Jumpstart! Creativity: Games and Activities for Ages 7–14

Routledge, 18 oct 2007 - 176 páginas
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Jumpstart Creativity! is a book of games and activities that any primary teacher can do quickly, at the beginning of a lesson or as a time-filler, with little preparation. They grab children’s attention and get them focussed on learning.

There are more than fifty provocative games and activities including, 'An Alien in the Cage is Worth Two on the Moon’ and 'Faced with a Smilemma, Everybody Wins' to ‘jumpstart’ creativity in any Key Stage 2 or 3 classroom. Practical, easy-to-do and vastly entertaining, the ‘jumpstarts’ will suit a range of learning styles – from the visual, auditory or kinaesthetic to the cognitive.

The jumpstarts cover:

  • thinking
  • questioning
  • reasoning
  • problem-solving
  • wordplay.

Looking for a way to get your students’ attention, fast? Look no further! Jumpstart! Creativity is the fourth book in the series, following books on literacy, numeracy and ICT.


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Jumpstart Creative Thinking 1
Theme Collage6
Heath RobinsonMachines 16
The Crisscross Game19 Creative Overlaps21 Naïve Theoriesof Everything 23 Big It Up ShrinkIt Down 25 Oddoneoutandin27 Sensory Journey 32 S...
A Matter ofFact 60
IfThen Game 73
Ideas Matrix 83 Emotions Graph 84 The NOW Spider 87 3D Flowchart88 Matchbox Mysteries89 4 Jumpstart Creative Problem Solving 92
Jumpstart Creative Wordplay 113
Making New Metaphors 143
The Acronym Game 147 Wordplay Card Games 148 SynonymAntonym Tree150
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