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Term MDCLXXX. Together with the Texts of Single Sermons, And a Catalogue of School Books. To which is now added a Catalogue of Latin Books Printed in Foreign Parts and in England since the Year MDCLXX. Collected by R. Clavell. London, Printed by S. Roycroft for Robert Clavell... 1680. Folio. Title and preface, 2 leaves: A-G, 2 leaves each †, 4 leaves: H-3 B, 2 leaves each.

A Catalogue of Books Printed in England Since the Dreadful Fire of London in 1666, to the End of Michaelmas Term, 1695. The Fourth Edition, London: Printed for R. Clavel... MDCXCVI. Folio, B-Kk, 2 leaves each, and the title.


A Ballad, To the Tune of Hey Boyes up go wee. Anno 1685. [By Lieutenant Colonel W. Cleland.] A broadside.

A Collection of Several Poems and Verses, Composed upon Various Occasions. By Mr. William Cleland, Lieutenant Collonel to my Lord Angus's Regiment. Printed in the year M.DC.XCVII. 8°, A-I 6 in eights, A 2 apparently misprinted A. Grenv. Coll.

The separate title to Effigies Clericorum forms a 9th leaf in D. This volume appears to have been printed at Glasgow.

In Watson's Collection of Scots Poems, part 1, 1706 (repr. 1869, p. 142), occur some verses entitled: "Hallow, my Fancie, whither wilt thou go?" written by Cleland at 18 years of age, when he was a student in Edinburgh University. CLELIA.

The Mock-Clelia: Being a Comical History of French Gallantries, and Novels, in Imitation of Don Quixote. Translated out of French. London, Printed for L. C., and are to be sold by Simon Neale and Charles Blount. 1678.

8o, A-Ii 4 in eights, not including an engraved frontispiece.

The first leaf of A has only the Impri



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Opvscvlvm Plane Divinvm De Mortuorum resurrectione et extremo iuditio, in


quatuor linguis succincte conscriptum. Avthore Ioanne Clerco. Latyne. Englysshe. Italian. Frenche. [Col.] Imprynted at London in Aldersgate by Joannes Herforde. Anno. 1545. Cum priuilegio 4o, A-H 3 in fours. Dedicated to Henry Earl of Surrey in French. Br. M.

The English and French are printed in black, the other two languages in roman, letter.


The Works of Mr. John Cleveland. . . London, Printed for P. B. . . . 1699. 8°, A-Ll in eights, and a, 4 leaves.

The Character of a London Diurnall. Printed in the Yeare 1644. 4o, A—B 2 in fours, B 2 blank. In prose. CLIFFORD, CHRISTOPHER. The Schoole of Horsmanship. Wherein is discouered what skill and knowledge is required in a good Horse-man, practised by perfect experience. And also how to reforme anie restie horse, of what nature and disposition so euer. Briefely touching the knowledge of the Breeder, Sadler, Smith, and the Horseleach: With a Strange and rare inuention how to make a new kinde of racke, and how to teach a Horse to lie vpon his bellie vntill the Rider take his backe. By Christ. Clifford, Gent. Imprinted at London for Thomas Cadman, . . . 1585. 4o, black letter.

Title, 1 leaf: dedication to Sir Philip Sidney, 1 leaf: To the Reader, 1 leaf: verses by Sir John Tracy Kt. 4 stanzas of 6 lines, and Contents, 1 leaf: Cliffords experience, 3 leaves: B-Bb in fours, Bb 4 blank. The colophon: Imprinted at London by Thomas East for Thomas Cadman 1585.



The Divine Services and Anthems . . The Second Edition, with large Additions. Collected by J. C[lifford] London, Printed by W. G. and are to be sold by Nathaniel Brooke, .. 1664. Sm. 8°. A, 12 leaves: B, 8 leaves: C-U in twelves. With a frontispiece.


The Princesse Cloria: Or, The Royal Romance. In Five Parts. Imbellished with divers Political Notions... Written by a person of Honour. The Second Edition. London, Printed for Edward Man... 1665. Folio, A-4 I in fours, 4 I 4 blank, and the title.

Cloria and Narcissus. A Delightfull and New Romance, Imbellished with divers Politicall Notions, and Singular Remarks

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A Proclamation for the restraint of the multitude, and promiscuous vse of Coaches, about London and Westminster. [19 Jan. 1634-5.] Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, . . . 1635. Forster Coll. COAD, JOHN, of Stoford, co. Somerset. A Memorandum of the Wonderful Providences of God to a poor unworthy creature. (From 12th of June 1685 unto the 24th of November in the year 1690) in and after the Revolution betweene the Duke of Monmouth and King James.

Printed from the original MS. Sm. 8°, 1849. It appears from the editor's preface that a metrical version of a portion of the narrative is attached to the MS., but was not considered worth printing.


Multum in Parvo. Or The Pen's Gallantry. A Copy-Book containing Twentyfour Sentences in Prose, in alphabeticall order, and as many in Verse, each Distick comprehending the twenty-four Letters; and many Examples of Alphabets... Also the rare Principles of this Art in a Poeticall Alphabet,... Are to be sold by William Place . . . and by Thomas Rookes. . . . Where also you may have all sorts of Blank Bonds, and the best Inke, 1660. Oblong 8°. Engraved and printed titles, 2 leaves: writing examples, 25 leaves: A, 4 leaves.

England's Pen-Man: Or Cocker's New Copy-Book. Containing all the Hands. used in Great-Britain: Also, the Breaks of Secretary, Roman, and Italian Letters, With the Exemplifying Court-Hand: And a Copy of the Greek-Alphabet. Printed, and Sold by H. Overton, and J. Hoole .. 1668. Oblong 4o, 27 leaves, including the title.



England's Pen-Man: Or, Cocker's New Copy-Book. Containing All the Curious Hands practised in England, And our Neighbouring Nations: With Admirable Directions peculiar to each Hand. also The Breaks of Secretary, Roman, and Italian Letters. . . . Written, and Engraven by Edward Cocker. London, Printed and Sold by John Overton, 1703. 4°. Titlepage, pp. 16 of letterpress, and 20 leaves of specimens. Cockers Arithmetik, Being A plain and familiar Method suitable to the meanest capacity for the full understanding of the incomparable Art, and is now taught by the ablest Schoolmasters in City and Countrey. Composed by Edward Cocker late Practitioner in the Arts of Writing, Perused and published by John Hawkins Writing Master near St. Georges Church in Southwark. Printed, for T. Passinger, and T. Lacy. 1678. 12o. A, 5 leaves: B— P in twelves. With a portrait.

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The Pens Transcendency, Or Fair Writing's Store-House. Furnished with Examples of all the Curious Hands Practised in England; and the Nations Adjacent. Adorned with Variety of Admirable Knots and Flourishes . . . Wholly Invented, Written and Engraven by Edward Cocker. The last Impression. Are to be sold with the Pens Triumph, Pens Celerity and other of the Authors Works, by Robert Walton,... Oblong 4°. Title, 1 leaf: B-D, 2 leaves each: E, 1 leaf with verses: 28 plates, including one in the introductory part.

The Young Clerk's Tutor Enlarged: . . . By Edward Cocker. The Thirteenth Edition. London: Printed for, and are to be sold by Thomas Basset,... and Edward Powlet... 1693. 8°, A-O in eights, besides four plates between A and B.

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lish'd from the Author's Copy: And in this Second Edition very much Enlarged and Altered By John Hawkins. London: Printed for T. Norris ... 1715. 8°, A-Nn in fours.


The English Dictionarie . . . The fourth Edition, revised and enlarged.


By H. C. Gent. London: Printed by Thomas Harper, for Thomas Weauer, 8°. A, 4 leaves: B-Y 4 in eights. The English Dictionarie: Or, An Interpreter of hard English Words. . The fifth Edition, revised and enlarged. By H. C. Gent. London, Printed by I. H. for Edmund Weaver,

1637. 8°. A, 4 leaves: B-Y 4 in eights. Dedicated to Sir Richard Boyle Knight, Lord Boyle, Earl of Cork.

Cockeram speaks in the dedication of his obligations and relationship to Sir William Hull.

The English Dictionarie. . . . The seventh Edition, revised and enlarged. By H. C. Gent. London, Printed by G. M. for T. W.... 1642. 8°. A, 4 leaves: B—Y 4 in eights.

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A brief and pleasaut Epitomye of the whole art of Phisiognomie, gathered out of Aristotle, Rasis, Formica, Lorius, Phylemo, Palemŏ. and others many moe, by that learned chyrurgian Cocles: and englished by Thomas Hyll Londoner. Imprinted at London by John Waylande. Cum priuilegio per septennium. [Circâ 1557.1 8°, black letter. Title, dedication to George Keable, Esquire, &c., 4 leaves: A-F 4 in eights.

CODOMANNUS, LAURENTIUS. Chronographia. A Description of time, from the beginning of the world, translated out of Laurentius Codomannus his Annales sacræ scripturæ. The second edition, corrected and augmented. London, Printed by Richard Field for Robert Dexter,... 1590. 8°. *, 4 leaves : A-F in eights: G, 1 leaf.


An Exact Diarie, Or a breife Relation of the progresse of Sir William Waller's Army since the joyning of the London Avxiliaries with his Forces: which was



the twelfth of May 1644. untill their returne homeward on thursday the 11 of. Iuly following, Relating the perticulars of every Skirmish Battle and March during the said time. By Richard Coe under Capt. Gore of the Tower Hamlets who was present in the whole expedition. London Printed according to order for Humphrey Tuckey. . . . Iuly 19 1644. 40, 4 leaves.

COEFFETTEAU, NICHOLAS, Bishop of Dardania.

A True and admirable Historie of a May den of Confolens, in the Prouince of Poictiers that for the space of three yeeres and more hath lived, and yet doth, without receiuing either meate or drinke. Of whom, his Maiestie in person hath had the view, and, (by his commaund) his best and chiefest Phisitians, haue tryed all meanes, to find, whether the fast & abstinence be by deceit or no. In this Historie is also discoursed, whether a man may liue many dayes, moneths or yeeres, without receiuing any sustenance. Published by the Kings especiall Priuiledge. At London, Printed by I. Roberts, and are to be sold at his house in Barbican. Anno Dom. 1603. 8°, roman letter. T, 4 leaves: A-0 in fours, O 4 blank.

Dedicated by A[nthony] M[unday] to Mr. Thomas Thorney, Mr. William Martin, Mr. Edward Rodes, and Mr. Thomas Martin, Governors of the Barber Chirurgeons. With verses by T. Dekker and others. See Herbert, p. 1036.

A Table of Humane Passions. With their Causes and Effects. . . . Translated into English by Edw: Grimeston Sergiant at Armes. London, Printed by Nicholas Okes. 1621. 12o. A, 12 leaves: a, 10 leaves: B-Gg 6 in twelves. Dedicated to the Marquis of Buckingham. With a copy of verses by George Chapman. Grenv. Coll.


The Nature of the drink Kauhi, or Coffe, and the Berry of which it is made, Described by an Arabian Phisitian. Oxford, Printed by Henry Hall . . . 1659. 8°, 4 leaves.


The Haven of Health, Chiefly made for the comfort of Students. Hereunto

is added a Preservatiue from the Pestilence: With a short Censure of the late sicknesse at Oxford . . . Imprinted at London by Richard Field for Bonham Norton. 1596. 4o, black letter. ¶, 8 leaves: A-S in eights.

The dedication to Seymour, Earl of Hert

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66 There is a Derbyshire tradition that Jaques, the serving man, is a sketch from nature,' from the Ashborne district.


"See the preface to the 'Poems' of the same author for an angry exposure of 'Mr. William Godbid' for printing the 'Obstinate Lady' (as above) without the author's sanction. The concluding ten lines (ed. 1657) are spurious:- And though that Comedy,' says Cokain, be very much of it writ in number, he [Godbid] put it forth as if the most part of it were prose.' Maidment and Logan have not noted a third of the variations occurring in the subsequent editions."


An Exact Abridgment in English, Of the eleven Books of Reports of the Learned Sir Edward Coke, Knight . . . Composed by the Judicious Sir Thomas Ireland, Knight, late of Grayes Inne, London, Printed by M. Simmons, for Matthew Walbancke, and H. Twy

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ford . . . 1650. 8°, A-Ii in eights, Ii 8 blank, and a, 3 leaves.

The First Part of the Institvtes.
The Fourth Edition, corrected. London,

Anno 1639. Folio, A-4 B in sixes, and 4 C, 4 leaves. With portraits of Littleton and Coke, and a genealogical Table.

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A Letter sent to the Honorable William Lenthal, Esq. Speaker of the honorable House of Commons. With severall Letters from the Lord Norwich, Lord Capel, Sir Charles Lucas, and their agreement for the Delivery of the Tovn of Colchester. The Petition of the Major and Aldermen of the Town; And the Generals Answer. With the Results of the Counsell of War. London: Printed for John Partridge. 1648. 4°, 4 leaves.

A True and Exact Relation of the taking of Colchester, Sent in a Letter from an Officer of the Army, (who was present during the siege in that service,) to a Member of the House of Commons. With a List of the Ordnance, . . . and an account of the Cause of giving no Quarter to Sir Charles Lucas, and Sir George Lyle. London, Printed by Robert White for Iohn Partri[d]ge. 1648. 4o, 4 leaves. The Remonstrance and Declaration of the Knights, Esquires, Gentlemen, and Freeholders, in Colchester, Now in Armes for the King and Kingdome. [London] Printed in the Yeere 1648 [July 6.] 4o,

4 leaves.

A Letter sent To the Honorable William Lenthal Esq; Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons, of the late Fight at Colchester, And, How the Suburbs of the said Town were fired by the Lord Goring, Lord Capel, Sir Charles Lucas, and the rest of the Enemy. London, Printed for Edward Husband, . . Iuly 17, 1648. 4°, 4 leaves.

Colchesters Teares: Affecting and Afflicting City and Covntry; Dropping from the sad face of a new Warr, threatning to bury in her own Ashes that wofull Town. Faithfully collected, drawn out into a moderate Relation and Debate, humbly presented to all Free-born Englishmen, By severall persons of Quality. London, Printed for John Bellamy, 1648. [July 31.] 4o, A-B in fours. B. M.

Colchester Surrendered to the Lord Generall With the manner of the Agreement: Also a List of the names of the Lords, Collonells, and other Officers, taken with Dvke Hambleton at Utoxetor on Friday the 25 of Aug. 1648. Printed by Robert Ibbitson, in Smithfield, . . . 1648. 40, 4 leaves.

Articles for the Surrender of Colchester And all the Ordinance, Arms and Ammunition. With a Letter of Submission from the Earle of Norwich, the Lord


Capell, &c. to his Excellency the Lord Fairfax. Also The taking of the whole Party of the Scottish Horse which fled with Duke Hamilton to Utxester in Staffordshire. Printed for R. A. 1648.

[Aug. 29.] 4°, 4 leaves.


The Tryal of Edward Coleman, Gent. for Conspiring the Death of the King, and the Subversion of the Government of England, and the Protestant Religion: Who upon Full Evidence was found Guilty of High Treason, and received Sentence accordingly, on Thursday November the 28th 1678. London, Printed for Robert Pawlet . 1678. Folio,

A-Dd, 2 leaves each, A 1 with Impri

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An English Dictionary. By E. Coles, Schoolmaster, and Teacher of the Tongue to Foreigners. London: Printed for Peter Parker, 1701. 8°, A-Hh in sixes. COLES, WILLIAM.


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Adam in Eden: Or, Natures Paradise. The History of Plants, Fruits, Herbs and Flowers. With their several Names, whether Greek, Latin or English; the places where they grow, their Descriptions and Kinds. . . . Together with necessary Observations on the seasons of Planting and gathering of our English Simples. . . . By William Coles, HerLondon, Printed by J. Streater for Nathaniel Brooke . . . 1657. Folio. Title, 1 leaf: Dedication "To the Truly Noble, and Perfect Lover of Learning, Sir William Paston, Knight and Baronet," 1 leaf: (a)-(b) in fours: B-Mmmmm in fours: Nnnnn, 2 leaves: Ooooo, 2 leaves: Ppppp, 3 leaves. COLET, JOHN, Dean of St. Paul's. Ioannis Coleti Theologi, olim decani diui Pauli, æditio una cum quibusda G. Lilij Grammatices rudimentis. G. Lilij Epi

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gramma. Londini, in ædibus Wynandi de Worde. Anno. M.D. XXXIIII. 8°, A-F 3 in eights. With the printer's mark on F 3 verso.

The English portions are very curious. Rvdimenta Gram[mati]ees, & docendi Methodus, . . scholæ Gypsuychianæ per n[obilissimum D. Thomam Cardinalem Ebor. feliciter institutæ quem omnibus aliis totius Anglia scholis præscripta. [On B occurs a second title:] Ioannis Coleti Theologi, Olim Decani Divi Pavli, æditio, una cum quibusdam G. Lilij Grammatices rudimentis. G. Lilij Epigramma. .. Antwerpiæ, apud Martinum Cesarem. An. M.D.XXXV. Mense August. 8°. A, 4 leaves (with the Methodus, &c.: B-G 4 in eights. Lat. and Engl. Br. Museum.

A 2 is occupied by a short preface addressed by Wolsey to the masters of Ipswich school.

Ioannis Coleti Theologi, olim Decani Divi Pauli, æditio, una cum quibusdam G. Lilii Grammatices rudimentis Antwerpiæ apud Martinum Cæsarem. Anno. M.D. XXXVI. Mense Junio. 8°, B-G 4 in eights. Grenv. Coll.

There is no sheet A in this copy; it probably contained the Methodus, &c., on four leaves, as in the impression of 1535. A Sermon of Consecrating and Reforming: made [A.D. 1511] to the Convocation at S. Pauls Church in London, By John Colet, D.D. Dean of the said Church: upon Rom. xii. 2. Be ye reformed, &c. Writ an hundred and fiftie years since. To which is now added an Appendix of Dr. Andrews, and Dr. Hammonds solemn petition and advice to the Convocation: with his directions to the Laity, how to prolong their happiness. Jo. Coleti cogitationes, quacunque lingua proditas, optarim. Erasmi epist. Printed by J. Field

for William Morden. 1661. 8°, A-F 4 in eights, A 1 blank. With a preface by Tho. Smith, dated from Christ's College, Jan. 11, 1661-[2]. COLEWORT, FRANCIS.

The Friers Lamenting, For his not Repenting. Being a Relation of the life and death of Francis Colewort a Frier, who related a little before his death a three-fold Plot of Treason. With his Conversion to the Protestant Religion, at Hungerford in Barkshire. Printed at London. 1641. 4o, 4 leaves. In verse. COLIGNI, JASPER.

The Lyfe of the Most Godly, Valeant Captaine and maintener of the new Chris

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