The Life and Letters of Sir George Savile, Bart., First Marquis of Halifax &c, Volumen 2


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Página 194 - He let his wit run much on matters of religion: so that he passed for a bold and determined atheist; though he often protested to me, he was not one; and said, he believed there was not one in the world...
Página 368 - The quakers from being declared by the Papists not to be Christians, are now made favourites, and taken into their particular protection; they are on a sudden grown the most accomplished men of the kingdom, in good breeding, and give thanks with the best grace, in double refined language. So that I should not wonder, though a man of that persuasion, in spite of his hat, should be master of the ceremonies.
Página 501 - There is an accumulative Cruelty in a number of Men, though none in particular are ill-natured. The angry Buzz of a Multitude is one of the bloodiest Noises in the World.
Página 455 - It may be said now to England, Martha, Martha, thou art busy about many things, but one thing is necessary. To the Question, What shall we do to be saved in this World?
Página 509 - It is the fools and the knaves that make the wheels of the world turn. They are the world ; those few who have sense or honesty sneak up and down single, but never go in herds.
Página 420 - Let this picture supply the place of any other rules which might be given to prevent your resemblance to it. The deformity of it, well considered, is instruction enough, from the very same reason that the sight of a drunkard is a better sermon against that vice than the best that was ever preached upon that subject.
Página 396 - But it is yet worse, and more unskilful, to blaze it in the world, expecting it should rise up in arms to take her part ; whereas, she will find it can have no other effect than that...
Página 367 - Words of you. So little is Nature to be restrained ; it will start out sometimes, disdaining to submit to the Usurpation of Art and Interest. This Alliance, between Liberty and Infallibility, is bringing together the Two most contrary things that are in the World.
Página 395 - First then, you are to consider, you live in a time which hath rendred some kind of Frailties so habitual, that they lay claim to large Grains of Allowance. The World in this is somewhat unequal, and our Sex seemeth to play the Tyrant, in distinguishing partially for our selves, by making that in the utmost degree Criminal in the Woman, which in a Man passeth under a much gentler Censure.
Página 281 - Trimmer signifieth no more than this, That if Men are together in a Boat, and one part of the Company would weigh it down on one side, another would make it lean as /£/ much to the contrary ; it happeneth there is a third Opinion of those, who conceive it would do as well, if the Boat went even, without endangering the Passengers...