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that he had even seen M. Talleyrand's demands which I may be obliged to make note to me, and, being satisfied that this on this subject, as occasion may require ; was an accidental omission, which would, and I have in consequence to request you be forthwith remedied, he had no objection would bave the goodness to inforın me to lu proceed as if such a clause had been in- what person I am to address myself for serted. It was agreed that I should go to this purpose during your absence. him to day at 9 o'clock to renew the con- quest, &c. LAUDERDALE, ference.

Third inclosure (C.)-Copy of a note from First inclosure (A.)-Copy of a note from the Earl of Lauderdale to M. de ChainM. Talleyrand to the Earl of Lauder

pagny; dated Paris, Sept. 23, 1806. dale; dated Sept. 22, 1806.

Sir; It is impossible to be more sensible My lord ; I have the honour to inform than I am of the interest which your exyou, that his majesty having thought it for cellency takes in the state of my health. ihe good of his service to retain gen. Clarke For some days past I have been much bet. near his person, during the course of a ter, aud I now consider myself quite or journey he is about to undertake; M. de nearly well. His excellency the minister Champagny will henceforth be charged for foreign affairs has informed me, in a with conducting singly the negociation en- pote of yesterday's date, that your

excel. tered into with your excellency.- I have lency is henceforward to carry on, singly, coinmunicated his majesty's intentions to the negociation with me. The state of that minister, who has received orders to my health being no longer an obstacle, I concert with you such measures as may request your excellency will be pleased to prevent any isterruption to the continu- consider me at your disposal, either to reance of the confere:rces, aud of the correceive you here, or to call upon you, as it spondence between the two missions. I may be most convenient, in order to reshould at the same time acquaint you, suine the conferences, which, from various that being mysel directed to follow bis circumstances, have been so long intermajesty, I shall iietbertheless continue 10 rupted. I request, &c. LAUDERDALE. correspond with your excellency as before; Fourth inclosure (D.)—Copy of a note from the general order of the service being sucha M. de Champagny to the Earl of Lauas to secure the daily and regular delivery derdale ; dated Sept. 23, 1906. of all dispatches addressed to nie on the M. de Champagny has learnt, with the affairs of my department. I beg, &c.CH. utmost satisfaction, the re-establishment Mau. TALLEYRAND, prince of Benevento. of the health of his excellency the earl of Second inclosure (13. Copy of a note from Lauderdale, and he congratulates himself

the Earl of Lauderdale to M. Talleyrand; on the prospect of continuing with his exdated Paris, Sept. 22, 1806.

cellency the relatidns on which he sets the Sir; I have the houour to acknowledge highest value. He is extremely anxious the receipt of your excellency's letter of to renew the conferences which had been this date, in which you inform me that M. interrupted; but the extraordinary buside Champagny will in future be directed ness occasioned by the approaching deto carry on singly the negociation with ine, parture of the emperor, does not allow and that this minister has received orders him to do so, either to-day or to-morrow, to make such arrangements with me as may as he could have wished. He has, there. prevent any interruption to the continu- fore, the honour to propose to his lordship ance of the conferences and of the corre- Thursday next, being the first day in which spondence.-In returning my thanks to your he shall have a moment's leisure, The con excellency for this communication, I have lereuce shall be held at whatever place and the honour to remark to you, that it is no hour his lordship may names and M. de less essential to take measures, as your Champagny requests him in making this excellency will doubtless do before your appointment only to consult the state of his departure, for ensuring a communication health. He requests, &c. CHAMPAGNY, by messengers with my government during Fifth inclosure (E.)--Copy of a note from your absence, without any delay, or ob- M. Talleyrand to the Earl of Lauder. stacle whatever, in the same manner as dale; dated Paris, Sept. 24, 1806. has been practised since my arrival here, My lord; I have the honour ta inform

It cannot escape your excellency's obser- you, that I have taken his majesty's plervation how impossible it would be for me sure on the subject of the letter which your to transmit to you in sufficient time the excellency did me the honour to write tu me on the 22d Sept. and that his majesty I no choice in immediately applying for immediately authorized M. de Champagny, passports; but that, as long as I remained his minister plenipotentiary, to deliver tu in this country, I never would refuse to see you all the passports which inay be neces- him; and that if, before my departure, he sary to insure the regularity and expedi- should come with powers to grant all the tion of your excellency's communications objects on which I had explained myself, I with the ministers of his Britannick majesty. should feel the greatest satisfaction, though I have the honour, &c.Ch. Mav.Talley. at that moment, I thought any appointment RAND, prince of Benevento.

perfectly unnecessary.-Un my return home No. 52.-Copy of a dispatch from the I sent to M. Talleyrand a letter demanding

Earl of Lauderdale to Earl Spencer; my passports, a copy of which, (marked A.) dated Paris, Sept. 26, 1800.-Received I inclose; and, I understand from the Sept. 28th.

courier Basilico, that he received it ten My lord; In conformity with my en minutes before he got into his carriage to gagement made yesterday, which I bad go to Ment:.- Ibout 6 o'clock, I received the honour of mentiouing to your lordship from M. de Champagny a note, of which, in my former dispatch of this date, I waited as well of my aliswer, I inclose copies to on M. Champagny this afternoon at 2 your lordship, (marked B. and C.)-Whilet o'clock. He informed me, that the acci- I am writing, I have received the note, dental omission in his instructions had which I inclose, (niarked D.) - hare, &c. been remedied, and that he had now pow- LAUDERDALE. ers to talk with me on the interests of I open this dispatch to inclose a note Russia, with a view to arrange the condi- (marked E.) I have this moment received tions on which France would make peace from M. de Champagny. with that country: but he, at the same First inclosure (A.)-Copy of a note from time, proposed, that we should, in the first the Earl of Lauderdale to M. 'Talleyinstance, talk over the terms of peace be- rand; dated Paris, Sept. 26, 1806. tween France and England. I observed, that Sir; I lose not a inoment in acquainting as the greatest difficulties in our last con- your excellency that the result of the conference seemed to arise from the condi- ference which I have bad to-day with his tions that I had proposed as necessary to excellency M. de Champagny, unfortunatebe granted to Russia ; and, as England was ly leaves me no hope of being able to bring resolved not to make peace without obtain- ihe negociations, on the part of G. Britain ing for Russia all the objects on which she and of Russia, to a favourable issue. In insisted, I thought the more natural order this state of things, and according to my would be, to resume our conversation on instructions, no part remains for me to these last topics. A long discussion ac- take but to address inyself to your excelcordingly ensued, which ended in his in- lency for passports, for my return into the forming me that, on the subject of conces- preseuce of my sovereign. In thus making sion to Russia, he was authorized to cum-ibis demand iò your excellency, I cannot municate to me, that the government of deny myself the pleasure which I feel in France was willing, in addition to the treaty expressing my thanks for all the personal made by M.d'Oubril, to cede to that power attentions which your excellency bas shewn the full sovereignty of the island of Corfu'; to me during my residence at Paris; and but that he bad no authority to go any in assuring your excellency at the same farther.-I then informed him, that I was time, of the sentinients of esteein which I sorry to learn that the negociation was at have always felt, and which I shall ever an end, for that my instructions were pre- feel, for your excellency, I request, &c. cise, and that I should feel it my duty, the LAUDERDALE. moment I left bin, to state to M. Talley- Second inclosure (B.)-_Copy of a note rand, that all hopes having vanished of from Mi de Champagny to the Earl of bringing the negociation to a favourable Lauderdale; dated Sept. 26, 1806. issue, I had only now to request passports M. de Champagny has made a report to for my return to England. After strung bis goverument, of the conference which he expressions of mutual regard, he attended this day beld with lord Lauderdale ; as se. me to the outer roon, where he again pro- veral days must necessary elapse before he posed a renewal of our conferences, in case can receive fresh orders from his governhis government should give him new in-f ment, he thinks it may tend to adyance structions. My answer: was, that I had that very desirable object, peace, to converse again on the subject with his excel. No. 53.-Extract from a dispatch from lency; and he has the honour to propose Viscount Howick to the Earl of Laaderto his excellency to receive him at bis dale ; dated Downing-street,Oct. 1,1806. house on Monday next, at the hour which My lord; your dispatches of the 26th may best suit his health. M. de Chain- ult. brought by the messenger Jobnson, pagny requests his excellency the earl of bave been laid before the king.-His maLauderdale to accept the assurances of his jesty has seen with great regret that, after high consideration.

more than 6 months spent in negociation, Third inclsoure (C.)-Copy of a note from the French goverument still hesitales upon

the Earl of Lauderdale to M. de Cham- the admission of points constantly urged by pagny; dated Paris, Sept. 26, 1806. his-majesty as the only grounds on which

Lord Lauderdale has inis justant recei- he could consent to peace, and that in so .ved the note of his excellency M. de Chain- unsatisfactory a state of things, the chief of pagny, in which, after informing him of his that government, together with his princihaving made a report to his government of pal minister, has suddenly left Paris", this day's conference, he expresses a desire creating thereby bew obstacles to the proagain to converse with lord Lauderdale. Al-gress of the negociation.. Whatever views though the result of the conference which the French government may have in keeping lord Lauderdale has this day had with bis ex- up this state of suspence and uncertainty, cellency (at the conclusion of which his lord- his majesty feels that it is equally prejudi. ship thought it his duty to ask for passports, cial to the interests of his subjects and to for which he has just made application to his those of Europe. If the professions of France excellency the minister for foreign affairs) are sincere, there can be no reason why she leaves no hope of bringing the negociation to should not give a plain and decisive answer a favourable issue, the wish expressed by his to demands which have been so long under excellency M. de Champagny to have ano- consideration; and the time is now come ther conversation with lord Lauderdale is when such an answer must be required as decisive; and lord Lauderdale hastens to indispensable to your continuance at Paris. reply to this invitation, by informing his ex. No. 54.-Extract from a dispatch from the celleucy that he will either meet him at his Earl of Lauderdale to Viscount Howick ; office, or will have the honour of receiving dated Paris, Oct. 41b, 1806.-Received him at home, on Monday next, at whatever Oct. 6th. hour may best suit his excellency, Lord My lord; Yesterday at 4 o'clock, M. Lauderdale bas the honour to repeat to his de Champagny sent me a note to excellency M. de Champagny the assurance nounce the arrival of a courier at Boulogne, of his high consideration.

who reached Paris this inuruing at 3 o'clock, Fourth incl surc-D.)-Cupy of a note -On reading your lordship's dispatch,

from M. d'Hauterive to the Earl of Lau- dated Oct. Isi, it appeared to me, that his derdale; dated Paris, Sept. 26, 1806. majesty bad been pleased to approve

My lord; I have this moment received a of the demand of passports which I had letter from you for the prince of Benevento. made.- Your lordship may depend on He is this instant set out, and I embrace any pressing for them with the utnjost the opportunity offered by the departure of possible earnestness and assiduity; but one of his suite, whose carriage will follow how soon I may be able to succeed, it is him immediately, to forward it to the impossible for me, under the peculiar cir. prince of Benevento; it will probably reach cumstances of the case, to prophesy. him on the road, but at all events on his ar- No. 55.-Copy of a dispatch from the rival at Mentz. I beg, &c. HAUTERIVE. Earl of Lauderdale to Viscount Howick; Fifth inclosure (E.) Copy of a note from dated Paris, Oct. 6, 1806.-Received

Nļ, de Champagny to the Earl of Lau- Oct. 8. derdale; dated Paris, Sept. 26, 1806. My.lord; Late last night, M. de ChamM. de Champagny will have the honour pagny's principal secretary called upon me of calling upon lord Lauderdaleon Monday with a letter from him, inclosing a letter next, at 2 o'clock, which be supposes will from M. Talleyrand; both of which I have be the most convenient time -He sends the honour of transmitting to your lordship the passports lord Lauderdale desired for (marked A. and B.).-From these your the messenger Basilico. He requests his

* The chief of the French government left Paris excellency to accept the assurances of his

on the night of September the 27th, and was folhigh consideration.

lowed by M. Talleyras on the 96th.

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lordship will perceive, that the negociation allies, will see with pain the rupture of a neis now at an end, and that M. de Champagny gociation, to which his own disposition had has been authorized to give me the pass- led him to hope a more favourable concluports 1 required. - I bave this day accor- sion. If the English cabinet is resolved to dingly renewed my demand to bim in a forego the prospect of a peace, and, if his letter, a copy of which I inclose (marked C.) Britannic majesty's minister pleuipoten -On considering M. Talleyrand's note, it tiary must depart from France, his majesty seemed to me necessary, that I should not still flatters himself that the English cabitake the step of asking my passports from net and lord Lauderdale will, when they M. de Champagny, without accompanying shall measure the extent of the sacrifices my demand with a reply to some of the ob- which be was aisposed to niake, in order to Bervations made by the minister for foreign facilitate the return of a sincere reconciliaaffairs. Your lordship will accordingly find tion, be convinced, that his majesty, in inclosed, a copy (marked -D.) of an official order to promote the happiness of the note addressed by me to that minister. I world, would not hesitate between any adhave sent the courier, Lyell, for the pur- vantages in comparison with those to be pose of conveying this information, and I' expected from peace, and that the desire to have given him a letter to adoriral Hollo-insure its benefits io bis people, could way, desiring him instantly to announce by alone have deterınined his paternal heart the telegraph, that I shall leave Paris on to make sacrifices not only of self-love but Thursday morning. I have taken this step of power, more considerable than even the because it occurred to me that government opinion of the English nation could have. being thus in possession of the intelligence, pointed out in the midst of a war, in which that the negociation is at an end, ten hours he had obtained constant advantages withbefore it can reach London, they may have out any mixture of reverse. If, however, it in their power to take the most prudent it is the destiny of the emperor and of the means to make the fact public. I have, French nation still to live in the midst of &c. LAUDERDALE.

the wars and Cumults, which the policy First inclosure (A.)-Copy of a note from and influence of England have raised, his

M. de Champagny to the Earl of Lau- majesty having done every thing to put a derdale ; dated Paris, Oct. 5, 1806. stop to the calamities of war, finding him

M. de Champagny has the honour to self deceived in his dearest bopes, relies on transmit to his excellency the earl of Lau- the justice of his cause, on the courage, the derdale the accompanying dispatch, addres- affection, and the power of his people. At sed to his excellency the minister for fo- the same time calling to mind the disposireign affairs. He is also charged to inform tions which he has ever expressed throughhim, that he is now authorized to deliver to out the negociation, his majesty cannot see bim the passports which he has demanded. but with regret, that England, who might This, of all the duties which he has had to have strengihened and confirmed her vast discharge towards his excellency, is the power by the blessings of peace, the want only one wbich will have appeared painful of which is felt by the present generation, to him; and it will be greatly so. He and by the English people as well as ali waits to be informed of the further disposi- others, willingly suffers the most favourable tions of his excellency. M. de Champa- opportunity of concluding it, to pass by: gny begs, &c. CHAMPAGNY.

the event will disclose whether a new coaSecond inclosure (B.)—Copy of a note lition will be more disadvantageous to

from M. Talleyrand to the Larl of Lau- France than those which have preceded it. derdale ; dated Mentz, Oct. 1, 1806. The event will also disclose, whether those The undersigned, minister for foreign who complain of the grandeur and ambiaffairs, has laid before his majesty the em- tion of France, should not impute to their peror, king of Italy, the note which his ex- own hatred and injustice this very grandeur cellency the earl of Lauderdale, minister and ambition of which they accuse her. plenipotentiary from bis Britannic majesty, The power of France has only been increadid him the honour to address to him on sed by the reiterated efforts to oppress her, the 26th of this month. His majesty, after Nevertheless whatever inferences for the having, from a desire of peace, listened to future may be drawn from the examples of every proposition which could have render the past, his majesty will be ready, should ed it durable and of reciprocal advantage the negociations with England be broken to the two contracting powers, and to their off, to renew them in the midst of any events. He will be ready to replace them sole exception of Hanover and of its de on the basis laid in concert with the illus- pendencies in favour of his Britannick maj. trious minister whom England has lost, And, notwithstanding the success of the wlo, having nothing to add to his glory ex- arms of his Britannick majesty, as well in cept the reconciliation of the two nations, Italy as on the continent of South Anierica; had conceived the hope of accomplishing it, and the refusal of his maj. the emperor of but was snatched from the world in the all the Russias to ratify that treaty, which midst of his work. The undersigned bas in the eyes of the French government was the honour to inform bis excellency the equivalent to the most splendid victory; earl of Lauderdale, that M. de Champagny not one new proposition has beer advanced has been authorized to deliver to hiin the on the part of his majesty, incompatible passports which he has demanded. Co. with the principle which was at first proMav. TALLEYRAND, privce of Benevento. posed by the French government, through Third inclosure (C.)-Copy of a note from the channel of the earl of Yarmouth, as

the Earl of Lauderdale 10 M. de Cbam- the basis of the negociation. It is not surely 'pagny; dated Paris, Oct. 6, 1806. from such conduct that the ivference can

Lord Lauderdale bas the honour to ac- be drawn, “ that the British government knowledge the receipt of the note of his have resolved to forego the prospect of a excellency M. de Champagny, dated the peace.Are the conditions which the Sth of this month, and of the dispatch undersigned was ordered to propose as the which accoinpanied it, from his excellency basis of a peace between his majesty thie the minister for foreign affairs. Lord Lau- emperor of all the Russias and the French derdale, learning that his excellency M. government, more of a nature to have given de Champagny is authorized to deliver to rise to this suspicion? Quite the reverse. him the passports which he has demanded, If a solid and durable peace was the object réquests his excellency to have the good of the two powers, these were such condiness to forward them to him, as well for tions as justice and expediency demanded. himself as for his suite, and at the same Justice; because certainly nothing could be tiine a separate passport for the messenger more equitable than to grant to his Sicilian Scott, who, perhaps, may pot accompany majesty and to the king of Sardinia a comhim. (Sigued) LAUDERDALI.

pensation for their immense losses on the Fourth inclosure (D.)--Copy of a note Continent. Expediency; because, in order from the Earl of Lauderdale to M. Tal- to ensure the duration of peace, such aii leyrand; dated Paris, Oct. 6, 1806. arrangement of boundaries as may prevent

The undersigned minister plenipoten- disputes, must always be preferable to that tiary of bis 'Britannick majesty, received which furnishes to one of the parties the late last night the note which his excellency ineans and the advantages of attack, It the minister for foreign affairs did him the was on this principle that the proposed honour to address to him on the 1st of evacuation of Dalmatia and Albania by the this month. The undersigned, learning French troops naturally suggested itself. that his excellency M. de Champagny is If, therefore, the undersigued has received authorized to grant him the passports orders to demand his passports, and to dewhich he has demanded, and which he is part from France, it is certainly not because on the point of receiving, cannot refrain bis sovereign wishes to renounce peace, from observing to his excellency the mi- but because his maj, tinds himself obliged nister for foreign affairs, in answer to bis to do 80 ; ' the French government vot note, that he has some difficulty in imagi- having consented to all the conditions ning from what circumstances his excel, which were comprised in the proposals ori·lency has been able to infer, " that the ginally made by them to his Britannick British government have resolved to forego majesty, and having moreover"rejected as the prospect of peace.” The undersigned the basis for the treaty with Russia the was sent to France to negociate a peace, at just and reasonable conditious which the a time when the illustrious minister, to undersigned was authorized to propose. whom his excellency has paid so just a The undersigned has received with real såtribute of praise, presided over the depart. tisfaction the general assurances of the disment for foreign affairs. This great man position of the French government to renew then acted under the full conviction, that the negociation at a future period, as exbe had received from France an offer of pressed in the official note of his excellencs peace on the basis of uti possidetis, with the the minister for foreign affairs. He has

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