B in fours. B. M. COOKERY.

The good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin. Containing Manie principall pointes of Cookerie, as well how to dresse meates, after sundrie the best fashions vsed in England and other Countries, with their apt and proper sawces, both for flesh and fish, as also the orderly seruing of the same to the Table. Here


are annexed, sundrie necessarie Conceits for the preseruation of health. Uerie meete to be adioined to the good Huswifes Closet of prouision for her Houshold. (Woodcut.) Imprinted at London by Richard Iones. 1594. 8°, black letter, A-H in eights. In prose. Douce Coll.

A Closet for Ladies and Gentlewomen. Or, The Art of preseruing, Conseruing, and Candying. With the manner how to make diuers kindes of Sirups, and all kinde of banquetting stuffes. Also diuers Soueraigne Medicines and Salues

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The Dissembling Scot Set forth in his
Covlovrs Or A Vindication of Lieu. Col.
John Lilburn and others. From those
Aspersions cast vpon them by David
Brown in his idle pamphlet directed to
the Supream Authority of England.
Written by Samvel Chidley. And
Printed to satisfy all his Friends. 1652.
4, A-B in fours, and a frontispiece.
B. M.

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A pleasant and spedy pathe for the bringing vp of yonge children. Licensed to Edward White, 3 Oct. 1580.

The complaint of the prodigall child. A ballad. Licensed to H. Carre, 15 Aug. 1586.


tomed Severities of the School-discipline of this Nation. Humbly presented to the Consideration of the Parliament, Licensed, Novemb. 10. 1669. Roger L'Estrange. London, Printed for Richard Chiswel at the two Angels and Crown in Little-Brittain, 1669. 12mo 70 pages.


Opposite the title occurs: It is humbly desired this Book may be delivered from one hand to another: and that Gentleman who shall first propose the Motion to the House, the Book is his; together with the Prayers of Posterity.

Peri Polupaidias. Or, A Discourse Concerning the having Many Children. In which the Prejudices against a Numerous Offspring are Removed. And the Objections Answered. In a Letter to a Friend. London: Printed for W. Rogers, 1695. 8°, A-H in eights.



A Dialogue between a Gentleman and a Lady, Relating Chiefly to the Nursing and Bringing up of Children. Which may serve as A Third Part to the Dialogue between two Ladies, about the Management of their Husbands. London, 1699. 8°, A-F 2 in eights. CHILLINGWORTH, WILLIAM, M.A. The Religion of Protestants a Safe Way to Salvation. Or An Answer to a Booke entitled Mercy and Trvth, Or, Charity maintain'd by Catholiques, which pretends to prove the Contrary. Oxford Printed by Leonard Lichfield, and are to be sold by Iohn Clarke under St. Peters Church in Corn-hill. Anno Salutis M.DC.XXXVIII. Folio. § four times repeated 16 leaves: A-3 F in fours, last leaf blank. Dedicated to the King. Copies were printed on large paper.



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The History of the Court of the King of China. Out of French. London Printed by H. B. for Christopher Hussey

1682, 8°. Title and dedication by A. G. to James Quine Esq., 5 leaves: A-E 5 in twelves.


The Christian Education of Children, According to the Maxims of the Sacred Scripture, Written, and several times Printed in French, and now Trans- CHOISELAT, PRUDENS. lated into English. At Paris, By John Baptist Coignard,... 1678. With Approbation. 8°. Title, &c., 4 leaves: a, 8 leaves: B-Dd 6 in eights.

A Curious Treatise of Chocolate, translated out of Spanish into English. Licensed to John Okes, 5 Feb. 1639–40.

The Childrens Petition: Or, A Modest

A Discovrse of Housebandrie. No lesse profitable then delectable: declaryng how by the Housebandrie, or rather Housewiferie of Hennes, for fiue hundred Frankes or Frenche poundes (makyng

Remonstrance of that intolerable griev- Englishe money lv 11. xi. s. i. d.) once

ance our Youth lie under, in the accus

emploied one maie gaine in the yere


Printed in the Yere 1649. 4o, A—C in fours. Br. Museum.

Copps Return to the wayes of Truth: In a Zealous and sincere Protestation Against severall Errors And in a Sincere and zealous Testimony to severall Truths: ... By Abiezer Coppe, the [Supposed] Author of the Fiery flying Roll. London, Printed by Tho. Newcomb. 1651. 4°, A-E in fours. B. M.

A Remonstrance of the sincere and zealous Protestation of Abiezer Coppe, Against the Blasphemous and Execrable Opinions recited in the Act of Aug. 10, 1650. Per me, Abiezer Coppe,- de Newgate. Which is as a Preamble to a farther future Declaration London, Printed by James Cottrell. 1651. 4o, 4 leaves. B. M.

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Heraclius Emperour of the East. Tragedy. Written in French by Monsieur de Corneille. Englished by Lodowick Carlell, Esq; London, Printed for John Starkey 1664. 40, A-I in fours, A blank, and I 4 with advertisements. The Mistaken Beauty, Or The Lyar. A Comedy. Acted By their Majesties Servants at the Royal Theatre. London Printed for Simon Neale, ... MDCLXXXV. 4o. A, 2 leaves: B-H 2 in fours.

An adaptation from Le Menteur of Corneille.

CORNELIUS, PETER, of Zurich - Zee [? pseud.]

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The Way to the Peace and Settlement of these Nations, Fully discovered in two Letters, delivered to his late Highnesse, and one to the present Parliament, As also one to his Highnesse Richard Lord Protector Wherein the liberty of speaking (which every one desires for himselfe) is opposed against Antichrist And now published to awaken the publick Spirits in England . . . London, Printed for Daniel White ... 1659. 4o, A-D in fours.


The Lives of Illustrious Men. Written in Latin by Corn. Nepos, And Done into English by Several Hands. Oxon, Printed for Hen. Cruttenden, . . . 1684. 8°. a, 8


leaves: *, 4 leaves: b-c, in eights: A-R in eights, besides the frontispiece. Dedicated by Leopold William Finch to the Earl of Abingdon, Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire. CORNWALL.

A sighte in thelement in Cornwall. Tolerated to R. Waldegrave, 2 June, 1580. The poore Saylers praise of the parson of Twe in Cornwall, who feedethe the hungrie, helpeth the sick, cureth the hurt, &c. A ballad licensed to Edward White, under both the wardens' hands, 5 June, 1595.


A Discourse of the most Illustrious Prince, Henry, Late Prince of Wales. Written Anno 1626 by Sir Charles Cornwallis, Knight, sometimes Treasurer of his Highnesse House. London, Printed for Iohn Benson, and are to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstans Church yard. 1641. 40, A-E in fours, first and last leaves blank. Dedicated by the publisher to Prince Charles.


Essayes. By Sir William Corne-Waleys the younger, Knight. Printed for Edmund Mattes, at the signe of the Hand and Plough in Fleet-street. 1600. Small 8°, A-O 2 in eights.

Dedicated by Henry Olney the stationer to the Lady Sara Hastings, &c., as in the edition of 1606.

Essayes of Certaine Paradoxes. At London, Printed for Th. Thorp. 1616. 4o. A, 2 leaves: B-H 2 in fours.

The Paradoxes are four in number, viz., the praise of King Richard III., of the French pox, of nothing, and of the state of being in debt.


An Historical and Geographical Accovnt of the Morea, Negropont, and the Maritime Places, as far as Thessalonica. Illustrated with 42 maps of the Countries. . . . Englished by R. W. Gent. London Printed for Matth. Gillyflower . . . and W. Canning... 1687. 8°. A, 4 leaves: B-L in eights.


The True Friends to Corporations Vindicated; In Answer to a Letter concerning the Disabling Clauses lately offered to the House of Commons for Regulating Corporations. London: Printed in the Year MDCXC. 4o, A-C 2 in fours. CORRARO, ANGELO.

Rome Exactly Describ'd, As to the Present State of it, Under Pope Alexander

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the Seventh. In Two Curious Discourses. Written Originally in Italian, and Translated into English. London, Printed by T. Mabb, for Mich. Young, at the blew Bible in Covent Garden; and J. Starkey, at the Mitre near Temple Bar, and J. Playfere, at the White Bear in the Upper 8o. Walk of the New Exchange, 1664.

Collation A-H in eights, H 8 blank, besides a portrait of the Pope by Chantry and the general title: the second Discourse, A-E in eights. The first part is: "A Relation of the State of the Court of Rome, made in the Year 1661, at the Council of Pregadi. By the Most Excellent, the Lord Angelo Corraro, Ambassador from the most Serene Republique of Venice to Pope Alexander VII. Translated out of Italian by J. B. Gent." The second is entitled "A New Relation of Rome, As to the Government of the City: . . . Taken out of one of the choicest Cabinets of Rome; and Englished by Gio. Torriano, an Italian . . . .' CORTE, CLAUDIO.

The Art of Riding, conteining diuerse necessarie instructions, demonstrations, helps, and corrections apperteining to horsemanship, not heretofore expressed by anie other Author: Written at large in the Italian toong, by Maister Claudio Corte, a man most excellent in this Art. Here brieflie reduced into certeine English discourses to the benefit of Gentlemen and others desirous of such knowledge. Imprinted at London by H. Denham. 1584. 4°. A, 4 leaves: ¶, 2 leaves: B-P in fours. With woodcuts.

Dedicated by T. Bedingfield "To the right worshipfull Maister Henrie Mackwilliam, one of her Maiesties Gentlemen Pensioners" "from the Court at Greenwich, this 18. of Maie, 1584." This is signed "Your poore freend and fellow in armes, T. Bedingfield." There is also a dedication by Mackwilliam to her Majesty's Gentlemen Pensioners, and a preface by Bedingfield.


A letter from Thomas Coryate to his Mother. Licensed to John Beale, 2 October, 1617.

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