A school dictionary of the Latin language

William and Robert Chambers, 1850

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Página 18 - At:iti)<li-iifm, ii, n. (aettiui), a creek or arm of the sea in which the tide ebbs and flows; a frith, an estuary, Caen.
Página 268 - Munï-cfpiuai, it, n. (muniffpt), л town out of Rome, particularly in Italy, having its own laws and magistrates, and the right of Roman citizenship, Cic.
Página 200 - In composition, in signifies into, upon, againet, in ; above or over; sometimes it is intensive. /я-, inseparable particle, prefixed to adjectives ; answers to un- in English, adding a negation to or expressing the opposite of the simple word to which it is prefixed — as »л/апя, not speaking ; indocta«, not learned ; immiiis, not mild ; uliberolis, not liberal, &c.
Página 81 - ... from the equestrian order to make up the full number of the senate, Liv.
Página 44 - I!u.ilum, i, n. ('bun — tiro], the place where the bodies of the dead were burned and buried ; the act of burning a corpse, Lucret.
Página 23 - Cicero, the one or the other, one of two, one. or other of tico, iKtiripuç, alter ex duobus.
Página 341 - Privatim (prîratwi), adv., in his own affairs, in his own name, in a private capacity, privately, in private, Cic.
Página 138 - Е-паясог, nStia тот, 3, v. dep. n., I am born, spring up, grow up or out of a thing, Tac, E-nitto, 1, vn, I swim out, swim to land, escape by swimming, Hirt.
Página 454 - Yihfmfus, tin (echo,), adj., inconsiderate, immoderate, impetuous, vehement, intense, violent, fierce, severe; great, strong, forcible, very efficacious, powerful, Cic.
Página 352 - Pubftcdniis, л, ttm (publient), adj., relating to the revenue of the state, or to the farming of the revenue ; tmbst., publicnnue, a farmer of the public revenue, Cic.

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