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ART. II.-Views of Society and Manners in America.

Views of Society and Manners in America; in a series of

letters from that country to a friend in England, during

the years 1818, 1819, and 1820. By an Englishwoman. 15

ART. III.-Encke's Comet.

1. Eine merkwürdige astronomische Entdeckung und Beo-

bachtungen des Kometen vom Jul. 1819, vom Herrn

Doct. Olbers in Bremen.

2. Ueber einen merkwürdigen Kometen, der wahrscheinlich

bei dreijähriger Umlaufzeit schon zum viertenmale bei

seiner Rückkehr zur Sonne beobachtet ist vom Herrn

Prof. J. H. Encke, Adjuncten der Sternwarte Seeberg,

bei Gotha.

3. Ueber die Bahn des Ponschen Kometen, nebst Berech-

nung seines Laufs bei seiner nächsten Wiederkehr im

Jahr 1822, vom Herrn Prof. Encke, Direktor der Her-

zogl. Sternwarte Seeberg, bei Gotha.

ART. IV.-Dr Webster on St Michael and the Azores.

A description of the island of St Michael, comprising an

account of its geological structure; with some remarks

on the other Azores or Western Islands. Originally

communicated to the Linnean Society of New England.

By John W. Webster, M. D. Cor. Sec. L. S. N. E.

ART. V. Stuart's Dissertations.

Dissertations on the importance and the best method of

studying the Original Languages of the Bible, by Jahn

and others. Translated from the originals and accom-

panied with notes, by M. Stuart, Associate Professor of

Sacred Literature in the Theological Seminary at An-


ART. VI.-Life of Algernon Sydney.

Memoirs of Algernon Sydney, by George Wilson Meadley.

With an appendix.

Uebersicht aller bekannten Sprachen und ihrer Dialekte. 128

ART. X.-The Life of Pitt.

Memoirs of the life of the Right Honorable William Pitt.

By George Tomline D. D. F. R. S. Lord Bishop of Win-

chester, and prelate of the most noble order of the garter. 144

ART. XI.-Report upon Weights and Measures.

Report upon Weights and Measures. By John Quincy

Adams, Secretary of State of the United States. Pre-

pared in obedience to a resolution of the Senate of the

third of March 1817.

ART. XII.-The New York Canals.

1. Public documents relating to the New York canals,

which are to connect the western and northern lakes

with the Atlantic ocean; with an introduction. Printed

under the direction of the New York corresponding

association for the promotion of internal improvements.

2. History of the rise, progress, and existing condition of

the western canals in the state of New York, from Sep-

tember 1788 to the completion of the middle section of

the Grand Canal, in 1819; together with the rise, pro-

gress, and existing state of modern agricultural societies

on the Berkshire system, from 1807 to the establishment

of the Board of Agriculture in the state of New York,

Jauuary 10, 1820. By Elkanah Watson.

3. A vindication of the claim of Elkanah Watson Esq. to

the merit of projecting the lake canal policy, as created

by the canal act of March 1792. And also a vindication

of the claim of the late Gen. Schuyler to the merit of

drawing that act, and procuring its passage through the

legislature. By Robert Troup Esq.

ART. XIII.-Hale's Dissertations.

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