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Act as to Consolidated Fund (No. 2). 1905. d. WYMAN, July 05 Act in Backwater, Benson (E. F.) 6s......Jan. 05 Act-Mr. Speaker's Retirement, d.

WYMAN, July 05 Acta Inedita Hist. Pontif. Romanorum, Pastor (Ludwig) 10s. net......... .....Jan. 05 Acté, Dumas (Alexr.) 1s. 6d....... .....Sep. 05

Acts-Aliens, 1d.; Churches (Scotland), 1d.;
Railway Fires, d.; Coal Mines (Weighing of
Minerals), d.; Medical Act (1886) Amendment,
d.; Unemployed Workmen, 14d.; Trade Marks,
8d.; East India Loans (Railways), d.; Public
Works Loans, d.; Naval Works, d.; Metrop.
Distr. Railway, 6d.; Leeds & Liverp. Canal, 6d.;
Chelsea Electric Supply, 6d....... WYMAN, Aug. 05
Acts as to Inebriates: Extr. from Inspector's
Report, 6d.........
.WYMAN, Sep. 05
Acts as to Inebriates: Report of Inspector, 18. 6d.
WYMAN, July 05
Acts as to Prosecution of Offences, 1879 and 1884:
Working of Regulations, 44d. Acts: Local
Government Board's Provisional Orders Con-
firmation, Nos. 1, 2, and 3, for 1s. 3d.

WYMAN, July 05 Acts as to Workmen's Compensation: Statistics of Proceedings under, 44d.; Tramways, Proceeding under, 1d.; Grangemouth Waterworks and Burgh Extension Order Confirmation, 1s. 6d.; Arbroath Corporation Water Order Confirmation, 1s.; L.C.C., Gen. Powers, 2s. 6d.; Gas, Epping, 1s. 6d., Wrexham, 1s. 6d. WYMAN, Sep. 05 Acts-Baker Street and Waterloo Railway, 1s. 9d.; Malvern Water, 2s. 6d.; Barrymore Estate, 1s. 8d.; Electric Lighting Orders Confirmation (No. 6), 2s. 3d.; North British Railway (General Powers), 28. 8d.; Blackpool Improvement, 2s. 9d.; Halifax Corporation, 25. 8d.; Bristol Corporation, 28. 6d.; Corbett Estate, 28. 8d.; Acton Sewage, 3s. 8d. .WYMAN, Dec. 05 Acts-Central Electric Supply Company, 6d. Education Board Provisional Orders Confirmation (Liverpool, &c.), 9d. .............................. ..WYMAN, Oct. 05 Acts-Colne Corporation, 88. 9d.; Hythe Corporation, 28. 3d.; Llandrindod Wells Urban District Council, 1s. 3d.; Gas and Water Orders Confirmation (No. 2), 88.; Ilfracombe Harbour and Improvement, 88. 9d.; Lantour's Divorce, 6d.; Malone's Divorce, 3d.; Donovan's Divorce, 3d.; McConnell's Divorce, 6d.; Earl of Stamford's Cheshire Estate, 1s. 9d.; Rhondda Urban District Council, 2s. 3d.; Morley Corporation, 8s.; Newry Keady and Tynan Light Railway, 1s. 6d.; L. & N.-W. Railway, 2s. 3d.; N.-E. Railway, 38.; Workington Harbour and Dock, 2s. 6d.; Humber Conservancy, 1s. 9d.; Accrington Corporation, 68.; Formby Urban District Council, 1s. 6d.; Southend and Colchester Light Railways, 2s. 3d.; Caledonian Railway, 8s. WYMAN, Nov. Ob Acts-Croydon Corporation, 1s. 9d.; Birmingham Corporation, 2s. 6d.; Truro Water, 1s. 8d.; East Cowes Gas, 1s. 9d.; Mexborough and Swinton Tramways, 9d.; South Wales Electrical Power Distribution Company, 1s. 8d.; Electric Lighting Orders Confir. (No. 7), 18. 6d. WYMAN, Sep. 05 Acts-Edgware and Hampstead Railway, 18.; Electric Lighting Orders Confirmation, No. 4, 1s. 9d.; No. 9, 28. 9d.; Clifton Improvement, 8s. 3d.; Metropolitan Electric Supply Company (Various Powers), 1s. 6d.; Ribble Navigation, 9d.; Dublin United Tramways, 9d.; Swansea Water, 18.; Seaham Gas, 1s. 6d.; Glasgow Corporation Order Conf., 28. 9d.; Tramway Orders Conf., No. 1, 48.; No. 2, 28. 9d.; Paisley Tramway O. C., 1s. 9d. WYMAN, Nov. 05 Acts-Gamble's Divorce, 6d.; Great Central Railway (Pension Fund), 1s. 8d.; Gas and Water Orders Confirmation (No. 1), 28. 3d. WYMAN, Nov. 05


Acts-Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway (Various Powers), 3s. 6d.; North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply, 9d.; Worcestershire County Council (Bridges), 6d.; South Barracas (Buenos Ayres) Gas and Coke Co. Ltd., 8d. WYMAN, Oct. 05 Acts-Hitchin and District Gas, 28.; Bangor (County Down) Water and Improvement, 3s. 9d.; Shropshire, Worcestershire, and Staffordshire Electric Power, 1s. 3d.; Midland Railway, 28.; County of London Electric Supply Company's, 1s.; Gas Orders Confirmation, 3s. 9d.; Esk Valley Power-Gas Order Confirmation, 3s. 3d.; Pier and Harbour Order Confirmation (No. 3), 28. .WYMAN, Nov. 05

Acts-Leven Patent, 6d.; Darien Gold Mining, 6d.; Hull and Barnsley Railway, 6d.; Alexander Scott's Hospital, 9d.; Local Government Board Provisional Orders Confirmation, No. 7, 18.; No. 15, 6d.............. WYMAN, Sep. 05

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Acts, Local and Private, passed in 1904; Table, with Index. 78. .WYMAN, Mar. 05 Acts-London Building Act (Amendment), 1s. 6d. ; Brompton, Chatham, &c., Water, 9d.; L.G.B.'s Provisional Order Confirmation (Gas), 1s; Municipal Corporations Merthyr Tydfil Confirmation), 9d.; Tralee Union District Council, 9d.; Entre Rios Railways Company, Limited, 6d.

WYMAN, Sep. 05 Acts-London County Council (Money), 18. 6d.; South-Eastern and London, Chatham, and Dover Railways, 1s. 3d.; Shepton Mallet Gas Company (Electric Lighting), 18. WYMAN, Nov. 05 Acts-London United Tramways, 8d.; Electric Lighting Order Confirmation (2), 1905, 6d.

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WYMAN, Aug. 05 Acts-Marylebone Chapels &c., 6d. ; Cordoba and Rosario Railway, 6d.; Local Government Board Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 5), 1s. WYMAN, Aug. 05 Acts-Metropolitan Electric Supply Company (Acton District), 6d.; University of Sheffield, 6d.; South Lancashire Tramways, 3d.

WYMAN, Oct. 05 Acts-Metropolitan Electric Tramways, 2s.; Tees Valley Water, 6d.............. ...WYMAN, Oct. 05 Acts-Metropolitan Railway, 18.; Loughborough Corporation, 18.; University College, London (Transfer), 18.; Accrington District Gas and Water Board, 1s. 8d.; Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 8), 18. 8d.; (No. 12), 2s. 6d.; (No. 18), 2s. 8d.; Rhymney Railway, 1s. 3d.. WYMAN, Oct. 05

Acts-Metropolitan and Great Central Railway Companies, 9d.; Great Northern Railway (Ireland), 9d.; Hastings Tramways, 18. 6d.; Oldham and Saddleworth District Tramways, 1s.; North Sussex Gas, 9d.; Aylesbury Gas, 28.; Skegness Water, 28. 3d.; Electric Lighting Orders Conf. (No. 5), 28. 3d.; Pier and Harbour Orders Conf. (No. 2), 28. 3d.: Millport Piers and Burgh Extension Order Conf., 38.; Sandgate Urban District Council (Sanitary Powers), 18.; Norwich Union Life Insurance Society, 2s.; Croydon Gas, 1s. 9d.; Woolwich Borough Council, 18.; South Oxford. shire Water and Gas, 2s. 9d.; Charing Cross and Hampstead Railway, 18.; Bootle Corporation, 18. 6d.; Hessle Gas, 2s. .WYMAN, Nov. 05

Acts-Nottingham Corporation, 2s. 3d.; Great Northern Railway, 1s. 9d.; Ealing Corporation, 3s.; Great Western Railway, 68. 9d.; G.W.R. Add. Povers, 6s. 9d.; Gosport and Fareham Tramways, 1s. 8d.; Southport, Birkdale, and West Lancashire Water Board, 1s. 9d.; Littlehampton Urban District Council (Arun Bridge), 88. 8d.; Matlock Bath Impr., 2s. 6d.; Rotherham, Maltby, and Loughton Railway, 28. 9d.

WYMAN, Dec. 05

AC Acts-North Eastern Railway (Steam Vessels), 6d.; Port Glasgow Improvement Order Conf. 6d. ; Bristol Blind Asylum, 6d.; Inverness Gas and Water Order Conf. 3d.; Stepney Borough Council (Superannuation), 9d.; Rhymney and Aber Valleys Gas and Water, 6d. WYMAN, Oct. 05 Acts of Apostles, Thomas (W. H. Griffith) 18. net July 05 Acts of Privy Council: 1599-1600. 108. WYMAN, Nov. 05 Acts (Public General)-5 Edw. VII. 1905, 38.; London Gas, 6d.; Pier and Harbour Order Confirmation (No. 1), 9d.; Hastings Harbour Railway Abandonment, 8d.. WYMAN, Oct. 05

Acts, Public General, of 1905, with Index, &c. 6s.; Mansfield Corporation, 2s. 6d.; Clyde Navigation (Constitution), 9d.; Education Board Provisional Order Confirmation (London, No. 2), 8d.; Great Central Railway, 3s. 9d.; Heckmondwike Improvement, 8s. 6d.; Fraserburgh Harbour, 1s.; London Government Scheme (London and Middlesex Adjustment) Confirmation, 9d.; Education Board Provisional Order Confirmation (London, No. 1), 1s.; Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 17), 1s.; Whitechapel and Bow Railway, 9d.; London Government Scheme (Hackney and Edmonton Unions Adjustment) Confirmation, 6d.; Western Valleys (Mons.) Water and Gas (Amendment), 6d. WYMAN, Oct. 05 Acts-South Suburban Gas, 3d.; Brentwood Gas, 1s. 9d.; Commercial Union Assurance Company, 1s. 9d.; Mortgage Insurance Corporation, 18.; Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 4), 1s. 8d.; Great Eastern Railway, 1s. 3d.; Berkhampstead Gas, 2s. 6d. WYMAN, Sep. 05 Southampton and Winchester Great Western Junction Railway (Abandonment), 3d. ; Holy Trinity, Portsea, 1905, 8d. WYMAN, July 05 Acts-Stockport Corporation, 1s. 9d.; Thames Conservancy, 6d.; Clyde Navigation, 1s. 8d.; Glasgow University Order Confirmation, 6d.; Otley Improvement, 88. ............ ...WYMAN, Oct. 05 Acts-Weaver Navigation, 6d.; Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 11), 28. 6d.; Glasgow Corporation (Tramways Consolidation) Order Confirmation, 5s. WYMAN, Nov. 05 Acts-Wemyss Tramways Confirmation, 38.; Whitby Urban District Council, 2s. 8d.; Newcastle-upon-Tyne Corporation Tolls, 1s. ; Aberdare Urban District Council, 1s. 6d.; Andover Light and Power, 2s. 3d. .WYMAN, Nov. 05


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FROWDE, Feb. 05 Adam (R.) Artist and Architect. With an Account of his System. 4to. 10s. 6d. net

Adam Bede, Eliot (Geo.) 8s. 6d.

Adam Bede, Eliot (Geo.) 6d. net

Adam Bede, Eliot (Geo.) 18. net

UNWIN, Apr. 05 May 05 ..Sep. 05 .Oct. 05 Adam Bede, Eliot (Geo.) 2s. 6d. .Oct. 05 Adam Bede, Key to, Mottram (Wm.) 78. 6d. net Oct. 05 Adamnain (Cain), Anecdota Ox., 12, 58....... Feb. 05 Adams (A.)-The Outlet. Novel. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 41, pp. 886, 6s ...... CONSTABLE, June 05 Adams (C. L.)-Castles of Ireland: Some Fortress Histories and Legends. Illus. Roy. 8vo. 9 × 53, pp. 874, 10s. 6d. net .........................................ŠTOCK, Jan. 05 Adams (F. U.)-John Henry Smith, & Golfing Romance. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 5, pp. 862, 6s.

HUTCHINSON, July 05 Adams (G. B.)-History of England from the Norman Conquest to the Death of John, 10661216. (Political History of England, Vol. 2.) 8vo. 9 × 6, pp. 484, 7s. 6d. net......LONGMANS, Oct. 05


Adams (H.)-Practical Trigonometry. For Engineers, Architects, Surveyors. Enl. edit. Cr. 8vo. 7 × 44, pp. 78, 2s. 6d. net ...WHITTAKER, Sep. 05 Adams (H. C.)-Travellers' Tales. New edit. Cr. 8vo. 7×4, pp. 866, 28. ROUTLEDGE, Dec. 05 Adams (J. W. B.) Illus. Hist. of Stuart P., 2s. 6d.

Sep. 05 Adams (M.)-Little Plays for Little Players. 1. Cinderella; 2. Sleeping Beauty. 4to. swd. ea. 18. EGERTON, Oct. 05 Edit. by Jn. E. West. net (Old Engl. Organ ........NOVELLO, June 05 Adams (T.)-Garden City and Agriculture. How to solve Problems of Rural Depopulation. Intro. Address by H. Rider Haggard. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4, pp. 190, 2s. 6d. net; swd. 1s. net SIMPKIN, Oct. 05 Adams (W. H. D.), Pairman (W.) - Great Generals. Illus. 8vo. 8 x 54, pp. 358, 8s. 6d. GALL & I. Nov. 05 Adams (W. P.)-Castles in Sand: How to Build them. Book for the Seaside. Cr. 8vo. 7 × 4, pp. 142, swd. 1s. net...............GAY & B. July 05 Adamson (J. W.)-Pioneers of Modern Education, 1600-1700. Cr. 8vo. 74 × 5, pp. 808, 4s. 6d. net.. ..CAMB. UNIV. P. Sep. 05 Adamson (R. M.)-Christian Doctrine of the Lord's Supper. Cr. 8vo. 74 × 5§, pp. 300, 4s. 6d. net..... ..T. & T. CLARK, Mar. 05 Adcock (A. St. John)-Admissions and Asides about Life and Literature. 12mo. 7 x 44, pp. 80, 1s. 6d. net; swd. 18. net E. MATHEWS, Nov., Dec. 05 Addington Peace, Robinson (B. Fletcher) 8s. 6d. May 05 Addison (J.)-Criticisms on Milton. 12mo. 6d. net (Nat. Lib.) ...CASSELL, July 05 Addison (J.) Sir Roger de Coverley, &c., 8s. 6d. nt. Oct. 05 Addison (Julia)-Classic Myths in Art. Account of Greek Myths as illustrated by Great Artists. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 73 × 54, pp. 296, 68. net

Adams (T.)-Air varied. 4to. 12 x 9, swd. 1s. 6d. Music)


T. W. LAURIE, May 05 Addison (Julia De Wolf)-Art of the National Gallery. Critical Survey of Schools and Painters as represented in the British Collection. Cr. 8vo. 74 × 5, pp. 400, 6s. net ..............BELL Nov. 05 Addison, Essays from, 18...... ........June 05 Addison, Macaulay, Winch, 1s. ...............Nov. 05 Addison's Essays from the 'Spectator.' With Explanatory Notes. New Edit. Cr. 8vo. 7 × 41, pp. 592, 2s. 6d. ................ ROUTLEDGE, Oct. 05 Addresses, Hist., &c., Coudert (F. R.) 10s. 6d. net Nov. 05 Addresses to Card. Newman, with his Replies, 68. Sep. 05 Adela Cathcart, Macdonald (Geo.) 2s. 6d. Oct. 05 Adeler (M.)—An Old Fogey, and other Stories. 8vo. swd. 6d. ........................................................... WARD & L. July 05 Adeler (Max)-The Quakeress. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 852, 6s. ............... WARD & L. Sep. 05 Adkin (J. H. Knight-)-Woman Stealers. Tales of the House of the Otter. Cr. 8vo. 74 × 5, pp. 226, 88. 6d. ..ISBISTER, Jan. 05 Adkins (F. J.)-Tekel. Study of Educational Problems of the Day. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 44, pp. 250, 8s. 6d. ...........SONNENSCHEIN, Sep. 05 Adler (E. N.)-About Hebrew Manuscripts. 8vo. 7s. 6d. net..... .....FROWDE, Sep. 05 Adler (E. N.)-Jews in Many Lands. Extra cr. 8vo. 81 x 51, pp. 260, 58. net...MACMILLAN, Oct. 05 Admin., Organis., &c., Banning (S. T.) 48. 6d. net

Admiral, Sladen (Douglas) 6d....

Mar. 05 .Oct. 05

Admirals All, &c., Newbolt (Hy.) 18. 6d., 18. Feb. 05 Admirals, Famous Brit., Lee (Albert) 68. ...Nov. 05 Admiralty: Distribution of Business, 1d. ; Cruisers not Struck off Effective List, d.

WYMAN, Mar. 05

Admirer, Biog. of Gen. Rt. Hon Sir Redvers Hy.
Buller, 1s. net
........Aug. 05
Admissions, Asides, abt. Life &c., Adcock (A. St.
John) 1s. net; 18. 6d. net.......Nov., Dec. 05
Adolphe, Constant (Benj.) 1s. 6d., 2s. 6d. net
June 05
Advancement of Learning, Bacon (Lord) 6d. net
June 05
Advent Addresses, Williams (Fred. M.) 2s. 6d. net
Nov. 05
Advent of Capt. Pamphile, &c., Dumas (A.) 1s. 6d.
Nov. 05
Adven. among Books, Lang (A.) 6s. 6d. net Mar. 05
Adventure Book, Black, 5s.
........ Sep. 05
Adven. in Pondland, Stevens (Frank) 5s. ...Oct. 05
dven. of an Equerry, Gerard (Morice) 6s. Mar. 05
Adven. of Blockade Runner, Watson (Wm.) 3s. 6d.

Adven. of Don Quixote, Daly, 68......
Adven. of H. Rovel, Couch (A. T. Quiller-)

Sep. 05
Oct. 05
Mar. 05
Oct. 05
Mar. 05
.Feb. 05


Adven. of Hy. Rochester, Strang (H.) 6s.
Adven. of Jones, Carruth (Hayden) 1s. 6d., 1s.

Adv. of L. Duval, Bryant (M.) 6s.
Adven. of L. Field, Curate, Hocking (Silas) 2s.

Jan. 05

Adven. of M. D'Haricot, Clouston (J. Storer) 6d.
Apr. 05
Adven. of Naval Lieut., Cupples (G.) 28. ...Nov. 05
Adven. of Naval Officer, Hunter (Chs.) 6s. Jan. 05
Adven. of Odysseus, retold by F. S. Marvin, &c.
1s. net....
........Mar. 05
Adven. of Post-Capt., by a Naval Officer, 3s. 6d. net
Jan. 05
Adven. of Princess Daintipet, Corbett (Mrs.) 2s. 6d.
Sep. 05
Adven. of Punch, Hope (Ascott R.) 6s. ......Oct. 05
Adven. of Sir L. Greaves, Smollett (Tobias) 1s. 6d.
2s. 6d. net
Sep. 05
Adven. of Val Dainty, Going (V. L.) 3s. 6d. Aug. 05
Adventure, True Stories of, 18....
.Oct. 05
Ad.-writing, Castarede (L. de) 10s. 6d. net May 05
Advertising, B. of, Moran (Clarence) 2s. 6d. net

June 05
Advertising, Mod., Calkins (E. E.) 68. net...May 05
Eneid, Virgil, 3, Sidgwick, 18. 6d. ............Jan. 05
Aequanimitas, Osler (Wm.) 78. 6d. net ...... Sep. 05
Aeschylus-Chaophore. Transl. by W. Headlam.
12mo. swd. 18.
BELL, Oct. 05
Aeschylus-Prometheus Bound. Edit., intro.,
transl., notes, by Janet Case. 16mo. 5 × 4,
pp. 140, 1s. net; lthr. 1s. 6d. net (Temple
..DENT, Jan. 05
Afghanistan, Brit. Treaty, India, 1fd. ......May 05
Afalo (F. G.)-Salt of My Life. Illus. 8vo.

88 x 5, pp. 290, 7s. 6d. net ...I. PITMAN, Nov. 05
Afloat at Last, Hutcheson (John C.) 28.......Oct. 05
Afloat in Forest, Reid (Mayne) 2s. 6d. ...... Sep. 05
Afloat in Forest, Reid (Mayne) 28............Nov. 05
Africa, Parsons (E. C.) 18. 6d net........... Sep. 05
Africa, Barotseland, Harding (C.) 10s. 6d. net

June 05 Africa-(British Central) Protectorate; General Information. 6d...................... ..WYMAN, Sep. 05



Africa, No. 6, 1905-Reports relating to Administration of East Africa Protectorate. 54d.

WYMAN, Oct. 05 Africa, 1,000 miles in Plessis (J. du) 3s. 6d. Jan. 05 Africa, Pigmy Land, Fisher (R.) 3s. 6d. net June 05 Africa Reader, Bailey (C. W.) 1s. 6d. ...... .........Feb. 05 Africa: Report on the Construction and Working of the Mombasa-Victoria (Uganda) Railway and Steamboat Service on Lake Victoria, 1908-04. [Ca. 2382.] 4d. .WYMAN, Apr. 05 Africa, E., Hunting, Schillings (C. G.) 24s. net Africa, S., Browne (J. H. Balfour) 7s. 6d. net


Dec. 05

Mar. 05

Africa, S., Army Stores destroyed, 1d.......May 05
Africa, S., Book of Poetry for Boys, &c., 1s. 3d.
Dec. 05
Africa, South-Chemical, Metallurgical, and
Mining Society Proceedings, with Appendix.
May 1902-June 1908. Vol. 3. 8vo. 21s. net
R. W. HUNTER, Oct. 05
Africa, S., Evangelistic T., Smith (Gipsy) 2s. 6d.
......Jan. 05
Africa, S.-Further Correspondence as to Labour
in Mines, Transvaal, 9d... WYMAN, Dec. 05
Africa, S., Geol., Hatch (F. H.) 21s. net......July 05
Africa, S.-Geolog. Soc. Transac. Vol. 7, Part 2.
Roy. 8vo. 15s. net
WESLEY, Jan. 05
Africa, S. Geological Society Transactions.
Vol. 8. Part 1. 8 plates. Roy. 8vo. pp. 46,
.WESLEY, June 05
Africa, S.-Geological Society Transac. Vol. 8,
Part 2. 4 plates. Roy. 8vo. pp. 50, 15s. net
WESLEY, Nov. 05
Africa, S., Guide, Brown (A. Samler) 2s. 6d. Nov. 05
Africa, S., John Chinaman, 18.

15s. net

.Dec. 05

Africa, S., Legal Handb., edit. by Bell (W. H. S.)

26s. net

.........Aug. 05 (A. E. M. A.-) ..Feb. 05

Africa, S., Metropolitan, Morshead
58. net.........
Africa, S., Native Affairs Commisn. Report. 10d.
WYMAN, Apr. 05

Africa, S., Native Races, Stow (Geo. W.) 218. net

July 05

Africa, S., Pax. Brit., Vane (Francis) 10s. 6d. net
Oct. 05
Africa, S., Peter Halket, Schreiner (O.) 1s. net
Feb. 05

Africa, South-Philosophical Society Transac-
tions. Vol. 16, Pt. 2. 4 plates. Royal 8vo. pp.
200, swd. 7e. 6d. net ............... .WESLEY, Oct. 05

Africa, South-Royal Commission on War Stores
in, 8th Day's Evidence, Friday, October 27, 1905.
.WYMAN, Öct. 05
Africa, S., Science in
........ Sep. 05
Africa, S., Sermons, Legge (Hugh) 2s. 6d....Mar. 05
Africa, S., Sir Wm. Butler's Comee. on Sales and
Refunds to Contractors in, 44d.; Evid. 4s. 3d.

June 05

Africa, S., Tragedy, Methuen (A. M. S.) 2s. net

Oct. 05
Africa, S., Transvaal Despatch, 8d. .........Apr. 05
Africa, S.-Transvaal and Orange River: further
Correspondence, 18. 8d............. .WYMAN, May 05
Africa, S.-Transvaal and Orange River Corresp.
.WYMAN, July 05
Africa, S., Transvaal &c. Publ. Edu. 2s. 6d. net
Jan. 05
Oct. 05
Africa, S., War. Report on Surgical Cases Noted.
Edit. by Surgeon-General W. F. Stevenson, C.B.,
&c., Plates, 7s. 6d.....
..WYMAN, Oct. 05
Africa, S., War, Times Hist., vol. 8, 21s. net

Africa, S., Travels, Livingstone (David) 18. net

Africa (British Central) Protectorate. Report,
1904-5. 84d.
WYMAN, Nov. 05
Africa, Brit., Oxford Atlas of Br. Col., 1, 2s. 6d.
..........July 05
Africa, C., on Iceberg, Squire (Chs.) 28....... Feb. 05
Africa, E., Brit., Hindlip (Lord) 8s. 6d. net Nov. 05
Africa, E., Protectorate, Eliot (Chas.) 15s. net
Mar. 05
Africa, East-Report on Cotton-Growing. 2 d.
WYMAN, Mar. 05
ica,E., Uganda, Wason (J. C.) Ss. 6d. net
June 05
May 05
Africa, W., Cookery, Cockburn, 8s. net......Aug. 05
Africa, In Savage, Cameron (Verney Lovett)
Africa, W., &c., Education Reports, 1s. 8d. Mar. 05
26. 6d....
.Mar. 05
Africa, Ituri Forest, Harrison (J. J.) 1s. net
African Protectorates. 1d. ..WYMAN, Apr. 05
July 05 African, S., Museum, Annals, 8, 6, 6s. net...Jan. 05


African (South) Museum Annals. Vol. 3, pt. 8;
Sclater's Check List of the Birds of Africa, pt. 9;
Hampson's Moths of S. Africa, pt. 8. Roy. 8vo.,
pp. 135, 2s. 6d. net and 1s. net...WESLEY, Aug. 05

African (South) Philosophical Society Transac-

tions. Vol. 15, part 4, plates 12-14. Pp. 152,

78. 6d. net. Vol. 15, part 5. Catalogue of printed

books, papers and maps relating to the geology

and mineralogy of South Africa, by M. Wilman.

Roy. 8vo. pp. 180, 12s. 6d. net. Vol. 16, part 1,

5s. net........................................ .WESLEY, Feb., May, Aug. 05

African, W., Protectorates. Revenue, Exp. 8d.

WYMAN, July 05

After Adam's Fall. By Author of 'David the

Broiderer, and other Poems.' 4to. 2s. 6d. net

K. PAUL, Dec. 05

After Death. A Personal Narrative Cheaper

edit. of 'Letters from Julia.' 16mo. swd. 18. net

W. T. STEAD, Dec. 05

After-Dinner Ballads, Colborne (Herbert) 2s. Oct. 05

After-Glow Memories, Anglo-Austr. 6s....Apr. 05

After his Kind, Henderson (M. Sturge) 3s. 6d. net

Nov. 05

....Oct. 05

After London, Jefferies (Richard) 68.

After Long Grief, &c., by Rita, 6d. .........Aug. 05

Agacy (H. A.)-Correct Bridge; or, How to Play

to the greatest Advantage. 12mo. 63 × 41, pp.

100, 2s. net....

...SIMPKIN, July 05

Age of Marie Antoinette, Scott (Chs. Newton)

85. 6d.

.......Apr. 05

Age of Reason, Paine (Ths.) 6d. Sep. 05

Age of the Earth, Sollas (W.) 10s. 6d. net... Sep. 05

Age of Transition, 1400-1580, Snell (F. J.) ea.

3s. 6d. net........

.......Oct. 05

Aglovale de Galis, Housman (Clemence) 6s. Oct. 05

Agnew (Georgette)-The Countess, Summer

Idyll. Cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d.............GAY & B. Mar. 05

Agnew (W. A.)-Electric Tramcar Handbook.

For Motormen, Inspectors, and Depôt Workers.

2nd edit. Cr. 8vo. limp, 2s. 6d. net


Agnostic Annual (The), 1906. 8vo. swd. 6d.

WATTS, Nov. 05

Agnosticism, Theism, Nineteenth Century, Arm-

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Aguilar (Grace)-Woman's Friendship. Story of

Domestic Life. New edit. Cr. 8vo. 7x 44,

pp. 852, 2s. 6d............... .ROUTLEDGE, Nov. 05

Aids to Reflection, Coleridge (S. T.) 1s., 2s. Apr. 05

Aids to Skirmishing. Corrected up to date and

in accordance with the latest Infantry Training.

82mo. swd. 6d. net.

....GALE & P. Aug. 05

Aikin (Dr.), Barbauld (Mrs.)-Evenings at Home,

or Juvenile Budget Opened. New impr. Illus.

Cr. 8vo. 74 × 4, pp. 448, 2s. ROUTLEDGE, Dec. 05

Aileen, Snow (L. A. B.-) 1s.

....May 05

Ailments, Com., Naylor (M. H.) 28., 18. net Oct. 05

Ainger (A.)-Lectures and Essays. 2 vols. Cr.

8vo. 74 x 5, pp. 760, 158. nt. MACMILLAN, Nov. 05

Ainslee (D.)-Moments. 12mo. swd. 1s. net


Ainsley (T. L.)-Guide Book to Board of Trade

Exam. Ordinary Exam. 55th edit. 8vo.9 × 6,

pp. 568, 7s. 6d.........................SIMPKIN, Aug. 05

Ainsley's Nautical Almanac and Tide Tables,

1906. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. and 18. SIMPKIN, Oct. 05

Ainslie (Kathleen)-Catharine Susan's Calendar,

1906. 16mo. swd. 6d............. CASTELL, Aug. 05

Ainslie (Kathleen) · Catharine Susan's Little

Holiday. 16mo. swd. 6d. ......CASTELL, Aug. 05

Ainslie (Kathleen)-Lady Tabitha and Us. Obl.

4to. swd. 18.

..........................CASTELL, Aug. 05

Ainsworth (P. C.) Blessed Life. Short

Addresses on the Beatitudes. 8vo. swd. 6d. net

SIMPKIN, Dec. 05

Ainsworth (W. H.)-Old Saint Paul's. N. ed.

Cr. 8vo. 7 × 4, pp. 452, 18. 6d. W. SCOTT, Jan. 05

Ainsworth (W. H.)-Old Saint Paul's: tale of

the Plague and the Fire. Cr. 8vo. 7 × 44, pp. 452,

28. (Oxford Lib.)............... W. SCOTT, Jan. 05

Air, Compr., Hiscox (Gardner D.) 05

Air Machinery, Weisbach (Julius) 18s. net Nov. 05

Air varied, Organ Music, Adams (Ths.) 1s. 6d. net

June 05

Aish (G.)—Outcasts from Choice: a Romance of

Klondike's Discovery. Cr. 8vo. 7 × 44, pp. 826,

3s. 6d.

..........................JARROLD, Jan. 05

Aitchison (J.)-Children's Own. Sermonettes

for each Sunday in the Year. Cr. 8vo. 7×5,

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AL Albanesi (E. Maria)-Marian Sax. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 8374, 6s. ......HURST & B. Apr. 05 Albanesi (E. Maria)-Peter, a Parasite. Novel. N. ed. cr. 8vo. 74 × 5, pp. 264, 68.METHUEN, Mar. 05 Albert Gate Affair, Tracy (Louis) 6d. ...May 05 Albery (W.)-Verses. 12mo. 7× 4, pp. 128, 38. 6d. HEINEMANN, Dec. 05 Albrighton Hunt, Auden (J. E.) 10s. 6d. net Feb. 05 Album of Ten Scenes connected with Life of Jesus, Holy Land, 18. 6d. net .Oct. 05 Alchemy, &c., by Anon., 1s. .May 05 Alcock (D.) and others-Six Heroic Men. Pref. by A. R. Buckland. New edit. cr. 8vo. 74 × 47, pp. 202, 1s. 6d.............REL. TRACT SOC. Aug. 05 Alcohol, Effects, Edwards (Walt. N.) 2s.... Mar. 05 Alcohol (Industrial) Committee, Evidence and Appendices. 2s. 4d................ WYMAN, Apr. 05 Alcohol (Industrial) Committee-Report. 8d. WYMAN, Apr. 05 Alcoholic Beverages-Production and Consumption in various Countries, and Revenue therefrom. 9d. WYMAN, Feb. 05 Alcoholic Poisoning, Bunge (G.) 6d. net ..Mar. 05 Alden (P.)-Unemployed. National Question.

Preface by Sir John Gorst. Cr. 8vo. 74 × 43, pp. 208, 1s. 6d. net.; 1s. net P. S. KING, Jan. 04 Alden (P.)- The Unemployed. A National Question 2nd edit. cr. 8vo. 7 x 43, pp. 208, 2s. net......... ...P. S. KING, Dec. 05 Illus. by Louis Wain. DIGBY & L. Nov. 05 Alden's Sixpenny Guide to Oxford, 1905. 16mo. swd. 6d. ......SIMPKIN, July 05 Alder (J.), Hancock (A.)-British Tunicata, Vol. 1. 20 plates (11 clrd), 24 text illus., portr. 8vo. pp. 162, 12s. 6d. net (Ray Soc.)......DULAU, June 05 Alderson (J. P.)-Mr. Asquith. 5 illus. 8vo. 8 × 5, pp. 294, 7s. 6d. net ...METHUEN, Apr. 05 Aldis (Janet)-Madame Geoffrin, her Salon and her Times, 1750-1777. Illus. 8vo. 9 × 5, pp. 388, 10s. 6d. net ..METHUEN, Oct. 05 Aldrich (J. M.)-Catalogue of North American Diptera (Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections). Roy. 8vo. pp. 680, swd. 10s. net WESLEY, June 05 Aldwych, Old Time, Gordon 78. 6d. net ......Oct. 05 Alegro, &c., parsed, Milton (J.), Denney (E.) 1s. ..May 05 Alexander (C. M.) &c., Davis (Geo.) 8s. 6d. Nov. 05 Alexander (E.)-Fencing Exercises (Musical

Alden (W. L.)-Cat Tales.
Cr. 8vo. 7 × 43, pp. 804, 68.


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Drills). 4to. swd. 1s. 6d. net G. PHILIP, Jan. 05 Alexander (F., Mrs.) The Golden Book,6s.nt. Dec. 05 Alexander (J. H.)-Elementary Electrical Engineering in Theory and Practice. Class Book for Students and Working Electr. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 73 × 41, pp. 220, 3s. 6d. net ...LOCKWOOD, Oct. 05 Alexander (T.), Thomson (A. W.)-Graphic Statics. Graduated series of Problems and Practical Examples. Diagrams drawn to scale. 8vo. limp, 2s. ..MACMILLAN, Jan. 05 Alexander (T.), Thomson (A. W.)—26 Graduated Exercises in Graphic Statics. Fol. swd. 10s. MACMILLAN, Apr. 05 Alexander (W.)-Life Insurance Company. Cr. 8vo. 6s. net ...APPLETON, June 05 Alexander Anecdotes, Torrey-, 6d. net ......July 05 Alexandre (Arsène), Ingres (Jean-Dominique) 10s. 6d. net Nov. 05 Alfred the Great, In Days of, Tappan (E. M.) 3s. 6d......... ......Nov. 05 Algae, Desmids, &c., Nave (Johann) 3s. 6d. Jan. 05 Algebra, Elem., Baker (W. M.) &c., 1, 5s. net; 2, .....Jan. 05

5s. net

Algebra, Elem., Borcnardt (W.) 4s. 6d. ...Aug. 05
Algebra, Elem., Lightfoot (J.) 2s. 6d. Aug. 05
Algebra, Elem., Key, Baker (W. M.), pt. 2, 5s. net;
compl. 10s. net...
..May., Aug. 05
Algebra, Examp., Clay (C. M.) 4s. net......July 05


Algebra, 1st, Baker (W. M.) &c., 18. 6d., 2s. July 05 Algebra, Graphic, Carter (C.) 18. 6d; Key to Elem. Baker (W.) 10s. net...... .............................Aug., Dec. 05 Algebra, Oxford Questions in, 2s. 6d. net ... Feb. 05 Algebra, Text Bk., Layng (A. E.) pt. 1, 2s. 6d.; Intro. to, Bridgett (R. C.) 1s.; Graphic, Lightfoot, 1s.; Grounding, Shorto, 1s. nt. July, Aug. 05 Alice in Motorland, Wyatt (Horace)1s. Jan., Dec. 05 Alice in Wonderland Calendar, 1905. 1s.

EYRE & S. Oct. 05 Alien Immigration: Monthly Returns. Ea. Id. WYMAN, Jan. &c. 05 Aliens (Naturalised)-Names, Addresses. 8d.


WYMAN, Apr. 05 Aliens, Prob., Whelpley (Jas. Davenport) 10s. 6d. .Feb. 05 Alison (J.), Clark (J. B.)-Arithmetic for Schools and Colleges. Cr. 8vo. 74 × 43, pp. 528, 4s.; ditto, Part 2, 28. .OLIVER & B. Oct. 05 Alix of the Glen, Yorke (Curtis) 6s. .........July 05 Alkali Works Acts. 41st Annual Report. 8d. WYMAN, June 05 Alkibiades, Bromby (Chs. Hmltn.) 7s. 6d. nt. Oct. 05 All Abroad, Clarke (B. A.) 3s. 6d............. ..Oct. 05 All Saints, An Alphabet of. Rhymed by Father Robert Hugh Benson and others. Drawn by L. D. Symington. 4to. swd. 1s. net

BURNS & O. Dec. 05 All that Happened in a W., Findlater, 9d. Nov. 05 All the Best Nursery Stories and Rhymes. Illus. by John Hassall. 4to. bds. 38. 6d. BLACKIE, Oct. 05 All's well that &c., Shakespeare, ea. 1s. nt. June 05 Allbutt (T. C.)-Historical Relations of Medicine and Surgery to end of 16th Century. Address at St. Louis Congress in 1904. Cr. 8vo. 74 × 42, pp. 142, 2s. 6d. net ..MACMILLAN, Apr. 05 Allbutt (T. C.) System of Medicine, 25s. net Dec. 05 Allchin (W. H.)-Account of Reconstruction of University of London. Pt. 1. Roy. 8vo. swd. 2s. 6d. net......... ..H. K. LEWIS, Feb. 05

Allcroft (A. H.), Haydon (J. H.)-Latin Composition. Certificate edit. Cr. 8vo. pp. 228, 2s. 6d. .......CLIVE, Aug. 05 Allcroft (A. H.), Masom (W. F.)-Tutorial History of Rome. Rev., and in part re-written, by J. F. Stout. 3rd edit. Cr. 8vo. pp. 446, 3s. 6d. (Univ. Tut. Ser.) ..CLIVE, Nov. 05

Allen (C. D.)-American Book Plates. Guide to their Study, with Examples. Bibliography by Eben Newell Hewins. Illus. Extra cr. 8vo.

[ocr errors]

8 × 5, pp. 452, 10s. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Nov. 05 Allen (C. W.) and others.-Radiotherapy and Phototherapy. Roy. 8vo. 22s. 6d. net

H. KIMPTON, Apr. 05 Allen (J.), Brewer, 1759, Leaves, 6s. net ...Apr. 05 Allen (T.)-Children of the Resurrection. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. .WELBY, July 05 Allen (W. Bird)-Love's Fickleness, and other Poems. 16mo. 5 x 44, pp. 60, 2s. 6d. net

T. S. CLARK, Dec. 05 Allen (W. S.)-Teaching of Christ with respect to Future Punishment of the Wicked. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4, pp. 62, 8d. ....SIMPKIN, Jan. 05 Allens of Harrock, Jackson (Edwd. H.) 3s. 6d.

Dec. 05

Allingham, Tennyson's Homes, 7s. 6d. net...Nov. 05 Allinson (A.), Dumas (A.), Eppstein, 1s. 6d. Oct. 05 Allinson (T. R.)-Vegetarian Cookery Book. Cr. 8vo. bds. 1s. net .........NAT. FOOD Co. Oct. 05 Allonby (Edith)-The Fulfilment. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7 × 43, pp. 402, 6s..........GREENING, Dec. 05 Allsop (F. C.)-Practical Electric Light Fitting. 6th edit. enl., 242 Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 43, pp. 300, ...................................... WHITTAKER, Jan. 05


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