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BAXTER, JAMES PHINNBY. Portrait engraved on steel by George W. Hall. . .
RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB. Portrait by Marceau & Power, Indianapolis, Ind.

W. W. Pfrimmer.
June. Who Bides His Time. When My Dreams Come True. A Song. A Life-Lesson. The Lost Kiss. When

Bessie Died. God Bless U's Every One. Little Orphant Annie. Griggsby's Station. When the Frost is on the

Punkin. Quotations.

Mary E. Tyson.
Beautiful Isle of the Sea. Sweet Genevieve. Must We Then Meet as Strangers. Baby-Land. A Midsummer Day.

Mother-Love. A Bird's Carol. An Inquisitive Boy. Quotation.
DORR, JULIA C. R. Portrait by Stimson, Appleton, Wis.

. Mrs. George Archibald.
"O Wind That Blows Out of the West.""'The Clay to the Rose. Five. Twenty-one. Al Rest. When Lesser

Loves. At the Last. Quotations.
SHERWOOD, KATE BROWNLEE. Portrait by R. F. Hughes, Toledo, O.

Lida Rose McCabe.

The Army of the Potomac. Albert Sidney Johnston. The Army Haversack. If I Should See the King Go By.

Shakespeare. Ulric Dahlgren.

NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY. Pen and ink sketch by Bradley, Buffalo, N. Y.

1. Arthur King.

The Pillar of the Cloud. A Voice From Afar. Vexations. Warnings. Flowers Without Fruit. Seeds in the Air.



Celeste M. A. Winslow.

The Last of the Reapers. Among the Hyacinths. Dawn. In a Theatre. Sunday Morning. The Cry of the Nations.

A Life's Labor. Quotations.

LOCKER-LAMPSON, FREDERICK. Portrait drawn by George du Maurier, 1872.

Alexander H. Japp.

The Skeleton in the Cupboard. A Nice Correspondent. "The Widow's Mite." The Jester's Plea. Quotations.


. . . .

Tivolous Octarionis

MCV. Anson s

Dolce Far Niente Miserere


. Richard H. Jackson, Jr.

Sunset! Late May. Old Wooden Church in the Grove. Afternoon in Summer. Battle Prayer. Quotation.

MASON, MARY AUGUSTA. Portrait by Cobb, Binghamton, N. Y. . .

Charles M. Dickinson,

An Autumn Morning Stars in the Well. For All. If Love Were Life. A Belated Blossom. Uncertainty. The

Poet's Song.


. Claude Baxley.

Some Morning Roses. Tired.' The Swist Ships. Hidden.' To a Field Lark. The Webs we Weave. Grandınother

and Baby. Quotation.

BADGER, WILLIAM WHITTLESEY. From portrait by L. Alman, New York. .

Daisy Barnard.

The Veterans. The Burns Rescue. Be True to the Dreams of Thy Youth. The Peerless Patti. The Cherry Tree.

God's Almoner. Quotation.

Duke, R. T. W., JR. .

Henry A. Thurman.

Et in Arcadia Ego. Beside Love's Bier. Too Late You Came. The Soul's Reflection. Lost Hours. M. B. M.,

WOOLSON, CONSTANCE FENIMORE. With portrait. . . . . Nettie Leila Michel.

"I Too!" Tom. Kentucky Belle. Quotations.

DELETOMBE, ALICE S. Portrait by W. 2. Fenner, Gallipolis, o. . . . W. Farrand Felch.

A Mystery. Good Night. Compensation. Quotation.


. Archibald M Mechan.

The Battle-Call of the Antichrist. The Cry of Cain. An Unconsecrated Grave. Plaint of the Muse in the

MARVIN, EDWARD P. With portrait.

William Glover.
Work Done for God Can Never Die. Only Waiting. When Christians all are One. The Better Land.

. 1. Robert Norton.
Moonlight on the Mountains. The Mystic Bed. Lenore.
GOODWIN, Rev. H. M., D. D.

N. H. Egleston.
Life. The Soul of Liberty. To Horace Bushnell. Poetry. Silence.
WETHERBEE, EMILY GREENE. Portrait by Leck, Lawrence, Mass.

John R. Rollins.
The Old Garden. Fanny Parnell. The Old Élm. The Trailing Arbutus. Quotation.


Arthur John Lockhart.

A Hundred Years to Come. To-morrow. Autumn Leaves. Weary. The May Flower. Ænon. Twilight. The

Forest Stream is Choked With Yellow Leaves.

FURBER, AURILLA. Portrait by Essery, St. Paul, Minn. . . . . Sarah D. Hobart.

Water Lilies. Peace. Stir of Wings. Quotations.
HULL, ELIZABETH WHITE. Portrait by H. W. Lawhead, Gilman, III. . Lucinda H. Westbrook.

The Mortgage. Hast Thou Been Tempied ? Quotations,
Rude, ELLEN SERGEANT. Portrait by W. A. Cox, St. Augustine, Fla.

. Christie Krusen,

The Tree of State. Uncaged. Lincoln. Sea Mosses. Into the Likeness. True Charity. Quotations.


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