The United Service Magazine, Volumen 2;Volumen 75,Página 2


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Página 136 - Ireland having been compelled to take up arms in support of an ally, is desirous of rendering the war as little onerous as possible to the Powers with whom she remains at peace. " To preserve the commerce of neutrals from all unnecessary obstruction.
Página 136 - Majesty will waive the right of seizing enemy's property laden on board a neutral vessel, unless it be contraband of war. It is not her Majesty's intention to claim the confiscation of neutral property, not being contraband of war, found on board enemy's ships...
Página 134 - Majesty refrained from any demonstration of force. But when, in addition to the assemblage of large military forces on the frontier of Turkey, the ambassador of Russia intimated that serious consequences would ensue from the refusal of the Sultan to comply with unwarrantable demands, Her Majesty deemed it right, in conjunction with the Emperor of the French, to give an unquestionable proof of her determination to support the sovereign rights of the Sultan. " The Russian government has maintained...
Página 136 - Majesty's intention to claim the confiscation of neutral property, not being contraband of war, found on board enemy's ships ; and her Majesty further declares, that being anxious to lessen as much as possible, the evils of war, and to restrict its operations to the regularly organized forces of the country; it is not her present intention to issue letters of marque for the commissioning of privateers.
Página 241 - Cabool ; and you must feel as I do, that the loss of another army, from whatever cause it might arise, might be fatal to our Government in India. I do not undervalue the aid which our Government in India...
Página 2 - Her Majesty feels called upon by regard for an Ally, the integrity and independence of whose empire have been recognised as essential to the peace of Europe, by the sympathies of Her people with right against wrong, by a desire to avert from Her dominions most injurious consequences, and to save Europe from the preponderance of a Power which has violated the faith of Treaties, and defies the opinion of the...
Página 1 - It is with deep regret, that her Majesty announces the failure of her anxious and protracted endeavours to preserve for her people and for Europe the blessings of peace. The unprovoked aggression of the Emperor of Russia against the Sublime Porte has been persisted in with such disregard of consequences, that after the rejection by the Emperor of Russia of terms " which the Emperor of Austria, the Emperor of the French, and the King of Prussia, as well as her Majesty...
Página 205 - To earth, this weary earth, ye bring us, To guilt ye let us heedless go, Then leave repentance fierce to wring us: A moment's guilt, an age of woe!
Página 507 - ... broken away, and it was evident that the portion of ice which still divided the channel from the open ocean, would soon be completely destroyed. Had we attempted to have ferried ourselves across, upon one of the floating pieces of ice, we should not have found firm footing upon our arrival. Even on our own side fresh lanes of water were continually forming, and extending in every direction in the field of ice behind us. We could go no further.
Página 241 - Cahul; that you should carefully calculate the time required to enable you to reach Jellalabad in the first week in October, so as to form the rearguard of Major-General Pollock's army.

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