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I miss thee, when by Gunga's stream My twilight steps I guide;

But most beneath the lamp's pale beam I miss thee from my side.

I spread my books, my pencil try,
The lingering noon to cheer;
But miss thy kind approving eye,
Thy meek attentive ear.

But when of morn and eve the star

Beholds me on my knee,

I feel, though thou art distant far,

Thy prayers ascend for me.

Vesperâ, Gungæ prope flumen errans,

Te petam desiderio fideli;

Pallidam Te projiciente noctu

Lampade flammam.

Cum neque aspectu recreer benigno, Nec probâ vox accipiatur aure, Displicent libri; male penicillis

Fallitur æstus.

Rite mî flexis genibus preçanti,
Supplices et Te sociare palmas

Stella nascentis videt ac diei

Stella cadentis.

Then on! Then on! where duty leads,
My course be onward still;

O'er broad Hindostan's sultry meads,

O'er bleak Almorah's hill.

That course nor Delhi's kingly gates,
Nor wild Malwah detain;

For sweet the bliss that me awaits

By yonder western main.

Thy towers, Bombay, gleam bright they say,

Across the dark blue sea;

• But ne'er were hearts so light and gay,

As then shall meet in thee.

Proinde quo virtus jubet ire pergam,
Almora scandens gelidum cacumen,

Seu juga Indorum sequar, atque campos
Sole perustos.

Dellia, ac regum domus et columnæ,
Barbaræ nec me tenet ora Malvæ;

Dulcius quiddam Hesperius recludit

Marmore pontus.

Bombacæ turres, rutilæ per æquor,
O diem faustum! O bona fata! quando

Conjuges, læti manibus reprensis,

Limen inibunt.

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